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After signing up, I tried using second life on both my computers, both AMD models, a laptop that is 2 1/2 years old and a desktop that is 3-4 years old, both top of the line hardware and Dual or Quad Core machines at the time of purchase. ( I do animation and Graphic Novels so I have to use top of the line machines) The Viewer would not open. I tried all your 3rd Party Viewers with the same results. I spent a few hours for a couple of days trying to get it to work and in the process encountered several messages about people with brand new Windows 8 machines and others with Windows 7 AMD machines who were having the same problem. I spent time on line with several of your Tech people and the line dropped about 15 times, making the experience totally frustrating, particularly when there was no positive outcome. I un-installed and re-installed drivers...I don't know what the REAL problem or the solution is but I'll wait till I have a Windows 9 operating system and try again. But I couldn't believe that you are talking about continuing to charge me for "land use" until my account closes completely as well The Land Use Fee (also known as a Tier Fee) is a monthly charge in addition to membership fees (i.e., US$9.95/month Premium Membership) I THINK THE MONEY I LOST SHOULD BE ENOUGH SINCE I WASN'T ABLE TO GET ANY USE OUT OF SECOND LIFE AT ALL! Good Luck!

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Lindens never come to this resident-to-resident Answer service, so I'm afraid they will never see your note.  We're all SL residents, just like you. 

Your Premium membership is prepaid and Linden Lab does not issue refunds (TOS, sect. 4.4), so your account will remain active through the end of your current billing period.  If you are paying a monthly fee for land other than the 512 sq m parcel that is part of your Premium membership plan, you should be able to terminate it by simply selling or abandoning the land. Since you have not been able to log in, however, I suspect that you only have that basic land fee waiver.

I don't see any record that you have asked here for help in resolving your problem, but if you would like to let us have a try, just open a new thread and tell us much as you can beyond "The viewer would not open."  We can't guarantee that we can solve it either, but we have more in-world experience than some of the other people you may have dealt with already.

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One step is to check that the computer meets the system requirements. I will add links.

Checking that the graphics card has current drivers is another important step.

The Firewall on the computer is the 3rd most likely issue which can prevent the viewer from opening and running SL.

The pc specifications, os and the type of graphics card would be helpful in trying to find a solution.

Knowing any error messages you might have received, or how far along in the process your getting, could help to isolate the issue.

University or campus networks may be blocking SL.

If you want to give these steps a try, we can try to help.


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Your frustration breaks into two parts:  Money spent and a technical issue.  Let's take those in order.

Money Spent.

First off, you don't need to spend ANY money to use Second Life.  You don't need a Premium membership, and you don't have to buy land.  However, if you choose these options, you need to be aware that LL doesn't give refunds.

A Premium membership runs until the end of its billing periond (monthly, quarterly, or annually, depending on which option you chose.)  You can downgrade to a free Basic membership at any time, but your Premium membership benefits will continue until the end ot the billing cycle.

If you own a free Linden Home, there is no charge beyond your Premium membership fee.  Instead of taking the Linden Home, you can purchase up to 512 square meters of Mainland and pay no additional land use fees.  If you purchase more land than that, you will incur a monthly land use fee.  None of the tier levels for this are $9.95, though, so I suspect the fee you are complaining about is not a land use fee, but your Premium membership fee.

If you decide to downgrade to a Basic membership, follow the steps here:

Now, let's move on to the technical question.

Second Life will run on most any late model computer, provided it has a fast, reliable internet connection and at least a mid-range discrete graphics card.  Integrated graphics (for example, Intel HD4000) are not a good choice for Second Life.  Second Life will also run just fine with Windows 8, provided that you have the correct drivers installed for your graphics card.  Wireless internet is not a good way to access Second Life...if you are using wireless internet, switch to FIOS or cable or DSL.  WiFi is not a good way to access Second Life.  Use an ethernet cable to connect your computer to your router and internet modem.

Your firewall could be a problem.  The correct ports must be open or Second Life won't work.  See the information here:  Note that either a software firewall (Windows or your antivirus software) or a hardware firewall in your router could be the problem area.

Your ISP could be the problem.  Add the free Google DNS servers to your network settings.

You can edit your post to give us more information about just what sort of error message or behavior you see when trying to run SL, and to provide more information about your computer system.  Click the Options/Edit link in the upper right corner of your post to do this, don't start a new thread.

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