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About Me

Found 38 results

  1. hi,i am new player. i try to make a house. I made a mesh and its physics they are same size in 3ds max why is different in game? it become small and wrong place. :(:(:(:(
  2. Hello I wonder if any of you have any clue why a physics I applied to an arch, works in Aditi and not in main grid. The shape is made by planes. Before you ask: - I changed it in "prim" - Checked the Physics shape in the Developer menu and the hole is there When I tried in Aditi I was able to go through. Thanks for any help
  3. Some questions about viewer internals: The host (sim) side has a physics engine, and the viewer side also has a physics engine. The sim side treats avatars as a capsule. The viewer side apparently treats avatars as a mesh object. Or at least that's what you see if you turn on Developer->Render metadata->Collision skeleton. What is that collision skeleton used for? Clothing? As far as I can tell, the only thing the viewer-side physics engine does is breast jiggle. It also apparently helps with uploading collision meshes for objects. Does that mean it's calculating the convex hulls? What does Firestorm use for a physics engine, if anything? I came across a reference to Bullet, but don't know if that's actually in. Is there anywhere this is discussed by people who actually know how it works? I've read through what passes for internal documentation for the viewer, but it doesn't mention physics at all.
  4. @Aquila Kytori has been helping me out for many MANY years :D. Five years ago she made land forms for MOSP (Machinima Open Studio Project) at LEA since mine were too "primmy". I have had a problem at times balancing my love for detail and beautiful line and practicality. What can I say. I sometimes learn slowly. No augment there but now and then I have a brief moment when I feel I can pat myself on the back for a job well done and lessons well learned. Today was on of those days. This is a BIG landform. It is also pretty (at least to me) and it has PERFECT physics in that you can climb and walk and such right on the ground with no floating or wandering inside the mesh. All good. And it is only 20 land impact which for something that big I am calling good. Happily it is also for MOSP -- but MOSP 3.0 which will be coming back to the grid at the beginning of 2018. My plan was to buffer the edges of full sim pads with these guys. I may also make some one sided faux mountains to add even more realism. It is good to know that e-vent-u-ally we learn our lessons -- even if it takes awhile. So lots of thanks to Aquila for all the time she has spent with me. It has been appreciated and I have paid attention :D.
  5. I first saw this when I started using an updating system for the scripts in my vehicle builds. However, this isn't specific to my scripts, it seems to be a generic vehicle behaviour. After replacing the script which manages the Vehicle settings, the vehicle seems to acquire a huge amount of mass causing the object to sink down when it next goes physical. The amount of pull is more than the vehicle engine can counter. Here's a way to reproduce the behaviour without using the scripts I've been writing.. 1) Take a simple boat such as BBX's Aqua which has modify permission 2) Go into edit linked on the driver's sitting position and take a copy of the Yacht Engine 1.0 script 3) Sit on that prim and observe that the boat drives normally (page up/down to change gears, up arrow to increase speed, down arrow to stop) 4) Stand up, go into edit linked, delete the Yacht Engine script 5) Put back the Yacht Engine script from the copy you took to inventory. Observe the chat output indicating that the engine script has initialised normally. 6) Sit on the driving position again. The boat will sink to the seabed and it either won't move at all or will move in directions other than the motor should be sending it. Larger vehicles will hardly move. Smaller vehicles like the Aqua can end up shooting off in unexpected directions contrary to the motor direction My question is - what's causing this? The boat is only set physical whilst it is being driven, so it's not physical between steps 4 and 5 Second question - what can a script do to fix this effect? Thanks in advance for answers... --Chorazin
  6. I've been trying to get a clear understanding of how the physics engine behaves at sim crossings. I've been testing in a sandbox that's an island of two sims. It's a pure sandbox, cleared every 4 hours, and there's almost nothing there. Landowner of both sims is "Governor Linden", group "Maintenance". So it's a clean test situation. I can rez objects on either side of the boundary. I can move non-physical objects across the boundary with the Move Tool. But if I rez a simple physical object ("Beach Ball"), from Library, and try to push it across the sim boundary with my avatar, I get "Can't move object ... because your objects are not allowed for this parcel". If I try to move a physics object with the Move Tool, I get "Can't reposition - permission denied". That's more restrictive than I'd expected. Physics objects are clearly locked into one sim here. None of this is well documented. I found an old Region Crossing Test test plan from Linden Labs. If SL passed that test, region crossing would work a lot better than it does.
  7. I am working on a custom house that I have been developing in Blender. Right now, I am working on the floors. At first, I created convex boxes (with spaces between to avoid touching). I could not get the physics to work in the test server. On this attempt, I have reduced the convex boxes to simple planes. The physics still don't work. Physics planes Also, the planes are not positioned in the upload screen where they are in Blender. Not only do the yellow sections protrude out the front of the building but they are also not aligned vertically with the floors of the building. Upload window Does anyone know what I am missing or not understanding, in regards to Second Life physics? I would appreciate any and all input.
  8. Hello Everyone. I have a small shelter with triangle/plane physics (no analyze). When I upload it using my own LOD models, rez it, and check the physics under render metadata, the physics model is yellowish in colour. The same model, with the same no analyze plane physics model, uploaded without its lower LODs, using the uploader’s own lower LOD defaults, displays the physics in Blue! I don’t know why. I don’t believe it’s relevant but my LODs models have all the exact same dimensions, and that’s the only possible factor that occurred to me was causing this difference in the display of physics complexity. I've left both models here in this sandbox: secondlife://Aditi/secondlife/Mesh%20Sandbox%203/13/8/23
  9. I am creating an object that has more than eight material IDs, so I was forced to split it into several separate mesh, so I have the following problem: By linking various objects with physics, they become phantoms and lose physics. Is there any way to do it? thanks!
  10. Hello everyone. I am using the official viewer. for more easy I have generated a separate file (with many simple cubes) as a physical file, so original mesh + physical mesh file (with a lot of simple mesh box) but it does not work well that way, I do not know what the problem is.. please help, hanks!
  11. Hello, i reacently buy a full perm boat yacht mesh in marketplace, i notice that dosent have any physic, i dont like the idea of use normal prims invisible, so i looking for advise to make a great physic, any tip will be apreciated thanks...
  12. Hello It was brought to my attention that the physics were not working properly on some of my builds. I had experienced this issue a few months ago on a build and thought it was isolated, now I am not so sure. If I rez a fresh copy of a build and try to walk up the front steps, the path is blocked, but if I simply right click the link set then left click the ground to get rid of the menu I can walk on the steps as normal. I don't have to click edit on the right click menu I just have to right click. If someone wants to try this you can grab a copy of one of my builds to try for your self. The easiest one I can name is the "Stoneshield Castle vampire edition DEMO REZ ME" it is available on the marketplace for free. The main steps at the front appear blocked until I right click them. This is also happening in some of my other builds, maybe more of them than I know of. If anyone has a solution for this, or if there is a linden that sees this that can assist me, please let me know. Thanks Horatio Clawtooth
  13. Okay, I am uploading a mesh. Pretty common stuff. However, when I go to customize the physics with a model .dae from 3ds max, I end up with the physics mesh seeming to be WARPED. The shape I am uploading is basically a super optimized version of the base mesh, so I am not sure why its doing it like this. I have tried it with simple shapes too, like a box, and it ends up super stretched like this...
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