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Found 70 results

  1. heyas guys; before i try to contact customer support (since i haven't found anything about this, searching around)... my second life viewer keeps automatically updating when i start it. and i noticed it was putting the update in the wrong directory (ie: the default directory of c:\ProgramFiles\SecondLife). that's... not where my second life viewer lives. aside from manually uninstalling and reinstalling it, is there any way to get the automatic updates to go to the right place? i don't suppose i could just grab the whole thing from C drive and throw it where it goes...? (ah, how i long for the good old days.) ; p thanks!
  2. Hi there, maybe someone has a idea. The Original Viewer and die Firestorm are the most common used Viewers here and i really have a problem. I thought they are the same but not in chatlog. Have you ever seen that the chatlog from Firestorm is not available in Original, and the Original is not available in Firestorm? Just because of the different names they use. The original Viewer use: "holger_gilruth" as name and ALL the others use "Holger Gilruth" Thats why i wondering if maybe someone has a idea how to change that all to the original option for example?
  3. hi since i have changed my PC all IM are send 2 times in chat window, i have tested in aditi it's the same, i have tested with alt it's the same any ideas ? is it a system bug ?
  4. Since I updated Second Life viewer to the latest Second_Life_6_1_0_524670_x86_64_Setup, it has crashed allot like what you see in the picture below
  5. Whatever happened with the 64-bit Linux viewer? That's mentioned in various places as "real soon now", but the downloadable viewer is 32-bit only. The latest Linux desktop distros are 64-bit only. Nobody runs 32-bit on big machines any more. Apple just announced end of life for 32-bit applications. (I just need to run the SL viewer to report bugs.I run Firestorm for real use.)
  6. We've seen a number of questions already arising about a "debug setting that miraculously improves texture quality". I'd like to explain the background and the underlying facts. Firstly though, let's establish a couple of facts. There is no magic button or debug setting to improve the resolution or quality of all textures. There is no way to display textures of a resolution greater than 1024x1024 in Second Life So what is all this muttering about and is there any substance to it? The "muttering" stems from some investigation by @Frenchbloke Vanmoer that was published by @Hamlet Au on his New World Notes blog with the title "How To Display Extremely High-Res Textures In SL's Firestorm Viewer" and in spite of the headline's conflict with the facts listed at the head of this post, yes there is substance to this news as it happens. I'll keep this post relatively short. If you want to see more rambling on how and why @Frenchbloke Vanmoer hit upon something interesting you can read about my subsequent investigation in my blog post, compression depression - tales of the unexpected. The bottom line is that whether by luck or by judgement the Second Life viewer uses a bilinear resampling algorithm when it resizes images. Until yesterday I, like many other, and I would suspect most of you reading this, had somewhat slavishly followed the generally accepted advice that bicubic resampling gave better results, more specifically that bicubic-sharper was the ultimate "best for reduction" choice. The evidence that Frenchbloke stumbled upon goes contrary to that advice and, in all my tests so far, for the purpose of texturing in SecondLife where you typically want to retain high contrast details bilinear gives better results. I should re-assert here, you do not need ANY debug setting. The original article used an obscure debug setting but it was only a means to an end, you are in general far better off and have far more flexibility if you use your photo tools as you always have. So what are bilinear and bicubic and why do we care? When you downsize an image, information (detail) gets discarded, deciding which information to keep and which to lose is behind these choices. All resampling methods try to decide which data to keep, or how to blend the data into some kind of average value that will please most people. Put simply a bilinear sample takes the 4 nearest points to the current pixel and produces a weighted average of those as the new value for the resulting output pixel. Bicubic takes this further, using 16 adjacent points to form its result. By virtue of the larger sample you get and smoother average which ultimately is why it fails us when we want to preserve details. On the flip-side of this is that for smooth gradients you may find more "banding" using bi-linear sampling. Why should we not use the debug setting? Firstly, as a general rule, debug settings are not a good thing to go playing with. They can frequently have side-effects that you do not realise and we often find that people tweak some random settings because "XYZ person recommended it" and perhaps it achieves their goal at that time, or as is often the case, it seems to fix things but doesn't really. In any case, they forget the changes and move on. A week or so later they are furious because things don't work anymore, they've forgotten all about the debug changes of course. More importantly in this case, if you use the max_dimension setting to force the viewer to rescale for you, then you will only see the benefit in 1024x1024 images. 1024x1024 is appropriate to large texture surfaces but not so much for smaller objects. If you can use a 512x512 you are using a quarter of the memory of a 1024x1024. That can make quite a difference to the performance of a scene. Many people remark that using a 1024 is the only way to get the detail that they feel that they need. I urge you all to take the lesson here as an opportunity to increase the clarity and sharpness of lower resolution textures by resizing from the large form originals directly to the target size in your photo tool of choice. Don't forget, and this may sound obvious, You need to have high-resolution images to start with. You cannot create something from nothing and whatever you do don't save the resized image to disk as JPEG before uploading, use TGA or PNG both of which or lossless. Give it a try today, and raise a glass to Frenchbloke while you marvel at the increased detail. A quick example My blog post above shows a worked example, but I thought I would show you another on a natural scene. Here, an original high-resolution image has been resampled down to an SL friendly 1024x1024 using both methods (entirely within photoshop to avoid all doubt around various other compression factors). First is the bilinear https://gyazo.com/545a21efb514ed16051f791ea9d527c4 Second I give you the bicubic https://gyazo.com/a969ec986746ced323e6f2f0ddbda0e8 On their own, they don't look that different, but the bilinear shows a lot more detail which is most noticeable in areas of high contrast such as the steps on the hillside
  7. Hello. I have been using second life viewer for years. Lately I notice that it's incredibly slow even if I use an high-end pc. In detail I can tell you that the last good viewer I used was the version "Second_Life_5_0_6_326593_i686". The next updates had as result a consistent cut off of fps ( about 3X less fps than the fps I got with the viewer version I mentioned above). I've been waiting since August 2017 for a better viewer or something that run smooth like the version Second_Life_5_0_6_326593_i686,I opened a Jira, but nothing. What is still strange is that looking in the wiki there are ways to run older versions of the viewer and I did this when the first newer versions with lower fps appeared. The result was each time I used the earlier vesion(Second_Life_5_0_6_326593_i686) my fps were raised up by 3X than the fps I get with the newer versions of the viewer. My question is. What has changed in sl since the release Second_Life_5_0_6_326593_i686? that I know by then animesh and bake on mesh were still at embryological state of projecting Is it, by chance, that newer versions support only directX12?
  8. Hello! What is this strange black lines stretching from one avatar to another? it looks like a "look at" but there are a lot of them at once and they are black. (firestorm viewer)
  9. Wanted: Viewer Developers for a viewer development team. The project scope is to use the Phoenix Firestorm source code for a parsed viewer that's stable & parses out the various viewer features into modules that can be utilized in various Virtual World Communities for differentiation of enabled features, & improves the ability to fix, enhance, or replace features without effect to the functionality of the viewer. For an example, a RP Community could program or hire programmers to make a Viewer Module specific to their RP Community & features to facilitate their RP experience with the ease of enabling a Community Module for that community & restarting the viewer, with additional ability to again enable basic viewer features & restart the viewer & have the basic SL Viewer functionality restored to that same stable Viewer. For specific example, a Star Wars RPG Community might collaboratively work on the development of a SWRP Basic module, & 2 separate complimentary modules, 1 for Jedi, & 1 for Sith, & that way the various other subgroups, like Mandalorians, Troopers, etc., could work on the development of their own complimentary Community Viewer Modules, for dynamic Viewer Functionality & enhancement of experience. For other an example, an OpenSim Grid might have a Composits Engine feature within their Grid Software, & they make a Grid Specific Grid Module for their Grid, the total while that they make the presentation of the features to Linden Labs. Then eventually, Linden Labs decide to implement the Composit Engine Features, though not all the SL Community Members need nor consider those important object features, so one group of Viewer users just use the basic SL Grid Module, & a separate group of Viewer users just use the SL Grid Module (with Composits) module. Questions or Comments are welcome. Gracias.
  10. This week joined by Oz, Dan, Vir and Rider Linden. Lots of stuff moving to RTC status seems to be the main takeaway this week. Animesh, Bugsplat, Render and Estate management RC are out. Animesh is the leading candidate for promotion but might be held back a little. EEP is out as a project viewer and working on selected regions. Including some discussion regarding EEP presets permissions. Vir showed up later to talk about performance and how it relates to Animesh, no conclusions yet, but it is being pondered (https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/428428-slowdowns-in-graphics-performance/) Niran has made some non-specific progress with his poser project, which is nice. Video will be added when posted. Reddit thread : https://www.reddit.com/r/secondlife/comments/9lpid6/tpv_meeting_cliffnotes_5th_october_2018/?
  11. Joined this week by Oz, Alexa, Rider & Grumpity Linden. Seems Oz has been playing Golf https://i.imgur.com/DOj9xge.png Lot of stuff in the pipeline as usual Maintenance, Animesh and Bugsplat all in RC. Bugsplat needs some work still and will be getting some tweaks to its updater. Maintenance & Animesh are doing well and both candidates for promotion. Animesh might land next week, maybe. BoM is waiting on a simulator update and bakes servers setting up. Required inventory changes are done. Render viewer is kicking about, but still needs work. EEP & EAM are not production ready yet. EAM should go to RC with the next update. Simulator UDP asset fetches will be switched off January. This will only affect people on very old clients. Custom name changes is progressing, although new premium offering is expected to go live first. No decisions on price yet. It's dogfood day. Lots of Linden staff are in world exploring, messing about, shopping. There might be new Linden Bears coming, they have having an internal build-a-bear workshop. The TPV meeting takes place every couple of weeks at Hippotropolis. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hippotropolis/245/13/29 Reddit thread : https://www.reddit.com/r/secondlife/comments/9ht9cp/tpv_meeting_cliffnotes_21st_september_2018/
  12. Desde hoy (16 de Agosto de 2018) no puedo entrar a Second Life, inicio sesión y se detiene en Después sale un cuadro de texto que dice lo siguiente: Intenté reiniciando mi laptop, revisando el Firewall de Windows, desinstalando y volviendo a instalar Firestorm Viewer, ingresando desde el Second Life Viewer oficial, desconectando y volviendo a conectar mi Wi-Fi, conectar mi laptop al modem/router directamente (por si era problema de una conexión Wi-Fi inestable) pero nada de eso funcionó. Aclaro que este problema ocurre luego de haber instalado una actualización de Windows Update en W10 Pro. ¿Alguna sugerencia?
  13. Both SL Viewer and firestorm log me out after 2 mins my laptop is an alienware and more than capable of running SL and has done for a year graphics have not changed and update was done a few days ago and been perfect since any help is appreciated
  14. This week we had Oz, Vir, Kyle and Rider Linden Agent Kyle https://i.imgur.com/20MAkYo.png * Slow update this week, stuff moves ever forward (there have only been 4 working days since last TPV) * Animesh PV update this week * Firestorms update didn't break anything, good job <3 * Bluesteel rendering bug was brought up https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-225157? - viewer & sever fix in QA now. * Updates to EEP and BoM are waiting for a sever update to add the needed inventory backend. * Group notice cap changes are working though the release pipeline. * Cache project is stalled for the moment, should be picking back up again and not long till we see something. * Dell enterprise security (Cylance) hates SL .. but you already know this if it affects you. * Porting the viewer to build with Visual Studio 2017 will start soon. Reddit thread : https://www.reddit.com/r/secondlife/comments/92fj9w/tpv_meeting_cliffnotes_27th_july_2018/
  15. Another couple of weeks, another TPV meeting. This time we had Oz, Vir & Rider Linden. Maintenance viewer coming BoM bug fixes to come soon in an updated project viewer, in the next week hopefully. Animesh going to RC very soon, waiting on server side support to roll out. They are pretty close to calling it complete. EEP viewer will take a little longer as it's waiting on server side inventory support to be rolled out. Texture cache revamp is coming "Soon" Estate access management is real close, was held up by a server side change. Viewer and server side components are now in QA. They are debating internally what to do about Apple depreciating OpenGL. Name changes are being worked towards, the plan the moment is that none of the old names will be offered (due to exiting residents valuing names from certain era's of SL history). In the case of marriages both people wanting a new last name will have to both buy a new one. Display-names will continue to function as they do. There will be a RL cost associated with the change, but nothing has been decided on yet. Work at the moment is focused on updating the infrastructure to cope with names changing. Some discussion regarding group voting (for those who remember that being a thing). Fix for group & friend invites sent to offline avatars is coming. The cap on offline messages might be increased as a premium perk. There are NO PLANS to charge for inventory over a certain amount. Silly rumor mill. Edit : Adding Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CmHngG8oMU (I've been doing these on the secondlife subreddit for a long time now, figure no harm in duplicating here)
  16. My PC is not working-may be the fan? It's been odd for awhile. So my cellphone is my internet source for now. I know the Android Viewer is sketchy, and my cellphone does not like catznip. Now what? I don't drive, and it s rainy here.I need something that works.. And I did attempt to delete my duplicate-time to sign off and get some rest..
  17. My PC is not working-may be the fan? It's been odd for awhile. So my cellphone is my internet source for now. I know the Android Viewer is sketchy, and my cellphone does not like catznip. Now what? I don't drive, and it s rainy here.I need something that works..
  18. Hello, I'm trying out the Bakes On Mesh project and first of all, I gotta say that this is an amazing idea that will definitely progress SL and make our lives easier, so kudos to that! But, today I logged from the Firestorm beta and these weird red textures popped on my face, along with some blue spots on my body. I don't understand why in the Second Life beta viewer it looks fine and in Firestorm it doesn't. Also, for some reason the shape is different in the Firestorm viewer. I looked it up on youtube and I listened to a quick explanation but unfortunately, I didn't understand a single thing so I would appreciate a simple non-techy explanation and a solution (if there is). Thank you! Firestorm vs. SL viewers: https://gyazo.com/1cd83cfffb6cee87fa2a9b18d8eb8cda
  19. Hello, I can't seem to get any of the viewers to load onto my laptop. They all stall prior to login - saying "Initializing VFS" or gets stuck there. I have tried to re-download the ones I have been trying to login with (Firestorm, Singularity, Black Dragon & Original SL Viewer). The only one that will login is Singularity; but functions and graphics don't work in it (can't use bento, etc). This has been happening for about a week now. I am really not sure what the issue could be or how to resolve... If anyone could help, your advice would be greatly appreciated!
  20. Hello, I can't seem to get any of the viewers to load onto my laptop. They all stall prior to login - saying "Initializing VFS" or gets stuck there. I have tried to re-download the ones I have been trying to login with (Firestorm, Singularity, Black Dragon & Original SL Viewer). The only one that will login is Singularity; but functions and graphics don't work in it (can't use bento, etc). This has been happening for about a week now. I am really not sure what the issue could be or how to resolve... If anyone could help, your advice would be greatly appreciated!
  21. Hi I am on a MacBook Pro but also a MacBook Air (High Sierra) with the latest SL-viewer downloaded from http://secondlife.com/support/downloads/. My entire computer crashes (black screen and automatic reboot) on both computers repeatedly. I have tried a couple of destinations InWorld but always the same thing happens. Any ideas on what is going on and how this can be resolved? Best wishes Karen
  22. I am fighting to have my stream sounding in my viewer automatically - but wasn't fully successful yet. Situation like this: i have a regular stream which plays music 24/7 in auto DJ mode (the standard stream), and a second stream which plays single songs only on request (i call it a "jukebox-stream") - both streams are rented centova-shoutcast stream on same server. In-World a have a switchbox which sets the parcel audio to the jukebox-stream as soon as it plays a song, and it switches back to the standard stream, when the jukebox is silent (using LSL-functions llGetParcelAudioURL(), llSetParcelAudioURL() ). Sofar, so good, all works great, EXCEPT that the viewer (SL-viewer, or Firestorm) stops playing audio when the stream is set to the jukebox-stream. i (and all people around) have to start the audio manually then. When the parcel audio is set back to the standard, the viewer continues playing audio (from the standard stream now) - or it restarts audio playing if i didnt restart playing music for the jukebox manually. Is there any logic that i missed here?
  23. I'm not sure if this is a server issue or a viewer issue so i'll just tag both of them and pop it in here. Lately, regardless of which of my alts I'm using I'm noticing a number of Avatars who are all one color - say blue, green, pink, etc. At first i thought it was just a rez issue, but then i got curious and started checking profiles as well as talking to people. A couple of things popped up - 1) they were older Avatars (over eight years old); 2), they were using older skins and 3) some - some, not all, but some - were using firestorm complete with the latest updates there. Also, one of the people i was speaking to last night said he doesn't use mesh skins/clothing. So, from observation, it would seem like there's an issue with compatibility somewhere. Precisely where - who knows - but it's somewhere. Especially, when it's affecting older avatars/skins and those who are using firestorm. So far as i am aware, it's not affecting my avatars - but then again, they are all fairly new. At least no one has said they're seeing me as a one-colored female shape.
  24. Hey people, who bare the knowlege of SL backstage, does anyone know how to find out one´s avatar complexity on Singularity viewer? yes i´m using Singularity viewer cuz my pc is potato old build. Thanks everyone for early answer
  25. Here's a potential feature for the viewer. At present, if a sim has to be displayed, but it's outside the draw distance, it displays as water. That always looks strange. A first step would be to display the texture from the world map. That lets you see roughly what's out there. But that's flat. So a second step would be to use the ground elevation data (which is only 64x64 for an entire sim) and texture the world map onto that. Then you could see mountains in the distance. Much like Google Earth at low level of detail. Then, when you were flying a plane, you'd be able to see the airport and runway. You could see for miles. Like looking at the world map, but in perspective and relief. The world would feel bigger. This could be done entirely in Firestorm, without any help from Linden Labs.
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