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About Me

Found 184 results

  1. I'm looking for one or a few new, female (avatar) models to work with. It's not a paid gig, but you may use any pictures as per the terms I list below, and when the occasion calls for it I may cover some or all expenses for clothes, hair, accessories or such which I specifically want for a specific picture, and I will also be the one to buy any poses, backdrops and props that I want for the shoot. For a sample of my 'style', feel free to browse my Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/160224995@N04/ Whether you've modeled before, or if you've dodged being caught on a snapshot in SL for as long as you've been around doesn't matter - I'm happy to instruct and teach you what you need to do. I do have some requirements, however, as follows: - You must have a full-mesh avatar (body & head), bento most certainly is a plus. - You must be fluent in English (and/or Swedish), and your written grammar must (for the sake of my nerve) be 'decent'. - You must be patient, mature and have a calm demeanor. As far as availability goes, I work on an SLT+9/CET schedule, but it's not a strict-schedule job which requires your daily attendance, so what time zone you're in doesn't matter all that much; 05.00-11.00 SLT/16.00-23.00 CET is when I'm usually available in the weekdays, weekends may vary though. You're free to take your own snapshots at your leisure during a photo session, as long as it doesn't get in the way of things. The finished photos will go through editing, be watermarked/signed, and posted on my Flickr - there 'might' be a blog in the future, in which case I reserve the right to use them there, too. You will be welcome to use the photos freely (sharing on social media, using for your own blog, etc.), on the conditions that the watermark/signature is not tampered with and that full credit for the shot is given to me. If you want a shot in-world, I will be happy to resize it as required by SL, and upload it (and pay the fee). You are also always welcome to suggest a shoot if you have ideas of your own, I'm more than happy to discuss the possibilities and execute it under the same conditions as any other shot. If you are interested you may either respond to this thread, sending me a PM through the forums, or contact me in-world by NC or IM (my online status is not hidden; if I appear offline it's best to send a card - if I'm marked as busy or away, it's also best to send a card just in case). Thank you. /Orwar
  2. When I ask how to camera roll, I'm asking how to take a side-ways picture/snapshot. How can you Roll/Tumble/Rotate the camera so you can view the world upside-down? I have found little-to-no info on this. And it's surprising how difficult it is to setup. Here's what i've found out with firestorm: --1st-- You must turn off Auto Leveling (which prevents camera roll). That can be found in the phototools. --2nd-- By enabling 3D mouse it is possible to do a camera roll (using a 3d mouse or xbox controller), but you might have issues with the camera moving in other directions too. So controlling it properly can be iffy. --3rd-- Some people can do a camera roll by holding ALT and using the scroll-wheel or click-dragging.. Which is what I want, but I haven't been able to make it work. I have two friends that say it worked for them by default. And I found 1 image online that showed that same keyboard shortcut, but again it's NEVER worked for me. So does anyone know how to setup camera rolling/tumbling with a mouse and keyboard??
  3. CSTV is hiring for models, seeking men and women who are not shy to appear in photos and videos. Message me, JizzellEnmei in-world for information.
  4. Your are invited to our grand openings of the art galleries and their current exhibitions. Artist's appreciators and supporters are most welcome from all over the world. Friday 11th May @ 5pm-6pm - Photography Exhibition in Beverley Hills LA http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Foale/211/104/3012 Friday 18th May @ 5pm-6pm - Ancient Pantheon Gallery Opening Ceremony- Exhibition "My Garden" http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Foale/119/99/3081 Friday 25th May @ 5pm-6pm- Old Master 'Monet' Exhibition & Opening Ceremony in France http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Foale/170/240/3686 Also a gallery in Hong Kong to hire free for a month to all artists in rl &sl. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Foale/92/225/3664 New York Gallery is currently being set up for another exhibition. Details soon... Contact me inworld janienz to see how you can easily have your art exhibitions too. Come and visit our land of themed cities. Over 8 platforms all very different. LM is Below http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Foale/198/223/28
  5. Hello!! I am looking for someone to make me a custom skin, I am willing to pay your rates, or negotiate a price if you don’t have rates. or If someone could recommend some good Asian skins for catwa or (preferably) Lelutka heads I haven’t been able to find any good ones, I have tried Fiore and Boatoam Thanks, kawaiiduirii
  6. Hello!! I am looking for someone to make me a custom skin, I am willing to pay your rates, or negotiate a price if you don’t have rates. or If someone could recommend some good Asian skins for catwa or (preferably) Lelutka heads I haven’t been able to find any good ones, I have tried Fiore and Boatoam Thanks, kawaiiduirii
  7. Click It Photography is NOW HIRING! for Sales Reps & Photographers - Actively logs in - Has a Google account - Willing to use Gyazo - Has a sense of humor - Committed - Has or is willing to get a Discord - Enjoys coffee (Decaf lovers be gone) - Attention to detail - Older than 30 days (unless an alt, which will require verification) Photographers - Uses Adobe Photoshop - Willing to work exclusively for Click It Photography - Has a Flickr - Previous Experience with SL Photography Sales Reps - Social and energetic - Service based attitude - Able to greet guests and book shoots - Familiarity with Flickr and SL Photography - Able to work at least 6 hours per week - Willing to take part in advertisement Photographers receive 80% commission plus tips Sales Reps receive 10% commission plus tips. Sales reps also have the opportunity to receive free photos. Application: https://goo.gl/forms/YrOFryY69YJ5uESF2 Accepted applicants will be notified within 7 days of their application to move forward with the process. Photographers will be asked to edit a photo prior to an interview. Visit Us In World: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gauguin/211/144/1500
  8. We are a rockin a nooner today so grab your dancing shoes, your requests and your friends and lets party down at Scorn http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elysium Tartarus/81/72/22
  9. I am looking for 3 sexy men, mesh bodies and hair only for a club event ad. Topless with mesh jeans or leather pants and a spare 30 minutes for the photo shoot is required. I would like to take the photo early this week. Must be able to understand English. Please reply in-world to me, Raven Firethorn. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eternally Yours/89/142/1076
  10. Married/Dating? (RL and/or SL), we will NEVER be more than friends. NOT in SL for just sex. I´m looking for a companion (not a Daddy, not a Dom, an equal) my age (56) or older who has an open mind, is honest, has a sense of humour, is not afraid of mesh and wears it! and likes to do a variety of activities (dancing, going to concerts, exhibits, greedy, spending time with good friends, etc). I´m game for most anything and when I commit in a relationship, it will be just u and me unless WE decide otherwise. I love rock, blues and country music. My hobby both in SL and RL is photography. IM me if u have similar interests and are looking for a companion to share SL with. Let´s talk and see if we click. I´m SLT +4. Leave a nc if I´m not online plz and I´ll get back at u. My messages often get capped unless we are friends. Camellia
  11. Hello Art lovers, I am so happy to inform you that the opening ceremonies & art talks is now in the planning for our 4 Art Connect 4 gallery's. With persistence and long hours this journey has been so worth while. Our Galleries are free to hire for a month for your creations. Come by and visit to see if our galleries are right for you. You will land by our New York Gallery where you will find more information inside. I will make contact with you again this coming week with dates & times. I do hope that you will be available to attend. Feel free to IM me inworld! Kindest Regards Curator Rosabella http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Foale/198/223/28
  12. I need a photographer to take pictures of a couple of items I'm planning to sell. I'm stuck using an old laptop for some time so the graphics are too low to use. Nothing fancy, just 8 photos of a building, and 3 photos of a set of shelves. Can send them to me via Email to save upload costs or via Facebook messenger. Please IM me in world if you're interested. Let me know here if you send an IM in world and I will log in and if we agree a price I will send you the items.
  13. Looking to hire a photographer for my store. Just recently got back into making things for it and would like an experienced photographer to work alongside me in creating the photos necessary to properly advertise my products. I make a wide range of things. Skins, mods, shapes, objects, etc.. There is no limit to my store so long as I am able to create it! Please drop me a notecard in secondlife with some example photos of what you are capable of along with your secondlife username and prices. If I like them I will contact you in secondlife and we will start working together. Thanks so much, Hacker Bluebird Owner and founder of L.O.O Creations.
  14. I'm using the latest FS Viewer and have been taking pics using DoF without a problem - until now. About an hour ago, I had a shot all lined up, DoF was absolutely perfect with the focal point being beautifully sharp and a perfectly subtle blurred background. Then I received a sudden request from a friend to tp them to my location, so rather than taking the snap quickly, I dropped it, thinking I'll set it up again later, which I've often done without issue. Wrong. No matter what I do, I can't get the DoF working again. Both the focal point and the background are either as sharp as a tack, or hopelessly blurred. Perhaps I've been going over and over my settings for too long (been at this location for over an hour now trying to work out why DoF is misbehaving) and have gone over and over old how-to posts, which contain nothing that I didn't already know and haven't already checked. Have tried messing around with the FOV, Foc Length, CoC and the Resolution with no success whatsoever. Is it just me, or are there times when it just messes up and there's nothing you can do but wait?
  15. Hi there! I am looking for Belgium and Dutch gamers because I am doing a photography project about gamers. If you are interested about my work take a look at: http://www.natasjamosterman.com/final-project So if you are a gamer and you want to help me out, send me a e-mail! Xx Natasja
  16. Hello, Iam looking for someone who can create me a amazing new profile picture as soon as possible. Iam willing to pay good for a new profile picture so that wont be the problem. i came back to secondlife after 3 years, that is the reason why i need a new one. Iam a live mixing DJ so a good profile picture is a must. Send me a IM looking forward working with ea other. Best Regards, Raymon Alonzo
  17. Click It Photography is now hiring Photographers. Photographers receive 80% commission plus tips and should have previous experience with SL photography. Accepted applicants will be notified within 2 days of their application to schedule an interview. Application: https://goo.gl/forms/YrOFryY69YJ5uESF2
  18. Click It Photography is now hiring Photographers. Photographers receive 80% commission plus tips and should have previous experience with SL photography. Accepted applicants will be notified within 2 days of their application to schedule an interview. Application: https://goo.gl/forms/YrOFryY69YJ5uESF2
  19. Photographer available to do any pictures your looking for. Experience of over 8 years (older than my current AV) Reasonable prices Great Images Quick to work on them and turn them around Contact me for more information here or in world 2013UK Resident (Milae Marksman)
  20. Looking for a male model with an excellent avi, mesh body, head, piercings, tats , beard.. preferably already owns a kilt to do a photoshoot..I know this is rather specific, but if there is anyone out there who fits this description, please IM me inworld you get to keep the pics and of course get credit for modeling. Thanks!
  21. I've always liked taking the occasional snapshot in SL when I've seen something I like, and recently my curiosity has escalated; I've moved on to not just take the snaps with more attention to light, quality and resolution, but to try my hand at editing them - and so far I think there's been some good progress. However, taking selfies got pretty old pretty quickly, especially as I know there are people out there who put a whole lot more attention to their avatars' appearance. Since I've already had my friends go through their wardrobes and poses, I'm looking for people who'd like to be photographed, whether just as a fun thing or if you want a profile picture or a picture for your wall or any other application. I will not charge anything from you for having your photo(s) taken, with the exception of the upload fee (L$10/picture). The only condition is that the pictures taken can be put in my portfolio (this does not restrict the maturity rating as I can adjust this to the specific photo(s) in the listing, if you want them mature/adult, go for it.). Please note: - As mentioned, any pictures taken through this offer, will be displayed in my portfolio and I reserve the right to use them for the sake of advertising further business inside of Second Life. - I'm in Europe, SLT+9, so scheduling a shoot at 'business hours' may be difficult. Exact when will have to be discussed in person. - I will only pick one or a few people, who either contact me in-world or through this thread, each day - depending on how much time I have. - My selection of poses is fairly limited thus far, so having your own pose is a plus. I'd also ask that you decide what you want to wear beforehand. Some adjustments on scene may be required, but I'd rather not browse your entire wardrobe (unless, like me, it's limited to a handful of outfits). You decide what you want to wear, not me! - I do not demand that you have all the latest, most expensive, top fashion clothes or avatar accessories - but please, no 'Standard'(system) avatars or 'Starter' avatars. If you'd like to review my current portfolio, you can find it here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/160224995@N04/
  22. Click It Photography is now hiring Sales Reps and Photographers. Photographers receive 80% commission plus tips and should have previous experience with SL photography. Sales Reps receive 10% commission plus tips and should have previous experience with customer service. Sales reps are required to work a minimum of 6 hours per week. Accepted applicants will be notified within 7 days of their application to schedule an interview. Application: https://goo.gl/forms/YrOFryY69YJ5uESF2
  23. It has been a long and very busy month, but the Machinima Open Studio Project is now open. Photographers, film makers and explorers can explore two full sim areas at the moment with more in the works. I, however, am switching gears for awhile. No one said anything about REST of course, just something different to work on. Come film! The official announcement is here: https://lindenarts.blogspot.com/2018/01/lea6-machinima-open-studio-project-mosp.html
  24. Art Addicts is Hiring Photographers and Reps! Join the team that makes Art Addicts the best studio on the grid, meet new friends, and share your art. We are a full service professional photography studio established in 2014. AA is owned by two master SL photographers, Keira Lewellen and Bren Dovgal. We have a fun, welcoming atmosphere, and a steady stream of clientele. Photographers make 80% of bookings + 100% of tips. Service Reps make 10% on each booking + 100% of all tips + bonuses. Set your own schedule, and make some extra money! ***We do ask that photographers are experienced in painting hair.*** Apply here: PHOTOGRAPHER APPLICATION SERVICE REP APPLICATION Visit our gorgeous new studio location in world!
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