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About Me

Found 164 results

  1. 9648 m2 with 3312 prims on big, beautiful mainlnd parcel surrounded by Linden river with direct ocean access and an old-time wooden bridge, as well as being also bordered by a Linden Road - 3x Linden protected - discounted just 0.75L/m2 - just 7200L for the whole thing. Flat green grass.
  2. triple x3 linden protected land - water, wooden bridge, road, green grass, flat land, large parcel, mainland, commercial land, residential land, cheap land, linden protected, beautiful quiet sim, large lot 27,328 m2 with 9,382 prims, discounted - excellent price - contact drewdetoit resident ("Drew Hart") for more information or to discuss. Lowered price to just 1 linden per meter2 - 27,328 Lindens for one of the best mainland parcels! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Missauke/45/200/110 triple 3 linden protected land - water, wooden bridge, road http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Missauke/45/200/110
  3. Great quarter 1/4 sim for rent! 5000 Prims! Private owner for over 3 years, no lag, adult sim, beautiful landscaping, Come see for yourself at Rhode Islands Rentals! Mixed Light Commercial Residential Land For Rent Sale Corner Lot Parcel Quarter Sim For Sale Private Region 16384 meters Rental Prims Adult Region Home Platform Skybox Land beach grass http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rhode Islands/42/194/21
  4. ~ARK DESIGNS~ is now open! If you are looking for quality results at affordable prices then Ark Designs is the one for you. We offer to build, design and decorate your sim at any theme desired. We guarantee to change your world one room, one building,one garden at a time! Let us create the best virtual home, business or just a place to relax and enjoy. Let us build your future from scratch! For more info please contact dita Southmoor inworld or comment below. Feel free to visit our company at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Reesta/109/163/107
  5. Hello I am an environmental builder in second life. If anyone out there has a new sim or is in need of a project completed, I specialize in landscaped role play environments, thus far having covered modern urban/steampunk, fantasy medieval and Gorean fantasy sims, as well as personal homesteads and commercial suburb community. Please visit my website for galleries of my work and more information Contact me in world if interested. Seralath Resident http://buildsbysera.weebly.com/
  6. *Special Discount* - Pay 3 Months Rent at Once and Receive 5% Discount Region: Blue Moon Area: 4096sqm (1/16 region) Location: East Central, use ground and/or air (Fnordian Magic & Gadgets store is on a platform at 652m on a parcel to the South). Prims: 1250 Rating: Moderate Rent: L$1250/week for 1/16 region parcel (or L$5000/month (or $18.75/month via PayPal) Terraforming: Allowed Use: Light Commercial (e.g., retail store), or Residential. No Clubs or Adult Content please. Some breedables okay within reasonable limits. Inventory option "Restore to Last Position" is available for all renters. Available: Immediately If interested, please contact Fnordian Link. Drop me a notecard if I'm offline. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blue Moon/224/154/23
  7. *Special Discount* - Pay 3 Months Rent at Once and Receive 5% Discount Region: Blue Moon Area: 16384sqm (1/4 region) Location: North central, use ground and/or air (Fnordian Magic & Gadgets store is on a platform at 652m on a parcel to the South). Prims: 5000 Rating: Moderate Rent: L$5000/week for 1/4 region parcel (or L$20000/month (or $75/month via PayPal) Terraforming: Allowed Use: Light Commercial (e.g., retail store), or Residential. No Clubs or Adult Content please. Some breedables okay within reasonable limits. Inventory option "Restore to Last Position" is available for all renters. Available: Immediately If interested, please contact Fnordian Link. Drop me a notecard if I'm offline. May also be split into two 1/8 region parcels for half the price and half the prims per parcel or four 1/16 parcels for one quarter price and prims each.. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blue Moon/137/164/23
  8. This is your official invitation to journey to a place where you are only limited by your imagination. The Ippos Collective is a group of 4 fantasy inspired sims that are Rez-Friendly and extremely Photogenic. Scattered throughout the region you will find some of the most creative people in Second Life who call Ippos their home which will add to the magical experience of your visit. Ippos is a peaceful space that embraces individuality and promotes artistry. The four sims change seasons so the environment is continuously changing yielding a perfect setting for images; whether you are a SL photographer, blogger, or just someone who likes to take pretty pictures you will find a spot that is perfect for your scenery. Feel free to rezz props and pose stands anywhere in the region; we just ask that you stay out of tenants’ homes if you have not obtained permission from them to enter. You will also find many sets that have been built (especially in the water) using new or unreleased items from events and designers ~ if you use these sets please give credit in your blogs to the designers who created the items and the events that are hosting them. The Sims of the Ippos Collective Ippos The Land Of Ippos Ippos is residential with cliffs, waterfalls, outdoor ballroom, beaches, caves and open spaces. Peaceful settings with stone circles and quite wooded paths. Ippos is home to some familiar SL photographers. Probably one of the most sought after sims in the regions for parcel rentals and is usually at capacity. If you are interested in a lot on this sim that has a green “Available” sign, click that sign fast… cause it will not be for long. Pegasoi The Land Of Pegasoi Pegasoi is peacefully perfect. Rolling hills and breezy trees are this sim’s feature. Pegasoi is a mixture of residential and light fantasy commercial. Pegasoi is home to the Lady Garden Cabaret, a group of extremely talented artists that put on monthly shows that are awe inspiring. Pegasoi is home to some of the best Bloggers and Photographers within Second Life. Nymphai The Land Of Nymphai Nymphai is the town square for the Ippos Collective. Nymphai is home to two amazing events, The Secret Affair and Enchantment! Need a retreat or family outing? Pitch a tent or park your RV in secluded camping lots on Camp Ippos! Camp Ippos is for those that feel like taking a vacation. Rent a lot for a day or a week and come and enjoy games, live music, Horse trails, and all sorts of other activities. Remember to bring your horse! We have some lovely trails and stables. Here to shop? Some of the shops on Nympahi are; The Cove, An Lar Poses, Luas, Swagga,Les Encantades, Slack Girl, Baubles by Phe!, deviousMind, Ravenghost, Meadow Works, Sweet Kajira, and The Annex. Sylpha The Island Of Sylpha Sylpha is a glorious water sim! Sparkling water surrounds tiny islands on this sim with boatable and swimmable water. Dolphins and Orcas swim beneath in the cold waters along with mermaids and other water creatures. Residents have beautiful island abodes and the sim boasts stores such as E.V.E., AiShA, and ROQUAI. Click here to see parcels that are available for rent. -Various Lot sizes available or inworld: Vist the Ippos Collective Rental Office: --->HERE<--- Contact DUCHESS FLUX or SORCHA IRELUND for more information.
  9. Waters Edge Community is a young and lively new town. We've a large and active (daily) police department who are very capable at handling the resident crime family's business dealings! We're one sim at present and growing to two very soon. Role-play is encouraged and supported. New Rpers are coached and brought into daily life and experienced RPers are encouraged to be creative! We are a people centered community, where a warm welcome really does wait for you. Come see us soon. Further information on RP or joining our community is available either from Pixie Aulder, General Manager of Waters Edge or by dropping into our Welcome Centre. Looking forward to meeting you http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Inopia/225/74/22
  10. 1,024m - 350 Land Impact - Near Shops - Nice Area Available 1,024m parcel with 350 land impact Weekly Rate: L$299 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Clara/66/201/23
  11. ConTessa island Available for SALE Name: ConTessa Island Type: Residential / Light Commercial Allowed: Houses; Stores; Breedables (not many max 4); Small hangout Not allowed: Clubs Prims: 1250 ¬ 3125 Prices: 1250 L$ ¬ 3125 L$ / Week (our rate is 1.0 L$ / Prim for normal parcels and corners 1.1 L$ / Prim) VISIT US TODAY ¬ CONTESSA ISLAND
  12. HAVE THE VIEW WITHOUT THE STRESS 100L/200 prims per week, sleep to the beautiful sunset without bleeding money Move fast! Only three apartments left for rent! Highrise Apartment for rent - 100L per week for 200 prims, allowance negotiable. Close to sea as the latest Applewood City expansion, with upcoming road connection to public roads. Casper rental box available at the door of each unit. Whether you are just moving between places or looking for a long term stay, the Palm Towers Apartments will make an excellent choice! Visit http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Glaurung/151/221/49 and see for yourself today!
  13. Waterfront - 1,024m - 350 Land Impact - Near Shops Available Waterfront 1,024m with 350 land impact, and protected border Weekly Rate: L$299 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Clara/88/231/23
  14. Available for rent near shops: Clara - 768m - 260 Land Impact $399 L$/week A 4,096m land area is also available. Commercial, or residential. Shops are also available for rent. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Clara/86/157/23
  15. Available for rent in a somewhat established area: Water Front - 4,096m - 1400 Land Impact $1,255 L$/week Clara - 768m - 260 Land Impact $399 L$/week Commercial, or residential. Shops are also available for rent. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Clara/86/189/23
  16. Jacques Bay - a new Family Role-play Community based in virtual Cape Cod area of Massachusetts. A pretty town nestled around the harbor. We have many opportunities to try something new. Emergency Services and any other roles are open and waiting for YOU! Pretty homes and stores at competitive prices are ready for you and your family. Come visit us...and especially come role-play with us. We hope you decide to stay. For more information, message Pixie Aulder or any of our staff for a quick response. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/KOROBA City/58/93/26
  17. City of Concord @Alan W. Real Estates Parcels: 10 Sqm: 2176 - 6940 Prims: 697 - 2225 Price: 697 L$ - 2225 L$/Week Landmark: City of Concord Our Office: Alan W. Real Estates
  18. CrescentView Heights is gunna be hiring a new Manager and possible CSR and Advertiser next month if anyone knows anyone that might be interested. They need to be willing to work. Have them message me here on in game @ ashrinn resident. Thank you!
  19. I have a luxury home on a island with helipad surrounding by water for rent. You get over 4k prime and privacy. No public interference at all http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Karnoval Island/143/65/30 I'LL THROW in a ROLLS ROYCE DAWN for FREE with this island and as BONUS
  20. Land for Rent @ [VM] Vero Modero [VM] Vero Modero i looking for someone to share our land, can be comercial or residencial, we offer: - All Rights for Land Onwer - Terraform Allowed - Waterfront Corner - Total privacy - 16416 sqm , 5510 prims = 5500 Ls/week If u are interested or have any doubt, please contact Mitgard or Bouquet Babii and we will assist u. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vero Modero/235/71/27
  21. Established in 2008, Clairehaven Estates is a small, boutique estate formed with the express purpose of providing a tranquil environment for those who want a place to call home. We think you should live your way, and we provide the opportunity for you to do just that. Our only goal is to provide a stable, peaceful refuge set in a libertine atmosphere. We like to think of ourselves as family. All Clairehaven land is sold with full rights, including terraforming. No premium membership is needed. The purchase price of the land pays your first week. Rental rates are weekly, and can be paid in advance, but monthly rates are also available. There are some minimal limits within the covenants so that everyone may enjoy a peaceful home life, so please read the covenants. If you have any questions, please send a message to Sandi Glas or Veronicaa Ninetails. NEW HOMEOWNER SPECIAL: New tenants will receive, free*, the home of their choice from Glas Houses. Ask Sandi Glas for details. *Home must fit parcel size. Land available as of 5/6/17: HAVEN I (Moderate) Residential Clairehaven, referred to as Haven I, is our original region. It is residential only, moderate rated, with bonus prim and a community lagoon. The neighborhood is eclectic and charming. Here there be (friendly) witches, and (nice) vamps, and a regular Joe or two. Parcel 1 - 4096 sq. m., 1500 Land Impact, NW corner, sunset view, L$1399 per week. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Clairehaven/42/216/21 HAVEN II (Moderate) Residential Haven II is a mountain lake shore community. All Haven II parcels have bonus prim and a large community lake. Building styles are liberally allowed, but please see the Covenants for limits. Parcel 2 - 4096 sq. m., 1500 Land Impact, L$1399 per week. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Haven II/81/214/22 HAVEN III (Adult) Residential/Commercial Haven III is an ADULT rated region with mixed residential and limited commercial use. There is minimal limit on building style though there are some limits for commercial use. Please read the covenants. Sorry, no land currently available. Visit the Clairehaven Visitor Center for the latest updates of available land. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Haven II/81/214/22 HAVEN IV (Moderate) Residential Haven IV Islands is zoned as "beach house" and ideal for those who want a laid back, relaxing, home. Every island has ocean views and bonus prim. There is a large community lagoon in the center. Island 10 - 2048 sq. m., 750 Land Impact, ocean view, L$699 per week. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Haven IV/143/47/21 HAVEN V (Moderate) Residential All Haven V parcels have bonus prim, ocean views, and front a large community lagoon for boating and water sports. There is no specific building style, but please see covenants for height and other limits. Parcel 8 - 2048 sq. m., 750 Land Impact, sunrise ocean view, L$699 per week.. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Haven V/219/85/21 HAVEN VI (Adult) Residential/Commercial Introducing our newest region, Haven VI! Haven VI is an adult region that allows for both residential and commercial. (There are some minor restrictions for commercial, so please read the covenants!) Island 14 - 3136 sq. m., 957 Land Impact, ocean view, L$899 per week. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Haven VI/86/40/21 All Islands on Haven VI may be expanded to 4096 sq. m., 1250 land impact for L$1159 per week, and, when possible, can be joined together to make larger spaces. Ask Sandi Glas for details! DON'T SEE THE SIZE YOU NEED? SEND A MESSAGE TO SANDI GLAS AND WE'LL SEE WHAT WE CAN DO! STORE INFORMATION: Please visit our store on Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/52476 or stop by our Visitor's center for the most current available land information and Landmarks: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Barushkya/149/89/601
  22. Come be a part of our well established community of the Confederation of Democratic Simulators. Locus Amoenus, a nice place, offers many parcels near water and several fronting a long beach which is part of common community land. Choice parcels along our two rivers offer more water access and comfortable rural living. Several large parcels feature a dramatic cliffside overlook toward the Linden Sea. Considerable common land buffers many of the parcels. Locus Amoenus parcels are double prim. Parcels tend to be medium sized for the estate, but there are parcel sizes to suit every taste and pocketbook. Some of the available midsize parcels are: P29 Locus Amoenus, L$3525 monthly tier, 1024 sq. m., 624 prims P32 Locus Amoenus, L$3525 monthly tier, 1024 sq. m., 624 prims P35 Locus Amoenus, L$3525 monthly tier, 1024 sq.m. 624 prims Our estate consists of six regions that have loosely based Germanic, Tuscan, Alpine, and Mediterranean themes, representing different historical periods. The CDS is not a role-playing community. All are welcome to visit, explore, and become a part of our dynamic community. Land ownership in the CDS means citizenship, with the right to vote, run for office, and have a say in the direction and projects of the regions. Owning land in the CDS: we have a diverse selection of parcels to choose from in the six regions. If you want to set up a small home just to ‘test’ if you like it in our community, there are parcels available for as little as $1/US a month. If a sprawling mansion is more your speed, there are large rural parcels available within our beautifully landscaped regions that might just suit. Our covenants define the style of buildings allowed. This keeps the region themes intact and creates a contiguous continent that is pleasant to travel around in, with spectacular views and many public spaces for the use of citizens. Just ask any one of our Estate Managers for assistance in finding the parcel that fits your needs. We are always happy to help. Check the list of available land. We have many parcels of different sizes to accommodate any budget or level of interest. See actual land prices inworld via Land Tools. All tier(rent) is monthly. The purchase price represents your first 30 days of tier. The CDS was established in 2004 and is the oldest estate in Second Life owned and democratically governed by its residents. Come be part of the tradition. We have fun too. For more information about our community, visit our portal, or Facebook. Note on pic: Young man relaxing on beach is not included in the land price or tier.
  23. sYnTech Estate Management sYnTech has several parcels available for sale, Our prices are 1L$ per prim and breedables are welcome. Details As Follow - No Premium Account Needed - Land Is Residential / Commercial Use - Breedables Are Welcome - No Covenant - All Land 1L$ Per Prim 4096sqm 1250 Prims http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Topaz Island/31/33/22 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Topaz Island/95/31/22 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Topaz Island/160/31/22 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Topaz Island/227/33/22 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Topaz Island/227/227/22 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Topaz Island/97/227/22 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Topaz Island/30/226/22 8192sqm 2500 Prims http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Topaz Island/227/128/22 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Topaz Island/165/128/22 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Topaz Island/165/128/22 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Topaz Island/29/128/22 If you have any questions please feel free to IM me in world steviedlive Resident
  24. ** CrescentView Heights**** ABOUT US CrescentView Heights is a family community with beautiful homes at affordable prices. Come on over for a visit and see our gorgeous landscaping and houses we have to offer you! WHAT WE OFFER Our goal is to offer you the best possible experience and that is what we are set out to do. We have a large variety of beautiful homes that stretch across our expansive sim. From beach houses to contemporary homes or something more modern, we have it all. We are positive you’ll find something that suits your personal taste & lifestyle. Explore our breathtaking views from our beach to our pier bistro, where you can relax and hang with friends while enjoying a hot coffee or ice cream from one of our vendors. We allow you to rez your own house with permission from the owner if it fits the setting of the sim. Houses can be tinted or recolored. - Earn 1 week in FREE rent for recommending a friend if they rent. - Earn 3 days off rent for putting CrescentView heights in your picks (please see manager or owner for more info) - We are offering first time renters a promotional price on any house of their choosing. Pay half the price of the house for as many weeks you desire on first weeks payment ONLY. Price will go back the original listed amount after the initial first payment. -Flexible Prims -Control your own Media and listen to your favorite tunes! Make sure to Stop by our office and speak with our on site staff for any inquiries. Hope to see you around! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Opal%20Isle/152/63/28
  25. Experience elegant living at The Grove Country Club Estates, Second Life's premier luxury residential community! We have a rare opportunity to rent some prime parcels on this in-demand residential neighborhood! These amazing gated properties offer many amenities, including a Country Club! Live your Second Life in luxury and style. Free fitting in of your home and basic exterior landscaping. Come home to The Grove. These parcels won't last! See listings at http://thegroveestatessl.com/ or inworld at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Club Road/133/162/25.
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