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About Me

Found 635 results

  1. Hello, I am looking for scriptwriter / Puppeteer for a new mesh breedabale Iam creating. This may lead to long term job or one time development for the creation of a new breedable in SL. I have a modeler and need a scriptwriter with good puppeteer skills working with mesh animations. If you are interested please send me a note-card with your information, background, and rates. Thank you for your interest, Markphoto Resident (Markcus Williams)
  2. Hello, i am creating a clock. And i want its hands to turn around their origins which are in the first picture. But when i upload them to SL, their origins change as in the second picture. What may be the problem ? I upload two hands together(not as joined). Would uploading them together affect it ? https://prnt.sc/g52omb https://prnt.sc/g52o1t
  3. I wear a mesh head + mesh body 100% of the time now. This question is to all other full mesh avatar users: If you were forced to give up your body or your head, what would you keep? - Me: I would keep the head. I can't give up the small, subtle facial animations.
  4. Hello! I am using the Maitreya mesh body with the v-tech Boi chest mod (a flat/feminine chest). This chest has glam affair skin match so I can still use the skins that come with Maitreya, however I am finding it impossible to find matching Omega glam affair skin appliers. Does anyone know where I can find demo's of Glam affair skins with omega head appliers? Are there other skins (head and body with omega) anyone knows of, that have flat chest versions for their body skins or a flat chest tattoo? Cheers
  5. Hello! Does it make sense to upload huge mesh models but with a low LOD, so that later, by shrinking, them to get a model of higher quality? Or is it better to load the usual but with high LOD? Thank you!
  6. How to reduce land impact? Hey. Why when I uploading meshes it turns out such big land impact? Here to take for example such simple boat hull. It have 723 vertices only, physics set to high. But why LI is so huge? I prefer to use high LOD for my buildings. Help please! How to reduce LI? Thank you!
  7. I've always liked hairstyles like this but finding quality versions of them in SL is.. difficult. I occasionally come across one now and then (Mina, Tameless and couple others have them that I've seen) but rarely are there many options. I included a couple google image links to examples just in case it's not clear what I'm referring too. Anyone have mesh hair vendors they know of that offer styles like this? Example 1 Example 2
  8. Hi I am having trouble with the adding on mesh heads and ive bought many meshs my problem is that everytime I try to add one on and put the alpha on to get rid of the system head my mesh head disappears idk if I am doing something wrong cause I think I am, or is it my settings? I got help from one of thecatwa contemporaries she helped me but today when I got back on it was like white rings around my eyes.....Yesterday she fixed my settings on why my head was disappearing I took it off because I didn't know how to get rid of the rings around my catwa head by my eyes. Can someone help me step by step to put on a mesh head or is there anyway I can stop the system head from popping up when I have no alpha on, cause I tried to use the "invisible avatar" mask when I used it my mesh head is gone but I'm the only person that can see it and nobody else can and everyone who helped said it was very strange and odd I really thought the sameas you can see I'm kinda new to this and the catwa head cause you have to put it on in a specific order or style however you suppose.
  9. Hello all~ Lately i've been having issues with my mesh body disappearing/not rendering properly for other people after TPing to a new location. I've just been relogging every time I TP to fix it up to the point, but that's really starting to get quite tedious. Is there any other way around this? Or at least some quick/easy and reliable way to tell if my body is showing properly for others? The body is the 'Tonic Fine Beauty' mesh, and i'm using the latest Firestorm viewer for 64 bit windows~
  10. Hey. Who faced the utilizator's avatar rikugou type b? What can you say about it? Pluses, minuses ... what complexity level? What is with a head? Can be replaced with m3?
  11. So... I just came back to SL after a long time, and I realize that I'm obligate to "update" myself and spend some dollah I just want an opinion or comparison about the most popular mesh heads, Lelutka vs CATWA, what are your personal differences and preferences?

    Weird ingame glitch

    Hello, Somehow when i upload a mesh it ignores the UVmap, only on a few objects not all of them and everything is the same. (Yes also UV channels) Is this a common thing if so how would i solve it? It doesn't make sense, it not only looks unmapped but also tiled
  13. Hi all and thank you, I bought a mesh body from Maitreya (Lara) and a head of Bento (Candy) I bought the Luna shape and got to place it on the head but I cant put on Luna's demo skin... Can you tell me what's the problem? they said : put the base first what am I missing? ty.
  14. I do custom mesh, specializing in exclusive models for resale by other store owners. While I get some business by word-of-mouth from happy clients, I'm still struggling to find an effective way to advertise my services. Places where content providers congregate are very rare. I haven't had a lot of luck posting to the Help Wanted or Employment forums, and this forum is definitely not the place for advertisements. I've tried assorted groups inside SL specifically built for advertising, but mostly they seem tuned for advertising events. And in spite of monitoring half a dozen groups specifically for custom mesh work, they're mostly dead. So my question is, if you were inclined to contract mesh work, how would you go about finding it? How can I get my services in front of people who need it without turning into a nuisance?
  15. Hello everyone. I am using the official viewer. for more easy I have generated a separate file (with many simple cubes) as a physical file, so original mesh + physical mesh file (with a lot of simple mesh box) but it does not work well that way, I do not know what the problem is.. please help, hanks!
  16. Hello, I am 2 days old on SL and decided to purchase my first body shape, I went with the Maitreya mesh body Lara and I love it. The thing is I am having so much trouble with Huds, I'm not sure if I'm attaching them wrong or even know how to use them. I know the body mesh comes with like 3(?) Huds but when I do the "Attach to Hud" it doesn't show up in my screen. Its been like that with any Hud I try using. I hope someone can help. Thanks!
  17. Hello I am Moden Spyker, I am looking to start up a new Breedable. I am posting here looking for a 50/50 partner that has skills to turn a design sketch, into a life like second life pet. MUST HAVES: Skills in 3d object design Inworld animation skills of said design. Skills to texture design Imagination for modified design for future traits Ability for open communications via email or Skype Requirement of signing noncompete and confidentiality forms. If interested contact me via email, not forms at telazorn@gmail.com Any discussion into concept and design If concept will require nondisclosure and non-competinh forms to be signed.
  18. Slayora DeSantis

    Mesh & Lag

    Hi All: Is it just me, or does mesh seem to create more lag? I've noticed that the more mesh buildings, caves, etc, that there are on a sim, the more the lag spikes. Plus, I own a 1024 parcel, and I was using a mesh wall (I put up like 6, at 1 prim each) that basically ate up all of my prim count. Personally, for me, I rather like the old prim/sculpty creations, since it seems like there is less lag and such. I'm also beginning to think that NO ONE really builds anymore, because there are so many mesh creations. All a mesh creator has to do, is basically upload their build to see if it will rez...as far as I know, that is. Any thoughts?
  19. Hi, So I figured out how to bring up the test grid but when I try to log into it I just get "password is wrong." I use the same one I log into main grid. I accepted the terms to upload in second life and can upload in main grid but I want to simply use test grid to check how my mesh will be before I upload on main grid. Is there someone I need to ask for permission? I can't think of anywhere else to ask this
  20. I am assembling a large group of mesh artists to produce only in official Maitreya body. Working on a 50/50 split. I require artists who can rig and do uv maps and work with mesh i provide or if you prefer to work on your own mesh, using designs that i provide. Winner of Best Designer Sl. Contact Nonna Hedges in world.
  21. Hello I'm kinda curious, is there ragdoll physic for mesh avatar in secondlife? if yes, already release?
  22. IONIC brand is taking clients for custom 3d work projects. More info and work examples here http://www.ionicspell.com/
  23. Hello, i reacently buy a full perm boat yacht mesh in marketplace, i notice that dosent have any physic, i dont like the idea of use normal prims invisible, so i looking for advise to make a great physic, any tip will be apreciated thanks...
  24. Hi All: I was wondering: I'm learning the mesh thing now...just starting..and I was wondering if I can make clothes to any shape I wish, instead of by the standard sizes? Most of the 'standard' sizes don't fit my av, and I'm tired of having to go to my matrieya hud and clicking on the alphas to keep my skin from poking through..lol.
  25. Hi again! I previously posted here having trouble rigging a mesh with a deformed skeleton, which luckily was resolved with some help! I even got the hands working with bento Unfortunately, I now have another issue... The mesh looks fine when left alone and uploaded as is, but if I scale it up at all, it looks like this... I've definitely checked 'Apply Armature Scale' when exporting it with Avastar, so I'm not sure what the problem is. I've tried storing the joint edits before and after scaling it, both failing. Any help with what the issue might be would definitely be appreciated. Thanks!
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