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  1. Let me begin by saying this is not my primary account, but an alt. I am posting under this account to avoid in-world IM's. I have basically enjoyed role-playing and RP sims for several years, but in the past year or two, it has seemed like there has been a decline in active RP. What seems to happen is that someone will create a beautiful sim(s), with a well thought out backstory and website, a thousand people will join the group and community, then a couple of months later the sim closes because people start to complain about a lack of RP and leave. A group of friends and I recently chatted about this and came up with some ideas. 1 - Stop blaming the sim and the owners for the lack of RP. All they are responsible for is creating and maintaining the environment/setting, to provide the platform for us to RP. It is up to us, the community, to use this. Do some owners worry about renting all the homes/businesses? Of course, but that is only to help them offset the cost of the sim, and has nothing to do with a lack of RP. 2 - Use the IC Group. Stop standing/sitting around somewhere and waiting for someone to come to you. Use this group as it is intended to be used...post what you are doing so that others will know you are available for RP. And be sure to include in this post where you are, do not just say you arrived for work and are waiting for a customer. Let people know what the business is. 3 - Stop abusing the OOC Group. Back when I started actively RPing, this group was monitored and used to let people know about general information about the sim, for new people to introduce themselves, to invite people to join an active RP scene, and inform about possible scenes (such as a fire, police raid, accident, etc.). Anymore, this group seems to be used for nothing more than useless and annoying conversations that turn many people away. 4 - Be Present. This applies mainly to business owners and "employees". If you own a business on a sim, or work for one, then be there...and remember #2. what is the point of "owning" a bar, tattoo parlor, beauty salon, etc. if you are never there for RP. Now, I do understand that you also want to enjoy other aspects of the sim, and that is fine, but you should still try to be at your business on a regular basis. Also, for the others who may wish to use the business for RP...do not hesitate to IM the owner and ask for a scene. Believe me, most will be more than willing to. 5 - Personal Blog on website. This is for the owners. Consider adding a blog page to your site where residents can post things about themselves. This is a good way not only for people to share what their character is about, but for others to know and maybe seek them out for RP. 6 - Have a bio in your picks. This is to help others know a little bit about you and what you may like/dislike to RP 7 - Be active. Do not just sit in your home and wait to see if something will happen, get out and make it happen. If ten people are on the sim and all are sitting at home, then naturally, no one will be RPing. But if they were all out and even just walking around, then chances are good they will run into each other. And do not be afraid to speak, even if it is just a hi to someone passing by. You never know, that simple hi could turn into the best RP scene you ever had. Understand, these are just some ideas my friends and I have had, and some people may disagree with a point or two. That is fine. Please feel free to add any other ideas on how sims can increase the RP
  2. So I have an idea for a RP that I want to do but it's a little bit Risque if you will so bare with me here.. Okay so, a little back story before I delve into this whole thing.. I have been involved in family RP for years on SL, I started out way back in the day before mesh where it was weird to be a tiny avatar, but then Toddleedoo came out which was amazing, anyway so I started as a youngling and then very slowly grew up into a child, teen and now I'm an adult. I've had many families (4) on SL but through all of them I have kept the same siblings (one is my RL husband so can't get rid of him that easily) anyway.. In our family once I hit the teen years I was a bit of a rebel, but I was a closeted homo (I'm gay irl) and when I did finally come out to my SL Parents they spat the dummy and we have since parted ways BUT and here's where it gets interesting.. I was thinking, how fun would it be to RP having a baby with some girl I met at the club??? I know.. Crazy, so I have the mama allpa HUD (Male version ofc) and was tossing around the idea of maybe getting some girl pregnant, we could go to the doctors together and do all that good stuff, get checkups and all that jaz.. and if you had a family we could break the news to them! As I said I no longer have a family other than my siblings so we would have to break it to them, but I think this could be very fun, we could have just one baby and go our separate ways after the birth or we could have twins or shared custody.. anyway, this was just my idea and I think it would make for some good RP.. So I'm looking for a female with the mama allpa HUD who wants to RP having a baby with a gay guy who is fresh out the closet but in denial, IDK how the mama allpa hud works, I think we would have to have sexy time, I'm terrible when it comes to RP sex with females so we can just do what ever there, but I look good so you won't be disappointed lol.. If you're interested hmu in world Seth Saeed
  3. St. Columba Catholic Boarding School is taking applications! Fun, friendly and very active school that has a newspaper, a school choir that travels around doing shows on the grid and daily classes with extracurricular RP time. Located in the Toyah region, St C has been open for about 5 years now with an active town on 4 sims. School meets daily at 1 SLT. The setting is Ireland 1939 but with the school RP we are pretty flexible and do not strictly adhere to it. Contact me, Lila Swansong, in world with any questions or for a tour. You can also check out our open group on FB https://www.facebook.com/groups/281592795312031/ for a glimpse into student life. It is where we post pictures and updates of the daily ongoings. Hope to see you around!
  4. Battlestar Galactica Roleplay is once again back in Second Life. Taking a deeper look within the time period known as The 1st Cylon War, players will have a chance to watch the Cylon Rebellion start and grow in scope while battling against the machines that intend to destroy humanity in order to gain freedom. Players can choose between a variety of Military Roles, both combat and non-combat roles, there are no small parts! Players will also have the opportunity to play as Cylon Centurions and Raiders during combat situations via a Real Time Combat HUD system. We also have a working Fire Fighting System in place to combat damage taken during space engagements and have plans to also have ground combat as well. However, please remember, this is NOT a Combat SIM, we are a roleplay sim and as such, the story and roleplay will take priority over combat! Our definitive opening day is October 19th for roleplay. However, you can visit the SIM and explore the Roleplay environment in an OOC Capacity while we wrap up building! Please visit us at BSG: Typhon where you will be taken to our Welcome Center. From there you can pick up a variety of Notecards with information regarding roles, an OOC Titler, and an application packet! We look forward to seeing everyone and are still accepting applications for all roles. ~Wade Wells~
  5. So, I'll be frank with you all, I am looking for work across the grid as a Mercenary for Lindens, or even something worth my while like say, free guns, vehicles, or something akin to it. I don't know how to script mind you, but I do have an eye for detail and have some basic building skills, and am willing to improve if given the right incentive and instruction. I am skilled with both taking orders, and giving them, and even working alone on some projects. I have Grid-based combat experience, leadership skills, reaching the rank of Commander in the group I use to be affiliated with. I am a good teacher, knowledgeable in many various subjects, and more than willing to dig for answers. I am not shy about any sort of work, and do possess a small amount of alternative methods to find answers, so by all means, if you have a task for me, please PM me in world, or post a response here. I shall be waiting~
  6. Teen girl looking for a man or woman who wants to age down to a teen between the ages of 14 to 17 possibly 18, before you ask why i love playing a teen but would love to have a boyfriend in roleplay to go on dates with to the prom and so on and even go to school with. if this interests you let me know. now i say boyfriend but i am open to girlfriend as well. im also looking to making new friends as well to hang with as a teen i play a 16yr old girl. anyways message me inworld. might want to nc me cause i get capped. asrielleashworth Resident. also looking for a family as well if i can find one.
  7. Hi! I am currently looking to rent a house in a roleplay community for my friend and I. I fell in love with roleplay communities as they have things to do such a coffee shops, gaming, shops, events, clubs. Below you find specifics of what I am looking for, please comment any community that seems fit, it would really help out. What I am looking for in the house specifically - 2 bedrooms - One bathroom -Kitchen, living room -Option to pay for more prims if needed -Budget: 1000L per week MAX -backyard (pool if possible) What I am looking for in roleplay community - Some sort of beach or city scenery - sense of community, lots of people reside here and are active members. - Group for events going around the community - Active events happening -Places to go to such as shops; cafes, gaming places, clubs, etc Communities I have ALREADY tried and have NOT found what I want (please dont suggest these) - The vistas -Coastal Heights -Boca
  8. Roleplay SuperStars Needed NOW!! Second Life's Newest Hotel/Resort and Wedding Destination is recruiting now for staff to help us provide the best immersive roleplay experience we can.Secluded deep in the French countryside this estate sits on 16 acres of land including a seasonal hunting zone; during the months of September - January, as well as a novice level ski slope. The lake is rich with marine life and home to sunken items from the 1870 avalanche that nearly devastated the property. We are pleased to announce the opening of Montagne De Glace! Roles we are recruiting for include: -Wait Staff - Ideally you will have a sense of humor and creativity as well as the ability to make customers feel at ease and really embrace all our restaurant has to offer. Not only should you be an avid roleplayer, but also someone who can fly by the seat of your pants so to speak and really enjoy providing excellent customer service. Pay will be per dinner service and will be based on the amount of customers you may be serving on the occasion. A fairly flexible schedule is preferred but we are willing to train the right person. -House Executive Chef - Ideally you will have the gift of the gab and pretty handy in the kitchen. So if you know your tarragon from your chives, you may just be the person we need. This role will introduce various different RP scenario's including wedding cake tastings, cooking classes and the odd spotlight on the chef, so it is important that you are an avid role player and have a sense of humor. Payment will be discussed with the right applicant. -Salon and Spa Staff - Massages, hair dressing, pedi's and mani's are just a few of the tasks you may get involved in here. The ability to roleplay well is definitely important with this role but basic scripts will be supplied. You will ideally have a sense of humor (yes, this is for our sanity), flexibility and be someone who likes to kind of explore and find their own way to achieve what our clients expect. Full training will be given but preference will be for applicants who have some RP experience. Payment will be based on booked services that you complete. We are looking for people from all backgrounds and experiences, timezones and languages to apply and will meet with every applicant to assess your suitability. We are looking to hire on the spot and you could be working as early as this weekend. Message Rosalyn Macarthur if you have any questions but please hit our link to apply for one of these roles: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScu8uCtv-sHAUm0_rdIIO4F4E0tQGsSu1WwpX4jO0TUBQ2Dvw/viewform Check out our resort now to get a feel for what we have to offer: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FTm0zVh99wtvpDcveh6Csl5MfUDWe10v
  9. Hi there, I'm a new user of this world, and been looking forward to explore my kinky side in this world with a partner/dom/master who shares the same interest and ideas on making BDSM fantasies come true Please add and message me if you are interested and looking for a submissive. About me : I'm a 31 yo asian female who actively into bdsm in submissive roleplay, i'm mostly into fetishes of kidnaped, DiD, shibari, bondage, predicament, breathplay, forced orgasm and any other kind of master fetishes
  10. BabyBundles Maternity Center is seeking to hire reliable, dedicated and sociable individuals as doctors. The job is fun, well-paid and fairly easy. You will only need need to be online for a few hours per week. We have various shifts to choose from, all on the weekends. We have been in the business for over seven years now. We one of the most trusted names in the business. We have a family-oriented sim dedicated to our family RP community. We have decided to expand our business and are looking for dependable individuals who enjoy participating in roleplay. Our doctors must have a fun personality, be able to act in a professional manner, be able to engage with our patients' roleplay, be good learners (to take a training course) and take their job seriously. We are looking for a dedicated team to add to our family. Previous experience is NOT required. All that matters to apply is that you are reliable and dedicated. You will be paid 100L per appointment, and 150L per delivery (you can have multiple appointments per shift). You could have anywhere between 2-10 appointments per week, depending on your availability and how many appointments are booked during your shift. Each appointment will be 20-30 minutes long. You would be asked to come in on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday, depending on your availability, for a few hours. If you believe you have what it takes and you are interested, please go to this SLURL to pick up an application form (on the wall in our store): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Superlabz 1/161/69/2431 Contact information and more details are included in the application form.
  11. Hi all! I'm hoping to start a centaur herd once I've bought my BC Centaur, but if someone could direct me to a common hangout or just add me if you're interested that'd be great! Feel free to comment with ideas for the herd as well or for meeting places! Thanks ??
  12. Greetings People of Second Life!! I want to do a shout out about this amazing Role Play sim that I have come to have as my home. The players are great to RP with, the admin/lead team members are phenomenal with their collaborations and working together to provide a fun place to play for everyone that loves the medieval fantasy worlds. It is adult themed, too! Your character can cuss and sit in their bathhouse named Siren's Den or their Onsen all nude with nary an out of character fuss! There are rules, of course, but they are all very logical and reasonable. I have watched the lead team stand by their rules and find creative solutions to issues. I do implore you, oh seeker of the fantasy role play, to check out the links below and see what you think! Who knows, we may even cross paths in our stories and make a grand time of it!! Until next we meet! ~Lizzie Dyson https://novusascending.wixsite.com/secondlife https://www.flickr.com/groups/2975277@N23 https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wish%20Mountain/112/128/1005
  13. So, what I'm looking for might be a challenge to find... it has been for me for a little while... When I first started roleplaying in SL, I could find places that would allow you to play as a child character (Knowing you're an adult behind the keyboard, of course,) but you could also play as a fae, elf, whatever. I've found some cool fantasy, both medieval, and not, that are fun to play in, but not one of them allows a character to not be an adult. It's making me a bit depressed, as I'd love to play my teen fae as I intended. I'm indifferent on what kind of setting, medieval, modern, scifi, whatever. I'd just like to play him as I created him... Any suggestions?
  14. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a family or even just parent(s). For awhile now I've been trying to fit into different families but either it just doesn't work out or they go offline without any word again. I'm either looking for a big family, just one or two parents, etc. While I play a toddleedoo who's around six, I do have a kid avatar as well as an adult. I'll either stay in toddleedoo or kid form around the family unless they are cool with an adult avatar. Must be more then a month old, or just have a non-newbish appearance. (Mesh body, head, etc.) I'm online Monday - Sunday anywhere from 9AM - 10PM SLT Timezone is UTC-08:00 Pacific Time. If you want to talk to me please send me a notecard since IM's tend to cap. In world name is: BloodyKitty230 Thank you!
  15. Hello, Hanakoo Island is now hiring a rental agent. If you are interested please contact dymond.southmoor. This position is PAID.
  16. Hello I've always been attracted to strong, mature women, and would love to spark a romance with an older woman (let's say 35-50 give or take) who'd enjoy spending time with a younger man. I love to go dancing, you can often find me at music clubs, would like to think I'm reasonably intelligent, have been told I'm a good para-roleplayer, and of course I am fully legal and verified. I'd like someone who is a great conversationalist, intelligent and fun, and a fellow good emoter/roleplayer is a big plus. If this fits you, send me a PM and let's chat!
  17. so me and a friend have started making a HUD for puppy sounds, eg woof, growl ect. and as the project came along we've realized that i (myself) need a little help making the script as we would want the buttons to talk back to the root prim so that the hud sounds could be turned on and off, a choice to change name of person wearing the hud, and read setting notcard. i know how to do the parts but making them comunicate together has me confused. any help would be greatly helpful, even if its just the name to what im thinking of as so far the only lllisten ive found is to local chat for the owner to say a phrase.
  18. Resident 2 85 posts Report post Posted July 16, 2017 LoveFest 2018 - the 7th annual HP Lovecraft Festival of Second Life. LoveFest schedules 7-10 days around the birthday of the author HP Lovecraft - August 20. This year's Fest takes place August 17-26, 2018, celebrating Mr. Lovecraft's 128th birthday. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ravenheart/128/128/53 The Festival location is a whole sim packed to the brim with entertainment and adventure! Performers Listing at the Regent Theater: https://lovefest.wordpress.com/entertainment-2018/ The full schedule of entertainment is here: https://lovefest.wordpress.com/events/full-schedule/ Blog https://lovefest.wordpress.com/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Lovecraft-Festival-of-Second-Life-989455331105652/ Flickr https://www.flickr.com/groups/3022137@N22/pool/ Some Impressions by official bloggers and visitors: * For lover of the theme: you can also visit :http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Innsmouth/154/169/47 - where the LoveFest Office is located at.
  19. Thank you for your interest in a Giano Properties. We strive to make this community a place that is fun for everyone. Tired of "Lonely Island Syndrome"? Come check out Giano Properties. We offer family style roleplay in a friendly, modern, New England setting. Whether you are looking for a starter town home, the latest mesh family home or an XL large parcel to rez your own home we even offer homesteads your very own private island; you will find we have something for all family sizes and budgets. Friendly staff and residents No premium account needed Protected by covenant Child safe and family friendly Amenities •LIFE2 store and LIFE2 equipped amenities. •Quaint shops and restaurants •Daily Community Events •Bowling alley •Biker Bar •Parks •Boating (NOW WITH EVEN MORE WATER) •Usable Roads •Gas Station - Car Wash •Drag Racing Role Play •Police Department •Fire Department •Medical Center •Court House •Role-play money system •Newsletter •Drag Racing •Bank We have parcels with the latest homes. Website Website Teleport to: Welcome Center ROOST - Mitchell Park House#69 Ocean Circle1200 usable prims more prims can be added http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Springfield/16/153/24 REDGRAVE - LAKEVIEW House / Sunroom#82 Ocean Circle 1000 usable prims more prims can be added http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Springfield/242/75/23  ROOST - Bella Vista House V2 #67 Ocean Circle1000 usable prims more prims can be added http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Springfield/14/56/23 ROOST 'Glen Ridge' House 88 Ocean Circle - 4 bedroom1000 usable prims more prims can be added http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Medfield/242/25/23 ROOST - Lake Side 80 Ocean Circle Beach - 4 Bedroom1000 usable prims more prims can be added http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Springfield/240/166/24 ROOST - Palm View House 11 Lighthous Drive 900 usable prims more prims can be added http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Narragansett/151/242/23
  20. My friend and I are looking for what seems to be an impossible thing to find. We spent about a year roleplaying in Crack Den and Lafourche Crossing, but we took a break together. Now we're looking to revive our characters and the interest in roleplaying again, but can't seem to find anything. If anyone has suggestions, that'd be great. I'm feeling pretty discouraged after searching for a couple days. Important: Text-based roleplay sim Modern day (or close to i), realistic setting Must allow children characters & feral animals (No special powers needed/wanted Preferably para-roleplay, but at least the focus should be on the RP. We've checked out places like Acacia falls. Cedar creek. Santa Ramona. Cocoa bay, elk point... They all either are community-based first with Rp second or don't allow children avatars.
  21. NORTH PROVIDENCE 2018 DEPARTMENT LEADERS Let's be real, modern roleplay sims are usually cookie cutter or the same type of sim, with a different name, We're all bored of the mundane locations because we feel they're predictable. Fear not, North Providence, NY is now-recruiting for positions, If you'd like to take part in one of the best new environments of 2018 send me a note-card of your interest and what position. While we are not opening our doors until 8/15/18 we are very underway. When you hear of a modern city based in NY you immediately think over-used and over-done layouts but we are striving to be the best urban RP sim of 2018 and beyond. This project began 1/1/18 and has been in the works since then, and we are not done yet, completion set for 8/15/2018. We are currently seeking grammatically correct role-players with experience in police, fire and medical role-play, as well as criminal sides. We want to give people who are tired of their current sim or can't find a sim to be on and make memories a new chance to do that in North Providence. If this interests you please do reply to this topic, or send NPGovernment an IM or Notecard in world, we hope to hear from you asap. We span currently two simulators large, and hoping to add a third. We have many preset custom locations to role-play in or start your own, lots of custom mesh and custom interiors, most not store bought, no repeating buildings, most buildings used once and not seen again. With underground tunnels, sewers, and rooftop areas how could you go wrong? You will get lost here! WE HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE As with every simulator, usually what happens with rentals and donations it does not go back into the simulator it was for, here in North Providence we will be posting all sim statistics and sim income / donation income to show you that it either went straight to sim operating costs, or sim improvements/additions. This is generally not needed and not used by most modern or rather any other role-play sim, we think this is necessary so you can see how your home-town is operating. We will be electing a mayor, and a cabinet if they so wish after we get up and operating, the administration team (two members currently.) will not be interfering with anything unless directly contacted with OOC matters. The decision to have minimal OOC Admin contact is to keep the flow and feeling of the city alive, nobody likes when admins are breathing down your neck. BACKSTORY WILL BE PROVIDED ON OPENING DAY. Our simulator is on two-sims currently and based "somewhere" in NY State, due to us keeping creative flow and freedom on our infrastructure we don't specify exactley where in NY state we are currently located, this helps with people who live in the area of NY state IRL not knowing locations and of course that dreading "This is not accurate" card. It's our vision, our design and a burst of imagination seen no-where else on Second Life. As with all the great cities, Mascouten, Canton, Harrison they all have their own distinct personality and unfortunately ended too soon. WE ENCOURAGE QUESTIONS, CONCERNS, AND HOPE YOU WILL JOIN US ON THIS JOURNEY, TO BE THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF 2018 AND BEYOND.
  22. Barn name: Bonnie (Show name: "Highlander's Sassenach". Show name cannot be changed.) Breed: Highland Pony Age: roughly 10 years old Sex: Mare Trained in: English, harness, lunge. Bred in Scotland, Bonnie is a sound highland pony. Used mainly for work ie harness work, and pleasure riding, But could also be used as a children's pony for taller children. Bombproof but can nip at times. Stands at 14hh. Comes with harness and small wooden cart, as well as English tack, halter, and blankets. ooc info: -Looking for experienced rpers that can speak English well -Looking for historical/medieval rp, though a modern rp with appropriate space (i.e no beaches, you wouldn't keep a horse built for Scottish weather on a beach) is fine. -keeping rp realistic (you wouldn't just walk up to a random horse and be friends with it asap, and you wouldn't put a small 2 year old on a working pony's back.) My times online can be sporadic at times, with a job and other commitments. PST. Message ariyastonehall (Bonnie is my display name). Serious inquires only!
  23. Emory Haven is searching for teachers, join one of our faculty teams and be a part of the story! We’re an urban fantasy roleplay sim, fresh and active! We’ve built two schools to enhance rp even further: Meadowlark Primary and Emory Haven High. A variety of positions are currently open and we hope you’ll take the time to get a hold of us if you're interested! Message Petrichora inworld for more information!
  24. Hello, everyone! Chaii and Alicia here! (Sorry for such a long post!) My GF and I are wanting to start an SL family Roleplay, and we mean this in the sense of actual role-playing taking place and not so much the "I'll call you my sister, and you can call me sister and we'll just chill and (practically) OOC talk all the time", if you get what I mean? I'm not saying the latter family RP is bad, it's just not what we're wanting to get into. We're looking for story lines and innocent RP fun that might entail a lot of at home, daily routines or sim hopping and dragging each other around to different things to do, all the while not exactly breaking character. We're hoping to find people who, they don't have to be "para-rpers", but might put some ounce of emotion or a little above average description behind their characters actions and words. A little bit of fun family drama thrown in maybe? Whatever's fine with us! For lack of a better way to explain it, and to put it simply even, think of it as all of us "playing house", in a sense. We don't own our own sim or anything and we don't mind so much if, say for instance, my character has a sister that lives on a different sim in a different neighborhood than ours. We think that just gives us all one more place to RP together! With that said, we're also pretty open to themes too! And please don't think we wouldn't want to get to know you, the player. We would love to get to know the brain behind the keyboard! We know all of us won't be in the mood to RP 100% of the time, and that's fine, though we'd like to RP often. <3 As I've seen some adoption agencies put on their applications, on a scale of 1-10, how important is the RP for us? I'd say about 8 tops. We'd be happy to give you brief descriptions of our characters and their interests! We'd also love to hear feedback on how you'd like to approach everything and how we can make the RP come together! Or if you just have any general questions! Feel free to IM me or drop me a notecard: LadyChaii. Positions We're Looking For: Chaii: *Parent(s): single or any couple! *Sibling(s): brother, sister, or both. *Other(s): Grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, ect. Alicia: *Sibling(s): Brother, sister, or both! Chaii and Alicia: *Younger Child(ren): we hope to have at least one girl and one boy, or two girls, or just one girl. Preferred age ranges for any are up to 5 or 6. *Teen Child: Either a boy or a girl is fine. Preferred age range is up to 16 or 17. **All children played from the perspective of being adopted by me and Alicia. **Children would be expected to live with us, so please get with me for more details or any questions! Alicia and I probably won't just give the OK to anyone who accepts any position, since we want all of us to hopefully make this a long term thing. So, we'd happily set up a trial week or two, if that's alright, with anyone interested! We can all OOCly get to know each other in that time, if we want, hang out casually, and hopefully get some RP going! ---Thanks for making it this far!
  25. Hey everyone! I am the Owner of Acadiana Dispatch & Monitoring Services. I have been in EMS and fire for approx. 5 years in real so we focus on the most realistic roleplay possible! We are currently looking for quiet a few people! Don't know anything about First responders or Dispatching? NO PROBLEM!!!!! We will train you its SUPER easy how we set it up!! Please view the list below of openings we have. You can also contact me in world anytime for more questions and info!! OPENINGS: Co Owner Dispatch teacher EMT/Paramedic teacher Fire Academy teacher EMS and Fire personnel Dispatchers We have a few more! If you think you may fit one of this we will train you whenever you are available and get you started!! If you know of a position we might need to improve our response you can give me your ideas also! If you see I am offline please leave me a notecard! If you'd like a tour of the sim please let me know! Hope to see ya'll soon!
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