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Found 296 results

  1. Does anyone know which places have free Napoleonic clothes? I am looking for historical clothes that I can afford and since I am a newbie, my money is low.
  2. hello there lookin to join a pack that likes to have fun and not push on others well come join us at the sliver moon pack if you have an idea or just wanna make friends feel free to im me inword hope to meet ya soon
  3. Eden Valley RP High School is hiring for a variety of positions including teaching, coaching, supervising clubs and more! We are looking for creative, dedicated and friendly individuals who not only have an interest in RP but wish to make a difference in our community by bringing new ideas and alternate perspectives. Applicants are encouraged to choose (or create) any subject, sport or club that interests them. Please keep in mind that you may choose any from the following list or make up your own. Be sure that you check our schedule as we will not hire for a class that is currently being taught. - Business/Marketing - Graphic Design - Paranormal & the Unknown - Computer Programming - Music Production - Glee Club - Literature (World or US) - Poetry - Chess Club - Culinary Arts - Early Childhood Education - Babysitter's Club - Art - Interior Design - Gardening - Wood or Metal Shop - Language (American Sign Language, Spanish, French, Italian, German) - FBLA - Theater/Drama - Music Appreciation or Music Theory - Anime Club - Marching Band - World Music - Gaming Club - Astronomy - Biology - Cooking Club - Oceanography - General Science - DJ Club - Law - Anthropology - Modern World Studies - Psychology - Sociology - Movie Appreciation - Building - Scripting - Photography - Sculpture - Art History - Auto Mechanics - Cosmetology - Criminal Justice - Drivers Education - Football - Soccer - Tennis - Volleyball - Boxing - MMA - Equestrian Club Please visit us on the web to apply: https://edenvalleyhighschool.com/apply Campus Information: https://edenvalleyhighschool.com/ Campus Location: Eden Valley High School Campus (Click Here) For more information or a campus tour please contact: Mr Jesse Magic (Iamsoo Magic)
  4. I would love a boyfriend preferably someone with darker tastes. I'm up for anything. And if things get serious we can make it official of course.
  5. Hello! My girlfriend and I are in search for a community sim or something similar to that. We are both models as well, with full Maitreya mesh bodies and quality skins. We do not require much pay, as we are simply looking to build a portfolio at this time. So, if you know of a community sim or a modeling position available, please let me know! SL name: DulcetMoiety
  6. Hello! I'm pretty new to scripting, in which I mean that I don't know how to at all, lol! I would however like some help learning, or figuring out if there's a script that already exists that I need. So, some friends and I are starting just a mini rp-sim kinda thing that's very loosely based on D&D in which it uses dice rolls, a grid system, and a bit of math to add or subtract health from either players or monsters that they're fighting. Since a lot of them have lower-end PCs the traditional fighting and battle huds won't work for us, since a lot of them require your character to physically move around and attack/hit other players with certain weapons and whatnot. A lot of time some of them lag a lot more than others who have higher end PCs, so it makes the fighting unfair and not very fun. I've been trying for a while to figure out how to make a HUD, or a script that when you click on object you're wearing it'll bring up a menu and do the following: Set a base HP amount, so when you level up your HP can be increased. Type in an amount to either add or subtract from your HP and it'll automatically do the math and show above your head, or the monster's head. So like "42/100 HP" I'm just not sure where to start with all of that, and I've been looking for about an hour or more. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!!
  7. kat1314

    im new

    hi ive been off this file for six years im getting back on. i love to voice chat alot mind you i do sound younger then 21 i swear im 21 would love some family or a mistress /master about me : im bubly cute funny loving kind things i love : BDSM cute stuff anime cuddles
  8. hi I'm Alex warning I'm bubbly and fun lol but I can be mean I'm very Dominic I'm in online realstionship which is an open on but would like to be mistress
  9. The beautiful, multi-sim Chateau de Versailles recreation needs builders to help complete her glory. Builders will be WELL COMPENSATED! Must be proficient in mesh building, need to be able to show proof of skill, and need to be able to work well with other builders. Please contact Shalimar Poliatevska, Beatrice Minotaur, or Ludwikamaria Resident to apply! :))
  10. I am admittedly a bit new to second life and the roleplaying community on it, but I am very much willing to learn. Basically, I am rping a robot that is gaining and learning about it's sentience. They are a security robot built as a personal bodyguard, but is quite gentle and a bit naive at heart. I would absolutely love an eventual romantic partner (humans are a bonus!) for this robot character, which is why I will ask that my rp partner be over eighteen. Again, I'm a bit new to Second Life and the rp scene as a whole, but I will gladly learn if you're patient with me. Overall I'm just seeking a potential romantic partner for my robot character. Here's a bit of info about them, Created as 'personal defense' or a bodyguard, M0R-1 -affectionately nicknamed 'Mori' by their current owner- was once assigned to protect one of the more prominent employees of ExoNet, before the company's closure in. In order to stave off debt and complete bankruptcy, the company sold some of it's more unnecessary assets in is final years - namely, personal security robots and androids. Standing near seven feet tall with thick durable plating and capable of withstanding and reciprocating tremendous force, Mori is an imposing sight at first glance. They are still able to function perfectly as a bodyguard despite their older age, though it is rare that they are asked to perform such functions. For a machine with enhanced combat capabilities and in many cases is legally authorized to use near-lethal force given provocation, Mori is alarmingly 'innocent' and 'naive'. They have exhibited a rather gentle demeanor and curiosity - eager to learn despite their quietness.
  11. The Anchorage Coast Guard Are you a seeker of Adventure? Do you enjoy saving lives rather than taking them? Are you looking to become something greater than yourself? The Anchorage Coast Guard SL (ACG) is looking for talented individuals just like you to fill many roles within our ranks at numerous locations. All positions open! Contact Lt. Joseph Garcia (JosephTucker.Resident) inworld or apply online: https://goo.gl/OyanmS Paid Openings: [For those who seek opportunity] Yeoman, Cedar Creek Recruiting Station* Yeoman, Liberty Bay Recruiting Station* Yeoman, Blake Sea Recruiting Office* RP Openings: [For those who seek adventure] Boatswain's Mates, All Stations Gunner's Mates, All Stations Operation Specialists, Sector Awenhai and Station Liberty Bay Intelligence Specialist, All Stations Maritime Enforcement Specialists, All Stations Information Systems Technicians, All Stations Public Affairs Specialists, All Stations All Aviation Positions, Sector Awenhai Auxiliary Positions: [For those who seek something a little less] Flotilla Commander, Sector Awenhai Flotilla Flotilla Commander, Cedar Creek Flotilla Flotilla Commander, Liberty Bay Flotilla Auxiliarists, All Flotillas. * Pay is on a commission basis.
  12. Hi there Second Life! I'm Ovoy, (pronounced "oh-voygh") which is obviously not my real name, but its also not the username i usually use. I'm weirdly trying to remain anonymous on SL or at least keep it separate from my main social media stuff. I don't really know why, but if we get to know eachother I'm sure I will come around to revealing my social media accounts! I joined SL mainly to Rp I think, but that doesnt mean I dont also want to have a normal conversation! Anyways, I'm terrible at introducing myself so here is the info I put on my profile! ?Ovoy - 19 - female - canadian? I'm an illustration student in Canada who joined SL to meet new people, make friends, and occassionally rp! I am a furry, with my fursona sometimes being a Kaiju monster, sometimes being a cat! I'm not sure what else to say about myself. If you're that curious about me feel free to message me! ❤likes❤ Summer, autumn, ghosts, paranormal, drawing, painting, reading, fantasy, history in general, animals, reptiles, swimming, plants, succulents, cacti, watermelon, cherries, chicken, tacos, cheeseburgers, fries, pizza, peanut butter ice cream, vodka, coolers, travelling, camping, thunderstorms, seattle seahawks, video games, folk indie, punk indie, singing, watching netflix, and lots of other stuff! ?dislikes? Winter and spring (thanks to seasonal depression syndrome, which is especially bad in spring!), my sharty mental illnesses, nazis, neonazis, trump (not trump supporters! you can support who you want, but i dont have to like it :P), radical feminism, radical conservativsm/the alt-right, bugs, snow/being cold, and lots of other stuff I can't remember! So thats me! Tell me about yourselves!
  13. Fall of Man would like to present THREE ADULT LAND options for your needs: 1) Two Corner Parcels for rent ● 3808m², 1250 prims, L$1750/wk 2) Thirteen Parcels for rent ● 1232m2, 500 prims, L$700/wk 3) Rent a store and be allowed rezzbox/ skybox / personal space between 2000-3000m at the additional cost rate per prim for additional combined prims you will need. Mention this ADVERT and get 1 week FREE with your 3 Week rental! ================================================================================== Features: This is Adult land ● No premium account needed BUT MUST BE ADULT VERIFIED. ● No premium account needed to rent. ● 1 week free when paying 4 weeks in advance for first time renters ● Each parcel (as shown below) is Landscaped with a beach scene for your pleasure, and creating privacy. ● Each parcel includes a 1-3 Prim home if you wish to use, or provide your own. Kiosk and Map of Parcels for Rent Parcel 1 , Parcel 2 , Parcel 3 , Parcel 4 , Parcel 5 Parcel 6 , Parcel 7 , Parcel 8 , Parcel 9 , Parcel 10 Parcel 11 , Parcel 12 , Parcel 13 , Parcel 14 , Parcel 15 ================================================================================== Please take a moment to review the Covenant, as this will be the latest Terms of Service (TOS). 1> I want to rent a parcel, what do I do? First you would want to join the group Fall Of Man . Second find a parcel and simply pay the rental box nearest the water's edge for how long you wish to rent for. Third send a NoteCard (NC) to Syren or Nerogoth Nightfire. When we have a moment we will add the ParcelRenter tag to your account. Only then will you be able to rezz. If there is Alts or others that needs the tag as well, please tell us their SL name so we can add them as well. 3> Is there forced Teleporting? NO. We offer the capability to offer a direct TP to inside your parcel if you wish, but you can set Home to any spot including vertically. 4> May I change the Windlight / Music / etc.? You will have BASIC Land rights to allow you to change those features, BUT all items will need to be DEEDABLE to the FoM group (security orbs, music / video players, etc.). ● NO you can not change the parcel to another group. ● You cannot modify the parcel boundaries / reparcel the space. ● You cannot edit the terrain. ● You cannot Sublet the land (i.e. rent it to someone else). If you have multiple people on your parcel and want them to 'pay' for a portion of the rent, they can FREELY pay the rental box at anytime on your behalf. 5> A> Do I have to use the building on the parcel / be at ground level? B> Can I setup a rezzbox/ skybox / personal space / etc.in the sky ? We offer the 1 - 2 prim building as models you CAN use, or can be removed if you wish. You are NOT required to use / build at ground level. We offer the space between 1000-2000m ONLY for such uses, WITH the following limitations: ● You MUST keep your builds to your outlined parcel. It is recommended to rezz a prim at ground level in the size of your parcel, then change the Object's Z position to the height you wish. This will help guide you on your limitations. ● NO LARGE BUILDS. Respect other people's skybox / usage and don't 'overlap' on their used space. We can all be good neighbors with common sense. ● NO CLUBS, BROTHELS, etc. Parcels are for PERSONAL use, not BUSINESS. We have the Mall space for Businesses. 6> May I advertise in the FoM group? NO. All FoM stores may advertise in the group, but not Residents. You MAY chat via the FoM group though, keep it civil, drama free, and INCLUSIVE. 7> Can I rezz XYZ / do I have to rezz Adult / Sexual items only? We are ADULT land because we are ADULTS, and partake of all such ADULT activities. We do NOT require you have sex/other adult items on your parcel, but we encourage it. We DO LIMIT you from rezzing any RACIST, BIASED, or ILLEGAL (i.e. ChildPorn) items anywhere on the SIM. While we are extremely inclusive for any race, species, perversion, religion, etc. and believe whatever ADULTS do in their personal space is THEIR business, you are still on OUR property on LINDEN LAB's physical server. As such, if we have a concern or requirement, your choices are to comply or go elsewhere. 8> I have concerns or questions, what do I do? Please send a NC to Syren or Nerogoth Nightfire, explaining plainly and with the necessary details so we may address your concerns or questions. Do realize we have REAL LIVES FIRST, so it may take us more than a day to answer you, though we try to respond the same day. Blessed Be, Syren Nightfire Nerogoth Nightfire
  14. Hi there! I'm a fairly new user to SL and have noticed SL seems to be a pretty tight-knit community, especially in the roleplay community. I was wondering if anyone could reccomend some rp groups? I'm looking for anything furry related- urban, fantasy, realistic, non-realistic, any species. Also anything feral related- wolf packs, urban dog packs, fox packs, lion prides, realistic, non realistic. If there are Warrior Cat clan rp groups I'd gladly join! Or if anyone is interested in making one together, I'd be down for that too! I'm a pretty experienced rper, but am new to the secondlife rp format. I can be literate with paragraph, third person style, or informal first person style. I'd prefer a group not focused on sexual themes, but not against 18+ themes. Any reccomendations welcome!
  15. Ever wanted to be a member of a cause? To be part of a loving family that takes care of its own? Well look no further, The DarkSoul Family is open to those who wish to have a family. The DarkSoul Family also has a Defense Force, led by the Sakurauchi Branch of the DarkSoul Family. The Defense Force is the bulwark against family threats and a disciplined and regimented military. The Sakurauchi Defense Force is the structured military branch of the Family, similar to the Gotei 13 and Soul Society from the anime "Bleach", by Tite Kubo, in terms of ranks and structure. The Defense force is for those in the family who are more combat and military oriented. To join, please contact in-world: (DSF) DarkSoul Family (Civilian Branch) = Revan2127 Resident (DSDF) DarkSoul Family - Sakurauchi Defense Force (Military Branch) = chaosninja7 Resident
  16. Welcome to Cedar Creek!! A family friendly community that loves to RP! We are looking to fill positions within our Preschool as well as our K-12 School. Below you will find a link to the application. No need to live at Cedar Creek to apply!! All we ask is that you become a registered citizen (different from a resident). we are looking to hire 2 preschool teachers, 3 or more K-12 teachers, as well as Principals/Vice Principals for both schools. We are also looking to bring on Teaching Assistants. If you have any questions feel free to contact Rei Silvercloud (Craddick) or Rebecca Rockwell (Layler.Moonwall). https://form.jotform.us/ReiSilvercloud/CCSchoolStaffApp
  17. lottiechoc


    Hey, I'm really into a new drama series that's started over here in the UK, called Jamestown. Just wondered if anyone knew of any sims that have cropped up based around the Series? Thanks
  18. As you could have probably guessed by the title, I am RPing a mare and trying to find a nice roleplay I can fit into. I've recently purchased the Teegle Horse avatar, and at the moment, I've refrained from purchasing tack until I can find a place to RP. No need to go wasting all of my fresh Lindens now. With that being said, I have no trouble with buying my own items so I'm plenty capable of self-sufficiency should anyone decide that my character would make a good companion. I'm not seeking any type of roleplay in particular because I'm pretty flexible when it comes to genres. Whether it's modern, fantasy, western, or something entirely different, I'm willing to give it a shot. I have no problem with realism so no one has to worry about a talking horse if it's completely inappropriate for the RP. I'd even be glad to join a horse herd if there are any who are open to another member. All I hope to gain is a good story and good people to contribute with. The only thing to keep in mind is that I'm more of a semi-para/para RPer. I can do simple one-liners, but they often don't hold my interest as much. Now, without further ado, a short introduction: Genevieve [name subject to change per request] is a 5-year old, gray Gypsy Vanner cross, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a gentler horse anywhere. She is highly obedient and aims to please her handler (or whoever happens to be in charge) once she understands what is wanted from her. She gets along well with not just other horses but other species as well, sometimes going so far as to indulge her curiosity to investigate anyone new. She holds a certain degree of intelligence that seems to be enough to land her in mischievous situations every now and again, but she's a joy to watch on most days regardless. However, it takes time for her to get to such a state. Genevieve is also very shy and almost unconfident at a glance, especially in unfamiliar situations, and her tendency to become difficult escalates if she isn't calmed properly. Her fear of loud, sudden noises is especially terrible. For those who take the time to work with this snow-white mare, the reward comes in the form of an unyielding loyalty and compassion. Once you've got this horse's trust, it's for life, but the same could also be said if it is broken. If anyone happens to be interested, feel free to either reply to the thread below or send me (Kaybirdy) a message in-world! Same goes for any questions you might have~
  19. Hello, I'm Alexandria. My SL is - MissAlexandrya. I've had this account for over 2 years. Just recently I came back from being busy with life and school. None of my previous friends come on anymore, so I'm just by myself. I was hoping this could assist me in finding like minded individuals like myself. I like to role-play, explore Sl places or just lounge around/ hangout and talk. It's not always easy to find people who have the same interests in sl. Interests - Anime, Games, Music, Dancing, adventures, role-play, shopping, Fashion, Medieval, ballroom If you would like to get to know me and be my friend, send me a message on sl. Thanks!
  20. Do you love to dance, text, cam or voice? Do you enjoy teasing and flirting? Teleport to Pink Gentlemen's Lounge and meet with any of our management team. Want a preview? Check out our website at www.pinkgentlemenslounge.com ! Come visit us inworld ♥ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Spinker/161/67/611
  21. Many positions available at the Prime Community.. Prime Community Staff Needed: *Leasing Agents: 2 General manager 1 *1 Front Desk Rep who welcomes members to the sim who appear *1 Leasing Agent who shows homes and will go outside of the sim promoting the community to see if anyone would like to rent an entire household or just a room/apartment *General Manager will make sure all duties are being performed and that all staff members are reporting for duty when they are scheduled. *Event Coordinator: Assists with planning the events for the community whether it be monthly or weekly *Game Masters: Watch over the arcade games along with the bowling alley and conducts tournaments like chess, spades, or the game that is like scrabble. *Gym Leader and fitness trainers: Someone who can lead the gym and has fitness equipment of their own, if not we can provide the equipment at the end of the week. *Theater Staff: As many people willing to work on a play around the holidays *Television & Radio Staff: As many people willing to work on television and or movie productions along with radio broadcasting for club scene or just the sim in general. Every year on December 23rd, I want to be able to host an awards show like the Oscars and the Emmys along with Employee awards for hard work. *Fire Department Crew: Will be in charge of fires being held on the sim, they have to respond to each concern in a timely manner. Need a Crew Chief who will head the department and have volunteer fire fighters. *Hospital Staff: We have a psychologist she just needs a staff to work in the hospital nurses, doctors, a front desk medical assistant *Courthouse Staff: Judge, Lawyers, Paralegals, courtroom clerks *School Staff: Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers, students *Maintenance staff: Make sure the households are running smoothly for tenants *Restaurant owner: someone that can run their own restaurant that can deliver food to doors of the tenants *Cable/Phone technicians: We need staff to go and check that phone lines are enabled for the current tenants of household, by adding them to the community group after sale is purchased. PS: Those who are under 3 months old and not willing to rent at our community are enlisted as volunteers for 90 days. If they can keep up with a schedule, are officially hired and have their paycheck every week. For more info please contact inworld with Dita Southmoor. Icwlindsey or chains1995.
  22. Does anyone here know an RP sim which is set in modern times or eventually one with setting not older than 19th century? Will take any active place with an interesting premise BUT one which is not rooted in fantasy genre. Would also love some supernatural and horror elements but fitting within sci-fi tropes. To elaborate: - Fantasy bits are okay but am looking for a place without every possible race and class under the sun. Would be grand if they fit sci-fi tropes; for example - mutants who evolved after humans who had been experimented by the government. - Wanting an immersive setting that has a tad bit of a mystery such as a small town which seems too nice, a cult whole world loves which in reality is vile, world post apocalyptical event, humans struggling to accept alien refugees ... etc. - Horror I am into is usually ambience and psychological such as dystopias, conspiracies, brainwashing and all similar genres. What I am very not into are vampires, werewolves, elves, angels or demons. However, would not mind them in sci-fi frame such as vampires having an odd virus which government deals with or angels and demons being just different species from another dimension. - Would be keen on Adult sim but not sex oriented. A hud which regulates game but is not overtly combat centred would be a plus. Para or semi-para RP style is my favourite to read and write as well. Missing Mile from ancient SL times would have fitten or Celar Proper which never had been an RP but sim design was based on mystery. Pleasantville (the one which had cave systems) might have worked but never have been there long enough. As for other media examples: Silent Hill and The Secret World check out in games category for me while In The Flesh, Bedlam, Aliens (BBC 3 television show), Torchwood, Doctor Who (UNIT parts), Primeval, Utopia, AHS: Asylum and Black Mirror match as television shows. Books are a bit harder but something like 1984, Hunger Games, In the Company of Shadows series and Inherent Gifts (it is the odd one out as it is about a world where slavery is legal due to humanity developing ESP powers - those with physical ones become slaves in some countries. Series follows a doctor who aids the rebels) would do. The only film I can come up with is Franklyn. As for RPs I checked and was meh about: - City of Lost Angels - used to play there and faction RP is not for me. Would fancy one centred a role such as scrap gatherer, waiter, secret agent, cleaner and so on. - Convergence - premise was nifty but also too much fantasy elements for me plus it seems not very active and the build is kind of dated. They focus more on the class and faction play which is not my cup pf tea. - Crackden and Deadend - they are the most active but looking for a different feel. - Outbreak - considering this one but it seems to be dying. I do not like zombies but would be willing to give it a go. Tl;dr - an RP where darknes lurks, world is bleak and new government rules a poor, small town ... with a tragic mystery.
  23. The beautiful, multi-sim Chateau de Versailles recreation needs builders to help complete her glory. Builders will be well compensated! Must be proficient in mesh building, need to be able to show proof of skill, and need to be able to work well with other builders. Please contact Shalimar Poliatevska or Ludwikamaria Resident to apply! :))
  24. We welcome you to come take a walk around our newly renovated community of Eagle Town. We offer a family friendly sim with many amenities and endless opportunities to be what ever your heart desires. Many positions open at this time, whether you see yourself as Sheriffs Deputy, Fire Dept, Officer of the courts or a shop owner, perhaps a restaurant owner? Maybe you've always fancied yourself as mayor, your only limited by your imagination. COME JOIN US NOW AS WE HAVE AN AMAZING RENTAL SPECIAL GOING ON NOW RENT 4 WEEKS GET 2 WEEKS FREE, BEST DEAL IN SL RUNNING. this is a limited time only offer and will expire on sun the 7th of May. Rents as low as 100L weekly for beach cottages and offering family homes as well as a limited amount of luxury homes. See you soon! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eagle Town/97/122/27
  25. Do you have the urge to howl? Are you interested in playing some kind of wolf or shifter in a medi-fantasy roleplay sim with lots of options? Calder's Rock wolves are looking for fellow kin to join their pack. You get to join sim, find lots of people to roleplay with,create your own stories, meet new people, make new friends. And hey you don't even have to be a wolf. Conquest of Elysium has many options! Fae, mers, humans, orcs, dragons and more! Check out the sim here or take a looksie at the website. Sim Slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Conquest of Elysium/123/100/2521 Website:http://conquestofelysium.wixsite.com/tcoe Howls!!!
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