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Found 34 results

  1. So I've run into an odd issue while using the latest version of Firestorm. I can't seem to get sounds to work at all lately, especially voice chat. Voice is constantly cutting in and out when friends try to talk to me, and I can no longer hear sounds playing from things like the typer that I use, nor hear other friends typing. I went through all of my sound settings both in Firestorm and my laptop and I have no clue if its a computer issue or viewer issue. Anyone else experiencing this? I’m using the latest Mac version of Firestorm,
  2. I´m having HUGE problems to shoot my viewers, they connect but i never reach the base or any other place. Do you know if theres any issue with the grid? its been 2 hours since ive been trying! Thanks !!
  3. Hello. I I have been a resident in SL since 2015. This is my first post in this forum because I have been rendered desperate for answers in regards to why my computer shuts down completely and randomly when I am in-game using any viewer and irregardless of the graphics settings in Ubuntu 18.04 64 bit linux. I am a Ubuntu user with a 2013 Acer V5 series laptop with Intel HD 4000 Graphics(and thus uses mesa drivers for OpenGL rendering and intel i915 as my graphics driver) onboard as its integrated graphics adapter. Now hear me out. When this laptop was brand new, I never had these problems using any of the viewers as long as I set it to low settings the worst thing it would do is close the program and not crash the entire system. But as the viewers updated and with drivers and OS versions following the same route, I noticed an increasing demand on the system to the point where I had to use lightweight viewers like Cool VL Viewer in order to be stable. For a while Cool VL viewer seemed to work without any problems, I could travel anywhere,be in any crowd or in a quiet sim without crashing albeit i did had some random crashes that werent fatal and infrequent from time to time but as long as it was set to low settings and object/mesh details were low/mid,everything worked as it should. This was on Ubuntu 16.04 which i had upgraded from not too long ago. I updated my system from Ubuntu 16.04 to Ubuntu 18.04 64-bit and this is where the trouble starts. Now it randomly crashes no matter what I do/where I am after a couple seconds even in Cool VL Viewer. I noticed that when im in certain areas of a sim or if i pan my camera to a certain spot(this used to happen when my camera is rendering potted plants or trees in Firestorm and is a consistent problem with other viewers as well) the likelihood to fatally crash and shutdown is almost 100%. I had found out that a kernel version seemed to help with the problem a bit but then it eventually started crashing even on the older kernel(4.4.137). Also note that i can use other programs that can be equally demanding and they do not crash the system. I have cleaned out the laptop and applied thermal paste to the CPU 4 months ago and I can feel cool air blowing out of the vents so I do not believe this is an overheating issue although it could be. Another notable issue is that the CPU fan is constantly high,even when the system is idle and it started behaving like this when i first cleaned it. Is it truly time to throw in the towel and buy a new laptop or is this a glitch/graphical that i can fix?
  4. Hi all. I sent the following issue to the Lindens in a ticket. They replied and made a lot of effort to try and solve my problem, but in the end they couldn't solve it and suggested I re-post my issue to the forums. Sorry for the long post. Any guidance hugely appreciated ? ----------------------------------------------------------------- For the last couple of years my students have been using a HUD (see above) I designed to allow chatted text in Chinese characters output by the NPCs in our region to display on a prim face using the following: html = "data:text/html;charset=utf-8," + llEscapeURL(html); llSetPrimMediaParams(0, // Side to display the media on. [ PRIM_MEDIA_AUTO_PLAY,TRUE, // Show this page immediately PRIM_MEDIA_CURRENT_URL,html, // The url currently showing PRIM_MEDIA_HOME_URL,html, // The url if they hit 'home' PRIM_MEDIA_HEIGHT_PIXELS,100, // Height/width of media texture will be //512 PRIM_MEDIA_WIDTH_PIXELS,220]); // rounded up to nearest power of 2.} Up until I installed the latest version of Firestorm (5.1.7 (55786)) yesterday, the prim face was always white, so the text displayed clearly on the HUD. From yesterday, the prim face turns very dark (see attached photos) as soon as the text is sent to the prim face (via llListen). The Chinese character text can still be read, but it is very hard as the prim face is so dark. I did contact the Firestorm help group and they suggested I try the latest SL viewer, which I did. The result was the same as for the Firestorm viewer. They suggested that if this is the case I should contact you to see if you might be able to give me any leads as to what might be suddenly causing this problem. My students will be starting lessons in the next week and I am really concerned that this problem is going to make it difficult for them to complete the tasks set. Any guidance would be hugely appreciated. If you would like to obtain a copy of the HUD (Chinese Island HUD KV21 (WEAR OR ATTACH)) for testing, one can be obtained at the following location by clicking the red sign "Chinese Island HUD": http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Monash%20University%202/116/194/26 To get the NPC there to say something to you, please input the following into chat: /3 你好 This will cause him to respond with 您好. Once again, any guidance you can offer would be hugely appreciated. Thank you! Kaylee
  5. So I'm trying to purchase a parcel of land that I've found. It's very weird but I'm wondering if there is a server or region issue at the moment. When I click on the land and select "buy", it says that everythings good re: tier, L$ etc, I click on the purchase button - then it double checks that I want to pay the amount to the owner of the land, I confirm that I do... and... nothing. No money is taken from me, no kerching sound, no purchased land, nothing. It on the " Second Life RC LeTigre" server. Tried it on SL Viewer and Firestorm just in case that made a difference. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! EDIT - It must have been a region issue, that's all I can think of - it's resolved itself now and I own the parcel.
  6. Okay, to start this off, I've had SL on about six different computers over the course of seven years (2011). Any computer I've tried to play SL on goes through the same diagnosis: I download the game and enjoy it immensely over the course of several months. While I'm playing, a black box with white text blinks into existence and then closes itself before I can read it. This usually happens several times over the course of a couple weeks. My computer starts randomly turning off while SL is running. No bluescreen, just, *boop*, like someone flipped the off switch without my knowing. Random shutoff extends to even when SL isn't running. First maybe once every six hours or so, but increases in frequency, worsening until it shuts off every ten minutes. I have to wipe/replace my computer. For all these computers I used Windows. Some earlier computers were on Vista, but I now use Windows 7. My computers, save for my laptop which has since died, have always been a frankenstein of old and new parts. Is that the problem? Or am I getting a virus though SL somehow? What can I do to fix this and allow me to enjoy Second Life without putting my computer at risk. I don't know if it would be useful, but here is a screencap of my computer specs. This is a computer that I've had to wipe due to my latest SL endeavor.
  7. Starting with Second Life Viewer 4.0, the internal web browser of the Second Life Viewer has been updated to use the Chromium Embedded Framework. This allows content creators to use a much wider array of web technologies in their products for Second Life, including Adobe Flash. However, in order to use Flash in the Second Life Viewer, you must first install a specific version of the Adobe Flash Player on your computer. Installing the Adobe Flash Player for use with Second Life To install the Adobe Flash Player on your computer for use with Second Life: Make sure that plugins are enabled in the Second Life Viewer by choosing Me > Preferences from the top menu bar, then clicking the Setup tab of the Preferences window. Enable plugins should be checked. Visit http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/ using your web browser. Under Step 1, select your operating system. Under Step 2, select FP 20 for Opera and Chromium - PPAPI. Click the Download now button to download the Flash Player installer. Run the Adobe Flash Player installer and follow the instructions onscreen to complete the installation. Restart the Second Life Viewer. You may now view Flash content in the Second Life Viewer's web browser, and on Shared Media-enabled objects in the Second Life world. Note: At this time, it is not possible to play embedded .mp4 files in Second Life using the Chromium Embedded Framework.
  8. Graphical errors in the Second Life Viewer If you are running Second Life on a PC with an Intel HD 4000 graphics processor with outdated drivers, you may experience some or all of the following symptoms: Color corruption on buttons and floaters Flickering user interface (UI) components such as buttons and menus All inworld textures appear black when S3TC is enabled in the Hardware Settings section of the Graphics Preferences window Seemingly random or intermittent crashing while not performing a specific activity These issues may be resolved by downloading and installing the latest Intel HD 4000 driver from Intel's download center. Second Life crashes when logging out on a secondary monitor Second Life may crash when you try to log out while the Second Life Viewer is displayed on a secondary monitor. This issue only occurs when the viewer window is maximized; you can avoid this crash by either moving the viewer window to your primary monitor or unmaximizing the window before logging out. This issue may be resolved in a future update to the Intel HD 4000 graphics driver.
  9. What is a Third-Party Viewer (TPV)? I have a problem. Is it my viewer, or is it the service? Does this mean I have to switch viewers to get support? I have a problem that occurs on a specific Third-Party Viewer. What can I do? Example Contacting Second Life Support What is a Third-Party Viewer (TPV)? A Third-Party Viewer (TPV) is a piece of software created by individuals or groups other than Linden Lab which is used to access the Second Life service. Examples include chat clients, programs to operate automated accounts (bots), or full-scale clients to interact with the Second Life service in much the same way that the official Second Life Viewer operates. Many Third-Party Viewers are listed in the Viewer Directory on the Second Life Wiki. Viewers listed in the directory must obey the Linden Lab Policy on Third-Party Viewers, which includes provisions to protect privacy and intellectual property rights. I have a problem. Is it my viewer, or is it the service? Identifying the source of a performance problem can sometimes be difficult. Problems can exist in the viewer, which runs on your computer, or with the service that the viewer connects to, including the servers and network infrastructure that run Second Life's virtual world. One relatively simple way to determine the source of a problem is to try to reproduce the issue on a different viewer. If a problem exists on two or more different viewers, either a Third-Party Viewer or the official Second Life Viewer, the issue is probably with the service or the network connection between your viewer and service -- both viewers connect to the same service by the same internet connection. If the problem continues to exist after switching viewers, this points to a problem in something those two viewers share -- in this case, the service or the connection. If only one of the viewers has the issue, then the problem is with the viewer and you should seek support from the organization that created that viewer. Does this mean I have to switch viewers to get support? You do not need to switch viewers in order to get support from Linden Lab. Our support staff frequently suggests to Residents experiencing performance problems that they should attempt to replicate the problem using a different viewer -- ideally, one that is significantly different from the one they are currently using. In most cases, we offer the official Second Life Viewer as an alternative because it is the most heavily documented and tested viewer available to our team for troubleshooting purposes. Switching viewers is a temporary diagnostic action; once the source of the problem is identified, Residents should be able to continue using their usual viewer of choice. If the performance problem is related to the Second Life service, a network issue, or can be reliably reproduced on multiple viewers, the Second Life support team can provide assistance. Often the quickest way to receive assistance with a performance issue is to visit our Support Portal for tutorials, Second Life Answers, and our Knowledge Base. Note: Premium and Concierge Residents have a variety of Support options available to them, including LiveChat with a Support Agent and expanded support case options. Visit our Support Portal for more information. I have a problem that occurs on a specific Third-Party Viewer. What can I do? Most Third-Party Viewer developers are extremely passionate and active about maintaining their work, and many offer support services for their viewer and code. Many TPVs are updated with bug fixes on a regular basis and developers frequently encourage feedback and bug reports to help improve their projects. The Viewer Directory has links to many of the developers' websites, which are the best place to find information specific to a Third-Party Viewer's issues. Many developer websites have forums, specific email addresses, and lists of known issues. Residents who prefer a Third-Party Viewer experience are encouraged to check their developer's website frequently for updates and important information. Example The Phoenix Firestorm project is a Third-Party Viewer developer whose primary goal is to improve the Second Life user experience with new features while extending usability, functionality and flexibility of the Viewer 3 code base. Their website at http://www.phoenixviewer.com/ has updates to current events, new features, and announcements of upcoming changes which may affect their users. They offer a support page for their viewer at http://www.phoenixviewer.com/support.php as well as information about how to contact volunteers and support staff inside Second Life and through their website. Contacting Second Life Support Many issues can be resolved by Residents themselves at the Second Life Support Portal -- often the quickest answers come from other experienced and helpful Residents through Second Life Answers or the Community Forums. When more in-depth support is required, the Second Life Support team is here to assist. When contacting Support, please be sure to include what steps you've already taken to address the problem. When filling out a Support case, please be as thorough and specific as possible in order to assist the Support Team in providing you with the help you need. To contact Support, please follow the instructions in the article: How to contact customer support.
  10. Noelle Linden

    Oturum açma başarısızlığı

        Hata mesajları Bölge el sıkışması bekleniyor Hesabınıza şu zamana kadar erişemeyeceksiniz (tarih/saat) Bu konumdan Second Life'a erişemezsiniz DNS sunucu adını çözümleyemedi Muhtemel nedenler Linden Lab geçici olarak tüm oturum açma işlemlerini sınırlamış olabilir Yanlış parola Hesap ihmalden ötürü devre dışı bırakılmış Disiplin süreci nedeniyle hesap askıda Sistem oturumunuzu sonlandırıyor Ne yapabilirsiniz? Oturum açma konumunuzu değiştirin   Diğer dillerde: Deutsch English Español Français Italiano 日本語 Português Русский Bu makale size, sorununuzu tanımlamanızda ve uygun bir çözüm seçmenizde yardımcı olur. Sorun gidermeye başlamadan önce: Önce Second Life ağ durumunu kontrol ederek, oturum açılmasını engelleyen bilinen bir sorun olmadığına emin olun. Hata mesajları Second Life'a oturum açamıyorsanız, hata mesajı sorunun nedenine işaret edebilir. Bölge el sıkışması bekleniyor "Bölge el sıkışması bekleniyor" mesajı, Second Life Görüntüleyicisi sunucudan bir onay almadığı zaman gösterilir. Bu hatanın normal nedeni, UDP paketlerinin bir güvenlik duvarı nedeniyle engellenmesidir. Bu hatayı çözmek için güvenlik duvarınızı yeniden yapılandırın. Güvenlik duvarlarını nasıl yapılandıracağınızla ilgili bilgi edinmek için bkz.: Second Life'ı bir güvenlik duvarı ile kullanmak. Hesabınıza şu zamana kadar erişemeyeceksiniz (tarih/saat) Eğer hata mesajı, zaten oturum açmakta (veya oturumu kapatmakta) olduğunuzu belirtirse, Second Life hala avatarınızın oturumunu kapatmaya çalışmaktadır. Second Life'ı kapatın, on beş dakika bekleyin, sonra tekrar oturum açmaya çalışın. Eğer şu hata mesajını görürseniz:  Oturum açma başarılamadı; Hesabınıza şu zamana kadar: (tarih/saat) erişemeyeceksiniz  — bu genellikle, Second Life hesabınızın idari olarak engellendiği anlamına gelir. Kısa süreli engellemeler (bir saatten daha kısa süreli), SL dünyası içerisindeki uygunsuz davranışların neticesi olabilir. Daha uzun süreli engellemeler genellikle kötüye kullanım neticesinde gerçekleşir. Belirtilen süreye kadar Second Life'ı kullanamazsınız; eğer bu süre bir saatten uzunsa, bu konuda Kötüye Kullanımla Mücadele Ekibi size bir e-posta gönderecektir. İstenmeyen spam filtrelerinizi kontrol edin.   Kötüye kullanımla ilgili olarak konulan idari engellemeler Linden Lab tarafından kaldırılamaz. Bu konumdan Second Life'a erişemezsiniz Bu hata mesajı ayrıca şu şekilde görülebilir: Oturum açılamadı. Second Life'a bu bilgisayardan erişemezsiniz. Bu mesajlar genellikle, aşağıdaki durumlar nedeniyle Linden Lab tarafından Second Life sunucularında engellendiğinizi gösterir: Belgelenmiş dolandırıcılık vakaları Second Life'ın reşit olmayan biri tarafından kullanılması Son derece aşikar kötüye kullanım faaliyetleri Ancak bu faaliyetleri gerçekleştiren kişinin sizinle aynı hanede bulunan başka biri de olabileceğini, size ait hesabın kullanılmış olmayabileceğini de dikkate alın. Eğer bu durumun bir hata olduğunu düşünüyorsanız, destek portalı üzerinden bir destek talebi gönderin. Müşteri destek bölümünün hangi engelin neden konulduğunu belirlemesine yardımcı olmak için, destek talebinize Second Life hesap adınızı ve bulunduğunuz konumdan oturum açan diğer olası Second Life hesap bilgilerini dahil edin. DNS sunucu adını çözümleyemedi Bu hata mesajı ayrıca şu şekilde görülebilir: Sunucu http'si bulunamadı Oturum açılamadı. Bir simülatöre bağlanılamadı. Bu mesajlar, bilgisayarınızın sayısal IP adreslerini insanlar tarafından okunabilir adreslere dönüştüren alan adı hizmeti (DNS) ile ilgili genel bir ağ sorunu yaşadığını gösterir.   secondlife.com, Google veya başka İnternet sitelerine erişebildiğinizi doğrulayın. Bilgisayarınız bu web sitelerine bağlanabildiği zaman bu hatanın da artık meydana gelmemesi gerekir.   Ayrıca, aşağıda tarif edildiği şekilde, Second Life ile ilgili daha kapsamlı bir sorun olup olmadığını kontrol edin. Genellikle bilgisayarınızı ve yönlendiricinizi yeniden başlatmak bu sorunu çözecektir. Eğer çözmezse, İnternet hizmet sağlayıcınızla iletişime geçin. Ayrıca Google'ın DNS sunucularını kullanarak sorunu çözmeyi deneyebilirsiniz.  Daha fazla bilgi edinmek için bkz. Google Kamu DNS sunucularını kullanmak.   Muhtemel nedenler Linden Lab geçici olarak tüm oturum açma işlemlerini sınırlamış olabilir Linden Lab, sunucuları ciddi teknik sıkıntılar yaşadığında veya kapsamlı bakım gerektirdiğinde, zaman zaman Second Life'a erişimi kısıtlar. Bu kesintiler sadece sizin bilgisayarınızı veya hesabınızı değil, tüm Sakinleri etkiler. Second Life'ın durumunu şurada kontrol edin: http://status.secondlifegrid.net. Bu sayfada bilinen tüm sorunlar listelenmektedir. Yanlış parola Oturum açma başarısızlıklarının yaygın bir nedeni yanlış parola kullanımıdır. Parolalar küçük büyük harflere duyarlıdır, o nedenle parolanızı doğru girdiğinize eminseniz Caps Lock'ı kontrol edin. Eğer kullanıcı adınızı veya parolanızı unuttuysanız, buna tekrar erişmek için Hesap kimlik bilgileri kısmındaki talimatları takip edin.  Hesap ihmalden ötürü devre dışı bırakılmış Eğer kulvar veya özel Bölge ücretlerinizi zamanında ödemezseniz, hesabınız ve alternatif hesaplarınız ihmalden ötürü devre dışı bırakılabilir. Daha fazla bilgi edinmek için bkz. İhmal Politikası. Disiplin süreci nedeniyle hesap askıda Bir kullanıcının Hizmet Sözleşmemizi veya Topluluk Standartlarımızı ihlal ettiğini saptarsak, bir disiplin önlemi olarak bu Sakinin hesabını askıya alabiliriz. Bir hesabı bu şekilde askıya aldığımızda, bu hesap için kayıtlı e-posta adresi üzerinden hesap sahibine bir mesaj göndeririz. Önemli: Mesajlarımızın istenmeyen e-posta işlemi görmemesini sağlamak için "secondlife.com" ve "lindenlab.com" adreslerini e-posta istemcinizin güvenilir göndericiler listesine eklediğinize emin olun. Sistem oturumunuzu sonlandırıyor Second Life'a tekrar girmek için önceki oturumunuzu sonlandırmanız gerekir. Bazen, genellikle oturumunuzu kısa süre önce sonlandırdığınızda veya bir sistem çökmesinden sonra, Second Life yanlışlıkla oturumunuzun hala açık olduğunu sanar. Eğer "Sistem oturumunuzu sonlandırıyor..." şeklinde bir oturum açma başarısızlığı mesajı alırsanız, tekrar oturum açmadan önce birkaç dakika beklemeyi deneyin. Eğer bu mesajı almaya devam ederseniz "sıkışmış mevcudiyet" kurbanı olabilirsiniz; bunu çözmek için avatarınızın sıkıştığı bölgenin yeniden başlatılması gerekir. Özel veya Concierge seviyesinde hesaplara sahip Sakinler, canlı sohbet, destek talebi gönderme veya telefon destek hattı üzerinden bölgenin yeniden başlatılmasını talep edebilir. Temel hesaplar şu anda avatar seviyesinde desteğe sahip değildir. Ne yapabilirsiniz? Eğer neden oturum açamadığınızdan emin değilseniz, şunları yapmayı deneyin: Kullanıcı adınızı veya parolanızı tekrar kontrol edin. Eğer bir hata mesajı almaya devam ederseniz, Second Life web sitesinde oturum açmayı deneyin. Web sitesine oturum açamıyorsanız, sorun muhtemelen kullanıcı adınız veya parolanızla ilgilidir. Parolanızı sıfırlamak için web sitesinde Oturum açma bilgilerinizi mi unuttunuz? kısmındaki talimatları takip edin. Oturum açma konumunuzu değiştirerek farklı bir bölge seçin. Bunun nasıl yapılacağıyla ilgili aşağıdaki talimatlara bakın. Bilgisayarınızı, modeminizi ve yönlendiricinizi yeniden başlatın. Yeniden başlatma işlemi sırasında, tüm cihazları kapattıktan sonra yeniden başlatmadan önce en az on saniye beklediğinize emin olun. Bu şekilde yönlendirme sorunlarını ve bağlantıyla ilgili diğer sorunları genellikle çözebilirsiniz. Hala oturum açamıyorsanız, özel ve Concierge Sakinler, canlı sohbet, destek talepleri veya telefon aracılığıyla müşteri destek bölümüne başvurabilir. Temel müşteriler bir destek talebi gönderebilir.  Daha fazla bilgi edinmek için bkz. Müşteri destek bölümüne nasıl başvurulur. Oturum açma konumunuzu değiştirmek Varsayılan olarak oturum açtığınız zaman daima SL dünyasındaki en son konumunuza gidersiniz. Ayrıca oturum açma konumunuzu ana konumunuz olarak ayarlayabilir ve bu seçeneğin oturum açma ekranında görüntülenmesini isteyip istemediğinize karar verebilirsiniz.   Bu tecihleri ayarlamak için: Second Life'ı başlatın. Oturum açma ekranında şuraya gidin: Ben > Tercihler. Genel sekmesine tıklayın. Standart konum altında, varsayılan olarak ne istediğinize bağlı olarak Ana Konumum veya Son Konumum seçimini yapın. Ayrıca oturum açma sırasında başlangıç konumunu seçmek istiyorsanız Oturumu açarken göster seçeneğini işaretleyin. Tamam üzerine tıklayın. Buradan başla: oturum açma ekranında artık bunu görürsünüz.
  11. Noelle Linden

    Ошибки при входе

        Сообщения об ошибках Устанавливается связь с регионом Ваш аккаунт не будет доступен до (дата/время) Вы не можете войти в Second Life из этого места DNS не может распознать имя узла Возможные причины В Linden Lab может быть временно ограничен вход пользователей Неверный пароль Аккаунт отключен из-за задолженности Аккаунт приостановлен в качестве дисциплинарной меры В системе выполняется выход для вашего аккаунта Что делать Изменение места входа в систему   На других языках: Deutsch English Español Français Italiano 日本語 Português Türkçe Эта статья поможет вам диагностировать проблему и выбрать подходящее решение. Перед началом устранения неполадок: сперва проверьте состояние сетки Second Life и убедитесь в отсутствии известных проблем, мешающих входу в систему. Сообщения об ошибках Если вы не можете войти в Second Life, текст сообщения об ошибке может указывать на причину этой проблемы. Устанавливается связь с регионом Сообщение «Устанавливается связь с регионом» появляется, если клиент Second Life не получил подтверждения от сервера.  Обычно такая проблема вызывается брандмауэром, блокирующим пакеты UDP. Чтобы устранить ее, измените настройки брандмауэра. Информацию по настройке брандмауэров можно найти на странице: Использование Second Life с брандмауэром. Ваш аккаунт не будет доступен до (дата/время) Если в сообщении об ошибке сказано, что вы уже вошли в систему (или вышли из нее), это значит, что Second Life продолжает попытки вывести из системы ваш аватар. Закройте Second Life, подождите 15 минут, а затем попробуйте войти снова. Если появляется следующее сообщение об ошибке:  Ошибка входа. Ваш аккаунт не будет доступен до (дата/время)  это обычно означает, что ваш аккаунт Second Life был заблокирован в административном порядке. Кратковременная блокировка (продолжительностью меньше одного часа) может быть следствием вашего неподобающего поведения в игровом мире. Более продолжительные блокировки, как правило, являются санкциями за нарушения. До указанного времени вы не сможете использовать Second Life; если с этого момента прошло более часа, вы получите по электронной почте пояснение от отдела борьбы с нарушениями.  Проверьте свои фильтры спама.   Специалисты Linden Lab не могут снять административную блокировку за нарушения. Вы не можете войти в Second Life из этого места Вместо этого сообщения также может отображаться: Ошибка входа. Нельзя входить в игру Second Life на этом компьютере. Эти сообщения обычно означают, что администрация Linden Lab запретила вам доступ к серверам Second Life по причине: доказанных случаев мошенничества; использования Second Life несовершеннолетними; исключительно серьезного нарушения. Учтите, что это нарушение могло быть совершено другим членом вашей семьи, и не обязательно с вашего аккаунта.  Если вы считаете, что запрет установлен по ошибке, направьте заявку через портал поддержки. Чтобы облегчить службе поддержки пользователей выяснение подробностей запрета и его причины, укажите в заявке имя своего аккаунта Second Life и имена всех других аккаунтов Second Life, входивших в игровой мир с вашего компьютера. DNS не может распознать имя узла Вместо этого сообщения также может отображаться: Узел HTTP не найден. Ошибка входа. Не удается подключиться к симулятору. Эти сообщения показывают, что на вашем компьютере имеет место проблема со службой доменных имен (DNS), которая преобразует числовые IP-адреса в понятные для человека имена.   Проверьте, доступны ли с вашего компьютера сайты интернета, такие как secondlife.com, Google и другие.  Если ваш компьютер может соединиться с этими сайтами, такая ошибка больше не должна происходить.   Кроме того, убедитесь, что в самой системе Second Life нет неполадки, как описано ниже. Как правило, такая проблема устраняется перезагрузкой компьютера и маршрутизатора.   Если это не помогает, обратитесь к своему интернет-провайдеру.  Также может быть целесообразно использовать DNS-серверы Google для устранения проблемы. Подробнее об этом см. на странице Использование Google Public DNS.   Возможные причины В Linden Lab может быть временно ограничен вход пользователей Linden Lab время от времени ограничивает доступ пользователей в Second Life, когда серверы игрового мира испытывают серьезные технические трудности или требуют продолжительного перерыва на обслуживание. Это отключение влияет на всех жителей и не ограничивается вашим компьютером или аккаунтом. Проверьте состояние Second Life на странице http://status.secondlifegrid.net. На этой странице будут перечислены все известные проблемы. Неверный пароль Неправильный ввод пароля – распространенная причина ошибки при входе. В паролях различаются прописные и строчные буквы, поэтому, вводя пароль, не забудьте проверить состояние режима Caps Lock на клавиатуре. Если вы забыли свое имя пользователя или пароль, для их восстановления выполните инструкции на странице Учетные данные аккаунта.  Аккаунт отключен из-за задолженности При продолжительной неуплате сборов за пользование землей или за частный регион ваш аккаунт вместе с вашими альтернативными аккаунтами может быть отключен из-за задолженности. Более подробные сведения см. на странице Политика задолженности. Аккаунт приостановлен в качестве дисциплинарной меры Если будет обнаружено, что житель нарушил наше Пользовательское соглашение, Стандарты сообщества или другие правила, в качестве дисциплинарной меры действие аккаунта этого жителя может быть приостановлено. В случае такой приостановки владельцу аккаунта отправляется извещение на адрес электронной почты, зарегистрированный для данного аккаунта. Это важно! Убедитесь, что домены «secondlife.com» и «lindenlab.com» внесены в список надежных отправителей вашего почтового клиента, чтобы сообщения от них не помечались как спам. В системе выполняется выход для вашего аккаунта Чтобы вы смогли вернуться в Second Life, ваш предыдущий сеанс должен быть завершен. Иногда, обычно после недавнего выхода из системы или сбоя, Second Life ошибочно считает сеанс незавершенным. Если при попытке входа появляется сообщение «В системе выполняется выход для вашего аккаунта», подождите несколько минут, а затем попробуйте войти снова. Если же это сообщение появляется снова, возможно, произошло «зависание присутствия», для устранения которого следует перезапустить регион, в котором завис ваш аватар. Жители с премиум-членством или аккаунтами привратников могут попросить о перезагрузке региона в живом чате, отправив заявку или позвонив по телефону службы поддержки. Базовые аккаунты в настоящее время не имеют доступа к поддержке на уровне аватаров. Что делать Если вы не знаете, почему вход невозможен, попробуйте сделать следующее: Еще раз проверьте свои имя пользователя и пароль. Если сообщение об ошибке появляется снова, попробуйте войти на веб-сайт Second Life. Если же и на веб-сайт не удается войти, причина, скорее всего, в вашем имени пользователя или пароле. Выполните инструкции по сбросу пароля в разделе Forgot your login information? (Вы забыли данные для входа?) на веб-сайте. Смените место входа на другой регион. Как это сделать, показано ниже. Перезапустите свой компьютер, модем и маршрутизатор. При перезапуске полностью выключите питание устройств и подождите не менее десяти секунд. Это действие часто помогает устранить проблемы с маршрутизацией и другие неполадки сети. Если войти все равно не удается, владельцы премиум-аккаунтов и привратники могут обратиться к службе поддержки пользователей с помощью живого чата, отправив заявку или позвонитв по телефону.  Владельцы базовых аккаунтов могут подать заявку в службу поддержки.  Подробные сведения см. на странице Как обратиться в службу поддержки. Изменение места входа в систему ПО умолчанию вы всегда попадаете в то место игрового мира, где были в прошлый раз. Можно также указать, чтобы местом входа был ваш дом, а на экране входа предлагалось выбрать место.   Для установки этих настроек сделайте следующее: Запустите Second Life. На экране входа выберите команды Я > Настройки. Откройте вкладку Общие. В разделе Место старта выберите Мой дом или Мое последнее место. Если вы хотите указывать место старта при входе, выберите Показывать на экране входа. Нажмите кнопку OK. Место старта: теперь будет отображаться на экране входа.
  12. The following software services are known to be incompatible with Second Life and are currently unsupported. This list is subject to change as we continue to upgrade and expand the capabilities of Second Life: Software Notes HP Remote Graphics Software TeamViewer Bigfoot network cards Faulty installer. A workaround can be found here. Microsoft Skydrive
  13. Noelle Linden


        Fehlermeldungen Region-Handshake Ihr Konto ist erst ab (Datum/Uhrzeit) verfügbar Sie können sich von diesem Ort aus nicht bei Second Life anmelden DNS konnte den Hostnamen nicht auflösen Mögliche Ursachen Linden Lab hat u. U. alle Anmeldungen vorübergehend eingeschränkt Falsches Kennwort Konto wegen Zahlungsverzug deaktiviert Konto wegen disziplinarischer Maßnahmen vorübergehend gesperrt Sie werden vom System abgemeldet Abhilfemaßnahmen Startstandort ändern   In anderen Sprachen: English Español Français Italiano 日本語 Português Русский Türkçe Dieser Artikel soll Ihnen helfen, das jeweilige Problem zu identifizieren und eine entsprechende Lösung zu finden. Bevor Sie mit der Fehlerdiagnose beginnen: Überprüfen Sie zuerst den Second Life-Grid-Status, um sicherzustellen, dass gegenwärtig keine bekannten Probleme vorliegen, die eine Anmeldung verhindern. Fehlermeldungen Wenn Sie sich nicht bei Second Life anmelden können, erscheint möglicherweise ein Fehlermeldung, aus der die Ursache hervorgeht. Region-Handshake Die Meldung „Region-Handshake“ erscheint, wenn der Second Life Viewer keine Bestätigung vom Server empfängt. Diese Fehler tritt normalerweise dann auf, wenn eine Firewall UDP-Pakete blockiert. Ändern Sie die Konfiguration der Firewall, um dieses Problem zu lösen. Weitere Informationen zum Konfigurieren von Firewalls finden Sie unter Using Second Life with a firewall (EN). Ihr Konto ist erst ab (Datum/Uhrzeit) verfügbar Wenn aus dem Fehler hervorgeht, dass bereits ein An- oder Abmeldeversuch läuft, versucht Second Life noch immer, Ihren Avatar abzumelden. Schließen Sie Second Life, warten Sie 15 Minuten und versuchen Sie dann erneut, sich anzumelden. Wenn die folgende Fehlermeldung erscheint:  Anmeldung fehlgeschlagen; Ihr Konto ist erst ab (Datum/Uhrzeit) verfügbar  —? Dies bedeutet normalerweise, dass Ihr Second Life-Konto aus administrativen Gründen gesperrt wurde. Kurzzeitige Sperrungen (unter einer Stunde) sind in der Regel auf unangemessenes Verhalten inworld zurückzuführen. Längere Sperrungen sind die Folge von Missbrauch. Sie können Second Life erst ab dem angegebenen Zeitpunkt wieder verwenden. Wenn die Wartezeit mehr als eine Stunde beträgt, werden Sie vom Missbrauchsteam eine entsprechende E-Mail erhalten. Sehen Sie auch in Ihrem Spam-Ordner nach.   Linden Lab kann auf Missbrauch zurückzuführende administrative Sperrungen nicht aufheben. Sie können sich von diesem Ort aus nicht bei Second Life anmelden Diese Fehlermeldung kann auch in folgender Form erscheinen: Anmeldung fehlgeschlagen. Der Zugriff auf Second Life ist von diesem Computer aus nicht möglich. Diese Meldungen bedeuten in der Regel, dass Linden Lab Ihren Zugriff auf die Second Life-Server aus einem der folgenden Gründe gesperrt hat: Dokumentierter Betrug Nutzung von Second Life durch Minderjährige Eklatanter Missbrauch Es ist möglich, dass eine andere Person in Ihrem Haushalt – nicht unbedingt über Ihr Konto – für diese Aktivität verantwortlich ist. Wenn Sie der Ansicht sind, dass es sich um einen Fehler handelt, reichen Sie über das Support-Portal ein Support-Ticket ein. Damit unserer Support ermitteln kann, um welche Art von Sperre es sich handelt und was die Ursache ist, geben Sie im Ticket bitte Ihren eigenen Second Life-Kontonamen und alle anderen Second Life-Konten an, die sich von Ihrem Standort aus anmelden. DNS konnte den Hostnamen nicht auflösen Diese Fehlermeldung kann auch in folgender Form erscheinen: Host-HTTP nicht gefunden Anmeldung fehlgeschlagen Es kann keine Simulatorverbindung hergestellt werden. Diese Meldungen bedeuten, dass Ihr Computer ein allgemeines Netzwerkproblem mit dem Domain Name Service (DNS) hat, der numerische IP-Adressen in für Menschen verständliche Adressen auflöst. Prüfen Sie, ob Sie auf Websites wie secondlife.com, Google usw. zugreifen können. Wenn der Zugriff auf diese Websites funktioniert, sollte dieser Fehler nicht mehr auftreten.   Prüfen Sie auch, ob ein umfassenderes Problem mit Second Life vorliegt (siehe unten). Normalerweise lässt sich dieses Problem durch Neustarten des Computers und Routers lösen. Wenn nicht, wenden Sie sich an Ihren Internetanbieter. Sie können auch die DNS-Server von Google verwenden, um zu sehen, ob sich das Problem auf diese Weise lösen lässt. Weitere Information finden Sie unter Using Google Public DNS (EN).   Mögliche Ursachen Linden Lab hat u. U. alle Anmeldungen vorübergehend eingeschränkt Linden Lab schränkt den Zugriff auf Second Life gelegentlich ein, wenn schwerwiegende technische Probleme mit den Servern auftreten oder größere Wartungsarbeiten erforderlich sind. Von diesen Ausfällen sind alle Einwohner betroffen, nicht nur Ihr Computer oder Konto. Den Status von Second Life können Sie unter http://status.secondlifegrid.net überprüfen. Auf dieser Seite sind alle bekannten Probleme aufgelistet. Falsches Kennwort Wenn die Anmeldung nicht funktioniert, liegt es oft an einem falschen Kennwort. Bei Kennwörtern kommt es auf die richtige Groß-/Kleinschreibung an. Stellen Sie also sicher, dass die Feststelltaste nicht aktiviert ist, wenn Sie Ihr Kennwort eingeben. Wenn Sie Ihren Benutzernamen oder Ihr Kennwort vergessen haben, befolgen Sie die Anweisungen unter Account credentials (EN).  Konto wegen Zahlungsverzug deaktiviert Wenn Sie Ihre Landnutzungsgebühren oder Ihre Gebühren für eine private Region nicht fristgemäß bezahlen, kann es passieren, dass Ihr Konto und alle Ihre alternativen Konten wegen Zahlungsverzug deaktiviert werden. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter Delinquency Policy (EN). Konto wegen disziplinarischer Maßnahmen vorübergehend gesperrt Wenn es sich herausstellt, dass ein Einwohner gegen unsere Servicebedingungen (EN), Community-Standards oder andere Richtlinien verstoßen hat, behalten wir uns das Recht vor, das Konto dieses Einwohners als disziplinarische Maßnahme vorübergehend zu sperren. In diesem Fall informieren wir den Kontoinhaber per E-Mail unter der registrierten Adresse. Wichtig: Sie sollten „secondlife.com“ und „lindenlab.com“ in Ihrem E-Mail-Client zur Liste der vertrauenswürdigen Absender hinzufügen, damit unsere E-Mails nicht als Spam oder Junk-Mail eingestuft werden. Sie werden vom System abgemeldet Ihre vorherige Sitzung muss ordnungsgemäß beendet werden, bevor Sie erneut auf Second Life zugreifen können. Wenn Sie sich erst vor kurzer Zeit abgemeldet haben oder wenn der Second Life Viewer abgestürzt ist, kann es sein, dass Second Life versehentlich meint, dass Sie noch angemeldet sind. Wenn Sie eine Fehlermeldung erhalten, die besagt, dass Sie vom System abgemeldet werden, warten Sie einige Minuten und versuchen Sie es dann erneut. Wenn diese Meldung weiterhin erscheint, muss die Region neu gestartet werden, in der Ihr Avatar stecken geblieben ist. Einwohner mit einem Premium- oder Concierge-Konto können den Neustart einer Region per Live-Chat, durch Einreichen eines Tickets oder telefonisch anfordern. Für Basiskonten steht gegenwärtig kein Support auf Avatarebene zur Verfügung. Abhilfemaßnahmen Wenn Sie nicht sicher sind, warum die Anmeldung nicht funktioniert, probieren Sie Folgendes: Stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie den richtigen Benutzernamen und das richtige Kennwort verwenden. Wenn auch weiterhin eine Fehlermeldung erscheint, versuchen Sie, sich auf der Second Life-Website anzumelden. Wenn Sie sich auch auf der Website nicht anmelden können, stimmt etwas mit Ihrem Benutzernamen oder Kennwort nicht. Befolgen Sie auf der Website die Anweisungen unter Kennwort vergessen?, um Ihr Kennwort zurückzusetzen. Ändern Sie Ihren Startstandort in eine andere Region. Anweisungen sind weiter unten zu finden. Starten Sie Ihren Computer, Ihr Modem und Ihren Router neu. Lassen Sie alle Geräte mindestens zehn Sekunden lang ausgeschaltet, bevor Sie sie wieder einschalten. Dadurch lassen sich oft Router- und andere verbindungsspezifische Probleme beheben. Wenn noch immer keine Anmeldung möglich ist, können sich Einwohner mit einem Premium- oder Concierge-Konto per Live-Chat, durch Einreichen eines Supportfalls (Tickets) oder telefonisch an unseren Support wenden. Kunden mit einem Basiskonto können einen Supportfall einreichen. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter Den Kunden-Support kontaktieren. Startstandort ändern Standardmäßig werden Sie inworld immer bei dem Ort angemeldet, den Sie zuletzt besucht haben. Sie können aber auch angeben, dass Sie nach der Anmeldung zu Ihrem Zuhause gehen möchten bzw. dass die entsprechende Option auf dem Anmeldebildschirm erscheinen soll.   So legen Sie diese Einstellungen fest: Starten Sie Second Life. Wählen Sie auf dem Anmeldebildschirm Ich > Einstellungen. Klicken Sie auf die Registerkarte Allgemein. Wählen Sie unter Startstandort entweder Mein Zuhause oder Mein letzter Standort aus. Wenn Sie den Startstandort bei jeder Anmeldung individuell auswählen möchten, aktivieren Sie die Option Beim Anmelden anzeigen. Klicken Sie auf OK. Jetzt erscheint auf dem Anmeldebildschirm unter Ihrem Second Life-Namen das Dropdownmenü Startstandort:
  14. Noelle Linden

    Accesso non riuscito

        Messaggi di errore In attesa di risposta dalla regione Il tuo account non è accessibile fino alle (data/ora) Non puoi accedere a Second Life da questa posizione Il DNS non ha risolto il nome dell'host Cause possibili Linden Lab potrebbe aver limitato temporaneamente tutti gli accessi Password errata Account disattivato per pagamenti in arretrato Account in sospeso per un provvedimento disciplinare Il sistema esegue il logout Cosa fare Cambia la tua posizione di accesso   In altre lingue: Deutsch English Español Français 日本語 Português Русский Türkçe Questo articolo ti aiuta a identificare il problema e a scegliere una soluzione appropriata. Prima di iniziare a risolvere il problema: Verifica prima di tutto lo stato della griglia di Second Life per verificare che non di siamo problemi in corso che impediscono l'accesso. Messaggi di errore Se non puoi accedere a Second Life, il messaggio di errore potrebbe indicare la causa. In attesa di risposta dalla regione Un messaggio che indica che il sistema è in attesa di risposta dalla regione si verifica quando Second Life non riceve una conferma dal server. Di solito la causa è un firewall che blocca i pacchetti UDP. Per risolvere il problema modifica la configurazione del firewall. Per informazioni sulla configurazione dei firewall, vedi: Usare Second Life con un firewall. Il tuo account non è accessibile fino alle (data/ora) Se il messaggio di errore indica che stai già eseguendo il login o il logout, ciò indica che Second Life sta cercando di eseguire il logout dell'avatar. Chiudi Second Life, aspetta quindici minuti e poi riprova ad accedere. Se vedi questo messaggio:  Login non riuscito: Il tuo account non è accessibile fino alle (data/ora) —? ciò indica che il tuo account di Second Life è in stato di blocco amministrativo. I blocchi di breve durata (meno di un'ora) possono essere causati da comportamenti inappropriati nel mondo virtuale. I blocchi di durata maggiore sono in genere dovuti a casi di abuso. Non potrai accedere a Second Life fino al momento indicato. Se la scadenza è tra più di un'ora riceverai un e-mail al riguardo dal team prevenzione abusi. Assicurati di controllare i filtri per la posta indesiderata.   Linden Lab non può rimuovere i blocchi amministrativi in caso di abuso. Non puoi accedere a Second Life da questa posizione Questo messaggio di errore potrebbe essere anche visualizzato come: Accesso non riuscito. Non si può accedere a Second Life da questo computer. In genere questi messaggi indicano che Linden Lab ti ha bloccato dall'accesso ai server di Second Life a causa di: Casi di frode documentati Uso di Second Life da parte di una persona minorenne Abuso palese L'attività potrebbe essere causata da altre persone nella stessa abitazione, non necessariamente con il tuo account. Se ritieni che si tratti di un errore, invia una richiesta di assistenza attraverso il portale dell'assistenza. Per aiutare l'assistenza clienti a determinare quali blocchi sono stati attivati e il motivo, includi nella richiesta il nome del tuo account di Second Life e di altri che accedono dallo stesso luogo. Il DNS non ha risolto il nome dell'host Questo messaggio di errore potrebbe essere anche visualizzato come: Host http non trovato Accesso non riuscito. Non è possibile collegarsi a un simulatore. Questi messaggi indicano che il tuo computer ha un problema di rete in generale con il servizio DNS che traduce gli indirizzi IP numerici in indirizzi leggibili.   Verifica se sei in grado di accedere a siti internet come secondlife.com, Google o altri. Se il computer riesce a collegarsi a tali siti, questo errore non dovrebbe più verificarsi.   Verifica anche che non si tratti di un problema più significativo con Second Life, come indicato in seguito. Di solito riavviare il computer e il router risolve il problema. In caso contrario consigliamo di contattare il provider di servizi internet. Puoi anche usare i server DNS pubblici di Google per provare a risolvere il problema. Per maggiori informazioni, vedi Uso del DNS pubblico di Google.   Cause possibili Linden Lab potrebbe aver limitato temporaneamente tutti gli accessi Linden Lab può a volte limitare l'accesso a Second Life quando si verificano problemi tecnici significativi ai server o se si devono eseguire operazioni di manutenzione complesse. Queste interruzioni del servizio includono tutti i Residenti e non sono limitati al tuo computer o account. Puoi verificare lo stato corrente di Second Life nella pagina http://status.secondlifegrid.net, in cui troverai un elenco di problemi già noti. Password errata I problemi di accesso sono spesso il risultato di password errate. Le password sono sensibili alle maiuscole, per cui verifica di non aver attivato il tasto Bloc Maiusc se ritieni di aver digitato correttamente la password. Se hai dimenticato il tuo nome utente o la password, segui le istruzioni indicate nella pagina credenziali account per recuperarli.  Account disattivato per pagamenti in arretrato Se non paghi le tariffe di livello o le tariffe per le regioni private in tempo, il tuo account e i tuoi account alternativi possono venire disattivati per mancato pagamento. Per maggiori informazioni al riguardo, vedi le regole sui pagamenti in arretrato. Account in sospeso per un provvedimento disciplinare Se un residente viola Termini del servizio, Standard della comunità o altre norme, possiamo sospendere l'account di tale residente come misura disciplinare. In tal caso inviamo al proprietario dell'account un messaggio e-mail presso l'indirizzo registrato con tale account. Importante: per evitare che i nostri messaggi vengano contrassegnati come posta indesiderata, aggiungi "secondlife.com" e "lindenlab.com" all'elenco di mittenti fidati nel tuo programma e-mail. Il sistema esegue il logout Devi eseguire il logout dalla sessione precedente prima di rientrare in Second Life. A volte, di solito subito dopo il logout o se di recente si è verificato un guasto, Second Life potrebbe ritenere per errore che sei ancora collegato. Se ricevi un messaggio di errore che indica che il sistema sta eseguendo il logout, aspetta qualche minuto prima di cercare di accedere nuovamente. Se continui a ricevere questo messaggio, potrebbe essere causato da una "presenza bloccata", problema che può essere risolto riavviando la regione in cui si trova l'avatar bloccato. I residenti con account di livello Premium o Concierge possono richiedere il riavvio di una regione attraverso chat dal vivo, invio di un ticket o assistenza telefonica. Gli account Basic non hanno attualmente accesso all'assistenza a livello di avatar. Cosa fare Se non conosci il motivo per cui non puoi accedere, prova quanto segue: Verifica il nome utente e la password. Se continui a ricevere un messaggio di errore, prova ad accedere al sito Web di Second Life. Se non puoi accedere al sito, è probabile che il tuo nome utente o la password siano la causa del problema. Fai clic sul link Ti sei dimenticato le tue informazioni di accesso? per istruzioni su come ripristinare la password. cambia la tua posizione di accesso selezionando una regione diversa. Vedi le istruzioni al riguardo più avanti. Riavvia il computer, il modem e il router. Prima di riavviarli, lasciali spenti per almeno 10 secondi. Questo passaggio spesso permette di risolvere problemi di routing e altri problemi relativi al collegamento. Se continui ad avere problemi ad accedere, I Residenti premium e Concierge possono contattare l'assistenza tecnica tramite chat, richieste di assistenza (ticket) o telefono. I clienti con account di base possono inviare una richiesta di assistenza.  Per ulteriori informazioni consulta Come contattare l'assistenza clienti. Cambia la tua posizione di accesso Per impostazione predefinita accedi sempre all'ultima posizione in cui ti trovavi nel mondo virtuale, ma puoi anche scegliere di accedere alla tua casa e se mostrare una casella sulla pagina di accesso in cui effettuare la selezione.   Per impostare queste preferenze: Avvia Second Life. Nella schermata di accesso, passa a Io > Preferenze. Fai clic sulla scheda Generale. Nella secione Luogo di partenza, seleziona Casa mia oppure Ultimo luogo visitato a seconda di cosa preferisci come impostazione predefinita. Per specificare la posizione iniziale durante l'accesso, seleziona Mostra con il login. Fai clic su OK. A questo punto noterai che nella schermata di accesso a Second Life, vicino al tuo nome viene mostrata la casella Inizia da:
  15. Noelle Linden


        エラーメッセージ 地域(リージョン)のハンドシェイクを待機中 (日付/時間)までアカウントにアクセスできません この場所から Second Life にログインできません DNS でホスト名を解決できませんでした 考えられる原因 Linden Lab が一時的にすべてのログインを制限している パスワードが間違っている 滯納によりアカウントが停止されている 懲戒處分によりアカウントが保留されている システムによるログアウトが實行された 對處方法 ログイン位置を變更する   他の言語: Deutsch English Español Français Italiano Português Русский Türkçe この記事は、問題を特定し、適切な對處方法を選擇するために役立ちます。 トラブルシューティングを始める前に: まず、Second Life グリッド ステータスをチェックして、現在ログインを妨げている既知の問題がないことを確認してください。 エラーメッセージ Second Life にログインできない場合、エラーメッセージで問題の原因が示されることがあります。 地域(リージョン)のハンドシェイクを待機中 Second Life ビューワがサーバーから確認を受け取らないと、「地域(リージョン)のハンドシェイクを待機中」メッセージが表示されます。通常、このエラーが発生する原因は、ファイアウォールが UDP パケットをブロックしていることにあります。この問題を解決するには、ファイアウォールを設定し直してください。 ファイアウォールの設定方法について詳しくは、ファイアウォールを設定して Second Life を使うを參照してください。 (日付/時間)までアカウントにアクセスできません エラーメッセージにすでにログイン(またはログアウト)していると表示される場合、Second Life はまだあなたのアバターをログアウトしようとしています。Second Life を終了して、15 分間待ってから、もう一度ログインしてみてください。 次のエラーメッセージが表示される場合:  ログインに失敗しました; (日付/時間)までアカウントにアクセスできません  —? このメッセージは通常、あなたの Second Life アカウントが管理上の理由により停止されていることを意味します。短時間の停止(1 時間未滿)は、インワールドでの不適切な行為が原因であることが考えられます。長時間の停止は通常、嫌がらせの結果です。 表示された時間まで Second Life を使用できません。1 時間以上におよぶ場合は、擔當チームから問題を説明するメールが屆きます。必ずスパムフィルタを確認してください。   Linden Lab では、嫌がらせによる管理上の停止を解除できません。 この場所から Second Life にログインできません このエラーメッセージは次のように表示される場合もあります。 ログインに失敗しました。 このパソコンからは Second Life にアクセスできません。 これらのメッセージは通常、次の行為の結果、Linden Lab により Second Life サーバーから停止されていることを示します。 不正行為として文書で報告された案件 未成年者による Second Life の使用 極端にひどい嫌がらせ行為 家族內の誰か他の人がこの行為に関わっている場合があります。必ずしもあなたのアカウントとは限りません。 このメッセージが間違って表示されていると思われる場合は、サポートポータル経由でサポートチケットを送信してください。カスタマーサポートで、アカウント停止の內容と理由を調べることができるように、サポートチケットにはあなたの Second Life アカウント名とあなたの場所からログインしているすべての Second Life アカウントを記載してください。 DNS でホスト名を解決できませんでした このエラーメッセージは次のように表示される場合もあります。 ホスト http が見つかりません ログインに失敗しました。シミュレーターに接続できませんでした。 これらのメッセージは、ご使用のコンピューターで數字の IP アドレスを判読可能な IP アドレスに變換する DNS (ドメインネームサービス)に一般的なネットワークの問題が発生していることを示します。   secondlife.com、Google、その他のインターネットサイトにアクセスできることを確認してください。ご使用のコンピューターでこれらの Web サイトに接続できれば、このエラーは起きなくなります。   下に説明するような Seond Life に関するさらに廣範圍の問題が起きていないかということも確認してください。 通常、コンピューターとルーターを再起動すれば、この問題は解決されます。それでも解決されない場合は、ご利用のインターネットサービスプロバイダまでお問い合わせください。Google の DNS サーバーを使用して、問題が解決されるか試してみてもよいかもしれません。詳細については、Google のパブリック DNS を使うを參照してください。   考えられる原因 Linden Lab が一時的にすべてのログインを制限している Linden Lab では、サーバーに重大な技術的問題が発生したり、大規模なメンテナンスが必要なときに、Second Life へのアクセスを制限することがあります。このような停止はすべての住人に影響をおよぼすものであり、あなたのコンピューターやアカウントに限定されません。 http://status.secondlifegrid.net で Second Life のステータスを確認してください。わかっている問題があれば、このページに表示されます。 パスワードが間違っている パスワードの間違いは、ログインエラーでよくある原因です。パスワードは大文字と小文字が區別されるので、正しいパスワードを入力したことがわかっている場合は、Caps Lock を確認してください。 ユーザー名またはパスワードを忘れた場合は、アカウントの資格情報の手順に從って、ユーザー名またはパスワードを取得してください。 滯納によりアカウントが停止されている tier またはプライベートリージョンの利用料を期限までに支拂わない場合、あなたのアカウントおよび代替アカウントは滯納により停止される場合があります。詳細については、滯納に関するポリシーを參照してください。 懲戒處分によりアカウントが保留されている 住人が當社の利用規約、コミュニティースタンダード、またはその他のポリシーに違反した場合、懲戒措置として、その住人のアカウントを保留にすることがあります。このようにアカウントを保留にする場合は、そのアカウントに登録されたメールアドレスでアカウントの保有者宛にメールを送信します。 重要:當社からのメッセージがスパムメールや迷惑メールとしてマークされないように、必ず「secondlife.com」と「lindenlab.com」をメールクライアントの信頼された差出人リストに追加してください。 システムによるログアウトが實行された Second Life に戾ってくる前に前回のセッションがログアウトされています。最近ログアウトまたはクラッシュした後に、まだログイン中だと思い込んでいることが時々あります。「システムによりログアウトしています...、」というエラーメッセージが表示される場合は、數分待ってから、もう一度ログインしてください。それでもこのメッセージが表示される場合は、「スタック現象」の被害を受けている可能性があります。これは、アバターがスタックしている地域(リージョン)を再起動すれば修正できます。 プレミアムまたはコンシェルジュレベルのアカウントを持つ住人は、ライブチャット、チケット送信または電話サポートにより地域(リージョン)の再起動をリクエストできます。現在、ベーシックアカウントでは、アバターレベルのサポートへのアクセス權がありません。 對處方法 ログインできない理由がわからない場合は、次のことを試してみてください。 ユーザー名とパスワードを再確認します。それでもエラーメッセージが表示される場合は、Second Life Web サイトにログインしてみてください。この Web サイトにログインできない場合、ユーザー名とパスワードに問題がありそうです。Web サイトの「ログイン情報を忘れた場合」の手順に從って、パスワードをリセットしてください。 ログイン位置を變更して、別の地域(リージョン)に設定します。この方法については、以下の手順を參照してください。 コンピューター、モデムおよびルーターを再起動します。再起動するときに、必ず再起動前の 10 秒以上、あらゆるものの電源をオフにしてください。この手順により、ルーティングの問題およびその他の接続の問題が解決されることがよくあります。 それでもログインできない場合、プレミアムおよびコンシェルジュレベルのアカウントを持つ住人は、ライブチャット、サポート案件(チケット)、または電話でカスタマーサポートに連絡できます。ベーシックアカウントの方は、サポート案件を送信できます。詳細については、サポートへのお問い合わせを參照してください。 ログイン位置を變更する デフォルトでは、常にインワールドの最後にログアウトした場所でログインします。ログイン位置を自宅にし、ログイン畫面にオプションを表示するかどうかを設定することもできます。   これらの環境設定を設定するには、次の手順に從います。 Second Life を起動します。ログイン畫面で、ミー > 環境設定に進みます。 一般タブをクリックします。 ログイン位置の下で、デフォルトで希望する內容に應じてマイホームまたは最後にログアウトした場所を選擇します。 また、ログイン時にログイン位置を指定したい場合は、ログイン畫面に表示するをオンにします。 OKをクリックします。 これで、ログイン畫面のあなたの Second Life 名の下に、ログイン位置が表示されます。
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    Error al iniciar sesión

        Mensajes de error Esperando el establecimiento del enlace de región La cuenta no estará accesible hasta (fecha/hora) No se puede iniciar sesión en Second Life desde este lugar Error de DNS al resolver el nombre del host Causas posibles Linden Lab puede restringir provisionalmente todas las conexiones Contraseña incorrecta Cuenta desactivada por falta de pago Cuenta suspendida por medidas disciplinarias El sistema te desconectará Qué puedes hacer Cambiar el lugar desde donde inicias sesión   En otros idiomas: Deutsch English Français Italiano 日本語 Português Русский Türkçe Este artículo te servirá para identificar tu problema y elegir la solución más apropiada. Antes de proceder a solucionar el problema: en primer lugar, comprueba el estado del Grid de Second Life, para asegurarte de que no exista ningún problema conocido que impida las conexiones. Mensajes de error Si no puedes conectarte a Second Life, se generará un mensaje de error que puede señalar la fuente del problema. Esperando el establecimiento del enlace de región Este mensaje aparece cuando el Visor de Second Life no recibe una confirmación del servidor. La causa más habitual es el bloqueo de los paquetes UDP por un firewall. Para resolver el problema, cambia la configuración de tu firewall. Si necesitas ayuda para configurar un firewall, consulta: Usar Second Life con un firewall. La cuenta no estará accesible hasta (fecha/hora) Si el error indica que ya estás iniciando sesión (o cerrando una sesión), significa que Second Life todavía está intentando cerrar tu avatar. Cierra Second Life, espera unos 15 minutos e intenta iniciar sesión otra vez. Si aparece el mensaje siguiente:  Error de inicio de sesión; la cuenta no estará accesible hasta (fecha/hora)  —? normalmente significa que tu cuenta de Second Life tiene un bloqueo administrativo. Tu cuenta puede tener un bloqueo de corta duración (menos de una hora) a consecuencia de una conducta inapropiada en el mundo virtual. Los bloqueos más largos normalmente se deben a una infracción. No podrás volver a conectarte a Second Life hasta la hora señalada; si el plazo es superior a una hora, el equipo de investigación de infracciones te remitirá una explicación por correo electrónico. Asegúrate de mirar en la carpeta de correo no solicitado.   Linden Lab no puede eliminar los bloqueos administrativos causados por infracciones. No se puede iniciar sesión en Second Life desde este lugar Este mensaje de error también puede aparecer como: Error en el inicio de sesión. No se puede acceder a Second Life desde este equipo. Estos mensajes por lo general indican que Linden Lab ha bloqueado tu acceso a los servidores de Second Life por las siguientes razones: Casos documentados de fraude Uso de Second Life por un menor Actividad infractora flagrante excepcional Cabe la posibilidad de que el responsable de dicha actividad sea otra persona de tu casa, y no necesariamente con tu cuenta.  Si piensas que se trata de un error, presenta un tique de asistencia a través del portal de soporte. Para ayudar al departamento de soporte al cliente a averiguar qué tipo de bloqueo se ha impuesto y sus causas, incluye en el tique el nombre de tu cuenta en Second Life y cualquier cuenta de Second Life que inicie sesión desde tu casa. Error de DNS al resolver el nombre del host Este error también puede aparecer como: No se encuentra el http del host Error en el inicio de sesión. No se ha podido establecer la conexión con un simulador. Estos mensajes indican que tu equipo tiene un problema de red general durante la conexión con el servicio de nombres de dominio (DNS), que convierte las direcciones IP numéricas en direcciones en lenguaje natural.   Comprueba si puedes abrir páginas de Internet como secondlife.com, Google, etc. Cuando tu equipo pueda conectarse a estos sitios web, no debería volver a producirse este error.   Comprueba también si existe un problema más general con Second Life, como los que explicamos a continuación. Este problema normalmente se resuelve reiniciando el equipo y el router. Si no es así, habla con tu proveedor de servicios de Internet. También puedes utilizar los servidores DNS de Google para ver si se resuelve el problema. Puedes consultar más información en Uso de Google Public DNS.   Causas posibles Linden Lab puede restringir provisionalmente todas las conexiones A veces, Linden Lab restringe el acceso a Second Life cuando sus servidores experimentan dificultades técnicas graves o se someten a operaciones de mantenimiento importantes. Estas interrupciones del servicio afectan a todos los Residentes, no solo a tu equipo o tu cuenta. Puedes comprobar el estado de Second Life en http://status.secondlifegrid.net. En esta página se enumeran todos los problemas conocidos. Contraseña incorrecta Los problemas de inicio de sesión muchas veces se deben que la contraseña es incorrecta. Las contraseñas distinguen entre mayúsculas y minúsculas, de manera que, si estás seguro de que la has escrito correctamente, comprueba si tienes activado Bloq Mayús. Si se te olvida tu nombre de usuario o contraseña, sigue las instrucciones que se explican en Credenciales de cuenta para recuperarlo.  Cuenta desactivada por falta de pago Si no pagas las cuotas de mantenimiento o por Región privada puntualmente, es posible que tu cuenta y tus cuentas alternativas se desactiven por retraso en el pago. Para ver más información, consulta Política sobre morosidad. Cuenta suspendida por medidas disciplinarias Si descubrimos que un Residente incumple nuestras Condiciones del servicio, Normas de la Comunidad u otras políticas, podemos suspender su cuenta como medida disciplinaria. Cuando una cuenta se suspende por esta razón, se lo notificamos al titular por correo electrónico en la dirección registrada en dicha cuenta. Importante: Asegúrate de añadir "secondlife.com" y "lindenlab.com" a la lista de remitentes de confianza de tu cliente de correo electrónico, para evitar que nuestros mensajes acaben en la carpeta de correo no solicitado. El sistema te desconectará Para poder regresar a Second Life primero tienes que haber cerrado la sesión anterior. A veces, normalmente después de cerrar sesión recientemente o por un bloqueo de tu equipo, Second Life supone por error que sigues conectado. Si recibes un mensaje de error de inicio de sesión que dice que el sistema te va a desconectar, espera unos minutos y después vuelve a intentar iniciar sesión. Si sigues recibiendo el mismo mensaje, podría tratarse de una "presencia atrapada", que se resuelve reiniciando la región donde se quedó atascado tu avatar. Los Residentes con una cuenta Premium o Concierge pueden solicitar el reinicio de una región por chat en vivo, presentando un tique o llamando al teléfono de soporte. Por el momento, las cuentas básicas no tienen acceso al soporte para avatares. Qué puedes hacer Si no estás seguro de la razón por la que no puedes iniciar sesión, prueba con esto: Vuelve a revisar tu nombre de usuario y contraseña. Si sigues recibiendo un mensaje de error, inicia sesión en el sitio web de Second Life. Si tampoco pues hacer esto, probablemente el problema sea tu nombre de usuario o contraseña. Restablece la contraseña, siguiendo las instrucciones de ¿No recuerdas tus datos de inicio de sesión? en el sitio web. Cambia tu lugar de inicio de sesión a otra región. A continuación puedes ver las instrucciones para hacerlo. Reinicia tu equipo, módem y router. Antes de reiniciar, recuerda apagar todos los aparatos durante diez segundos por lo menos. Este paso muchas veces puede solucionar problemas de enrutamiento y otros problemas de conexión. Si todavía no puedes iniciar sesión, los Residentes con cuentas Premium y Concierge pueden ponerse en contacto con el departamento de soporte al cliente por chat en vivo, presentando un caso de soporte (tique) o por teléfono. Los clientes con una cuenta básica pueden presentar un caso de soporte. Puedes consultar más información en Contacto con el departamento de soporte al cliente. Cambia el lugar desde donde inicias sesión De manera predeterminada, siempre te conectas al lugar del mundo virtual donde te encontrabas la última vez; también puedes configurar tu base como lugar de inicio de sesión, así como mostrar esta opción en la pantalla de inicio de sesión.   Para establecer estas preferencias: Inicia Second Life. En la pantalla de conexión, selecciona Yo > Preferencias. Pulsa la pestaña General. Bajo Localización inicial, elige Mi Base o Mi última posición, según el lugar donde desees conectarte de forma predeterminada. Si también deseas poder especificar la localización inicial durante el inicio de sesión, selecciona la casilla Mostrar en la pantalla de conexión. Pulsa OK. Ahora, observa que en la pantalla de conexión, debajo de tu nombre de Second Life, aparece Empezar en:
  17. Noelle Linden

    Falha de login

        Mensagens de erro Aguardando handshake com a região Sua conta não estará acessível até (data/hora) Você não pode fazer logon no Second Life desta localização O DNS não pode resolver o nome do host Possíveis causas A Linden Lab pode ter restringindo todos os logons temporariamente Senha incorreta A conta foi desabilitada devido a inadimplência Conta suspensa devido a ação disciplinar O sistema o está desconectando O quê fazer Alterar seu local de logon   Em outros idiomas: Deutsch English Español Français Italiano 日本語 Русский Türkçe Este artigo o ajudará a identificar seu problema e escolher a solução apropriada. Antes de iniciar o diagnóstico de problemas: Primeiramente, verifique o status do grid do Second Life para assegurar que não há problemas conhecidos que impeçam o logon no momento. Mensagens de erro Se você não conseguir fazer logon no Second Life, a mensagem de erro pode indicar a origem do problema. Aguardando handshake com a região A mensagem "Aguardando um handshake com a região" ocorre quando o Visualizador do Second Life não recebe uma confirmação do servidor.  A causa mais comum para esse erro é o bloqueio de pacotes UDP por um firewall. Reconfigure seu firewall para resolver esse problema. Para obter mais informações sobre a configuração de firewalls, consulte: Using Second Life with a firewall (Uso do Second Life com um firewall). Sua conta não estará acessível até (data/hora) Se o erro afirma que você já está logado (ou deslogado), então o Second Life ainda está tentando deslogar seu avatar. Feche o Second Life, aguarde quinze minutos e tente fazer logon novamente. Se esta mensagem de erro for exibida:  Falha no login; Sua conta não estará acessível até (data/hora)  —? isso normalmente significa que sua conta do Second Life foi bloqueada administrativamente. Bloqueios curtos (de menos de uma hora) podem ser resultado de comportamento inapropriado no mundo virtual. Normalmente, bloqueios mais longos são resultado de abuso. Você não poderá usar o Second Life até a hora indicada. Se esse período for de mais de uma hora, você receberá um email da equipe de abuso sobre o assunto.  Não esqueça de verificar seu filtro de lixo eletrônico.   A Linden Lab não pode remover bloqueios administrativos por abuso. Você não pode fazer logon no Second Life desta localização Essa mensagem de erro também pode aparecer como: Falha de login. O Second Life não pode ser acessado deste computador. Essas mensagens geralmente indicam que você foi bloqueado dos servidores do Second Life pela Linden Lab devido a: Casos documentados de fraude Uso do Second Life por um menor de idade Atividade de abuso excepcionalmente flagrante Note que outra pessoa em sua casa pode ser responsável por essa ação, não necessariamente com a sua conta.  Se você acredita que isso foi um erro, envie um tíquete de suporte pelo portal de suporte. Para ajudar o atendimento ao cliente a determinar qual foi o bloqueio aplicado e a razão, inclua o nome de sua conta do Second Life no ticket, bem como todas as contas do Second Life que fazem logon de sua localização. O DNS não pode resolver o nome do host Esse erro também pode aparecer como: Http do host não encontrado  Falha do login. Não foi possíel conectar a um simulador. Essas mensagens indicam que o computador tem um erro geral de rede com o serviço de nomes do domínio (DNS), que traduz endereços IP numéricos em endereços legíveis por humanos.   Confirme que você pode acessar sites da internet como secondlife.com, Google ou outros.  Quando seu computador conseguir acessar esses sites, esse erro deve desaparecer.   Verifique também se há um problema maior com o Second Life, conforme descrito abaixo. Normalmente, reiniciar seu computador ou roteador resolve esse problema.   Caso isso não resolva, entre em contato com seu provedor de internet.  Você também pode tentar usar os servidores DNS do Google para verificar seu o erro é resolvido.  Consulte Using Google Public DNS (Usando o DNS público do Google) para obter mais informações.   Possíveis causas A Linden Lab pode ter restringindo todos os logons temporariamente A Linden Lab ocasionalmente restringe o acesso ao Second Life quando seus servidores passam por dificuldades técnicas graves ou necessitam passar por uma manutenção importante. Essas interrupções afetam todos os Residentes e não estão limitadas ao seu computador ou conta. Verifique o status do Second Life em http://status.secondlifegrid.net. Essa página listará qualquer problema conhecido. Senha incorreta Senhas incorretas são uma causa comum de falha de logon. As senhas possuem diferenciamento de maiúscula e minúscula, então lembre-se de verificar o Caps Lock se tiver certeza que digitou sua senha corretamente. Se você esqueceu seu nome de usuário ou senha, siga as instruções em Credenciais da conta para recuperá-los.  A conta foi desabilitada devido a inadimplência Se você não pagar sua alíquota ou as taxas de regiões privadas em tempo hábil, sua conta e suas contas alternativas podem ser desabilitadas por inadimplência. Para obter mais informações, consulte Política de inadimplência. Conta suspensa devido a ação disciplinar Se descobrirmos que um Residente infringiu nossos Termos de serviço, Normas da comunidade ou outras políticas, podemos suspender a conta do Residente como medida disciplinar. Quando suspendemos uma conta dessa maneira, enviamos um email para o titular da conta, para o endereço registrado para aquela conta. Importante: Certifique-se de adicionar "secondlife.com" e "lindenlab.com" à lista de remetentes confiáveis de seu cliente de email para evitar que nossas mensagens sejam marcadas como spam ou lixo eletrônico. O sistema o está desconectando Sua sessão anterior deve ser deslogada antes que você possa entrar novamente no Second Life. Às vezes, normalmente após um logout ou pane recente, o Second Life pensa erroneamente que você ainda está logado. Se for exibida uma mensagem de erro dizendo "O sistema o está desconectando...", tente aguardar alguns minutos antes de fazer logon novamente. Se você continuar a receber essa mensagem, você pode ser uma vítima de "presença presa", que pode ser solucionada reiniciando a região na qual seu avatar está preso. Os residentes com contas premium ou de nível concierge podem solicitar um reinício da região por conversa ao vivo, envio de tíquete ou suporte por telefone. As contas básicas não têm acesso ao suporte a nível de avatar no momento. O que fazer Se você não está certo do motivo de não conseguir fazer logon, tente: Verificar novamente seu nome de usuário e senha. Se você continuar recebendo uma mensagem de erro, tente fazer logon no site do Second Life. Se não for possível fazer logon no site, é provável que o problema seja com seu nome de usuário ou senha. Siga as instruções de Esqueceu suas informações de login? no site para redefinir sua senha. Alterar seu local de logon para outra região. Consulte as instruções abaixo sobre como fazê-lo. Reiniciar seu computador, modem e roteador. Ao reiniciar, certifique-se de deixar tudo desligado por, no mínimo, dez segundos antes de religar. Essa etapa frequentemente resolve problemas de roteamento e outros problemas relacionados à conexão. Se ainda assim você não conseguir fazer logon, residentes premium e concierge podem entrar em contato com o suporte por conversa ao vivo, casos de suporte (tíquetes) ou telefone.  Clientes básicos podem registrar um caso de suporte.  Consulte How to contact customer support (Como entrar em contato com o atendimento ao cliente) para obter mais informações. Alterar seu local de logon Por padrão, você sempre faz logon em sua última localização no mundo virtual. Você também pode definir seu local de logon como sua casa, e se deseja que a opção seja exibida em sua tela de logon.   Para definir essas preferências: Inicie o Second Life. Na tela de logon, vá para Eu > Preferências. Clique na guia Geral. Em Posição inicial, selecione Meu início ou Última localização, dependendo do local que desejar como padrão. Se você gostaria de especificar o ponto de partida no logon, marque Mostrar ao entrar. Clique em OK. Agora, observe que, abaixo de seu nome do Second Life na tela de logon, você verá Começar em:
  18. Noelle Linden

    Échec de la connexion

        Messages d'erreur Liaison avec la région en cours de création Votre compte est inaccessible jusqu'au (date/heure) Impossible de vous connecter à Second Life depuis cet emplacement Le service DNS n'a pas pu résoudre le nom d'hôte Causes possibles Possible restriction de toutes les connexions par Linden Lab Mot de passe incorrect Désactivation du compte en raison d'un défaut de paiement Suspension du compte suite à une mesure disciplinaire Déconnexion par le système Procédure à suivre Changement de lieu de départ   Autres langues : Deutsch English Español Italiano 日本語 Português Русский Türkçe Le présent article est destiné à vous aider à identifier votre problème afin de choisir la solution appropriée. Avant de procéder à la résolution des erreurs : commencez par consulter l'État de la grille Second Life afin de vérifier s'il existe à ce moment-là des problèmes connus empêchant toute connexion. Messages d'erreur Si vous ne parvenez pas à vous connecter à Second Life, il est possible que le message d'erreur qui s'affiche indique la source du problème. Liaison avec la région en cours de création Ce message s'affiche lorsque le client Second Life ne reçoit aucun accusé de réception de la part du serveur. Le problème est généralement dû à la présence d'un pare-feu bloquant les paquets UDP. Pour le résoudre, reconfigurez votre pare-feu. Des informations sur la configuration des pare-feu sont disponibles au sein de l'article sur l'utilisation de Second Life avec un pare-feu. Votre compte est inaccessible jusqu'au (date/heure) Si l'erreur indique que vous êtes déjà connecté (ou déconnecté), cela signifie que Second Life tente toujours de déconnecter votre avatar. Fermez Second Life, puis patientez quinze minutes avant d'essayer de vous y reconnecter. Si le message d'erreur suivant s'affiche :  Échec de la connexion. Votre compte est inaccessible jusqu'au (date/heure) Cela signifie généralement que votre compte Second Life a fait l'objet d'un blocage administratif. Les blocages temporaires (inférieurs à une heure) peuvent résulter d'un comportement inapproprié dans le monde virtuel. Les blocages plus longs sont généralement dus à un comportement abusif. Vous ne pouvez alors pas utiliser Second Life pendant la durée indiquée. Lorsque le délai est supérieur à une heure, vous recevez un e-mail à ce sujet de l'équipe chargé du traitement des comportements abusifs. Veillez à vérifier vos filtres antispam.   Linden Lab ne peut pas annuler les blocages administratifs pour cause de comportement abusif. Impossible de vous connecter à Second Life depuis cet emplacement Ce message d'erreur peut également apparaître sous la forme suivante : Échec de la connexion. Impossible d'accéder à Second Life depuis cet ordinateur. Ces messages indiquent généralement que Linden Lab a bloqué votre compte sur les serveurs Second Life pour l'une des raisons suivantes : Cas de fraude documentés Utilisation de Second Life par une personne mineure Comportement abusif flagrant Notez qu'il se peut qu'une autre personne de votre foyer soit responsable de cette activité, et pas nécessairement avec votre compte. Si vous pensez qu'il s'agit d'une erreur, soumettez une demande d'assistance via le portail d'assistance. Pour permettre à l'assistance client de déterminer quel type de blocage a été appliqué et pourquoi, précisez, dans la demande, votre nom de compte Second Life et tous les comptes Second Life se connectant depuis votre emplacement. Le service DNS n'a pas pu résoudre le nom d'hôte Ce message d'erreur peut également apparaître sous la forme suivante : http hôte introuvable Échec de la connexion. Impossible de se connecter à un simulateur. Ces messages indiquent un problème de mise en réseau général de votre ordinateur avec le service de noms de domaine (DNS) convertissant les adresses IP numériques en adresses lisibles. Vérifiez que vous pouvez accéder à des sites Internet tels que secondlife.com et Google. Lorsque votre ordinateur peut se connecter à ces sites Web, ce type d'erreur ne devrait plus se produire.   Vérifiez également si un problème plus global existe avec Second Life, comme indiqué ci-dessous. En général, il suffit de redémarrer l'ordinateur et le routeur pour résoudre le problème. S'il persiste, contactez votre fournisseur d'accès à Internet. Vous pouvez également essayer d'utiliser les serveurs DNS de Google afin de vérifier si cela résout le problème. Pour plus d'informations, consultez l'article sur l'utilisation du service Google Public DNS.   Causes possibles Possible restriction de toutes les connexions par Linden Lab Linden Lab restreint parfois l'accès à Second Life lorsque ses serveurs rencontrent de graves difficultés techniques ou nécessitent une maintenance approfondie. Ces interruptions de service affectent tous les résidents. Elles ne se limitent pas à votre ordinateur ou à votre compte. Consultez l'état de la grille Second Life à la page http://status.secondlifegrid.net afin de vérifier s'il existe des problèmes connus. Mot de passe incorrect Les échecs de connexion sont souvent dus à la saisie incorrecte d'un mot de passe. La casse est prise en compte ; il convient donc de vérifier si la touche Verr. Maj est activée si vous êtes sûr d'avoir correctement saisi votre mot de passe. En cas d'oubli de votre nom d'utilisateur ou de votre mot de passe, suivez les instructions indiquées au sein de l'article sur les identifiants de compte pour les récupérer. Désactivation du compte en raison d'un défaut de paiement Si vous ne payez pas vos frais d'occupation de terrain ou de région privée à temps, il se peut que votre compte et vos comptes secondaires (alt) soient désactivés pour cause de défaut de paiement. Pour plus d'informations, consultez le règlement relatif aux défauts de paiement. Suspension du compte suite à une mesure disciplinaire S'il s'avère qu'un résident ne respecte pas nos Conditions d'utilisation, nos Règles communautaires ou d'autres règlements, son compte est susceptible d'être suspendu pour des raisons disciplinaires. Lorsque cela est le cas, le titulaire du compte reçoit un e-mail à l'adresse enregistrée pour son compte. Important : veillez à ajouter « secondlife.com » et « lindenlab.com » à la liste des expéditeurs approuvés de votre client de messagerie afin d'éviter que nos messages ne soient considérés comme du spam ou du courrier indésirable. Déconnexion par le système Avant de pouvoir revenir à Second Life, vous devez avoir fermé votre session précédente. Il arrive parfois que le système pense que vous êtes toujours connecté, notamment après une déconnexion ou un incident récents. Si un message d'échec de connexion du type « Le système est en train de vous déconnecter. » s'affiche, patientez quelques minutes avant de vous reconnecter. Si le message persiste, il se peut que votre présence soit « figée dans le temps ». Pour résoudre le problème, la région dans laquelle votre avatar est resté bloqué doit être redémarrée. Les résidents disposant d'un compte Premium ou Concierge peuvent demander le redémarrage d'une région via le Live Chat, la soumission d'une demande d'assistance ou l'assistance téléphonique. À l'heure actuelle, les titulaires de compte basique n'ont pas accès à l'assistance portant sur les avatars. Procédure à suivre Si vous n'êtes pas sûr de la raison pour laquelle vous ne pouvez pas vous connecter, essayez ce qui suit : Vérifiez votre nom d'utilisateur et votre mot de passe. Si vous recevez toujours un message d'erreur, essayez de vous connecter au site Web de Second Life. En cas d'échec de connexion au site Web, il est probable que le problème soit dû au nom d'utilisateur ou au mot de passe utilisés. Pour réinitialiser votre mot de passe, suivez les instructions Nom ou mot de passe oublié ? disponibles sur le site Web. Changez de lieu de départ en spécifiant une autre région. Des instructions à ce sujet sont fournies plus bas. Redémarrez votre ordinateur, votre modem et votre routeur. Une fois qu'ils sont éteints, patientez une dizaine de secondes avant de les redémarrer. Cela permet généralement de résoudre les problèmes de routage ou liés à la connexion. Si vous ne parvenez toujours pas à vous connecter, les résidents Premium et Concierge peuvent contacter l'assistance client via le Live Chat, la soumission d'une demande d'assistance ou par téléphone. Les titulaires de compte basique peuvent soumettre une demande d'assistance. Pour plus d'informations, consultez l'article indiquant comment contacter le service client. Changement de lieu de départ Par défaut, vous vous connectez toujours au dernier endroit où vous vous trouviez dans le monde Second Life. Vous pouvez également définir un domicile et choisir ou non d'afficher cette option au niveau de l'écran de connexion.   Pour définir vos préférences : Démarrez Second Life. Lorsque l'écran de connexion s'affiche, accédez à Moi > Préférences. Cliquez sur l'onglet Général. Dans la section Lieu de départ, sélectionnez Domicile ou Dernier emplacement, selon l'option par défaut voulue. Si vous souhaitez définir le lieu de départ au moment de la connexion, cochez la case Afficher à la connexion. Cliquez sur OK. Vous remarquez alors que la liste déroulante Lieu de départ : s'affiche au niveau de l'écran de connexion.
  19. Boston Linden

    Error messages

    Error with Intel motherboard chipset drivers Components missing from the display panel (vbo check box) "Unable to find a valid certificate" or "Unable to establish a secure connection to the login server" Computer's clock is set incorrectly Invalid certificate due to malware Second Life fails to load and displays an error regarding DINPUT8.DLL Motherboard or AGP drivers out of date "Verifying Protocol Version," "Cannot resolve domain name," or "Cannot find server" Can't run full screen, Can't run with a specific resolution, or can't run with 32-bit color Error with Intel motherboard chipset drivers To correct this, update the drivers for your motherboard, if they're out of date. There are a few Intel motherboard types that show this error even if the drivers are current. Notice that this message says Would you like to see a page with drivers? and provides Yes/No buttons. Clicking on No in response to this message results in an attempt to load Second Life. Components missing from the display panel (vbo check box) If you receive an error message similar to: "the following components missing from display panel-------------- vbo check box" you need to uninstall all versions of Second Life currently on your system, and then reinstall. More detailed instructions can be found in this article. "Unable to find a valid certificate" or "Unable to establish a secure connection to the login server" Your local network may be blocking secure logins. It's also possible (but comparatively rare) that your secure login is failing due to an incorrect date/time on your computer. To verify, double-click the clock in the Windows taskbar (usually in the lower-right corner of the screen). On a Mac, check your Date & Time. Make sure it's not a year off! Most modern computers can set their time automatically, including daylight savings. Be sure a firewall or Internet security isn't blocking Second Life access. If you're on an office or university network, your network administrator may have secure logins disabled. In this case, you may not be able to use Second Life on that network connection. See Using Second Life with a firewall for more information. Computer's clock is set incorrectly The full error reads: Unable to connect to Second Life. Often this means that your computer's clock is set incorrectly. Please go to Control Panels and make sure the time and date are set correctly. This message refers to time-based sensitivities with security certificates but normally isn't a problem, as you can test for yourself by deliberately setting your computer to the wrong time and trying to login. It should work. If you're absolutely certain your time is set correctly, you haven't changed your system setup, and Second Life was working fine moments before, it's likely a transient problem with our servers. Check the Grid Status Reports page for news and try to login periodically. If you continue to get this message after logins are again working reliably for other Residents, contact Support. Invalid certificate due to malware In rare cases, malware may affect the security certificate and cause this error message. You can confirm Second Life's security certificate by following these steps: Launch the Chrome web browser. Navigate to https://secondlife.com. Log into the Second Life website. Once logged in, click on the padlock icon at the top left of the browser, in the URL entry field. After clicking the padlock, click Certificate and check the following information: The correct Second Life certificate (as of December 4, 2018) is: Issued to: secondlife.com Issued by: DigiCert Valid from: October 5, 2017 Valid to: October 21, 2019 If the certificate does not match this information, run a full virus scan on your computer and then re-check the certificate. If the certificate claims to be issued by McAfee or Symantec, you may be able to resolve your login issue by adding SecondLifeViewer.exe to your antivirus software's whitelist. Second Life fails to load and displays an error regarding DINPUT8.DLL This usually means that Microsoft's DirectX is not installed properly, or is an older version. To fix this, install DirectX 9.0. You can download DirectX at Microsoft's website. Motherboard or AGP drivers out of date The software that controls the core components of the computer, particularly the slot the graphics card is plugged into, is out of date and needs updating. You should be able to update your motherboard/chipset/AGP drivers. If you purchased your computer from a retailer, such as HP, Dell, or eMachines, you can obtain drivers at the manufacturer's website. If your computer was home-assembled, check your motherboard manufacturer's website for the most recent drivers. If you don't know what motherboard you have, you have two options: Second Life creates a log file (located in C:\Documents and Settings\<your user name>\Application Data\Second Life\Logs) that you can use to identify the manufacturer of your AGP chipset. You can find chipset drivers for the most common manufacturers at the following links:nVidia nForce Chipset DriversVIA Chipset DriversSiS Chipset DriversIntel Graphics Chipset Drivers Download WCPUID. (This application is not supported by Linden Lab!) After unzipping WCPUID to a directory, run wcpuid.exe (it may show up for you as simply wcpuid). Select View > System Info. When the Select Access Type window pops up, select TYPE 1 and click OK. The relevant information is under Manufacturer, Product String and Version String. At this point, you should be able to search Google for the information contained within Product String. You may not find a direct link to your motherboard manufacturer's site, but you should find a specific name for the motherboard if Product String was a code. You can then use that name to find your motherboard manufacturer's support site. If you're unsure what to do at this stage, post to the Technical Issues Forum. Be sure to mention your computer's specifications, including manufacturer model number (if it's a prebuilt system like an HP or Dell, or if it's a laptop) or the information WCPUID produced in the Manufacturer, Product String and Version String fields. "Verifying Protocol Version," "Cannot resolve domain name," or "Cannot find server" This problem usually takes the form of Second Life... Gets to Verifying Protocol Version and stops. Says it Cannot resolve domain name. Says it Cannot find server someservername.lindenlab.com. This error usually means that Second Life's network connection is completely blocked by your computer or your local network setup. In the vast majority of cases, this means that a firewall (such as your router), firewall software, or internet security software is blocking Second Life's network access. (Firewalls and internet security software frequently block most network uses that are not web browsers, instant messengers, etc.) If you're running a firewall or firewall/internet security software, you may have to reconfigure or disable it to use Second Life. If you're using wireless networking, you may need to use a wired connection. If you're on a business or university internet connection, you may need to contact your network administrator to verify that you can make non-web connections to the Internet. Specifically, you need to make both UDP and TCP connections inbound and outbound, on network ports 443 and 12020 to 13050. Can't run full screen, Can't run with a specific resolution, or can't run with 32-bit color Unfortunately, these error messages usually mean your graphics card isn't compatible with Second Life. If you've checked your graphics card and it is compatible, try updating its drivers. If your graphics card is listed as compatible, and you have the latest drivers, try these steps: Check Display settings: Right-click any empty space on your desktop and choose Properties.OR, open the Control Panel, then open Display. Click on the Settings tab. The Color Quality box should read Highest (32-bit). If it does not, change it to Highest (32-bit) and click OK. The Resolution should be at least the resolution Second Life is trying to run at. (In most cases, you probably want it higher, like 1024x768 or 1280x1024.) Check Windows Program Compatibility settings: Right-click the Second Life Icon and choose Properties. Go to the Compatibility tab. Make sure everything is unchecked.
  20. Overview Procedure Windows 10 Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP Mac OS Overview Typically, when you install a new version of the Second Life Viewer, you can simply install over your existing version. However, if you are experiencing problems, one of the first things to do is completely uninstall your current version and reinstall the same or a newer version. Sometimes this is referred to as a clean install. A clean install may help if there is an unusual issue affecting the Viewer user interface (UI), or if a Resident is having difficulty loading UI elements such as windows or menus. It can also be done to restore lost settings or return things to a default setup, if somehow the settings in the Viewer have changed or become unusuable. It doesn't usually hurt and can sometimes fix things that otherwise defy explanation. It's important to clear out temporary Second Life files (such as the cache) when reinstalling. Note: Uninstalling deletes your chat and IM logs. If you want to keep them, save the files before you uninstall. See Chat and IM logs for more information. Procedure The procedure to use depends on your operating system: Windows 10 Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP Mac OS Windows 10 Open C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local and delete the contents of the Second Life folder. Open C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming and delete the contents of the Second Life folder. Uninstall Second Life using the Apps and Features tool in Windows Settings. Download and install the latest release of the Second Life Viewer from http://secondlife.com/support/downloads/. If you can't see the files or folders described above in File Explorer: In File Explorer, click the View tab. Make sure the Hidden items checkbox is selected. Windows 7 Open C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local and delete the contents of your Temp folder and the SecondLife folder. Uninstall Second Life using the Programs and Features tool in the Windows Control Panel. Download and install the latest release of the Second Life Viewer from http://secondlife.com/support/downloads/. If you can't see the files or folders described above: In Windows Explorer, choose Organize > Folder and Search Options. Click the View tab. Select Show hidden files, folders, and drives. Click OK. Windows Vista Open C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local and delete the contents of your Temp folder. Open C:\Users\(yourusername)\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife and delete the contents of the cache folder. Uninstall Second Life using the Programs and Features tool in the Windows Control Panel. Go to secondlife.com/download to download and install the latest release. If you can't see the files or folders described above: In Windows Explorer, choose Organize > Folder and Search Options. Click the View tab. Select Show Hidden Files and Folders. Click OK. Windows XP Open C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings and delete the contents of your Temp folder. Open C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Second Life and delete the contents of the cache folder. Uninstall Second Life using the Add/Remove Programs tool in your Windows Control Panel. Go to secondlife.com/download to download and install the latest release. Tip: Some computers need to be rebooted between steps 3 and 4 in the above procedure. If you can't see the files or folders described above: In Windows Explorer, choose Tools > Options. Click the View tab. Select Show Hidden Files and Folders. Click OK. Mac OS Open Your Macs applications folder and find The Second Life viewers Icon Drag and Drop the Icon from the applications folder into the trash bin Open ~/Library/Caches/SecondLife and delete all of the cache files
  21. Boston Linden

    Problems with rezzing and inventory

    No build land Download queue for region stuck Scripted objects are too far away Other solutions To rez an object is to create it using the build tools or make it appear inworld by dragging it from your inventory. If you are having trouble rezzing an object from your inventory, there may be several possible causes, addressed in this article. No build land If you are unable to rez an object, the land you are dropping the object may not allow building. Note that building restrictions may be set by landowners on a per-parcel or per-region basis. When you are on no build land, a small icon appears in the Viewer's location bar: . If you see this icon, try moving to a different parcel or region that does allow building. Download queue for region stuck When you drop an item inword from your inventory, the object is placed in a queue to be downloaded from Linden Lab's central file server. If the size of this queue is very large, downloads may be extremely slow or altgteher interrupted. To see the size of the download queue: Enable the Advanced menu: World > Show > Advanced Menu. Select Advanced > Performance Tools > Statistics Bar. Click Advanced in the STATISTICS bar and scroll down to Pending Downloads (in the Simulator section). If the Pending Downloads number is high, try moving to another region. If the number falling, or zero, this is not the problem. If your download queue is high and never falls, please file a support ticket. Scripted objects are too far away Some scripted objects do not appear if you are too far away, even if they are within your viewer's draw distance. If the object you are trying to view has a script in it, try moving closer to it until it appears. Other solutions Here are a few more things to try if you cannot see inventory objects inworld: Choose Me > Preferences. The PREFERENCES window opens. Click the Graphics tab. Click the Advanced button. Move the Draw distance slider all the way to the left. Increase the Second Life Viewer's cache and bandwidth Choose Me > Preferences. The PREFERENCES window opens. Click the Advanced tab. Increase the Cache size. Click the Setup tab. Move the Maximum bandwith slider to the right. Important: Setting Maximum bandwidth too high can have adverse effects on your Second Life experience. Try increasing maximum bandwidth a little at a time.
  22. Boston Linden

    How to improve Viewer performance

    General tips for boosting performance The basics Optimize your preferences Don't display extraneous things Manage your antivirus software Troubleshooting tips Using the statistics bar General tips for boosting performance Tip: Maintain your computer by: Routinely removing unwanted files and programs from the system. Defragmenting your disk drive regularly. Using anti-Malware software to remove spyware, virues, and other malware. Follow the recommendations here to improve overall performance of Second Life and address many common problems. The basics Make sure your computer meets the Minimum system requirements. It's best to exceed them to prevent bottlenecks, since they are the bare minimum required to run Second Life. A slower processor, older video card, or low memory can contribute to slow frame rates. Make sure you have working drivers for your video card. Search the Second Life Community for posts on your video card. The latest driver is not always the best. Make sure your firewalls are properly configured. See Using Second Life with a firewall for more information. Check to see if your hard drive light is showing a lot of activity. If it is, your system may be running low on memory and using hard drive swap space instead, which is significantly slower. Based on statistics collected by Linden Lab: If you are using Windows 8, make sure you have upgraded to Windows 8.1. Our statistics show that Second Life crashes half as often on Windows 8.1 compared to Windows 8.0. If you are using Mac OSX, upgrade to 10.9.3. Our statistics show that 10.9.3 crashes one third less than 10.7.5. Use a 64-bit version of Windows if you can. Even though we don't offer a fully 64-bit viewer for Second Life as of July 2014, our statistics show that Second Life running on 64-bit operating systems crashes half as often as on 32-bit systems. Important: Second Life allows but does not support wireless connections. Always use a hardwired connection if possible. Optimize your display preferences Optimize your preferences to help Second Life run more efficiently. Try the following: Choose Me > Preferences Click on the Graphics tab. Move the Quality and speed slider to Low. Click the Advanced Settings button Move the settings on the Mesh detail sliders to "Mid" or "Low." Automatically playing music and media can be very demanding on some PC equipment. Use manual play instead: Choose Me > Preferences > Sound & Media Deselect Allow Media to auto-play. Review the rest of your preference settings disable any unused features: Choose Me > Preferences or press Ctrl-P). Try disabling settings such as Play typing animation, Name tags, and Arrow keys always move me. Even minor items can add up to significant improvements in performance. For more information, see Setting your preferences. Don't display extraneous things Make sure your Viewer is not displaying unnecessary information that may reduce performance: Choose World > Show> Advanced Menu. Choose Advanced > Highlighting and Visibility. Select Hide Particles. Also: Choose World > Show Disable Property Lines and Land Owners. This improves performance by eliminating gratuitous visual noise. Manage your antivirus software To prevent false cache virus alerts and improve texture cache performance, turn off virus scanning for the following directories and add them to the list of ignored (trusted) directories for Norton AntiVirus: The Second Life skins directory, C:\Program Files (x86)\SecondLifeViewer\skins. The Second Life cache directory. To determine this directory: Choose Me > Preferences. Choose the Advanced tab. Look for the Cache location setting. See also Technical overview of Second Life security. Troubleshooting tips If you followed the advice above and are still experiencing performance problems, try the following. Exit and restart Second Life. This often is enough to fix the problem. Clear the cache. The cache is where the Second Life Viewer stores data on your hard drive for later retrieval. To clear the cache: Choose Me > Preferences. Click the Advanced tab. Click Clear Cache. After you're prompted, restart the Viewer. Check the Lag Meter: Choose Advanced > Performance Tools > Lag Meter. The lag meter breaks lag down into Client, Network, and Server lag, with corresponding indicators for each lag type. Click >> to reveal descriptions and advice for solving any lag problems you are having. Try teleporting to a quieter area or one with fewer objects, to see if the situation improves. Disable antialising. Check your Ping Sim and Packet Loss values: Choose Advanced > Performance Tools > Statistics Bar to open the STATISTICS window. The ping values are the time (in milliseconds) it takes to reach the server from your computer. If this number is high, it could indicate a problem with your network or internet connection. If Packet Loss is a nonzero number, your network or ISP may be having issues. See Using the statistics bar for more information. Check to see if there is anything blocking your computer's ventilation ports, and make sure all the fans are working properly. Laptops in particular can get quite hot when placed on a flat surface, so you may want to try propping yours on a stand to increase airflow, or consider buying a cooling device like a "chill mat". Finally, if you've overclocked or made other modifications to your computer, disable them until you can attain stability. You can use tools like Prime95 to stress-test your computer independently of Second Life. Using the statistics bar The statistics bar presents a detailed list of information about the performance of your computer and Second Life. While the sheer amount of information can be confusing, knowing what to look for can tell you a lot about what's going on in Second Life. To view the Statistics Bar, choose Advanced > Performance Tools > Statistics Bar. Definitions of the various statistics can be found on the Second Life Wiki at Viewerhelp:Statistics.
  23. Boston Linden

    Using Second Life with a firewall

    Configuring your software firewall Norton Internet Security / Norton Firewall McAfee Personal Firewall ZoneAlarm Configuring your hardware firewall Using Second Life from a closed network The Proxy Settings window HTTP proxy SOCKS 5 proxy Other HTTP traffic Caveats If you are experiencing network issues with Second Life, a firewall is often the cause. Follow the steps below to configure your software and hardware firewalls properly for Second Life. Please note that Linden Lab cannot provide support for configurations in which a firewall or internet security software is interfering with Second Life's network access. Note: Firewalls and anti-virus software frequently block Second Life's auto-update utility from installing the newest version. You can always download the latest version of Second Life at http://secondlife.com/download. Configuring your software firewall Software firewalls should list Second Life as a trusted program. We highly recommend turning on notifications for any blocked network activity. You should frequently monitor your software firewall settings, as some versions automatically update settings to provide tighter security. Consult the documentation for your software or visit the manufacturer's website for details on how to configure your internet security software. Linden Lab cannot provide support for third-party software. Don't forget the built-in Windows Firewall; certain system updates may cause the Windows Firewall to re-enable itself. You can find the Windows Firewall in the Control Panel, under Security Center. Norton Internet Security / Norton Firewall Start Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall. In the main program window, click Personal Firewall. Click Configure. The Personal Firewall configuration dialog box appears. On the Programs tab, the Manual Program Control list contains a list of programs. Click on the rule(s) for Second Life. Click Remove. Click OK to confirm the removal. Click Add and manually navigate to C:\Program Files\SecondLife\Secondlife.exe Tip: Turning off Internet Worm Protection can also help. Link to Symantec for Norton product configuration. McAfee Personal Firewall Open the Personal Firewall and navigate to Internet Applications. Click on any listing(s) for Second Life and choose Delete Application Rule on the lower right. Click on New Allowed Application underneath the program list, and navigate to C:\Program Files\SecondLife\Secondlife.exe Additional helpful settings: Turn off Smart Recommendations. Turn on Show Red and Green Alerts, or Show All Alerts. Set the Security Level to Standard or lower. ZoneAlarm In the Programs panel, remove any entry for Second Life. Scroll down to the white area at the bottom of the programs list. Right-click and highlight Add Program. Browse to C:\Program Files\SecondLife\Secondlife.exe and click Open. Additional helpful settings: Set Security for the Internet zone to Medium or lower. Open the specific ports Second Life uses (see above) under Firewall > Main > Internet Zone Custom Settings. Many ZoneAlarm products include an AntiSpyware tool that detects some programs as a Remote Access Tool. These programs are quarantined by default. To set Second Life as a trusted program: Go to AntiSpyware advanced settings and set it to not automatically treat infections. Run the AntiSpyware scan. Locate Second Life. Choose Always Ignore. You may then set AntiSpyware back to automatically treat. Configuring your hardware firewall Although the details depend on your specific firewall, follow this general procedure: Open outbound access for TCP ports - Second Life servers do not establish inbound TCP connections to client systems running the Second Life Viewer software. Instead, they use the "request / response" message pattern. Enable outbound TCP access for ports 53, 80, 443, 12043, 12046 and 21002. Open outbound "session" access for UDP ports- Although UDP is a session-less transport, many firewalls block unsolicited incoming UDP traffic to a particular port unless it has seen recent outgoing UDP traffic from that same port. Activate outbound UDP for ports 53, 3478, 3479, 5060, 5062, and 12000-29999. Monitor - The intricacies of modern firewalls make it difficult for one document to cover every network configuration. Use tools such as ntop and nprobe to monitor network flow between the Second Life Viewer and servers to identify network flows blocked by the firewall. Using Second Life from a closed network To access Second Life from inside a closed network, such as at an academic institution or corporate office, you may need to configure Second Life to route its traffic through designated proxy servers. Proxy servers allow Second Life to communicate with critical resources outside a closed network. Note: Many schools and companies maintain proxy servers specifically for this purpose. If you need to connect to Second Life through a proxy server, contact your network administrator for the addresses, port numbers, and necessary credentials to complete the instructions below. The Proxy Settings window Second Life allows you to configure two types of proxy servers in order to route three distinct types of traffic necessary for connecting to and properly experiencing Second Life. To access the Proxy Settings window: Choose Me > Preferences from the top menu bar. Click the Setup tab of the PREFERENCES window. Click the Adjust proxy settings button to open the Proxy Settings window. HTTP proxy The HTTP proxy is specifically for routing HTTP traffic meant to be viewed inworld via the Media Browser or Shared Media (and potentially "other" HTTP traffic). It is not necessary to set up this proxy in order to connect to Second Life from inside a closed network, but you will not have access to web content. If you need to set up an HTTP proxy for your normal web browser, you probably need to set up an HTTP proxy for Second Life as well. To configure an HTTP proxy for web pages in the Proxy Settings window: Check Use HTTP Proxy for Web pages Enter the HTTP proxy's network address and port number in the HTTP Proxy: and Port number: fields, respectively. SOCKS 5 proxy The SOCKS proxy is responsible for routing UDP traffic (and potentially "other" HTTP traffic) between Second Life and resources outside your closed network. If you are on a closed network, such as at a school or corporate office, you must configure a SOCKS proxy in order to connect to Second Life. To configure a SOCKS 5 proxy for UDP traffic in the Proxy Settings window: Check Use SOCKS 5 Proxy for UDP traffic Enter the SOCKS 5 proxy's network address and port number in the SOCKS 5 Proxy: and Port number: fields, respectively. If your SOCKS proxy does not require authentication, you're done! If your SOCKS proxy does require authentication, choose the Username/Password radio button under SOCKS Authentication and enter your user name and password in the marked fields. Other HTTP traffic In addition to web and UDP traffic, Second Life uses HTTP for a few other purposes, such as loading your inventory and loading textures on objects. You may choose to route this "other" HTTP traffic through either an HTTP proxy or SOCKS 5 proxy. If you have configured both types of proxies, try experimenting with each to figure out which one provides the best inventory and texture loading speeds. To select a proxy for other HTTP traffic, choose from one of the available radio buttons under Other HTTP traffic proxy in the Proxy Settings window. You cannot select a proxy you have not yet configured. Caveats Proxy servers do not currently aid the following features in getting through your network's firewall: Voice chat. You may still be able to use voice chat by forwarding the necessary ports as described above in Configuring your hardware firewall. The automatic updater. The crash logger.
  24. Boston Linden

    Wifi and satellite connections

    Second Life is not compatible with dial-up internet, satellite internet, or some wireless internet services. Occasionally these types of connection may work with Second LIfe, but Linden Lab is unable to support them or to address issues related to their use. For the best Second Life experience, always use a hard-wired DSL or cable connection. 
  25. Boston Linden

    Troubleshooting avatar appearance

    If your avatar looks like a particle cloud If your avatar appears discolored or misshapen Additional helpful techniques This article describes some common problems with avatar appearance and how to address them. If your avatar looks like a particle cloud In Second Life Viewer version 1.20 and later, you appear as a particle cloud while your avatar is loading. This may also happen when some information about you gets lost on the way from one place to another. Don't worry, you aren't stuck this way forever! (You may sometimes hear people refer to an incompletely loaded avatar as "Ruth" or "being Ruthed" for historical reasons.) Follow these steps to restore your avatar to its normal appearance: Choose Me > Preferences > Graphics. Move the Quality and speed slider to the left (a lower setting). Click the Advanced button. Move the Draw distance slider to the left. Move the Mesh detail slider for Avatars to Low. Avatar impostors is checked by default. If you have unchecked it, enable this feature again. If your avatar appears discolored or misshapen If your avatar appears in strange, unintended colors or shows spikes, bumps, or other unsightly protrusions coming out of its body, check your graphics card to make sure it is supported and that the drivers are up to date. Learn more about graphics cards. If the problem persists: Go to Me > Preferences > Graphics tab. Click the Advanced button to show additional options. Uncheck Hardware skinning. Click OK to confirm. You may also need to restart the Viewer. Additional helpful techniques Try these from the top until one works: Quit and restart the Second Life Viewer (also called "relogging"). Right-click yourself and choose Edit My Outfit (don't save anything). In the APPEARANCE window, click the Back (<) button. Rebake textures by following these steps: Choose Me > Preferences > Advanced. Select Show Advanced Menu. Choose Advanced > Rebake Textures. Open your Inventory and enter a charcater (like a) in the Filter Inventory field. The number of items displayed in the top left of the INVENTORY window will increase as the servers fetch your inventory. Wait until the number stops increasing (this might take some time, depending on how much stuff you have), then relog. Re-wear your normal shape, skin, clothes, and attachments. This step is much easier if you are using a pre-existing saved outfit, but remember not to save anything before your avatar is restored! Clear the Second Life Viewer's cache. Use the avatar picker to access and wear a default avatar. Simply click the Avatar button on the toolbar and choose from an extensive collection of vampires, humans, animals, robots and vehicles. Tip: Freebie clothing or old clothing and shapes can have performance issues in Second Life. Changing clothes and shapes often solves the problem.
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