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About Me

Found 636 results

  1. ~WOLF VALLEY RANCH NIGHTCLUB & AMUSEMENT PARK~ WE ARE NOW A FULL PUBLIC ADULT PRIVATE REGION SIM COME AND EXPLORE OUR NEW BEAUTIFUL ROMANTIC PUBLIC ADULT FULL PRIVATE REGION SIM. WE OFFER MANY AREAS TO EXPLORE FOR ROMANCE, MEDIATING, LOVE, SEX, DANCING, BULL RIDING, WATER RIDES, BOWLING ALLEY, SKEET SHOOT, GAMES, ROLLERCOASTERS, SHOPPING MALL, RENTAL CABINS, NIGHTCLUB, HORSE BACK RIDING AND SO MUCH MORE. WE HAVE A FULLY FURNISHED HOMES TO HANG OUT IN OR CUDDLE ETC. WE HAVE TWO PLAYGROUNDS, ONE FOR ZOOBY BABIES OF ALL STAGES AND THE OTHER FOR CHILD/CHILDREN AVATARS. JUMP IN THE POOL AND SWIM, RELAX, SIT, SUNBATH ETC. CUDDLE RUGS THROUGH OUT THE SIM FOR SINGLE AND COUPLES. LISTEN TO THE SOUNDS OF NATURE AND THE OCEAN AND ENJOY THE YOSEMITE MOUNTAINS AND WATERFALLS THAT SURROUND THE SIM. NO LAG, NO DRAMA. ALL AVATARS WELCOME AS WE DO NOT DISCRIMINATE. OUR NIGHTCLUB IS OPEN 24/7 WITH LIVE DJ'S THAT PLAY A VARIETY OF ALL MUSIC EXCEPT RAP OR DEATH METAL. JUMP ON THE LINE DANCING DANCE PADS IN FRONT OF THE STAGE OR ON THE BARRELS, OTHER DANCE PADS HAVE OVER 75 UP TO DATE DANCES FOR ALL MUSIC. USE THE SINGLE AND COUPLE DANCE INTANS IF YOU WISH. ~WE ARE ALSO HIRING DJS AND HOSTS~ WOLF VALLEY RANCH only hires EXPERIENCED RELIABLE DJ'S - if you are given an opportunity to work and on your first shift it shows that you don't know how to run a DJ stream, you will not be given a second opportunity. We do not have time to train you on the job. A little about WOLF VALLEY RANCH & CLUB and the job - we are a new club in SL and we have a real traffic with people coming in and out all day with or without a DJ. You get paid by tips.... the house takes nothing from your tips. WE DO NOT HIRE "PLUG AND PLAY" DJ's. The better you are at working a crowd the better the tips :-) We accept different formats and a variety of music except Rap and Death Metal. This is a Moderate sim and we do allow children Avi's and all Avi's. We do not discriminate against anybody. If you have any questions contact SwisBeagle Tomorrow SIM Owner & Escape Tomorrow GENERAL MANAGER. APPLICATIONS ARE LOCATED IN THE HIRING VENDOR NEAR THE CLUB ENTRANCE. Voice quality and energy is a big determination in hiring you so if your voice isn't clear enough or if you can't project yourself well on the Mic, you will not be hired. WOLF VALLEY RANCH NIGHTCLUB & AMUSEMENT PARK SECONDLIFE LINK: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wolf Valley Ranch/207/26/21 WOLF VALLEY RANCH & NIGHTCLUB FACEBOOK PAGE https://www.facebook.com/wolfvalleyranch WOLF VALLEY RANCH GROUP LINK:http://world.secondlife.com/group/e8f66680-db32-bc19-53a0-b1a79f30c8b7 CONTACT SIM OWNER & FOUNDER: SWISBEAGLE TOMORROW WOLF VALLEY GENERAL MGR: ESCAPE TOMORROW WOLF VALLEY RANCH OWNER: PICKLES AKA RIKKEE54
  2. I was wondering if you could buy the mesh clothing templates that are white and just add your own texture to them and then sell them in your own shop? Any info. on this subject would be helpful. Thanks
  3. I need to do a little sanding on the statue I just made prior to adding some texture/colours but the one app I would love to try I just cannot find. https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/dev/modeling/meshes/editing/transform/smooth.html the laplacian smooth modifier https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/dev/modeling/modifiers/deform/laplacian_smooth.html
  4. hola a todos, mi problema es con el cuello que no acaba de ajustar ni encuentro metodo, tengo cabeza [ak] cole y cuerpo [signature] gianni, le he cambiado las skip, he puesto tanto omega como slink y TMP, y ninguna queda bien, tambien compre omega neck fix, pero es muy dificil ajustar las numeraciones del tono con colores RGB . necesito ayuda :(. https://prnt.sc/gt2snh
  5. Waisting

    WCIF this skin?

    Does anyone know where I can find this skin?
  6. Hi. I am building a Hexagonal full sim structure (something as amphitheater ....will be a lot of concentric hexagons at different height). The "corner" part will be mesh , the rectangukar parts will be made in prims. Textures for prim and mesh will be done in blender for AO. Mesh 1 is rotated on Z at 180° - Mesh 3 is rotaded on Z at 240°. If you look at object 1 and 2 the textures are ok. Problem is with object 3 rotated Z at 240°. I can unwrap the material only in "Project from View (Bounds)" mode. (because it will be applied to a SL prim) I unwrapped object 1 at 180° in top view . I used a image mapped X1 - Y5. I copied object 1 and rotated it to Z 240° (and I made a "single" user). But material/texture does not match. There is a way to rotate the marble image? I know that it is possible in Blender Cycles but I am using Blender render. Thank you very much and advance :-)
  7. Greetings I have been creating in SL since 2009, if you are in need of a custom (rigged / unrigged including textures) mesh artist, I can make it for you. (human & creature avatar, clothing, statue, vehicles, buildings, small items etc..) contact me inworlds via instant message / notecard (in case ims being capped please do send a notecard too ). p.s : I make small projects / items too. For references and some of finished Works and more : check my inworld profile picks. (minthel ohare) see u inworlds
  8. I'm fairly new to mesh making and I just recently figured out how to rig a mesh, so I made a shirt, it's properly deformed in blender, all bones are linked to the right area in weight paint mode (1(2).png) but when I try to upload it, it is rotated to Y-axis (22.png) and when I include skin weight, it is completely ruined (3.png) And it is actually how it looks like if I upload it and wear it. I've searched everywhere but can't really find a solution to this, I'd really appreciate it if you guys can give me some useful tips!
  9. Hi all, I have a really nice new mesh store building that I bought on mp and I am setting up my vendors at the moment and have come across an issue that's really bugging me and I'd like to know what could be going on, if you can help. The mesh store is from a really good creator in secondlife and the vendors and scripts that I am using are what I would call great quality, so I doubt its a dodgy mesh or bad script issue. I rezzed my store, placed it, stored the build when I was happy. I did move it after storing it just a bit. I set up my vendors and tested them and they worked just fine. So when it came to placing the vendors on the mesh wall, I touched the vendor and nothing happened except I got pulled towards the wall and hopped against it. Its as if the script dies and wont work near the mesh wall? I pulled the vendor away from the wall and it works just fine, but if I place it back on the mesh wall...nothing. Does anybody know in here with your experience of mesh buildings what could be the issue? I really don't want to go with another mesh build, I like the one I have. Thanks in advance
  10. I'm looking for any leads on a realistic mesh sectional couch. I can't find a decent one for the life of me Thanks guys!
  11. Hello! Lately I've been trying to learn how to make custom mesh avatars for SL, but I've run into a problem I can't seem to figure out on my own. As far as I know, it should be possible to do what I am trying to do, so hopefully someone can share some much needed knowledge about the subject. The issue I'm having is editing the SL armature to to fit my mesh, which possible, results in some weird bone deformation/offsets in SL on import. Judging from the picture i've attached, the problem seems to be the edited bones not storing rotation in world, where scale and position seems to function just fine. As a result of the bones not being rotated, it causes my avatars legs to spread out in a funny manner (which amusing, isn't very useful! ??) see second picture.
  12. Model's Workshop is looking for a new office building in mesh, and we would like it customized for our needs. If you build in mesh and do custom work, please contact AriannaJasmine or Rhiannon Colclough in-world. Thank you
  13. Might someone be able to help me understand this mess? I have made several mesh items and this is the first one to do this.. I already tried to "Clip" in the image mapping but this is the 3rd time I have exported this thing and it keeps doing this. Did I upload it wrong? I have normal UV's.. they're all in place every single time I check in Blender before uploading.. Nothing should have gone wrong.. but every texture I put into this object comes out like this mess as shown.
  14. I dont know why this happen i cant upload and i worked hard on this model pls help.
  15. Please help me i wanna know why this happens!!
  16. I'm in dire search for any mesh makers that work around the Kemono avatar to create a specific set of legs for that avatar. Please notify me on here or in-world; IM or Notecard is fine. I'll provide an image if interested to take on this project. Will pay in Linden only. Apologies, I have no access to online purchases as I'm given L$ for the job I work.
  17. HI; I am looking for a simple step by step tutorial to upload an object type to my Island area that I have. Basically it would be a Statue something like this https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/roman-statue-mesh-Full-Perm/4472895 but more like the Joker Clown object I made in Poser [not as the attached picture, that is an avatar I purchased in Second Life] see attached Avatar as an example only. I am NOT referring to Avatars at all My plans are ... I would make the Joker or a Batman or Superman Statue that other avatars can see when they are online in Second Life, and I am not. What format may I upload to my location in second life which yes does allow me to unpack objects etc etc eg is it 3Dstudio, WaveOBJ, mtl [from Blender} I understand it should be best manipulated/transformed in Blender. That is pretty much the extent of the info I can find. SL would not accept the mtl I made Please if you have NEVER made and exported a Statue to SL, there is no need to reply I am also not looking to do this for profit or open a store just have a little fun making some nasty villains and heroes. I apologize humbly if this is not in the correct spot and please just message me with any condemnation for me asking for help. I am not a stupid person I have been working with computers for fun and curiosity mostly since the 70's [FORTRAN and Pascal ,visual basic C+] with pretty decent application knowledge for autocad-LT turbo cad Poser Pro etc. I have made and modified hundreds of textures and animations/BVH. and while I have been messing around with SL since it first came out including a stint working with TTS on it in 2008-09,
  18. Hi can somebody help me,where can i buy an avatar-shape-skin like him? i want to look korean please help meeee
  19. Help! I didn't have this problem before and I have no idea why it is happening now. Perhaps one of you can help?? I have an item I am making and I have a plane that will have an image of a leaf in the center and transparent around it. I want the leaf only to cast a shadow onto the object behind it. However, every time I try (and I believe I have everything set correctly regarding alpha and shadows), I end up with a shadow from the entire plane, not just the leaf. It seems to be a problem on the object behind, because the plane renders correctly. The only way I can make it go away is to make the plane cast nothing. I want the leaf shadow, so this doesn't work for me. Please help?? I'm at a loss. I have googled and googled and set everything the same as I read, to no avail.
  20. Hi Can some one PLEASE just send me to some information like a video PDF what ever, on how to produce an object ... in let's say POSER, that I can then upload to Second Life and just sit down somewhere on the island I own and so other people can see and that I can add textures to but NOT animations ... not asking about ANI's ... I know that is under development ... ... let's say the batman or Joker [like the pic attached but NOT the same of course] I have Blender, Poser 14 PRO, Auto CAD light, etc etc AND PLEASE do NOT tell me I have posted this some place else. I get it, but I do NOT know where to post this question so I am trying GENERAL Thank you my fellow GEEKS
  21. Hi Is it possible to make a statue from a Mesh character in Second Life and do a single pose? If so please direct me to some instructions on it please. The clown is an Avatar something like I would want to make into a Statue please and do a single pose on thank you
  22. Hi Is it possible to make a statue from a Mesh character in Second Life and do a single pose? If so please direct me to some instructions on it please. The clown is an Avatar something like I would want to make into a Stature please and do a single pose on thank you
  23. I am able to create mesh hair creations, but I noticed that I am missing something.. something small. I make solid-looking hair, hair that has no "fly-aways" and no "strands" because I do not know how to texture them.. is there a tutorial out there that gives insight on how to create something like this (linked pictures as examples of what I am looking to learn to create)
  24. Buenas alguien sabe donde puedo comprar un avatar,shape y skin que se parezcan a el?
  25. I accidentally bought shoes that require mesh feet. I have never heard of mesh feet until I saw them for sale. Is it really worth having mesh feet or are there enough good shoe choices for regular zero sized feet. I am only interested in having one or two pairs of good shoes and lots of boots. Any takers on this one? Milla
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