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About Me

  1. Silver County is a small country side and equestrian town nestled in the mountains. We have two parcels available for rent for new residents to join our friendly town. 1000 Prims - L$1100 / Week - VISIT INWORLD 750 Prims - L$825 / Week - VISIT INWORLD Our community parcels are private but still with a feel of being apart of a town. Fully landscaped to give the best views from every corner and community areas for use such as the spa, restaurant, trails, and riding paddock.
  2. Eden Valley RP High School is hiring for a variety of positions including teaching, coaching, supervising clubs and more! We are looking for creative, dedicated and friendly individuals who not only have an interest in RP but wish to make a difference in our community by bringing new ideas and alternate perspectives. Applicants are encouraged to choose (or create) any subject, sport or club that interests them. Please keep in mind that you may choose any from the following list or make up your own. * Be sure that you check our schedule and faculty pages for currently of
  3. Welcome to Lewistown Family Community. We are a 1 sim community with room to grow. We're family oriented and kid/furry friendly. We offer a Life2 Store, Deli with Life2 Cooking Utensils, Gym, and Garden. We also have a bowling alley as well as a beach. We have Fire RP while in a quiet setting. We have houses and shops for rent so come visit and stay awhile. Positions at the Fire Department are available to community members. Contact Kenny "Papi" Fox(jJoespapi Resident) for more information. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Stonehenge Forest/118/158/21
  4. Hey there! I'm looking for a male to rp a relationship/romance with in a modern rp aspect. All strictly sl.
  5. Maslo is a gang in the zerzura sim. Our main goal and to be bad and do bad things and i am looking for the following Snitches to gather information and to generally spy on everyone and report it to the generals and to me. Assassins - general killers and the royals go to guys when things get tough. Slaves - slaves for everyone some maybe belong to one person. Diplomats - build bridges but mostly smooth over the chaos that we may cause. Generals - To be my 2nd in command their maybe a few of these My submissive - My person sub if interested i will private message
  6. Hi my name is Ashley Cooper (AshleyMayGalaxy) and I'm looking for people to have a really fun roleplay storyline with, looking for someone that does literate rp. I am looking for either, (I usually roleplay as 18-19) highschool roleplay, any exciting bad boy/rebel/rude boy storys- or anything fun you are looking to roleplay in! I am also always looking for a family, so any sisters, brothers, moms,dads. uncles, whoever that are looking for a family member IM me!
  7. Zerzura, the White City is a NEW fantasy sim with a unique backstory. We draw inspirations from various cultures which mix into a multi-cultural and lively and growing and inclusive community. Para RPers happily co-exist with line RPers and those who are taking the first tentative steps into creativity and that isn't common. We are seeking a few types of RPers...we're seeking a group of entertainers to work together and individually to put on small plays in the Greek/Roman styles, a court jester who will be sardonic..even dark at times..belly dancers who emote as they dance, stories.
  8. We welcome you to Coolbaugh Township, located in Monroe County PA. Were a small rural community is slowly on the rise of growing into something much larger. We have everything from Roleplay to Rentals and Amenities in between. We're officially open as of today, so come and take a look around the community. Just to name a few amenities we have to offer: Ravenwood FD on sim ready to answer any fire calls Community Pool Children's Playground Valentines Day Romantic strolls in the forest and so much more! Coolbaugh Township- Welcome Center
  9. Greetings, The Hallows are looking for like minded individuals to role-play with us! We are an Adult only multi-genre group specializing in antagonist role-play. We role-play everything from Medieval Fantasy, SciFi, Steampunk, Period, Urban, and Supernatural and always look to expand our horizons. Our motto is "IC Devils OOC Saints". We believe that ICLY we are villains and bad guys, and will suffer the consequence for those actions and thoughts. OOC we are friendly and understanding. We get people often hate antagonists and sometimes that does bleed into OOC and we are willing to do wha
  10. looking for role players who interested in dark erotic role-play can be ,girl,guy,futa,fem pretty much open. I want someone to join me in adventures! chat hang and of course other things or assists me with rp gathering can write me at my in world name "shota guardian"
  11. Hiya all and thanks for reading this. Im currently looking for roleplay of any type that will allow furries or four legged fuzzies. I have various avatars of both and I consider myself a decent role player (although will submit example or what not if wanted). Not picky on genre or if its 'adult' or not either. I check here often as well as inworld.....and I like to think Im friendly *grins*... so feel free to send a message inworld or here. Thanks for taking the time.
  12. Tobyhanna Township is a new family role play sim that features a Fire Department, Police Department, Emergency Medical Services Station, hospital and more for employment opportunities. We are a moderate community open to children and families. We have multiple different styles of homes and apartments available for rent either furnished or unfurnished upon request. Our sim is based off of the laws in place in Tobyhanna Township, PA. This sim is still under development but will be completed very soon and is fully functional as of now. We plan to also expand more in land. Rentals currently range
  13. Is an exciting Adult roleplay sim that focus on urban settings and lifestyles with a full feature Club,movie theather and ***** corner. If your looking to get abit naughty and wild this is the best place to hang to get the thrill of the city life. we currently open for positions to fill. such as escorts,dancers,DJ,host. All is welcome to this sexy city. 1). Fill out application that located inside the club at the front door at the side, in a envelope box. 2). girls must contain or aiming to get mesh/bento bodys 3). girls are not limited to voice and cam,we gladely accept text rp
  14. The sound of howls, the feels of shifting, the down to earth life of Calder's Rock and nature oriented, balance is a plus, and light and dark fall somewhere in the middle or more to one side? That is Calder's Rock. Not all wolves, not all shifters, just those who are on the outskirts and find nowhere specific to fit. Multiple races and more. Calder's Rock. Calder's Rock a faction of many shapes, sizes, colors, and personalities is recruiting. There are many positions open from Path Elders, Council, Betas, Deltas and more. Looking for a specific role? Che
  15. Thank you for your interest in a Giano Properties. We strive to make this community a place that is fun for everyone. Tired of "Lonely Island Syndrome"? Come check out Giano Properties. We offer family style roleplay in a friendly, modern, New England setting. Whether you are looking for a starter town home, the latest mesh family home or an XL large parcel to rez your own home we even offer homesteads your very own private island; you will find we have something for all family sizes and budgets. Friendly staff and residents No premium account needed Protected by covenant
  16. Paradoxia, a place separated from time and space, is calling for you! Join us in our casual adult RP environment that gathers people from all times and locations in a multi-era interaction set in a land displaced in time. This little nexus is an ideal environment to take RP to another level and stretch your imaginations. Will you be a Villager of Xay, trying to make the best of the new world, or will you be a Renegade and live in the Deadman’s Cove. Or just be one of the numerous Transients who move through the land surviving as best they can. What will you make of P
  17. In the aftermath of a magical cataclysm, the remnants of Alderheim's denizens struggle for a foothold. Some join the Arcane Tower in the hopes of increasing their magical power, others pledge themselves to the Stone Circle and vow to keep the natural order, still others immerse themselves in the darker arts and give their efforts (and occasionally their organs) to the Ferrymens' cause. Alderheim is a medieval fantasy sim with roots in Pathfinder and D&D, but with a streamlined dice combat system. Our race list is broad and grows longer by the day--everything from Joe Everyhuman to Fae
  18. Do you have the skills to be a Police Officer? Are you wanting to learn more and become a better Police Officer? Well Cedar Creek Police Department are looking for loyal dedicated individuals to become part of the team. Cedar Creek is a 9 sim community with a lot to patrol! Some of the benefits are listed below with a few pictures. ***WE ARE LOOKING FOR ONE DEDICATED PARK RANGER FOR ALL PARKS IN CEDAR CREEK.*** Benefits: - Your own cruiser/take home car - Potential to make 250L weekly - Luxury of your own schedule and times - Working with an outstanding staff
  19. Hey! I'm Katleena Adour. I'm 22 (in SL) and I've been on SL for about 7 years. I took a 2 year break, but now I'm back on. I figured I should start a new account and a better life. I enjoy family roleplay and I'd like to get into one. I'm looking into buying a house at Cedar Creek. I would need a roomate for that. I'm looking for new friends to hang out with and explore with, and a male partner as well. I like to visit the beach and pretty much explore around SL. I want kids, but I would like a partner first. I'm also open to sisters or brothers or anything really. I'm super f
  20. Eden Valley RP High School is hiring for a variety of positions including teaching, coaching, supervising clubs and more! We are looking for creative, dedicated and friendly individuals who not only have an interest in RP but wish to make a difference in our community by bringing new ideas and alternate perspectives. Applicants are encouraged to choose (or create) any subject, sport or club that interests them. Please keep in mind that you may choose any from the following list or make up your own. * Be sure that you check our schedule as we will not hire for a class that
  21. Are there any Open based Sci Fi Roleplay sims out there? After all my time searching and looking it seems to be none out there that serve good Rp and the ones i do find are so dead there isnt any worth Rping on them or they are closing like the current one just closed and the other 2 i use to Rp on. Ive been searching and still am and my friends and my group are looking for Rp. Thanks Stellar ~
  22. My avi is a 19 year old half-elf bastard daughter of a demon king. Her name is Miz'ri. She's being held prisoner by her father as he wants to harness her magic. I'm looking for a knight in shining armor, if you will. Honestly, any type of character will do, though I'd prefer for it to be a male. I'm up for suggestions as well. IM HazardousHenna or Miz'ri Illistyn if you're interested.
  23. The Tobyhanna Township Volunteer Fire Company and Pocono Mountain Regional EMS are actively seeking a sim(or more than 1) where we can run our day to day operations and roleplay. We would supply our own stations, apparatus, personal, uniforms, radios, pagers, everything. We are well established with members in both agencies. If interested please contact Chief D.Reid(Firefighter2721) or Operations Director Nic Bergeron (klianmistfire)
  24. Landmark: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fruggoof/182/45/24 Hello active roleplayers, How are you? I hope your day is well. I'm posting this up to give you an offer to see what the real life coast guard goes through. At the moment we have had over 60 rescues within 5 weeks now. None have been staged. What makes us different is we are doing things in this group that you cannot believe, you just have to see it for yourself. Now we only want folks that really want the action, not the fantasy. This is more than a simple roleplay, it's a reality! Just like the real life coast guard, we
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