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About Me

  1. Hey all. I've been was messing around with Mused Milk Made and somehow I got introduced to the things I've listed below. They are either games or RLV toys. For example, in Muffin Milkers you try to be the best cow you can be. In Mused you try to milk and drink the most. ATLust seems to give you some stats and some desires and you get points for fulfilling them. Then, you use those points to enhance your character. I haven't used that one yet, but it seems fun. I'm not sure what the Bimbo Implant is. But it makes you talk dirty, tracks your libido and hooks up with pregnancy apps, too. I'
  2. Greetings SL Community! We have a small community in our sim, and we would love the opportunity to share our passion for roleplay and creative story-telling. The theme is fantasy, we have a lot of accepted races and classes. We believe any roleplayer that enjoys magical roleplay would also find it fitting. We invite you to check us out. At ME:KOM we are highly interested in cross-sim roleplay, and reaching agreements for events, to support each other and bring an active flow of Roleplayers to these type of worlds. Here's the link to our SIM. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife
  3. Hey! I'm a new player looking for a job, I'm fine with adult content except for voiced escort. I can also do other voiced roles, just not overly NSFW. Other than that I'm pretty chill. I've had irl customer service experience and am currently a theatre major, so if you need a roleplayed role I got you! I hope to hear from some of you, thanks! Pics of my avatar found here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/192408979@N03/
  4. The newly renovated medical center is seeking staff of all levels. If you're interested in the medical field and feel a call to help others then apply today! Positions are paid and benefits include rental discount in the Fox Hollow Community! Open positions: Doctors Nurses Receptionists and more! Here's the link to the application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/12JDEGXX173pwLSzit2jsHk7sC9eKCYCkOZ60HWqB2_c/viewform?edit_requested=true Or Contact Jahlove04 resident for more information!
  5. Hi guys, this is my last resort to find a place before I give up, I am looking for some place in SL for fantasy, urban, family or fuery Roleplay, no matter the type as long as it does not revolve around sex. I have had bad experiences in many places because if you do not offer sex or your avatar is not human, everyone ignores you. I want something simple to have fun with, active and without complicated Huds .
  6. Hello my name is Viper, I'm a role-player that is actively in the BDSM lifestyle as well as Poly lifestyle. (4 years poly experience in real life). I am seeking female partners whom are active to explore the lifestyle together and will be on a trial basis based on how active we meet with each other a few times a week. (I'm always open to having connection on Discord if you can't be on here). The partnerships for people are to be open with poly relationships and open relationships. This means you are allowed to have freedom to have other partners but make time for us both. (I'm always online ev
  7. If u are someone or if u know someone who is interested in joining our urban community sim feel free to visit the area! ( maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/2k%20OuterSpace/8/224/24 ) More information about rentals click on the mailboxes on the home you are interested in❤️ . . TWO POP UP SHOPS AVAILABLE‼️ •wanna take your business grid wide?? Stop by the Urban side of OuterSpace Jericho and rent out a store! ( message Jose Jericho or me naormiz in world for more info ) . . we have homes, full building apartments, and motel rooms for rent! LAND
  8. Thank you for your interest in a Giano Properties. We strive to make this community a place that is fun for everyone. Tired of "Lonely Island Syndrome"? Come check out Giano Properties. We offer family style roleplay in a friendly, modern, New England setting. Whether you are looking for a starter town home, the latest mesh family home or an XL large parcel to rez your own home we even offer homesteads your very own private island; you will find we have something for all family sizes and budgets. Friendly staff and residents No premium account needed Protected b
  9. Looking for a family or pregnancy related roleplay!! I’m just now joining second life for the 3rd time now lol but I use to as a pet horse before!! I’m open to all roleplays really!!
  10. FDE IS HIRING! We have a job for everyone! FDE is a genderfluid and accepting club so anyone and everyone may apply. We are Furry and Fantasy Avatar Friendly. LGBTQ+ and Ally Friendly Requirements: Must be 18+ and an adult avatar. Must be fully mesh and be able to emote. Must be able to understand spoken and written English. ↓ Click Here to Apply!
  11. Are you new to SL and want a way to make some cash? Have you ever wondered what it was like to work in the adult industry? Don't want to be an exotic dancer but would rather be a host? Are you not fully mesh and tired of being turned away? Worried about your emoting skills? Well, worry no more and apply today! We have so many positions waiting for you! Apply online today!! ↓ Click Here to Apply for the Apprenticeship Program!
  12. Sparenity Wellness & Spa offers a variety of spa services for women, men, couples and kids including massage therapy, manicures, pedicures, mud baths, Wedding party preparations and more. We are seeking experienced staff members to join our family. Shifts will be on an on-call basis. The shifts will depend on the client's stay at camp and the amount of bookings the spa have received, scheduled events and/or special events. You will be required to work at least 2 hours for any available shift. ➡️This is paid roleplaying position. ➡️Training is provided to all staf
  13. Hello! We are looking for roommates to join our small RP. We live in a 7 bedroom house and still have some rooms available (House is still a WIP ^^) Basic Plot: We are supernatural creatures living in hiding from humans. There are hunters looking for us, so we are living together in a safehouse. - We require you to be active in the house, since keeping empty rooms hurts the RP and makes it hard on other roommates. - We would prefer RP characters to be between 20-30 years old, but some exceptions are allowed. (Ofc vampires/hybrids/etc are al
  14. hi guys! i roleplay as 14 year old and on the fox hollow family roleplay sim. I pararp and sometimes one line. I'm hear because i'm looking for a mother or farther that is willing to rp with me. I want a specific storyline that goes with my character Ariana's background. Let me know if interested msg me inworld Aestheticprincesstingz.
  15. Hi All, I Am trying to be brave by putting it all out there. I am woman who enjoys Roleplaying in sl. How ever I find that more enjoyable with a partner. Not just roleplay but Sl in general. Its gets lonely roaming about Sl world alone. With no one to tp home to. I Like to think I am simple. I Am a woman looking for a partner here in SL. Yes I do like rp so I would need someone who enjoys that as well.... I Also am Open to having an SL personal Family. Meaning if you want a baby I would enjoy that so long as its a partnership.. How ever, I have been down this road before. So it will
  16. You've been thinking of joining an MC (motorcycle club), but not sure where to go or which one you want to talk to or possibly join.. Then let me help you, let me be your guide and let me introduce you to the best MC you will find in SL.....Black Dragons 1% MC With Black Dragons 1% MC, you are family!! We believe in honor, respect and loyalty. Disrespect any member of this family or any supporter of this family and you will feel what it means to cross a Dragon. The founder and President is a retired marine, as are a few of the fellow members....so the sense of brotherhood
  17. "Discussion post please keep in mind the guidelines for the forums." Hello there I've been in Bloodlines for two years almost three, I have seen people mostly when I am interested in roleplaying with them tell me no Bloodlines play (Which is fine with me) but I don't see the problem with Bloodlines besides the attacking can get annoying and when I asked some people it varies from being an annoyance to keep up with the RP system Bloodlines has or not really fun for them. I'm not saying Bloodlines is bad because it has some perks in recent months with new things added but what is everyone's
  18. Thank you for your interest in a Giano Properties. We strive to make this community a place that is fun for everyone. Tired of "Lonely Island Syndrome"? Come check out Giano Properties. We offer family style roleplay in a friendly, modern, New England setting. Whether you are looking for a starter town home, the latest mesh family home or an XL large parcel to rez your own home we even offer homesteads your very own private island; you will find we have something for all family sizes and budgets. Friendly staff and residents No premium account needed Protected b
  19. Hello! Is there any horse focused sims that either do roleplaying or provide homes for feral horse avatars? Or even have a system where human avatars can adopt or own horse avatars or something? Cause lately I only see animesh pets.
  20. So recently I came across in a new SL viewer update of skies, days and cycle settings. This works for my RP scenery but which one do you use? I use Falling out SL (Fallout game), Dusty or Foggy for a roleplay scene depending on where I am at for the genre. This is something I never used before this update and wonder what do you use for the scenery settings? Picture is of Falling out SL scenery for the personal lighting in Firestorm viewer.
  21. No Voice Verification Required! Must have a fully mesh avatar and the ability to emote. Here at FDE we are an open and accepting environment for all to enjoy. LGBTQ+ and Ally Friendly as well as Furry Friendly. You will be at home here at FDE. Now Hiring For all Positions at FDE. Dancers, Text, Voice, Dominants, Switches, Submissives, and Metaphysical!! We have a home for EVERYONE!! Pay and Benefits The Rhoxy, The Fox Den, Silence, Verse & U'topia •Non Exclusive (2 Hour Minimum) ₪ 85% Tip Pay Out ₪ $10L an Hour ₪ Free Ad-board Rentals •Exclusive S
  22. Hello, I'm a big fan of The Elder Scrolls Video games and I have not been able to find a medieval / Elder Scrolls Themed sim to fit for what I have for a RP character. Would anyone be interested in building a team and making this RP sim happen in the next few months to a year? If anyone is interested please feel free to let me know I would really like to have this Sim be a good RP for everyone to enjoy.
  23. *Delete if not allowed* Since this forum is quite big anyone want to show off their RP characters within the guidelines of the Forum? This photo is of an edit in my little Skybox of my avi (Male demon) with a friend of mine. I want to see others RP characters and Avatar to see how creative everyone is.
  24. Welcome to Prim River National Forest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Prim River/72/231/35 Prim River National Forest and Campground is a Family RP roleplaying sim with camping sites and vacation home rentals. Take a walk along the trails and smell the fresh air while viewing the beautiful picturesque mountains. We offer; weekly events, hiking/cave exploration, swimming, 7Sea Fishing, horseback riding, boating, Skeet Shooting, Krafties, paintball/LOST, zip-line, playground, LIFE/Xeolife enabled showers & restrooms, picnic area, dining hall, game-room
  25. I'm fairly new to SL but am having a REALLY hard time finding rp in world due to my kinks and rp style. I'm used to regular typing rp via kik or telegram and something that brought me to SL was the more physical RP style with animations and emotes. i am literate and never use abbreviations when i RP. can anyone recommend a few good limitless rp groups or sims? ill provide my likes and dislikes upon request. thanks!
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