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About Me

Found 188 results

  1. Photopia Photography Services is looking for talented artists to join our team! Can you read your clients and show the essence of their ideas in a picture? Does creativity define you? new or experienced residents count on you! Apply here Visit us inworld and check our work!
  2. Click It Photography is now hiring Sales Reps and Photographers. Sales Reps receive 10% commission plus tips and weekly bonuses. Photographers receive 80% (up to 90%) commission, personal studio space, and shared poses. Accepted applicants will be notified within two days of their application to schedule an interview. Application: https://goo.gl/forms/YrOFryY69YJ5uESF2
  3. Meraki is looking for a blogger Only one blogger for now as it is a small store Your first assignment will be blogging for The upcoming Garden of Shadows event That Meraki is a participating in I would also Love to find a blogger who can also be fun and outgoing, not all about work IM kawaiiduirii with you Flickr & Blog if interested <3
  4. Hello! My name is Robold! I have recently come back to the SL community after many years away. I would like to find some people to chat with while i explore. My passion is definitely art (Im in the process of opening up a gallery) and love to talk about it. I'm a pretty laid back kobold though, i could probably talk about anything... Id be happy to hear from anyone really! IM me and we can grab a drink together and ramble!
  5. Click It Photography is now hiring Sales Reps. Sales Reps receive 10% commission plus tips and weekly bonuses. Sales reps are required to work a minimum of 6 hours per week. Accepted applicants will be notified within two days of their application to schedule an interview. Application: https://goo.gl/forms/YrOFryY69YJ5uESF2
  6. I am pleased to inform you that our galleries are open to the public now in their new location above our jungle. You are welcome to to visit anytime. Exhibitions on now are French Gallery- The Master 'Monet' Ancient Pantheon Gallery- 'My Garden' Photography Gallery- 'Natural Beauty' & 'Lands of the Giants' NY Gallery-'A Royal Affair' Due to open in September All rl and sl artists may hire these galleries FREE for a month. Art talks will be scheduled soon. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Uhre Dragons Forge/115/130/3581
  7. Krazy Kobold's Art Gallery GRAND OPENING Saturday, July 21st at 9pm New art gallery opening featuring an Alice in Wonderland exhibit! Come experience the wonderland. We provide you with beauty without the Krazy price! Looking for artists to apply to show at this location, please apply in game at the gallery. Please direct any questions to RoboldtheKobold http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hydes/173/80/180
  8. Well, may this be a platform for photography contests or competition for all Second Life residents. Any contests or competition available now?
  9. Wedding & Events Photographer for hire! "Reasonable rates, fast turn around time" Creating elegant photos & video presentations for your wedding that your entire family & friends will truly enjoy and cherish for a lifetime. Preview of my recent event coverage: https://bit.ly/2NMtjV1 Sample Solo/Portrait Shots: https://bit.ly/2NNWxCD For inquires, you may send an NC (itsbeni Resident) or contact thru FB (Cereza Chan)
  10. ~ Hello! ~ I am an experienced photographer in SL and I want to share my art with the world! I can capture a simple profile picture or a whole wedding event <3 My Flickr My Form I look forward to working with you Contact - kawaiiduirii ...Serious inquiries only...
  11. Are you an artist or photographer? Why not show your work at the Galicia Art & Cultural Hall. This is a small gallery dedicated to artists from all over, located in the beautiful Retreat. Stop by and if you have an exhibit just send me a message. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Monty/239/195/81
  12. ~ Hello! ~ I am an experienced photographer in SL and I want to share my art with the world! I can capture a simple profile picture or a whole wedding event <3 My Flickr My Form I look forward to working with you Contact - kawaiiduirii ...Serious inquiries only...
  13. Hi all, I am one that has a good amount of experience in a lot of things in search of a job, such as Photography, visual editing, writing, record keeping, (like finances) customer support, and more! Contact me inworld if you are interested in possibly hiring me! P.S, I am available any day of the week and any time! madelineshadowrunner
  14. Hi! I am Robbie Dyrdek , a photographer here in SecondLife looking to bring my business back! All photos are starting out at $300L. You can view most of my work below. Photo Edits , Photo Shoots, Couple Photos , Family Photos, Event Photos... no job too big or too small ! IM me inworld: Robbiedyrdek Or drop a Notecard explaining what you need done Thanks for reading! -Rob Portfolio
  16. Hi! I'm Kyla and I am a current Flickr photographer in SL! I thought of bringing back my photography business but of course, I need clients first. Here is my current Flickr for my older work: https://www.flickr.com/photos/queenbycurl/ Also my newer work down below SO if you are interested in getting a good photo for only 500$L go ahead and message me @ Qu33nKA Resident in-world or message me on my Flickr account. Thanks again, Laterz!!
  17. ello ? Are you seeking employment ? Consider New Life Employment. New Life Christian Fellowship Church is seeking to fully staff all of it's offices in the church and community. We have a wide range of freedom and creativity needed for such positions. We are seeking open minded dedicated people to fulfill the following positions. All of the positions require good communication skills , ability to multi task , the mindset to help others and the drive to innovate the New Life Campus. Just to name a few positions... Church Secretary ,Greeters/Hospitality Staff, Security , Event Planner , Advertisement ( Marketing ) , Video Recorder ( Sunday Service ) , Sim Management/Estate Manager , Facilities Coordinator & Pastors Assistant. All positions are paid hourly except the video recorder. Please feel welcomed to apply to this wonderful company today at the following link below or inquire about the position further by contacting ( drjclarkson1 resident ) by way of a note-card. Thank You in Advance. New Life Employment https://goo.gl/forms/GmbZMMcnxd5aV6Uw1
  18. Hello!! I am looking for a photographer that takes "WHOA, THAT IS [REMOVED] STUNNING!" pictures. If you or anyone you know has had these reactions from people multiple times, I would love to schedule an appointment to have you take couple photos for me. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! <33
  19. So, I took a photo and just started playing around with various tools and filters, and soon 'realized' that I wanted to make it into a sort of copperplate print - but apart from a few scripts for PS that seemed to work a bit 'meh', I found no tutorials - the closest I found was turning it into a graphite sketch. Did anyone try to do something like that and have any success? What's your secret? Here's how mine turned out: And here's a real copperplate print to compare: I think the main thing I'm not entirely pleased with, is how white the white areas are. I want more noise, but not just HVS noise but those little scratches.
  20. Dragon Photography is accepting clients! I do portrait and erotic photography with very reasonable and competitive rates! You can see my portfolio here: Dragon Photography portfolio I have a large variety of props as well as a full studio and gallery. Message me in world for rates at arthuris1974. Let me photograph your dreams!
  21. Hi All, I've been in SL for about a year and a half and am very interested in doing some photography. I've started doing some here and there, but really want to know what things have helped you take your photography to the next level? I love shooting on creative sims, so Im not really looking for much in way of studio advice (yet). Any products that you've bought that are must haves? Any advice? Models? Everything is much appreciated. Thanks!
  22. Hi, I'm new to Second Life but I have photo editing skills and I'm available for hire. I believe in quality over quantity. Below are some examples of my first Second Life edits. Check out my Instagram for more of my in-game edits: ingame_photographer_sl_ts4 100 Linden Dollars per picture. Reply if you're interested. Before: After:
  23. Hi there - I wonder if someone can help me. I have a macbook pro and recently it seems whenever i try and take photos (particularly landscape ones) using advanced lighting and shadows - as soon as i click snapshot and the window comes up it crashes as it tries to produce the pic for me to then click save to disc. So I never get to the save to disc point. Does anyone have any recommendations or a list of setting for photography that best suit the macbook and still enable shadows etc. Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  24. Hey there! I am valerie (26 years old), and I am looking for a job! I am a photographer and I would love to do a job with that! My flickr :https://www.flickr.com/photos/153626046@N05/ My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/valerietwinkel/?hl=nl Inworld name: qeeun2
  25. Click It Photography is NOW HIRING! for Sales Reps - Actively logs in - Has a Google account - Willing to use Gyazo - Has a sense of humor - Committed - Has or is willing to get a Discord - Enjoys coffee (Decaf lovers be gone) - Attention to detail - Older than 30 days (unless an alt, which will require verification) Sales Reps- Social and energetic- Service based attitude - Able to greet guests and book shoots- Familiarity with Flickr and SL Photography- Able to work at least 6 hours per week- Willing to take part in advertisement Application: https://goo.gl/forms/YrOFryY69YJ5uESF2 Accepted applicants will be notified within 7 days of their application to move forward with the process. Visit Us In World: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gauguin/211/144/1500
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