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About Me

Found 607 results

  1. I am interested in sharing with others information about which SL stores supply fitmesh clothing suitable for female avatars up to the maximum size of breast in the standard mesh avatar by TMP (The Mesh Project). From my trying of various demos and some of my own purchases, it seems that some fitmesh only 'stretches' over smaller boobs after which they then disappear inside the avatar; while other fitmesh truly adapts to the curves of any avatar. Two stores whose fitmesh does suit max size breasts are: L.I.C. (aka Lyndy in Chains) - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/155645 A&J Creation and Franchise - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/38506 I am not sure that ALL of the fitmesh items from these stores do behave as I have described, so make sure to try a demo before buying. Be aware that the LIC demos are free at the store but cost $1 on Marketplace; and that they only last 5 minutes for you to try out, after which they disappear. Fair enough, at least there are demos! I am especially looking for a mesh lace minidress something like this... almost like a lingerie item (this is an example of a fitmesh which sadly doesn't fit much bigger than a very average size boobs) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LeCastle-Amia-Laced-Up-Mini-Dress-Maitreya-Slink-Belleza-TMP-HUD/12726380 If anyone can point me to anything, I will be very happy! (See pic below) It goes without saying that I never even consider buying a mesh clothing item if there is no functional demo available to try. So... the above two stores (LIC and A&J) are ones which have at least some items to suit us big boobed TMP ladies. Please share others which you have found which work... only stores which have functioning demos though please.
  2. Hola chicos, tengo un problema con el demo de la cabeza catya de catwa, se me ve la cabeza transparente, incluso en la barbilla se ve una raya , queria saber si esto ocurre porque es la demo o algo asi?, no quisiera comprarla y que no pueda arreglarlo, (ya probé aumentando los gráficos y no me sirve). acá les dejo una imagen:
  3. Well I am here again ^^ Some time ago I opened a thread about mesh bodies vs classic avatars and all that. I ask it now because couldn't find an answer anywhere else. Oh I am checking out for a mesh body, I got a classic one. Taking a short 3 hours look at the marketplace (lol I am a girl so what ), I found a shape with this description: "Avatar Shape to wear with the Maitreya Mesh Body" So, isn't BODY and SHAPE the same think? I mean I can tell apart shape and skin, because they're different objects in our inventory. These are avatar components, or I thought. can anyone tell me what's the difference between shape and body please?
  4. greetings, I am a SecondLife mesh creator, and lsl scripter currently looking for some new projects to take on. Find out more about Pricing, Examples, and my guidelines here: https://kiraalena.wixsite.com/website Please contact me in world, or through my website and I will get back to you Asap.
  5. First of all, hello. I'm not a begginer at second life almost 2 year old player. I wanna start my own fashion brand, creating mesh for mesh bodies. Ive tried couple tutorials and made some low quality outfits but I feel like I am totally lost around mesh bodies, templates, baking and selling at marketplace. The thing is, I wanna make clothes for all type of mesh bodies. I've seen tons of creators who makes all type of bodies but never understand HOW THEY DO IT? I mean, I've got all of the developers kits but still don't understand how to use or convert them on my outfits. I am using Marvelous Designer program to create clothing but thats all I can do, please give me an advice and little information about this, you will save my life, this whole thing and getting nowhere made me really depressed lol. I would really love if someone help me. Thanks :3
  6. Hi everyone, I don't have pictures of my model atm but, I can provide close ups of the issue if my explanation isn't clear. I am trying to upload a mesh object that is shaped like the letter "L" from blender but, for some reason, when I get the model into SL, it doesn't look like an L any more but, distorted to a point where it appears some edges and vertices seem to be missing. Is there a way to fix this? Do I need more faces and edges on my model? I know this may be hard to determine since I don't have pictures of the model right now but, I hope someone is familiar with this problem. Thank you for your time!!
  7. How I can get the rights to upload mesh models in the Aditi SL version?
  8. I am puzzled by something about the Belleza female mesh bodies. I have an alt with a Belleza Freya mesh body that I bought this spring and I do love it! It is wonderfully adjustable and it looks great. But I do not understand why the hands do not support Bento mesh animations yet. Or is there something I am missing here? I mean, my Vanity Fair avatar has a Maitreya Lara mesh body (which I also love), and it works perfectly with AOs with Bento hand animations. You can even choose to cycle the body's hand animations using the Maitreya HUD separately from any AO. And I know that Slink sells animate-able Bento hands. So why doesn't Belleza have this yet? What even more bizarre is that the Belleza Jake male mesh avatar, which has been out for a little while now, does have Bento hands you can animate. So why the men's but not the women's?? I am still relatively new to mesh avatar bodies so I don't know the history of the products.
  9. MeiAyumy


    Alguem poderia me ajudar n consigo mudar de skin no meu avatar parece que tem varias skin ao mesmo tempo n consigo mudar nem as coisas do corpo mesh eu clico e n acontece nada porfavor me ajudem ...
  10. Passion2010

    Broken Mesh

    Hello, I'm learning how to create and I'm doing a mesh shirt, but I'm trying to ridge it but it will not keeps telling me my mesh is broken and can someone please help me on how to fix this..
  11. We are looking for an amazing bento mesh creator - please send a notecard to animeshon in world for more details. We are needing full perm, fully exlusive bento mesh created avatar kits are required: Maitreya, Slink, Belleza "Adult" mesh projects may be offered. Hit me up in world (notecard) animeshon
  12. I have been creating in SL since 2009, if you are in need of a custom (rigged / unrigged including textures) mesh creator (human & creature avatar, clothing, statue, vehicles, buildings, small items etc..) inworlds via instant message / notecard (in case ims being capped please send a notecard too ). and my full permissions marketplace items here : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/60638
  13. I have been creating in SL since 2009, if you are in need of a custom (rigged / unrigged including textures) mesh creator (human & creature avatar, clothing, statue, vehicles, buildings, small items etc..) inworlds via instant message / notecard (in case ims being capped please send a notecard too ). and my full permissions marketplace items here : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/60638
  14. There has been a fair amount of "no name shaming" going on this week here. But it seems to me that some examples of "better" (not perfect) practices would be helpful as some folks still seem to believe that there NEEDS to be a high poly count in order to get "the look" . Now I do know how to make VERY LOW POLY MESH. That however is not my aim here; I will leave that to others along with tiling textures. I am aiming for a middle ground as we all know that what looks pretty is what sells. Still, I am adamant that the poly count in MANY cases could be lower than what is being produced. Honestly I have found a few creators this week who have recently made their mesh much more dense (yes, head shaking). This is not a good sign -- in many ways, and could point to a few of my favorite designers journeying over to the dark side of downloaded mesh. I am hoping not, but time will tell I guess. I am trying not to get depressed over the issue. This week has been hard on the H and G makers with all the drama and TOS breaking going on. But anyway. Two quick screenshots from the beta grid with draped fabric (always an issue polywise). I am sure that on close inspection many could figure out the high and low poly alternatives without the cheat sheets. Both of these have long distance LODs with lots of vertices in the low and lowest slots. One is 6 li -- one is 3. It took me about five minutes to remove all the edgeloops necessary for the lower LI version. Not a big deal.
  15. I have been creating in SL since 2009, if you are in need of a custom (rigged / unrigged including textures) mesh creator (human & creature avatar, clothing, statue, vehicles, buildings, small items etc..) inworlds via instant message / notecard (in case ims being capped please send a notecard too ). and my full permissions marketplace items here : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/60638
  16. I have been creating in SL since 2009, if you are in need of a custom (rigged / unrigged including textures) mesh creator (human & creature avatar, clothing, statue, vehicles, buildings, small items etc..) inworlds via instant message / notecard (in case ims being capped please send a notecard too ). and my full permissions marketplace items here : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/60638
  17. Is the full perm template for the t-shirt given in the SL15B week 4 available for purchase?
  18. Do you have a project that could use a custom mesh props or scripts? Are you unsure of how to make this happen and are ready to hire someone else to help you? I can be that person for you. Whether you know exactly what you want to have made or need to get your ideas onto paper we can work together to make your project a reality. I have 6+ years experience creating mesh objects and 2+ years programming in and out of Second Life. I use that experience to create high quality, high efficiency mesh props and scripts that will take your project to completion. Let me help you with your next project. Let's chat! Send me a message in world to "BrownBoxStudio", email me at brownboxstudio@gmail.com, or even leave a message on this post, and start working together towards reaching your creative goals. Here are some mesh objects I have made for second life. They average about 3-5 prims each. If you would like to see them inworld, send me a message and we can meet up. I also have scripted games, and other objects, that I can be shown on request if custom scripting is what you are wanting.
  19. I am seeking a skilled mesh clothing creator, I pay in US dollars over $120 Dollars per project and typically I would like to have two full outfits (two projects at a base starting price of 240 dollars in total which can reach 400 US dollars in total per month) per month one for men and one for women, plus bonuses for add ons and such that can be 40 - 60 dollars. I own a business and I am looking for someone to work with for a year, this is a monthly income that is steady and contractual. If you are interested in working with me please contact me inworld by saying " Bonjour " so I know what you're messaging me for... IF YOU ALSO ARE SKILLED IN TEXTURING THAT IS A PLACE, BUT NOT NECESSARY! my username is orlandodechristoph. Thank you and I hope you who are a skilled mesh creator of clothing message me.
  20. jdoet

    Tan my skin

    Hello , with the sun i want to tan my white skin .... my skin was made by deetalez , not modify , but i did my own tattoo with omega applier on my maitreya and belleza mesh body and lelutka head , i try to make a brown layer with a few opppacity in addition of my tattoo but the look was not good . Where can i find a good layer to add in my PSD file (on photoshop) to work on it and make tanned mark Thank u so much for your help Sorry for my poor english .. Jade www.jadedoet.fr.nf
  21. Hello, I'm offering services for custom mesh under a few guidelines and rules: - I have a few limits on what can and cannot be done, best thing to do is contact me and I can give you more than a yes or no. - NSFW is fine, I take pride in the work I'm doing regardless (Within TOS, Laws and common sense). - All items come with a full, final commission price, no more is paid upon agreement (additional requests made after payment are accepted as new commissions) - Exclusive items have an additional fee, otherwise all rights belong to me and I have the ability to do what I see fit with the item in question. - Be timely with our correspondence (Larger projects especially, you will still be charged for agreed hours) and make fair attempt to make me aware of any time you will be away for, as will I. - I offer graphics design to a lesser extent, this typically depends on what you need. Find out more about inZoxi and pricing: Site, Sketchfab Page, store front, these include samples of my work, you can also attain a viewing by contacting me in world, details below on how to do that. What do you need from me? First of all, visit inzoxi.co.uk for pricing, if you're all set from there then go ahead and send me either a notecard in-world or an email with a basic overview of your project and any references (images) you can provide me with, we will work out a final total from there. I won't be responding to any messages on this forum, please contact me either via email (hello@inzoxi.co.uk) or in-world at Zoxin Resident. What happens if you cannot complete my commission? You will be paid back what you have paid in (be it half or full) if I cannot complete your request - I've got better ways of making money than being a con artist. Please appreciate that these things do happen and may be able to re-accept your request at a later date. Thanks for your interest, Zoxin (Inworld Profile) inZoxi Creator.
  22. HELLO! I'm trying to create an exploding barrel and now I made such a mesh. But I have a problem with baking AO shadows texture. On the sides of the barrel where the ribs are visible strips. This is despite the fact that the cylinder 24 VERTS, the SMOOTH is switched on. I can of course make a blur in the photo editor, but how can I make the blur in the settings of baking? Is this possible? Please advise. Thank you so much!
  23. I'm new to avastar and I'm learning as I go but right now I'm having a hard time modeling seams on my clothes. Is there a way to freeze the position of my mesh without unbinding it from the armature? I would appreciate all the help.
  24. ChoiceRider


    Most all noobs (prefers "New Residents") start off with a system classic av. It was a month or so till I sprang for a Sig-Gianni / Catwa. To this day all I know about it is that I paid more for higher detail and a more realistic look, and with a decent human body-language animation-override (Oracul is my choice), you may have somethin. Would anyone want to explain for me in detail what the heck "MESH" really is and how it's made? Yes, I like particulars, especially how it's made. Did you ever watch HOW IT'S MADE on TV? I always loved that show. https://www.sciencechannel.com/tv-shows/how-its-made/
  25. hi there i have 500 linden at the moment and i am hoping to find a nice clothing creator who is willing to take that and create for me a new set of custom clothing its a uniform along with boots i have it in classic av style clothing but id like there to be an upgraded version of it more like basically make a new one there is a combination of 2 outfits id like you to make into one outfit thank you for your time ^ -^ please write to me asap id love to get this done asap
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