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About Me

  1. Live Your Dreams: FULL 20k Prim Standalone Private Island L$14500 Full 20000 Prim Private Island. ONLY L$14500/wk. Not a promotional price. Not a Homestead! FireStorm Region Estate Manager rights included. Just one sim available at this price. Unrestricted use, build your own dreams! Whether you want to run luxury rentals, commercial business, or a private home, enjoy full estate manager controls on this private island, bordered on all 4 sides by the peaceful Linden Sea. 24/7 Professional Support Estate Manager Rights Terraform as you like! Chan
  2. Wanted Grandfathered Private Region Sim (NO MAINLAND), 20K prims preferred 30K prims also good. IM me with details of your sim including tier date. Please send message or notecard to me in-world @ tails.wirefly include sim details (prim limit, tier date, price including transfer fee, if already rented out, etc)
  3. Hi, I have a full 20k non-grandfathered sim available for sale. All reasonable offers considered. In your offer, please remember to include the transfer fee of $100 USD and tiers are paid till the 16th of April. If you're interested, please IM me in-world with an offer. Thank you and have a good day.
  4. I am looking to buy a grandfathered full region. Please send a notecard or IM to Destiny Milos inworld with the relevant details including asking price and tier date.
  5. Wanted Grandfathered Private Region Sim (NO MAINLAND), 20K or 30K prims OK. Please IM me with details of your sim including tier date. Serious and ready to make immediate purchase. Please send message inworld to jimsqu.sunbelter or e-mail me at squirej@gmail.com.
  6. Non grandfathered full region sim for sale, only $300 and I will pay the transfer fee, which is $100. Please IM Vita Camino in world.
  7. Please NC me in world with your price: darkennui resident Thanks!
  8. Tier pad till 29th .Please contact Vita Camino in world. or here. thank you
  9. Private region for rent Retire yourselves to the tranquil atmosphere of Bridger Estates. I am looking for serious renters ONLY PLEASE. . I will also require that the renter have payment info on file. 30,000 prims Cost of region rent upon inquiry. . Please contact Jorjianagrace inworld or by email at tinacushman1969@yahoo.com
  10. Whenever I get banned from a particular region, I notice that none of my alts are able to access the region either. But for them, instead of saying "You have been banned from the region" it says "Sorry, you do not have access to that teleport destination." This cannot be a coincidence. How are regions detecting my alts?
  11. I have a full island for rent with 20.000 prims. The weekly tier is 14k which is much lower compared to any other offers out there. Feel free to have a look on the island, it's named Ameland, located near 3 Dutch sims so it's not 100% private but it gives you access to some sailing water too, hence the lower price compared to others. Optional I can move the island for you to another location of your choice, but weekly tier will be 14500L$ in that case. Contact me if you're interested. Dennie Ling
  12. I am looking for land owners with tropical island themed regions with the intent of forming an open sailing community. Currently I have three regions that make up my estate and would like to invite land owners with other private regions to move their estates next to mine. Feel free to contact me here or in-world to discuss it further.
  13. Silver Estate is a quaint and small country town of farmers and equestrian lovers. We are family friendly and have land available! Whether you partake in the various farming system within Second Life or just like to live in small towns or country life. I am sure you will find a home here in Silver. AVAILABLE: 1000 prims - 1050 L$/week - SLURL 1000 prims - 1050 L$/week - SLURL 750 Prims - 788 L$/week ( landscaped with house placed) - SLURL 500 Prims - 525 L$/week ( landscaped with house placed) - SLURL For more information on the community contact - Lola Lionheart
  14. Hello, I need your help. I just created an account and deleted the official viewer for Linux. I log in (login) and up there all right, but in the loading screen the dice connect the region and it closes. I leave a fragment of what is read in the console: 2017-12-08T02: 56: 55Z INFORMATION: print: *************** SURNAME OF CALL END OF LL *************** 2017-12-08T02: 56: 55Z INFO: handleViewerCrash: lock marker file created /home/abraham/.secondlife/logs/SecondLife.error_marker 2017-12-08T02: 56: 55Z INFO: writeDebugInfo: opening debug file /home/abraham/.secondlife/logs/dump-76e39617-a589-
  15. We are looking to close before Dec 6 2017. We are taking all serious offers for a FULL 30K SIM - Not Grandfather. Prim: 30,000 (can be lowered if you do not wish to pay the higher monthly fee) You Pay $400 USD (includes the $100 Transfer Fee!) This saves you $300 over the setup fee for a new sim! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/GEL%20Respect/113/181/2 Leave NC for Syren Nightfire (xxsyrenxx resident) Or email me at Sunmcd@yahoo.com
  16. I want a login location queue. I want to be able to set up a list consisting of primary login location, and alternate locations the viewer will attempt to log me into in the event my primary is offline or full of flying monkeys. Would this be hard to implement?
  17. Did you ever dream to be the owner of a public sim with a residential bimbo zone harem? Let's make it true! Dark Utopia is searching a co owner or owner of a region who could be interested about this project to join our team! Feel free to contact ange2sade or photographerfr! You can find our curent sim here : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ALEANDRO/36/173/2999
  18. Cheap rates because I just want to cover sim cost. Privately owned skill gaming estate. Land is owned by you. You control all land settings. - Residential, commercial or skill gaming - Banlines Allowed - Daily sim restarts - Skyboxes Allowed - Terraforming Allowed -> No Lag, Daily Sim Restarts, Quiet sim To buy, Pay the land your first week. Rental boxes are on land. Check it out! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Game Zone/198/59/21
  19. Beautifully landscaped rental property on full seasonal changing region. High prims for a low price. A MUST see! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fire Ridge/136/112/23 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fire Ridge/136/112/23
  20. AmberRoseKettle

    Land Access

    I just bought a region but I can't seem to figure out how to give access to my business partners. I've tried setting it to group, adding them to the allowed list and relogging, but they can't get on and we need to start building. Any ideas on how to do this.
  21. Looking for land for your business or simply a place to call home? Look no more! Victoria Chung Estates provides a wide range of sims to choose from. Check out the details below. • No premium account needed • 24/7 Professional Land Management • Residential/Commercial • Full Estate Manager Rights • Region Ban, Terraforming, Texture Changes, Environment Settings, Change Sim Rating • Sim Restarts • Stand Alone-Total Privacy • Sim Design (Optional) • Largest Pri
  22. Estia Estates is offering 1/4 regions with full rights Residential and Commercial on low lag regions in the amazing price of 5000L$ weekly! Please visit our office to check our available lands or visit our blog to check them out: http://estia-estates.blogspot.gr/2016/09/5000-prims-corner.html For any furhter questions please feel free to IM inworld Destiny91 Resident, VictoriaElina Resident or Antikratis Nirvana.
  23. Looking for land for your business or simply a place to call home? Look no more! Victoria Chung Estates provides a wide range of sims to choose from. Check out the details below. • No premium account needed • 24/7 Professional Land Management • Residential/Commercial • Full Estate Manager Rights • Region Ban, Terraforming, Texture Changes, Environment Settings, Change Sim Rating • Sim Restarts • Stand Alone-Total Privacy • Sim Design (Optional) • Largest Private Estate in SL Homestead: Price: 7,599 L$/Week
  24. Interested in buying a GF HS. If you have one in the pocket to sell, pls send me a NC in world with offer and tier date! Thanks!
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