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Found 635 results

  1. Hello!!! I bought this bikini from the market place and I can't use more than one mesh item, if I wear the bottom part the top dissapiers and the other way around, Any idea why??? EDIT: This is the Bikini I bought - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Kialani-Beach-Bikini/6415023
  2. Hi I'm looking for a skilled fitted mesh rigger. You must be able to work with Maitreya, Slink Physique, Slink Hourglass and Belleza Freya. If you are interested, please send me examples, your rates and availability for work. Serious inquiries only. You can contact me inworld: rxde Resident. Thank you.
  3. Hi I'm looking for a skilled fitted mesh rigger. You must be able to work with Maitreya, Slink Physique, Slink Hourglass and Belleza Freya. If you are interested, please send me examples, your rates and availability for work. Serious inquiries only. You can contact me inworld: rxde Resident. Thank you.
  4. TysinniWellisa

    Shirt/Mesh Help

    I have Sinful needs female 'objects' (don't want to get banned) and every single one of my outfits just totally ignores them and they pop out of my shirts/dresses. Funnily enough my Tropical Girl Avatar bikini and Q.B Tiny Bikini work just fine on them, but nothing else! I have the Sinful needs Alpha 1 on. The Sinful needs FitMesh breasts VENUS, FIORE, GRAND 1.24 and its physics II. This is likely a simple, stupid thing I'm missing, but I'd like help! I have no idea what I'm doing! No tutorial online seems to help!
  5. Are there new definitions for some of the bones and rig menu items in the newest Avastar release? I looked all over the official site for definitions and a list of the new features that have changed from previous versions but can't find anything like that beyond a list of bug fixes. Although there may be a couple tutorials on the Avastar site that I haven't watched yet, most of them are from before this newest release anyway and a text entry for it would be great so we could find it in searches. More specifically, has whatever the Control Bones menu used to be changed now to Animation Bones? Watching a tutorial on YouTube on how to rig Bento wings from 7 months ago showed a different rig menu than in the ones shown by Medhue about 4 or 5 months ago and since there is still info that could be helpful in these older tutorials I would love to know which menu items replace the older ones.
  6. ????? ? ?? ?????? ????? ????? ????!!! Saturday, Oct 7th-28th Sponsored By: D.U.S.T,LB,Vengeful,Ghostyss,Evhah,Sexy Princess. 25+ DESIGNERS | EXCLUSIVE ITEMS|GIFTS Stay Up to Date on FB: https://www.facebook.com/SavoirFaireEventSL/ Our Website: https://savoirfaireevents2.wixsite.com/savoirfaireeventsl (Shopping Guide inside) Ride:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Detroit%20Star%20City/208/29/806
  7. Hi so I have been reading some o the other topics in the forum about mesh everything and honestly I am still confused. I am not very familiar with a lot of the terms used. I have bought a catwa mesh head and also a lara body from the same store but a different creator i suppose. I put them on and the head distorts to a weird shape with the body and I have an outer layer of skin that doesn't match the hands and feet. honestly I have no idea what I am doing AT ALL. I often can't even set up things I have bought for my house. Is there possibly a video or something I can watch that explains things? I am thinking if I visually see everything done it will help me understand since I don't seem to understand a lot of the terms being used in the forums. Or if someone is able to just come and help me figure it out or something.. I don't know. Help please lol!
  8. We should have a section for mesh bodies and heads under "avatars". Maybe split that forum up in classic and mesh?
  9. I've looked around and saw a few videos on how to change the skin, but nothing specific to what i want to do. I have all ready once made this character on SL's normal avi http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21990087/ made the textures and everything. I want to recreate that on the Maitreya body. they "furry" parts with the normal SL avi are a mixture of this https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Sculpted-Furry-Cheetah-natural-orange/1904830 and this https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Ice-Snow-Mew/2410095 I have all the textures and stuff but they are for the normal sl avi. What do I need to do to put the textures I made on the mesh? Do I need to totally remake the body texture? get an applier?
  10. When purchasing non-clothing attachments for your AV like wings, tails, headdresses, etc, is a smooth rigged mesh animation more important than the ability to resize the items or would you rather have slightly less perfect animations with attachments that you can resize however you want? I was working on making new animated wings and realized that if I make them mesh people won't be able to resize them, correct? I would have to offer a few sizes as I do now. I tried for a week to make Bento animated wings where the mesh was just an invisible base to attach flexi wings to but it seems impossible, because the prims want to float to an area not rigged rather than to the attached mesh pieces. So, it's either new mesh wings that are Bento animated and rigged with a few sizes in the package that can't be edited, or flexi prim wings with animations that do allow for editing/resize. Mesh would be more work and time for every new design, but if that is what people prefer to buy then it's worth it. Please comment with your preference if you have one ?
  11. Mesh / 3D Artist for hire Minimum budget per project is L$ 30,000 50% Down payment Exclusive to you only / Fullperm + 3D & Texture files included I can make Props, Decoration, Logo, Shoes, Accessories or any non-Rig 3D/Mesh items Price depends on project complexity and texture variations Portfolio: Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artist/imlon Sketchfab: https://sketchfab.com/imlon Secondlife MP: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/58593 Please contact me in-world for inquiries & questions thanks.
  12. Designers! Consider this a plea. Please, please, please will someone create an array of beautiful mesh thigh high stockings that could be paired with garter belts for Maitreya flat feet? Not all of us constantly wear high heels or walk around on our tip-toes. Thanks!
  13. Ok so after years on imvu I decided to try SL and see how good it was. To fully appreciate it I need to sort myself a decent avi and this is wear I am struggling at present. I have done a bit of reading and research and am slowly getting to grips. It is so much more complicated than IMVU in every way. But i'm hoping its worth the effort. I am prepared to throw some money at it within reason and want to get my avi looking as realistic as possible (the whole thing I love about SL is the realism of the avis the textures etc). So I'm currently thinking - Male Mesh Body (Signature Gianni? over Slink as I want it muscled) Male Mesh Head (although I read somewhere don't get a mesh head as you will look identical to everyone else - thoughts?) - if i go mesh then Catwa Bento looking favourite or do i go with Signature Gianni head to match the body or doesnt that matter. I'm after a black avi (Tredente/Stanley Bento style)or a muscled hipster look (Volkstone Eric style look) Eyes I've been told to try - L'etre - Suicidal Unborn - Mesange Shapes I've been told - Speakeasy - [indigo] - strong men - aetherian shapes - Tredente - RM store - ascendant Tattoos - speakeasy - identity - letis tattoo Skins - straydog - VYC - Derme - Avenge - amias ANY TIPS, ADVICE, ASSISTANCE is all very gratefully received. Also keen to meet friendly folks who need more friends! I'm a Virtual World addict. HELP ME SEE HOW MUCH BETTER SL IS THAN IMVU - CHEERS! Vinny
  14. I am currently looking to commission a mesh creator, to create a/some big-bellied/fat/pregnant-looking mesh shirt(s) (most likely a t-shirt, and tank) for the signature - gianni mesh body. That means you will need to obtain a pre-existing shirt for the gianni body via the marketplace, or you'll need to obtain the dev kit which you can do here; https://www.signature-sl.fr/devkits Yes I'm aware that I could buy one on the marketplace and just modify the stomach(s) of said shirt & tanks. I would rather stimulate the Second Life economy, as it were, and pay someone to make it for me. Very flexible on rights/usage a& costs as long as it turns out great~! Feel free to contact me in-world, which you should be able to do by searching "RiderDavis" in-world or (if the link works) by copy/pasting and clicking in your viewer chat: secondlife:///app/agent/c07bd7d0-1c34-4e27-b86f-d637ad3aa9f2/im Thank you in advance! ~Rider
  15. Hello, so I have a question and was hoping that someone can help me with an on-going issue I've had for a while now. I have an up to date version of both Blender and Avastar. I also have the TMP dev kit with the mesh bodies that I want nothing more than to make clothing for. I imported the .fbx files and the body is staring me in the face... My issue is... there is no clear bones? Well... let me rephrase. I am used to looking at this: Kemono body. Just in general. But the TMP does not have any of this. So I am unsure how to carry on making clothing and things when I cannot move the bones in solid pieces. I'm sure I'm botching this explanation up, but any help or advice, I would dearly appreciated! - Misa~
  16. Newbie here with a quick question: I started off as a default vampire avatar called "Elleria." I now have a Maitreya mesh body (Lara) and a Catwa head (Cami), and I also purchased mesh eyes (simply titled "customeyes"). I want the shape of my character's eyes to be large and round (Google search Billie Lourd for an example), NOT slim (like Taylor Swift's eyes). The Cami head has slim eyes and is not Bento, which apparently means that I am unable to make the shape of her eyes rounder. Someone suggested that switching to a Bento head would solve the issue; however, regardless of the head I demo, I am unable to detach the original "Elleria eyes." Is there a way to do so? Am I missing something completely?!
  17. Hi, All!I signed up for Second Life not too long ago and am beyond confused and overwhelmed. Everyone in NCI has been incredibly friendly, but I have received far too much conflicting advice and spent tons of money buying things that they’ve advised me to (that I don’t even know how to use).For starters, would you mind defining (in SUPER simple terms) what exactly all of these words mean:- Alpha?- Mesh?- Bento?- Appliers?- Skins?- Omega?- Relay?I have followed directions and USED some of these things, but have no understanding as to what they DO. A comparable situation would be teaching someone who knows nothing about fish how to set up an aquarium; you can tell them to connect the airline tubing to the air pump and then to the air stone, but they most likely will have no clue what each of those items actually DOES for the tank.I started out with a custom avatar called Elleria (the Vampire). So far I have purchased a Maitreya mesh body (Lara) and a Catwa head (Cami). However, when I add those two items and then go to “Edit My Shape,” I am either unable to adjust all of the settings OR my body pops right out of my dress. I would also like my skin to be very pale, so other users recommended that I purchase:Folder title: Omega System Kit - Catwa- Omega System Relay HUD Catwa v1.7 (no modify) (no transfer)- Omega System Relay HUD - Catwa v1.8E (no modify) (no transfer)- Omega System Kit - Catwa v1.8E (no modify) (no transfer)- Omega Catwa HUD Skins v2.17 (no modify) (no transfer)Folder title: Omega System Kit - Maitreya- Omega System Relay HUD for Maitreya v.07 (no transfer)- [LNL] Omega System Kit - Maitreya v1.7 (no transfer)- Omega System Kit - Maitreya (no modify) (no transfer)- Omega System Kit - Maitreya AF Folder title: {Bambi} - Catwa Bento Cami Skin Appliers + Shape (CATWA)- {Bambi} - Catwa Bento Cami Shape (CATWA) (no copy) (no modify)- {Bambi} - Catwa Bento Skin Appliers + Shape (Catya Bento) (no modify) (no transfer)I have NO clue what ANY of the above means or how to use it or why so many items are needed just to have a pale skin color, haha.If anyone is able/willing to teach me the ins & outs of SL clothing, as well as help me make a character with a long face, large/round hazel eyes, a slender body, and pale skin, PLEASE let me know. I will even send pictures of my computer screen for reference and compensate you for your time messaging back and forth with me, if need be. I feel like giving up, but I was so excited to play this game. ?
  18. Does anyone know if designers approached to do custom gowns for pagents, like Miss Virtual World, get paid? Or do they do this custom work for exposure and then try to sell the gown later and make money off of it that way? I know a lot of established designers get approached with this and I'm sure it's very time consuming. I'm curious what's the going rate for one of those gown versus having something else custom made, like a wedding gown, which I have had done for me before.
  19. Hi everyone, I am one of those old time users who don't get a stipend. I'd like to know what bodies are in style right now? have they been able to eliminate the chunky butt look?
  20. I bought some full perm hair that has lolas with the package and wonder if anyone out there knows what the lolas for hair is?
  21. Hi all, There's a lot of info on how to create mesh clothes and I've tried someof them but often critical instructions are missing or its outdated. Can anyone help me find a current enough solid guide on how, from start to finish, to create mesh clothes for my belleza isis body? I know i can use blender and Marvelous creator and gimp but does anyone know where good complete current instructions are for this task? Many thank yous!
  22. Hello, my english may sound not that perfect, i'm sorry for that! But anyway...ill'try to explain the problem.. Time ago i've finished modeling this ankle boot in Blender. I'm now using the latest version. I have this issue with the rigging process. I've been following many tutorials but it seems i can't proceed myself, so i'm asking you for some advice. When i rigg the boot (as shown in this video tutorial), the boot itself starts to deform uglily, bending with the toes if i move them while into pose mode... Q)Is there a way to exclude the toe bones for not making the boot bend and deform? so it just bend at the ankle as it should? I've tried to remove weight manually and to lock the toe bone, and foot bone from the group vertex panel but did not work. I've been modeling the boots into many separated parts, as u can see, a main mesh goes for the boot and heel, sole, zipper etc are other separate meshes. Q) Did i do well or it needs to be modeled all just from a unique mesh piece? I'm working with the Fitted Mesh Kit by Machinimatrix, would u suggest me to try avastar instead? Thanks in advance ▪Also attached some pics of a simple boot test with just a mesh, see the toes?
  23. I am working on a custom house that I have been developing in Blender. Right now, I am working on the floors. At first, I created convex boxes (with spaces between to avoid touching). I could not get the physics to work in the test server. On this attempt, I have reduced the convex boxes to simple planes. The physics still don't work. Physics planes Also, the planes are not positioned in the upload screen where they are in Blender. Not only do the yellow sections protrude out the front of the building but they are also not aligned vertically with the floors of the building. Upload window Does anyone know what I am missing or not understanding, in regards to Second Life physics? I would appreciate any and all input.
  24. Notice: I do not create items for any human mesh bodies at this moment in time, those who wish to collaborate on a project should contact me via email. Hello, I'm offering services for custom mesh under a few guidelines and rules: - I have a few limits on what can and cannot be done (e.g. note 1), best thing to do is contact me with a notecard and I can give you more than a yes or no. - I don't do scripting, but could possibly work with your scripter if need be. - NSFW is fine, I don't care what you're into (Within TOS and common sense). - 7.5kL$ starting fee, price dependant on request, see next. - Smaller items will come with a full commission price, whereas larger projects will just go with the per/hr and terms of this will be discussed when I accept the project. - Exclusive items (all rights and files to you) have an additional fee, discussed in-world, otherwise all rights belong to me and I have the ability to do what I see fit with the item in question. - Be timely with our correspondence (Larger projects especially, you will still be charged for agreed hours) and make fair attempt to make me aware of any time you will be away for, as will I. Here's my store front and portfolio (WIP) for examples of my work. You can also attain a copy of my works by contacting me in world, details below. What do you need from me? It's best to send me either a notecard in-world or an email with a basic overview of your project along with your budget and any references (images) you can provide me with. I won't be responding to any messages on this forum, please contact me either via email (hello@inzoxi.co.uk) or in-world at Zoxin Resident. Thanks, Zoxin Creator of inZoxi.
  25. Hiya Zoe here Having looked at lots of reviews I ended up getting the "Orange Nova Human mesh - Nauha" avatar / body. I'm really happy with it and want to stick with it. It is my understanding that this is a 'mesh' avatar, which is the newer type, and that clothes should automatically fit to it (to an extent, although body parts might need to be adjusted to stop them showing through - am I correct here?) However I have found that with some clothing I have bought - when I click "wear" it replaces my WHOLE body with one that seems to be bundled with the clothing. Other items have just worked fine. Yesterday I tried on some shoes and it replaced the rest of my body and outfit. The shoes when unpacked were a single item, not a big list of sub-items. - What is going on here? - How can I tell which clothes will do this? - Can I avoid the problem? e.g. By doing something other than "wear", like "attach to..."? Maybe related: Some items such as dresses have maybe 3 sub-options one of which is usually "Maitreya". Are these different sizes or styles? Or are they intended for specific body designs? If so then I thought that the mesh system made this unnecessary. Confused about this. How can I tell if something is designed to work with my 'Nauha' body? Just trial and error? Thanks, sorry for sort of 2 questions in one but it's sort of the same problem (confused about clothes!) Zxx
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