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About Me

Found 664 results

  1. Hi there Second Life! I'm Ovoy, (pronounced "oh-voygh") which is obviously not my real name, but its also not the username i usually use. I'm weirdly trying to remain anonymous on SL or at least keep it separate from my main social media stuff. I don't really know why, but if we get to know eachother I'm sure I will come around to revealing my social media accounts! I joined SL mainly to Rp I think, but that doesnt mean I dont also want to have a normal conversation! Anyways, I'm terrible at introducing myself so here is the info I put on my profile! ?Ovoy - 19 - female - canadian? I'm an illustration student in Canada who joined SL to meet new people, make friends, and occassionally rp! I am a furry, with my fursona sometimes being a Kaiju monster, sometimes being a cat! I'm not sure what else to say about myself. If you're that curious about me feel free to message me! ❤likes❤ Summer, autumn, ghosts, paranormal, drawing, painting, reading, fantasy, history in general, animals, reptiles, swimming, plants, succulents, cacti, watermelon, cherries, chicken, tacos, cheeseburgers, fries, pizza, peanut butter ice cream, vodka, coolers, travelling, camping, thunderstorms, seattle seahawks, video games, folk indie, punk indie, singing, watching netflix, and lots of other stuff! ?dislikes? Winter and spring (thanks to seasonal depression syndrome, which is especially bad in spring!), my sharty mental illnesses, nazis, neonazis, trump (not trump supporters! you can support who you want, but i dont have to like it :P), radical feminism, radical conservativsm/the alt-right, bugs, snow/being cold, and lots of other stuff I can't remember! So thats me! Tell me about yourselves!
  2. You're just the person we're looking for in Jacques Bay! If you're looking for a young and growing community that actually RPs. That encourages all of it's community to get involved. No cliques...no top jobs for mates, everyone has the opportunity to advance in ranks. If you want to reach your potential and show your skills, then try Jacques Bay Town. We offer a fair promotion policy in our Emergency. Public Services & Management, based on performance and merit. As a young community, we are seeking people across all positions as volunteers and role-players Management We're seeking Real Estate Agents to join our team. Can you multi-task? Are you able to RP? Can you organize yourself? If so we want you! Events Do you love being a host/hostess? How about DJing? Are you great with people and know how to liven up a party or event? Then we're looking for you! 100% tips! We're also seeking specialty session providers...live music, comedy, fortune tellers. We're seeking creative and immersive role-players and talents who can help us shape this young community into something new and unique Minister Jacques Bay Chapel is seeking a full time minister to provide regular church services to our non-denominational church. We've a wonderful young community of RPers who are looking for someone to fill this role for us! Baker Who can RP providing the townsfolk with delicious breads and cakes. Pub Landlord/Barmaids Jacques Bay has a traditional pub, we'd like to be a lively centre of the Town. A place that has it's own personality and adds a layer to the communities personality. Tailor/Dressmaker Love fashion? Want to run a store in town that provides fashion for all ages? Some made to measure? Think of how busy you'll be before an event! This is a RP position in our community. Harbour Master Based in his own office at the harbour. Organizing the ships coming and going. This is a RP position for someone wanting to weave a very prominent role in the community. Mechanic If you have the knowledge to RP as a mechanic, we are looking for you! Contact us today! Doctor The doctor is one of the keystones of keeping a community healthy. They provide services ranging from simple cold & cough remedy to advanced surgeries. This position requires a background in Medical RP, and the ability to manage fast moving and complex emotes. Plus and understanding of Doctor HUDs. Nurse The care providers who ensure that the patient's needs, between operations and consultations with doctors are provided for. They're a welcoming face and a helping hand to the community they take part in. Training available. Police Officer Protecting and serving their community. Exemplary citizens with a law enforcement oriented mind. We will train the right candidates who show motivation, teamwork, the ability to listen, and the desire to be the best RPer they can be. Promotion is available to all. Firefighter Whether it’s fighting a car fire, running into a burning building, or putting on an educational seminar, they are here for the community. We will train the right candidates who show motivation, teamwork, the ability to listen, and the desire to be the best RPer they can. Promotions available to all If you'd like to find out more or apply for the above roles, contact Pixie Aulder http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/KOROBA City/58/93/26
  3. I am seeking an active community, can be a urban or fantasy, to live and roleplay in. The issue I am finding is that city roleplay tends to be either with a strong sexual focus or the extreme opposite - family/church flavored. While I respect and understand there is a big demand for this, its not for me and doesn't fit my pagan ways Therefore if you know of a sim that has homes or apartments for rent, that is active and a good sense of community please message me. Warning though, I am from Australia so my play times may be a bit all over the place. Looking forward to hearing from you. Selenestormfury
  4. Cedar Creek K-12 is dedicated to making your school experience the way you want it to be. Please fill out the application below so we can get a better idea of the child you are! Registration for each semester is 500L and each semester is 1 month in length. Residents of Cedar Creek are allotted a 50% discount of this registration free. Registration and Re-registration will begin at the end of each month for following month. (ex: Last Week of November is registration for Month of December) ------------------------------------------------------------------- Classes Offered: *Please note children are allowed to attend any class that is offered in the school whether signed up for it or not* K-2nd Grade Morning Class- Thursday and Friday 11am slt to Noon slt K-2nd Grade Class- Tuesday and Thursday 4pm slt to 5pm slt 3rd-6th Grade Class- Monday 9am slt to 10am slt 7th-9th Grade Class- Monday and Wednesday 7:30-8:30pm slt 10th- 12th Grade Class- Saturday and Sunday 11am slt to Noon * More classes to be added upon demand * ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Extra curricular activities will be announced as they are created and added to the calendar for the following semester. *Photography *Dance *Art *Cooking *Gardening *Gym *More can be added upon demand and interest Please contact layler.moonwall, niki.racer or craddick for registration information. This information will also be available at the corresponding schools upon payment.
  5. I am looking to create a virtual family online, if I cant find another RP that suits me. I dont have money on SL, so applicants must have a house of their own for me to share. Please message me here, and we can set up a time and place to meet.
  6. Currently seeking to fill the above mentioned spots. Must be into roleplay. Must be at least 30 days old. Must have a Life2 HUD [For cooks, must be at least a Level 6] Must be able to commit to at least 6 hours a week. Salary is discussed upon hiring. Have any questions, IM Jenelleayeisha Resident inworld!
  7. Welcome to Cedar Creek!! A family friendly community that loves to RP! We are looking to fill positions within our Preschool as well as our K-12 School. Below you will find a link to the application. No need to live at Cedar Creek to apply!! All we ask is that you become a registered citizen (different from a resident). we are looking to hire 2 preschool teachers, 3 or more K-12 teachers, as well as Principals/Vice Principals for both schools. We are also looking to bring on Teaching Assistants. If you have any questions feel free to contact Rei Silvercloud (Craddick) or Rebecca Rockwell (Layler.Moonwall). https://form.jotform.us/ReiSilvercloud/CCSchoolStaffApp
  8. Looking for a place to spread your wings to fulfil the true potential of your character? Than crest of verk'mar is looking for you. We seek the good and the bad, we seek the colourful and the quiet, come join us, come join the story and add to it and make it your own. We are seeking these types of characters and many others. Antagonists Protaganists Anti-Heroes Monsters Beasts Temptresses Thieves Side Kicks Rogues Devils Jokers Bards YOU NAME IT! Come Visit us http://vrekmar.enjin.com/ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/On Point/24/120/21
  9. A roleplay group i am in wants to offer psych services (roleplay only) and i remember in the past in another group, we were asked to disband any counseling/psych services....does LL have a particular rule or stand on this? I want to advise the group I am in the correct stand that LL has on this.
  10. DeadEnd City is looking for new roleplayers! We're on the lookout for anybody interested in creating an amazing storyline, alongside, exploring the darker aspects of inner city dwelling. New to roleplay? That's fine, as well. Dead End's Admin team will happily set you up with a mentor to help guide you through the basic in's and out's of how to RP, the rules and guidelines and what to expect in DeadEnd. Use this landmark: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dead End/46/106/2102 :to check out the sim and see what you think! If you like what you see, sign up today to become a member, and while waiting on your application to be approved, visit the various job opportunities and stores we have to offer.. Dead End Daily Newspaper: http://news.deadend.sl/ for in-world RP stories And visit deadend.sl for information on the sim, our forums and more! We offer a wide variety of jobs and opportunities, including: Police Department - Always in search of new rookies to take to the streets Fire Department - Wanna be an EMT/Paramedic or Firefighter? Look no further DE Daily News - Where the reporters have more fun Lulu's Bar and Grill & The Easy 8's Pool Hall: Just among two of the more popular establishments to provide booze to the masses, if only to get them riled up The Hedonist Casino: Dare to test your luck? And an entire red light district dedicated to the more seedy underbelly of the city.. This is just a FEW of the jobs that are available in the roleplay environment. Opportunities as you stick with the community can include running your own business or helping run one of the sim-owned businesses! Looking for a more criminal feel? Dead End thrives off of criminal activity and welcomes those more interested in the darker aspects of Roleplaying. Whether you're a bad guy looking for a lone victim in the alley or said victim who stands too close to the alley, Dead End hosts a variety of different denizens. Ready to create your story?
  11. Happy Hour @ The Monarchy! Join your Monarchy Playmates and Sirens for Happy Hour! Happy Hour at The Monarchy means you get drinks on us and select rates are half off from 2-4pm SLT. Unwind with the sexiest girls on the grid and get a sneak peek of what she has to offer, we promise you'll want to stay for more! If you think you can play with us, your ride awaits below. Where: The Monarchy - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Magna/229/160/4004 If you have any questions, please send an IM or notecard to Alysee Rose (alyseerose201).
  12. ....:::::Community Living at its Best!! Walk The Estate and Enjoy All the Fun, Take The Family To The Movies. Show Dad Your Bowling Skills As you Yell Strike and Tease Him on His Gutter-Ball. Rather a Brisk Bike Ride? or Relax by the Pool? Wait When it Gets Cold it Even More Fun. Maybe you want to let your Hair Flow On One Our of Our Many Streets? You Can Park and Just Sight-See. See it For Yourself. NOW HIRING FOR ROLEPLAY JOB POSITIONS THAT INCLUDES: POLICE CHIEF, FIRE DEPARTMENT, .....:::::LANDMARK: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bendito/72/61/23 What we offer: Resort & Spa Movie Theater Work and make money to spend around town LIFE2 features and compatible Hiring PD, FD, & MEDICAL Family Parks Tennis Court Active Role-play! 4 regions Shopping Sailing/Boating Vacations
  13. As you could have probably guessed by the title, I am RPing a mare and trying to find a nice roleplay I can fit into. I've recently purchased the Teegle Horse avatar, and at the moment, I've refrained from purchasing tack until I can find a place to RP. No need to go wasting all of my fresh Lindens now. With that being said, I have no trouble with buying my own items so I'm plenty capable of self-sufficiency should anyone decide that my character would make a good companion. I'm not seeking any type of roleplay in particular because I'm pretty flexible when it comes to genres. Whether it's modern, fantasy, western, or something entirely different, I'm willing to give it a shot. I have no problem with realism so no one has to worry about a talking horse if it's completely inappropriate for the RP. I'd even be glad to join a horse herd if there are any who are open to another member. All I hope to gain is a good story and good people to contribute with. The only thing to keep in mind is that I'm more of a semi-para/para RPer. I can do simple one-liners, but they often don't hold my interest as much. Now, without further ado, a short introduction: Genevieve [name subject to change per request] is a 5-year old, gray Gypsy Vanner cross, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a gentler horse anywhere. She is highly obedient and aims to please her handler (or whoever happens to be in charge) once she understands what is wanted from her. She gets along well with not just other horses but other species as well, sometimes going so far as to indulge her curiosity to investigate anyone new. She holds a certain degree of intelligence that seems to be enough to land her in mischievous situations every now and again, but she's a joy to watch on most days regardless. However, it takes time for her to get to such a state. Genevieve is also very shy and almost unconfident at a glance, especially in unfamiliar situations, and her tendency to become difficult escalates if she isn't calmed properly. Her fear of loud, sudden noises is especially terrible. For those who take the time to work with this snow-white mare, the reward comes in the form of an unyielding loyalty and compassion. Once you've got this horse's trust, it's for life, but the same could also be said if it is broken. If anyone happens to be interested, feel free to either reply to the thread below or send me (Kaybirdy) a message in-world! Same goes for any questions you might have~
  14. Looking for some help on the creation of an Amusement park. Looking to have active members in the help of building/running the amusement park. You can contact me in game as Drewkennedy94 Resident or comment on this forum and I'll get in touch with you! I will give you some Ideas i have and such! If your interested Please let me know I will send more Info, Ideas, and everything!
  15. Summerwood @ Lakechase Learning Center Bringing you a FREE learning center that is all about gaining knowledge and having fun. In our role-play community, we have added a small learning center with free tuition for age groups 2-17 years old. Inside are classrooms designed to give students easy access to learning subjects without the hassle of a huge campus and expensive tuition's. Many subjects are taught from Math, Spanish, English and so forth. Attend all classes for FREE. Some classes are hosted randomly, so make sure to watch out for notices. Registration is easy, visit the website below to get going! NO TUITION Visit us: Summerwood @ Lakechase Learning Center Register Here: Registration
  16. GET BEHIND THE WHEEL AND TRAVEL ALONG ROUTE 8 Busses are running from City of Calo an end to end trip along route 8. Stop at locations along the way, or go straight from Calo to the end of route 8. To assist with ease of travel our busses are equipped with flight mode to bypass tunnels and the bridge that is out. Busses are free to ride, free to drive, see the rezzer at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hidesmore/194/65/23 If you need an route map or information on how to operate the vehicle then please contact Negative Nightmares at calo or leave a note in the pd mailbox.
  17. Tucked in the mountains of Colorado is the ever growing town of Cedar Creek. We invite you to enjoy the Family RP Community that comes complete with schooling, church services, orphanage, shops, bars, restaurants, Lake Jasper, cabins, movie nights, bowling, hospital, PD, FD, City Municipal building and much more in the way of commercial and residential means. There is lots to see and do at Cedar Creek, where we strive to provide the best quality and detail that SL has to offer. The classifieds of Cedar Creek are listed below. Remember you don't have to pay to work here if you don't live here like some other places ask. The only positions that require a payment are the purchases of the NPC Shops already set up (the layout is already there and ready to be used), these will be noted if you are interested in running the business. Cedar Creek Events Coordinator - Looking for a reliable and experienced person or two, to assist in coordinating small and large events on the sims. If interested in applying please fill out the applicaiton https://www.jotform.com/ReiSilvercloud/EventsCoordinatorApp (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Meadow Creek/109/10/22) Cedar Creek Pre School - Looking to hire 2 preschool teachers, 3 or more K-12 teachers, a Principal for a K-12 school as well as assistants. If interested please fill out the application https://form.jotform.us/70816761684162 We are also looking to hire for the school board. If you are interested please fill out the application https://form.jotform.us/ReiSilvercloud/CCSuperintendentApp (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Array/44/86/21) City Municipal Building - Looking for a qualified Judges, Asst. District Attorney, a Public Defender and a Bailiff. Interested? Please fill out the application https://form.jotform.us/70817416225151 (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Array/134/87/21) Cedar Creek Memorial - Looking for dependable and experienced staff members of all kind. Please message Lea Swordthain with any resumes and details of the position(s) that you are interested in or fill out the application https://form.jotform.us/70829159069164 (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Whispering Meadows/43/249/21) Cedar Creek Fire Department - Looking for dependable and active Fire and EMS personnel. If interested please fill out the application https://form.jotform.us/70748116254153 (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Array/149/27/21) Cedar Creek Police Department - Looking for dependable and active Officers and Detectives personnel. If interested please fill out the application https://form.jotform.us/70707443038151 (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Meadow Creek/65/24/21) Ka'Vanah's Dining - Currently seeking 2 servers. No experience in serving needed. We will assist. Role Play experience would be welcome as we are a Role Play diner. Pay: by tips. Contact Lєgαcу Ɗαкσɗα Ƙα'Ʋαηαн (LegacyX Resident) or Ɓяєαнαηα Lєαн Ƙα'Ʋαηαн (Breahana Resident) if interested. (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lakeside Falls/126/102/21) Paintball - Looking for Clerk and Management. Managing of the Paintball build would require 100L$ payment per week and give an allotted 25 prims for your personal touches. (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Array/140/56/21) Sapphire's Steakhouse - Looking for Bartenders and Wait Staff. Please contact Gabbi Sapphire (gabbisapphire) if interested in one of these positions. (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Array/194/33/18) Cedar Creek Smoke Shop and Cedar Creek Pharmacy- Each are looking for a Clerk and Manager. 100L$ payment per week and give an allotted 25 prims for your personal touches. Please message the Rei Silvercloud (craddick). (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Array/90/53/21) Callahan's Pub - Hiring Staff...Message LemonPledge if interested in a position at the Pub. (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Meadow Creek/50/122/18)
  18. Summerwood @ Lakechase Community The following positions are available and may require managing jobs. If you are interested, please contact Siera MacIntyre inworld for details. School Positions (Principal, Vice Principal, Teacher, Substitute, Coach, etc) Police Positions (Chief, Officer, etc) DMV Positions Clinic Positions (Doctor, Nurse, Receptionist) Fire Department Positions (Chief, etc) Restaurant Positions Estate Managers
  19. Cocoa Bay Estates is a welcoming 10 sim family role play community based off of New York with many amenities available. We have beautiful scenery and many different styles of homes available for rent, everything from luxurious mansions to small apartments. We also have commercial areas available for you to put in your own shop. Recently added is a large bowling alley for your family to come down and have some fun! We have roleplay jobs available in many different departments, you don't even need to be a resident to join in on the fun! Police, fire, clinic, court, DMV, post office, bank, arcade, bowling alley, bakery, winery, orchard, Life2 supported gym, 7seas fishing, a unique money system called Cocoa Cash and much more with new things to come! An elementary school is also available to kids, Next Gen Adoption Agency for those looking to adopt or be adopted, and a children's home for those waiting to find their future parent(s) and forever-home! Check out our community! Website: http://www.cocoabay.net/ LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Davan/215/228/21
  20. Does anyone here know an RP sim which is set in modern times or eventually one with setting not older than 19th century? Will take any active place with an interesting premise BUT one which is not rooted in fantasy genre. Would also love some supernatural and horror elements but fitting within sci-fi tropes. To elaborate: - Fantasy bits are okay but am looking for a place without every possible race and class under the sun. Would be grand if they fit sci-fi tropes; for example - mutants who evolved after humans who had been experimented by the government. - Wanting an immersive setting that has a tad bit of a mystery such as a small town which seems too nice, a cult whole world loves which in reality is vile, world post apocalyptical event, humans struggling to accept alien refugees ... etc. - Horror I am into is usually ambience and psychological such as dystopias, conspiracies, brainwashing and all similar genres. What I am very not into are vampires, werewolves, elves, angels or demons. However, would not mind them in sci-fi frame such as vampires having an odd virus which government deals with or angels and demons being just different species from another dimension. - Would be keen on Adult sim but not sex oriented. A hud which regulates game but is not overtly combat centred would be a plus. Para or semi-para RP style is my favourite to read and write as well. Missing Mile from ancient SL times would have fitten or Celar Proper which never had been an RP but sim design was based on mystery. Pleasantville (the one which had cave systems) might have worked but never have been there long enough. As for other media examples: Silent Hill and The Secret World check out in games category for me while In The Flesh, Bedlam, Aliens (BBC 3 television show), Torchwood, Doctor Who (UNIT parts), Primeval, Utopia, AHS: Asylum and Black Mirror match as television shows. Books are a bit harder but something like 1984, Hunger Games, In the Company of Shadows series and Inherent Gifts (it is the odd one out as it is about a world where slavery is legal due to humanity developing ESP powers - those with physical ones become slaves in some countries. Series follows a doctor who aids the rebels) would do. The only film I can come up with is Franklyn. As for RPs I checked and was meh about: - City of Lost Angels - used to play there and faction RP is not for me. Would fancy one centred a role such as scrap gatherer, waiter, secret agent, cleaner and so on. - Convergence - premise was nifty but also too much fantasy elements for me plus it seems not very active and the build is kind of dated. They focus more on the class and faction play which is not my cup pf tea. - Crackden and Deadend - they are the most active but looking for a different feel. - Outbreak - considering this one but it seems to be dying. I do not like zombies but would be willing to give it a go. Tl;dr - an RP where darknes lurks, world is bleak and new government rules a poor, small town ... with a tragic mystery.
  21. Attention On deck!! Stop right there ! Let me grab your attention for a MOMENT Ask yourself this Have you Ever Wanted to Fight with a Purpose? Are you ready to face one of the toughest challenges of your SL life ? If you have answered Yes to any of these questions then keep reading... We Make Marines. We develop quality citizens We will teach you to walk with honor We will teach you to faithfully serve with purpose Who are we ? We are the 4th Marines and we are currently recruiting If you have ever wanted to know what it is like to be a Marine , then here at the 4th we offer the closest possible virtual experience to real military life , we will teach you military history and courtesy while giving you as taste of base life We are not a real life military group , but in this virtual setting we aim to give you a military experience For more information please contact Vickiex Resident, AnthonyCameron Resident or Christian Forsythe. *** This is a roleplay so there is no pay, this is just for fun ***
  22. I mean, you buy or rent the land. What about the buildings, is it better to buy from the marketplace or have a builder to build one to you? Also, when you make those really big sims similar to a city, do you do it for yourself or you usually work in groups? Last, do you only spend your money or is there a way you can actually make profit from your sim (except for sex sims). For example, a family sim, a school sim, is it enough to have your money back or not? Sorry for so many questions, I never really tried to make anything in here and I'm just learning how things work.
  23. The beautiful, multi-sim Chateau de Versailles recreation needs builders to help complete her glory. Builders will be well compensated! Must be proficient in mesh building, need to be able to show proof of skill, and need to be able to work well with other builders. Please contact Shalimar Poliatevska or Ludwikamaria Resident to apply! :))
  24. Eden City >> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paradise Gap/214/209/41 Dystopian Roleplay Community - 2017 Free rentals and living space for dedicated players. Looking for groups, buisness owners, and community leaders for Military Factions, Rebel Factions, and City Security. The world didn't end, it reset. When the nations were not longer so 'united', the bombs flew, and the resulting chemicals in the atmosphere caused the majority of the world's water to become toxic and acidic. The world's ice melted and the storms came. Tsunamis and earthquakes forced mankind to it's knees as cities fell and coastlines melted away. What few nations survived were mostly landlocked, and quickly running out of water. Only through the uneffected satallites orbiting the planet was any sort of communication maintained, and thus as nature quieted, the rebuilding began. But life itself was changed forever.. New species appeared and thrived, some seemingly human, others more beast-like, but as time went on they became more common and accepted. Plant life that survived the toxicity of the floodwaters and rains quickly overtook the ruins of humanity's former cities, thus Eden City was born among the rubble and vines. TL;DR A colony survives and thrives by selling sex and other pleasures amidst the ruins of the old Earth. Here's our Flickr, full of photos of our lush sim, showing off some possible rental and rp areas.
  25. We welcome you to come take a walk around our newly renovated community of Eagle Town. We offer a family friendly sim with many amenities and endless opportunities to be what ever your heart desires. Many positions open at this time, whether you see yourself as Sheriffs Deputy, Fire Dept, Officer of the courts or a shop owner, perhaps a restaurant owner? Maybe you've always fancied yourself as mayor, your only limited by your imagination. COME JOIN US NOW AS WE HAVE AN AMAZING RENTAL SPECIAL GOING ON NOW RENT 4 WEEKS GET 2 WEEKS FREE, BEST DEAL IN SL RUNNING. this is a limited time only offer and will expire on sun the 7th of May. Rents as low as 100L weekly for beach cottages and offering family homes as well as a limited amount of luxury homes. See you soon! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eagle Town/97/122/27
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