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About Me

  1. I am looking for my forever in second life. I tend to find myself blindly going round assuming roles but not really enjoying it. So heres the pitch i want to be somewhere that i feel wanted. I will do any roleplay no limits. I have alot lindens to remaster my avi and someone elses if needed.
  2. Ave All! I Am seeking a few people to join in my family on a new sim that is opening Officially on the 22nd! It is an Ancient Rome sim called the Anarchy of Rome. The sim is stunningly built, and the story and overall theme is pure perfection and very interesting... I Am a para Rper, so Full para to medium is preferred. I Am on Eastern time zone. The positions I have available are as follows. Father: IC head of the house... Character would be ICly beyond wealthy, and have all say over the family. Characters age Late 30s to mid 40s( Most important ) Mother: Married to my
  3. Greetings! I am searching for like-minded antagonists/ villains to join a Multi-Genre Family that plays in Fantasy, Supernatural/Urban Roleplay. I know I know the word Family brings to mind small child avatars, parents, grandparents, and such. We are not like that. We are all adults. We call ourselves a family due to the fact we a Dark Father that keeps us in line, and we treat each other like family. We squabble, we harass each other, trust each other, confide and vent to each other. We also play other games outside of SL to avoid the Burn out that often comes with long days or weeks of
  4. Hi everyone I'm Keira Moraxo and I'm a new SL resident! I've been polishing up my first AV and I think shes finally ready to explore the grid! I even got a little skyplot the other day! I am looking for people to show me around and show me the ropes as well as make friends. If you're an Elf-kin or super into cyberpunk like me we should totally be best friends but don't worry if not, I'm really accepting of just about everyone as long as you're respectful I am thinking of making a group to RP some black market deals out of my warehouse and possibly move to actually selling in game so if that
  5. Thank you for your interest in a Giano Properties. We strive to make this community a place that is fun for everyone. Tired of "Lonely Island Syndrome"? Come check out Giano Properties. We offer family style roleplay in a friendly, modern, New England setting. Whether you are looking for a starter town home, the latest mesh family home or an XL large parcel to rez your own home we even offer homesteads your very own private island; you will find we have something for all family sizes and budgets. Friendly staff and residents No premium account needed Protected by covenant
  6. ~Red Light District~ is currently seeking EXPERIENCED staff. Must be older than 30 days, have previous experience and know how to emote and use adboards. We do not have a weekly hour requirement, we do however, ask that you agree to our standards prior to employment. Must be able to speak English. AFK staff is required to rent an unfurnished apartment room, 100L a week with a 50 prim allowance. That includes a free adboard with a direct teleport to your room. Men are needed for our "It's Raining Men" promotion held on Mondays running all day long. We are offering FREE adboards f
  7. Hello everyone, I'm just wondering what your top tips and suggestions are for newbies that have never done any role-play, but would like to try it out? I for one, have never tried it, but it sounds interesting. I'm sure there must be other newbies who would like to know what's involved.
  8. Don’t miss Missing Mile Workforce Job Fair! All the local businesses are joining together to put on a small social networking fair. Do you want to flip burgers? Are you a budding mechanic or vet assistant? Maybe you'd like to put out fires? Come on over and maybe find the job of your dreams! Booth owners will be available to answer your questions starting at 3:00 pm at the Missing Mile Square (( When you arrive on the landing choose #9 Missing Mile terminal as your location of choice )) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Soap/216460/270250/27 http://worldofsoap.wix
  9. Zerzura, the City of Dionysus is about to celebrate Spring, which begins withe a Temple ceremony and play...which begins the feasts and dancing. We're seeking five role-players to present a scripted short play (clothes and masks provided). The roles open are Demetra, Persephone, Zeus, Hades & Hermes. If you'd like to be considered, IM Demetra (Cali Roffo) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moonlit Gardens/13/43/22
  10. Are there any in-game disabled individuals, homeless communities, orphanages, hospitals, nursing homes etc.? As is right now, I spend most of my RP time in a Church, and most of my non RP time exploring and shopping. I'm looking for something more. Perhaps I could open a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, or just visit/minister to the homeless, disabled and sick around the grid? I'd be more than happy to entertain any related ideas. I've already gotten employment as an officiant for weddings through Make it Perfect, but I can also RP Baptisms, First Confessions, First Communions, Regular Con
  11. Now available! Apartment rooms and Business spaces.Set in an Amsterdam type style, the ~Red Light District~ is a place to role play, hire gorgeous Escorts or just hang out and enjoy the scenery. They are limited so come down and have a look! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eternally Yours/89/142/1076
  12. Family & kid friendly. Full Region 3 sims Rentals available Urban modern RP All are welcome at Bellshore., Singles, couples, families, looking for a place to live out your civilian life, or join one of the listed opportunities. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mad World/225/66/22 Departments - Hospital - We have a hospital set and ready to go. Administration Doctors Nurses Contact Ƈєє Jαу Ʋσυɢнт (CathyJo Clarity) Fire Dept Local and MA calls , assisting police with
  13. I first wanted to start off with a big hello and thank you for checking out this post, along with an apology for its length lol. I kind of wanted to lay all the cards out on the table so to speak so there are not any surprises. I have this same basic format with more details/info about me listed in a google doc which can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19LPTNMRJHQSdhHj-wCaBVyAEMpLYl187wpw0W4_0aig/edit?usp=sharing I know some people don't trust links which I totally understand, which is why I have provided the more condensed version below. Happy reading and feel free to cont
  14. I first wanted to start off with a big hello and thank you for checking out this post, along with an apology for its length lol. I kind of wanted to lay all the cards out on the table so to speak so there are not any surprises. I have this same basic format with more details/info about me listed in a google doc which can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19LPTNMRJHQSdhHj-wCaBVyAEMpLYl187wpw0W4_0aig/edit?usp=sharing I know some people don't trust links which I totally understand, which is why I have provided the more condensed version below. Happy reading and feel free to cont
  15. Hey guys, I've recently returned back to SL after a year or two off it and I decided that maybe my usual roleplay areas should be updated, by now I've been going to the same sim for a few years now and others have shut down, maybe I'll have a better chance here. My main issue is that I have this character who I believe has a lot of potential however I find very few sims in which I feel she fits in and others that I do find are simply empty. I feel as if I'm not caught up and while I do understand that my character, a doll with blood and limbs growing inside her with a supernatural to
  16. Vinewood Hills is the newest and upcoming modern day, urban role play and combat sim. We're looking for new players to come and join us, to be part of our community and story. We currently have availability as police Officers, fire fighters, hospital staff, brothel girls, gang leaders and members. This sim is versatile for the casual role-player or those who wish to hang and enjoy the company of another. We are a friendly community and often hold out of character events. We also run classes to help teach new players to role play and combat. An adult and human only sim
  17. In honor of the grand opening, ~Red Light District~ is offering ONE WEEK free Adboard rentals. One per person if Dancer/Escort, one per Business. After your first week, normal rental fee is 50L. Simply chose the board, pay, and your first week will be refunded. Promotion ends April 15, 2018. ~Red Light DIstrict~ is also looking for a few sexy AFK girls to rent rooms. 100L a week with 50 prim allowance plus free adboard which tps clients directly to your room. ALSO looking for Escorts and Dancers, no hourly requirement per week, just agree to the Club rules. Please apply in worl
  18. lottiechoc


    I don't know if anyone else has watched it but there's been a recent TV drama over here called Jamestown, set when the English discovered the new world. It's been really interesting, women are sent for to become brides to the male townsfolk to try and build a village and there's been clashes with the Native americans. Just wondered if anyone knows if a sim has been built around it? I've had a look but it seemed something that could be interesting to RP!
  19. Hi there. I'm Stephanie Bonilla (deBonilla) and I've been in world since January 24, 2012. I'm looking for employment. I would like to work as a barista, a barmaid, a waitress or something in the service (non adult) line of professions. Preferably in a roleplay environment. Please message me or send me a notecard in game as this is my first time on the forums, and I don't use them. My avatar is 23 yrs old. Thanks for looking. I hope to speak with you soon!
  20. Its come to my attention for long while now that there are alot sims that mention "this" or "that" and yet they ban it on there sims. Like few scifi Rp sims ive been to (i wont name any) but they mention how they have for example: Gits (Ghost in the Shell) in the description of the sim and other areas ect making alot people like Yea i know Ghost in the shell and so on making them even more interested of the sim but then when they get there they get slapped with the rules of "No Anime" ect. Now there are different looks and styles of "Anime" in Second Life...and then people who come there as an
  21. I will be taking weekly confession (secondlife only, no real life confessions as the sacrament/mystery would not be valid over the internet) for those so inclined to RP that aspect of their second life on Wednesdays from 7:30 PM SLT to 9:30 PM SLT. If you need a different date or time, send me a notecard or IM with your preferences. I am unavailable for dedicated confession from the hours of 6:00 AM SLT to 7:30 PM SLT M-F, but can be available all day Saturday and after 2:30 PM SLT on Sunday. (I'm in the Chicago [CST] time zone).
  22. Hi there, I am looking for a roleplay partner for some sort of married life - maybe in the 50th's. The play could/should contain some "darker" elements (i.e. spanking). We can discuss it in more detail ingame (how to start, more details of the characters etc.). I am from Europe (timezone SL +9). Preferred languages German, English
  23. Spice Restaurant is now hiring for the following positions. - Servers - Chefs If you do enjoy interacting with those with thin your community and enjoy a nice good ol role-play, Spice is the right place for you! Come and check us out, we are located at Orchard Heights.The Application will be placed below. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdYqyqW4KIrw67GB8ZmfKsB13hddrDmxPxLM30Vw2ZyytHRtA/viewform
  24. Willing and able to perform SL Baptisms, First Confession, First Communion, Regular Confessions, Confirmation, Marriages, Last Rites, Unction (for the sick) or Last Rites, Funerals, and regular Mass / Holiday Mass or any other related ceremonies for fellow residents of Second Life. A couple days notice is preferred so that I can prepare, but I've always got the Prayer Book (1979 BCP) handy in a pinch. Donations grateful accepted for any of these, but never required. I would like to find a city to call home, preferably one with a Cathedral or large Church. I'm more than happy to help
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