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About Me

Found 83 results

  1. Hi! I'm Ai Fallen and I'm looking for a job. I have been working at a club as a host for a little over half a year now but I'm exploring other options currently for reasons I don't want to disclose currently. I also have plenty of experience on talking to people who just need to talk to someone. I have spent a lot of time dealing with toxic people in the game and have learned how to handle situations that could blow up. I majored in Graphic Design as well as traditional Art in college, but due to some health reasons I can do very basic things like photo manipulating via free programs or through programs I have bought. I also have done some 3D modeling through Blender but it is not something I am overly good at and interested in pursuing. When I was a teen I did roleplay on forums (I'm so damn old holy hell) but I do not know how to roleplay on sl. Would love to learn though! I'm really just looking for a place to work as like a host, model, or even maybe a dancer. I could learn how to work security as well if needed. I have no interest in being an escort and very little in becoming a stripper. Revealing clothing is okay with me but I would prefer to be at least covered in certain parts. Maybe in certain situations topless I could do. I have experience in taking photos and photo manipulation of SL characters. I do love creating different looks for my avatar and I'm open to changing it's body proportions here and there. I have a full mesh human avatar with both a catwa and genus head as options. And a LeLutka head but I don't like that one very much. The body I have is Maitreya. I do have a kemono avatar as well, but she's used very little and I do not have much for her. I am a 28 year old female in rl and my SL avatar is 10 years and 4 months old. (Only thing I worry about is that my voice does sound high pitched and child like sometimes, especially when I am excited over something. I have even been told I'd be a good anime girl voice actor several times... which I have considered actually. haha but I am age verified.) Main language is English. I know very little Japanese, just not written. I live in America. I am friendly and very caring and a good listener as well as a hard worker. If there's anything else you'd like to know about me hit me up either here or on second life. I do have a puppy in real life that takes up a good chunk of my time but I can still make time for whatever. But yeah. Thanks for reading and considering me!
  2. Hey everyone, It’s recently come to our attention that there has been an increase in the use of third party tools that gives account credentials and control over a Resident’s account to another Resident. This and similar products can change an account password and/or details, such as email address, which could prevent an owner from accessing an account, or even from being able to recover the account. We want to remind everyone that giving another Resident access to your account or account information, by any means and for any reason, is both dangerous and not permitted by the Terms of Service. An account is intended to be used solely by its creator, and keeping your account details secret and secure helps you keep it that way. We’d like to provide you with some quick tips on how to keep your account secure: Choose a secure password with upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, spaces, and symbols, and avoid common dictionary words or phrases. For instance, “password” is not a good password, but “wh4tAr g@t4P55!” is much better (though you shouldn’t use that last one either, now that all of Second Life just read it, too). Choose a secret security question answer. To keep your information extra secure, choose an answer that you will remember, but that no one else could possibly guess. For example, answering “What is your favorite vacation spot?” with “Potsdam, Pennsylvania” isn’t secure if you have that listed as an interest on your social media accounts. Answering “The Wide Wide World of Sports” might be much more secure! Keep your password and the answer to your security question secret from everyone, regardless of their relationship to you. Only you should know this information; not your significant other, family member, casual acquaintance, person with an honest look in their eye, or anyone else. Keep your password unique and special to Second Life. Reusing the same password across different platforms or websites makes your account vulnerable if one of those sites suffer a data breach. No Linden will ever ask for your password. Likewise, there is never a reason for you to enter your password to unlock an item, receive a discount, or anything else. Use only the official Second Life Viewer, or a Third Party Viewer from the Third Party Viewer Directory. If the viewer does not allow you to log directly into your account for any reason, the viewer is NOT secure. You can read more about keeping your information secure on the wiki at Linden Lab Official: Password Protection If you have any problems accessing your account—especially if you believe that your password or security information may be known to anyone other than you—please contact the support team by opening a support case. Thanks for keeping your account secure! -Governance Linden
  3. * SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY ** I realize this is Second Life; however, HGMM is a RL blog. We promote RL musicians who play RL and those who stream into SL. We are seeking individuals who will take this job seriously. That means showing up for your shift. We are also seeking responsible individuals who will love HGMM as much as we do and will keep it's lands free from drama. For whatever reason some folks exist simply to cause drama or trouble for others. We do not want this at HGMM. We want all of our guests and residents to feel safe and have a fun, peaceful experience. HGMM hosts events on various locations throughout the property, whether up in the main venue or down on one of the beach areas; we want everyone to have fun. From time to time you may get griefers, or someone who's been banned attempting to re-enter simply to make trouble. So what are we looking for in security personnel? 1. You need to have experience in SL. You need to know your way around the various viewers and how to use the "About Land" tab. You need to know how to send notices. In short, you need to be at least 2 years old and have done some working in SL and know the ins and outs. 2. Knowledge of the Sim Panel - What it does and what can be done with it. 3. We are looking for people from both the US and the UK so all shifts can be covered. 4. Griefer Handling - Can you deal with annoying griefers? Sounds, particles, objects, ect? 5. Level-Headed - Someone who can keep their cool in stressful situations and handle them like an adult, not someone on a power trip. We do require references. These need to be from people who will vouch for your character. If you have worked security in SL before we want to speak with your former or current employer. We WILL do a thorough check since you must be given certain permissions in order to do your job. The pay is L$25 an hour plus a bonus of L$50 linden for every 5 hours. Payday is on Fridays. A uniform will be purchased for you (We will need to know your avie size). We realize this will at most times be a boring job; and we hope it is. We hope things run smoothly all the time. That means you are doing your job. The land is a beautiful scenic beach with 2 sections and plenty to check out so while at work we encourage you to enjoy yourself while being vigilant. There is a also a main venue located at 3,000 meters and employee residences to keep safe as well. One of the perks of this job is that you get a free place to live. A platform or skybox will be rezzed for you with prim allotment If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, we'd love to hear from you. Drop a notecard to Dreams Riler to receive an application. We look forward to hearing from you. Dreams Riler Owner Higher Ground Music Magazine http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vectra/187/41/3192
  4. Wicked Seductions BDSM club is hiring DJs, hosts and security Please fill out the form and hit submit and we will arrange interviews. Must be over 18 RL Experience is a plus At least 30 days old (1 month) We are a 0 tolerance to drama club so please leave your drama behind when you are working in our club - thank you https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Wh-9oq5JrdnHoptFjoC0qreGXxpiHe_7SKIbIcZrYJM
  5. Hello, I am relatively new to SL employment in the sense of getting paid, But I do have a decent amount of experience in more security fields. I currently work Real life security, have been for a few years now, along with some customer service. In second life I have worked more unpaid/volunteer jobs as security for 2 clubs and an Estate Admin for a Furry Sim, most of them are furry based but I do have both PG/safe for work human and furry avatars (Mostly mesh/updated)depending on the need of the job. I'm usually on SL almost 24/7 (Save for a few hours here or there when I am sleeping and need to give my PC a break) and I can usually remote in or most of the time I am at my PC available if an issue arises. Mainly looking for a job to help pay the bills and some of my income, If I don't respond immediately I am most likely asleep. You can always message and reach me at these places: Discord: Bandit#4560 Telegram: @Banditthecheetah SL: Riley Goldentail (Rileythehusky)
  6. Vodoo Security is identical to Redzone. There is no difference! Help me bring this to LL's attention. Redzone was banned long ago. How is Voodoo security still able to operate? If you use Voodoo security you are banning people who happened to get banned from Voodoo. This includes legitimate players and potential customers/traffic that you will lose out on. They are not always griefers. It is surprisingly easy to be perma banned by voodoo. They accuse legitimate players of cheating and if you make a complaint to them they retaliate with a permanent ban. This will include any avatar who shared an IP with you in the past. If you have friends who have played at your address they will be banned as well. They DO log IP addresses. They have years and years worth of IP logs and will ban any avatar who shares an IP with a banned user, which is unfair because IPs change all the time and are shared often. They will perma ban for any reason and they are allowed to do this. Protest voodoo security if you believe in a fair SL! You are better off banning people from your parcels personally instead of using their system. I have lost access to many sims which I gave regular traffic to and spent money at. Every avatar I had, even friends, and one family member who had played at my address in the past are perma banned. I never broke the rules and only played with one avatar at a time but since I made one complaint I was perma banned. If you believe in reason, you shouldn't support an unprofessional business who make decisions based on pettiness! What's funny is, their own sim doesn't even use the security system. Isn't that saying something in itself? Avoid voodoo altogether if you don't want to be me and lose a lot of money in valuable avatars who are now useless.
  7. Have you ever wanted to be on a TV show in Second Life? Well today is your lucky day, Premier Wrestling is looking for "extras" that are willing to volunteer their time to play different roles such as Security, Medic, Police Officer, Ring Crew, etc. If you are interested you will be added to our discord server and when an storyline requires certain roles you will be contacted by our Executive Producer who will then explain the script to you. Premier Wrestling is one of the top wrestling organizations in Second Life with over 150 Subscribers on YouTube. If you need more information please contact Vince Aftermath or sarahadam Resident. Here is our YouTube Channel please click below link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTVFVkLEjNlEatf66HWRKgQ?view_as=subscriber
  8. I am looking for an orbit/shield that prevents avatars from getting too close to you. I bought one but I have to rez it and I need a shield for no-rez zones. I have seen seen shields used like this in Freebie Galaxy(no-rez zone). I need one that creates an orbit of at least two meters from your avatar.
  9. Magic Moon is currently hiring DJ's, Dancers, Hosts/Hostesses, and Region Security. We are gearing up to open our club and region wide hangout(currently public access) and are looking to hire new staff to fill our slots. The Club will be open from Noon to Midnight SLT. This is an ADULT region, you must have been age verified. Interested residents may apply by picking up an application at our landing point here Magic Moon - We're Hiring, Magic Moon Forest (133, 111, 21) - Adult Applicants should review the following: Avatars MUST be mesh. No classic, prim, or other avatars/clothing Applicants must be comfortable with nudity, sex, and sexual themes going on around them Applicants should have three groups available.(required for Hosts and DJs) Please review our Regions rules for an idea of the environment you will be working in. Zero Tolerance on Discrimination and Discriminatory behavior. All species, genders, colors, and walks of life are allowed within the region at ALL TIMES. Adult content and activities including; stripping, nudity, streaking, sexual intercourse, descriptive sexual conversation and further adult contents are allowed in all parts of the region and not restricted. (please keep emotes to IM in the club during club hours) Wearing items that cause excessive lag should be avoided. Removing resizer scripts from hair, jewelry and other accessories is advised. You will be informed if your accessories cause excessive lag. Macro Avatars are not allowed, as these cause excessive lag and tend to crush the poor unsuspecting normal sized people visiting the region. Be kind and downsize. Do not enter private parcels, skyboxes, and homes without owner permission. Security orbs have been dispatched to assist with resident privacy. ABSOLUTELY NO CHILD AVATARS - anything appearing to be a child avatar will be asked to change, failure to change or respond within 60 seconds will result in a permanent ban. Greifing, trolling, abusing of other residents or the region is not allowed(this includes telling people to stop having sex in public)
  10. Currently Seeking All Staff! Shift, Managers, Dj's, Dancers, Hosts, Security. All positions with pay are negotiable! 100% Tips Experience helpful but not required will train the right candidates! To Apply Visit http://bsafterdark.com/index.php/sl-application
  11. Thank you so much for your interest in Moonbay Cove! We are a new adult establishment set in a beautiful beach environment, welcoming those from every walk of life in SL. We are now hiring for all positions!: - DJs with their own stream - Friendly and motivated hosts/hostesses - Male AND female dancers (we actively encourage folks from all cultures and ways of life to apply!) - Experienced security guards Moonbay Cove is an adult sim that offers adult entertainment, therefore we are also taking applications for escorts (text, RP, voice, etc.). Our other workers are more than welcome to fill these rolls as well, outside of their regular work shifts. REQUIREMENTS: - You must be at least 30 days old - You have to be over 18 years old in RL - Must have a mesh body and head EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: - Committed employees receive higher % of tips - Monthly bonuses for staff - Management who are dedicated to maximum exposure of services - High-quality environment with friendly co-workers If you are interested, please contact Ophelia Storm (purpl3lotus) via IM to receive an application! Thank you again for your interest!
  12. I am launching Velvet Island this Saturday, 12th May, and urgently need all types of staff. 3 clubs, bars, ballroom. Hourly rate plus tips. Ongoing work.
  13. Sirens & Co needs you! Various job oppurtunities available! Fill your form and be a part of the family ! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeQsZca12guYzQnvhKVoJXpM3LgzFxQ9BsJGtoarjXoR_gtPQ/viewform
  14. Pᴀʀᴀᴅɪsᴇ Dᴇsɪʀᴇs ɪs Sᴇᴇᴋɪɴɢ Tᴀʟᴇɴᴛs We would like to present you our unique vision of haven for kinky minds and music aficionados: Paradise Desires. Paradise Desires is an island that is constituted by three major regions: Main Club Floor for Adult Entertainment, Live Music Venues, and Free Sex Areas. Paradise Desires is now open to all female freelance dancers/escorts. We are also looking for charismatic Hosts/Hostesses, talented live DJs and live Singers to bring us memorable experiences. We welcome you to pop in and take a look at our facilities that range from cozy loungers, lap dance chairs, poles, to lovely beds that are suitable for a little bit of group actions. We invite you to drop by and indulge yourself a little bit in this alluring version of paradise. Besides performers and seductresses, we are also seeking members that are competent and reliable for the tasks of safe-guarding this lovely and yet audacious plane of lust. Please contact the management in-world to express your interests and to arrange a meeting. _________________________________________________________________ Call for Staff Security Host/Hostess Dancer/Escort DJs/Singers _________________________________________________________________ ● Come around and relax with us: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paradise Desires/133/160/27 ● Join our group for further notices on upcoming events and many more: secondlife:///app/group/031d443d-b093-fa26-71b2-f50410335d57/about _________________________________________________________________ 🏖If you have other questions, please contact the management for more details: P.D. Owners (Paradise Delight; Desire4all) P.D. Officer (Kitty8230) _________________________________________________________________
  15. Pᴀʀᴀᴅɪsᴇ Dᴇsɪʀᴇs ɪs Sᴇᴇᴋɪɴɢ Tᴀʟᴇɴᴛs We would like to present you our unique vision of haven for kinky minds and music aficionados: Paradise Desires. Paradise Desires is an island that is constituted by three major regions: Main Club Floor for Adult Entertainment, Live Music Venues, and Free Sex Areas. Paradise Desires is now inviting all Female Freelance Dancers/Escorts to join us... tease and entice with us at Main Club Floor. (Click to hop over.) We are also looking for charismatic Hosts/Hostesses, talented DJs/Singers to bring us memorable nights at Live Music Venues! (Click to take a look.) Our Live Music Venues are located at the other side of the sim, right by the beach. We aim to bring you low-lag and laid back experiences while you enjoy the finest music on the grid... only at Paradise Desires. We welcome you to pop in and take a look at our facilities that range from cozy loungers, lap dance chairs, poles, to lovely beds that are suitable for a little bit of group actions. We invite you to drop by and indulge yourself a little bit in this alluring version of paradise. Besides performers and seductresses, we are also seeking members that are competent and reliable for the tasks of safe-guarding this lovely and yet audacious plane of lust. Please contact us in-world to express your interests. Arrange an interview with us today! _________________________________________________________________ Call for Staff Security Host/Hostess Freelance Dancer/Escort DJ/Singer _________________________________________________________________ ● Join our group for all the upcoming events: secondlife:///app/group/031d443d-b093-fa26-71b2-f50410335d57/about _________________________________________________________________ 🏖If you have other questions, please contact us in-world for more details: ● P.D. Owners: Paradise Delight; Desire4all ● P.D. Officer: Kitty8230 _________________________________________________________________
  16. Hi all, this might be a dumb question but I am currently paying for L via paypal and have noticed it does not ask for any for of confirmation and simply buys said L in question. I am wondering if this is only for my PC? Mostly asking because if i ever lose access to my account down the line, I want that added security that even though paypal is linked to the account, they would be unable to buy L on another system/device. Or does this need to be toggled on paypals site itself? Cheers.
  17. Hi, Obvious question, but could not find the answer. For a navigation tool the RLV option has to be enabled to allow to put a direction marker on the screen. Very convenient but also works without I think. Is it possible to get a "virus" unwillingly by accepting scripted items from others? Or will I be notified when this is about to happen? RLV can do a lot of things to my avi I would not like to happen. I'm not into the things RLV seems to be developped for. Do I need to worry or do I need to safeguard my inventory with tags as mentioned in the firestorm article as precaution? Are there other issues to be aware of? Urm ... or am I getting paranoia? 🙂 Thanks, Bart!
  18. So working on a sim as one of the staffs, its been our job to keep an eye on others to make sure they are following rules and not being trolls or minges. One of the major problems we have is we have an avatar cap at 20 and its hard to keep track to see who is afk or not. I looked at security orbs all over market place but can't find any that have built in AFK kickers if a person has been inactive for more then a set period of time. I would like one that tracks how long someone has been idle and sends a message to respond if they are AFK and if they don't respond will be sent home. I would appreciate any suggestions or recommendations on what to use or where to look.
  19. We are currently seeking reliable DJ's, energetic Hosts, and ever watchful Security for Club Lithium! (We are furry! We welcome anyone and everyone!) We're a fairly new location to Second Life and we're movin' on just fine! We have many available slots open for DJ's and Hosts. If you'd like to come meet our staff and patrons, please feel free to drop by anytime! For an application, you can find them on the left side of the entrance! If you're prefer, IM a manager for one and any questions you may have! Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Akamai/175/32/2804 Managers: alphawolffe Resident (Scout Worldstar) - Owner ToxicTendencies Resident (Skye Rogue) - Owner Merideath Gloom (Maddy Rogue) - General Manager Discord: https://discord.gg/wJFMAfh We look forward to seeing you!
  20. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bay%20City%20-%20Barnstable/167/95/25 SEEKING AJOB ! NEED HELP! COME SEE ME! Welcome To Second life Department Of Labor! I am glad you have taken the first step into achieving your Dream Job in Second life. I am here to help you. Until you are successful. I help all From Professional To New comers I do traning also!
  21. Dystopian Grindhouse is a Furry nightclub, human friendly, and we're hiring! Looking for Dancers, DJs, Security, hosts, and Bartenders! Looking for a fun place to hang out for a couple hours a day? Then pop down to the Grindhouse, grab an app and see if you are interested! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dystopia/199/145/23
  22. (( GLOW )) is hiring: DJs, Hosts, Security and Photographers. A fun opportunity for creativity, entertainment, socialising and more. You are invited to join as a member of our staff team. Our aim is to provide a relaxed, safe and friendly environment for staff and guests equally. DJs and Hosts can create a wide range of Events themselves in aid of a flexible schedule along with chance for freedom and enjoyment. These can range from themed dress, contests, events indoors or outdoors, pool parties, foam parties, genre/era specific, special occasions and more! There of course are pre-made events to take on optionally aswell. Security are enabled to also join in the social, fun side and party at our events. Having their priority to make sure everyone's stay is safe, happy and peaceful. Photographers are enabled to join Events and promote their work via Glow from commission-able photography work inside the club. Along with being allowed to advertise their own freelance Photography services aswell via an info board, note-cards, Landmarks, text or voice etc. Some requirements are listed, experience is not required. Please check out our website for more details of our rules and requirements: https://glowclubsl.blogspot.com/p/apply.html http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lost Souls/195/216/25 Look forward to hearing you from you! ♫❤☮
  23. Hello! I have a question about security orb. How to set its action on the whole parsel, if there is only an opportunity to specify the range in meters in the chat?
  24. Private houses, lofts and skyboxes starting at 99 linden furnished or unfurnished plus extra prims. Many different models and styles.(only some shown below) Models vary but most come with different scenic views to choose from. All houses have a security orb and dance station. More prims available to purchase with all rentals at only .85 linden each. View available rentals at www.mavensrentals.com or visit the inworld office at Maven Isle. Any questions or custom requests just IM Amari Maven any time or submit a support question on the website. Proudly serving Second Life residents since 2009!
  25. Arcadian Rapture Station is hiring! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Stardew Valley/10/124/2557 Though we serve a wide range of clients, we are currently looking for more gay(or bi), male, human or furry staff to fill a variety of roles. https://goo.gl/forms/dacQ3xZqTE7WhDI33 ARS is a large sim with a Mall, 10k FP Mesh/Texture Library, Clubs, Hotels, Galleries, Dungeons Theaters - and so much more! Over 80 locations made for HD VR filming! Currently the three main sections are a CyberDeco (cyberpunk art deco) space station, magical fantasy sky islands that descend to the sim floor, and the fantasy Japanese forest below. We are striving to provide everything possible in SL, in high definition and quality. Interested? Positions include: Store Position - Design Intern Store Position - Voice Actor Store Position - Virtual Actor (HD VR Adult Film) Store/Sim Position - Blogger Store/Sim Position - Photographer/Videographer - HD VR (Adult Content Included) Entertainment Position - DJ Entertainment Position - Escort / AFK Escort Entertainment Position - Performer Entertainment Position - Bartender Entertainment Position - Host Entertainment Position - Maintenance Staff (Escort Division) Sim Position - Security Sim Position - Marketing/Networking Agent Sim Position - Employment Manager Sim Position - Advertising Manager Sim Position - Customer Service Rep [Store, Rentals, Services, etc] -> Most payment is commission or tip based, though staff gets gifts, free products, and many perks. Apply at: https://goo.gl/forms/dacQ3xZqTE7WhDI33 These are just a few of the positions open with us - and we help other sims get staffed too! If you don't see what you want, send in an application anyways so we can get you something to do!
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