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Found 635 results

  1. So I am testing a fitted mesh custom avatar, and it was going well when I left the second life skeleton alone, but then I decided "what if I needed to adjust the bone structure slightly, what would that do?" and I could have sworn I heard that it might be possible since people talk about giant and small avatars which I assume are custom avatar bone structures? Basically the avatar looks like below, and a posed version of it in blender: (just to note, when I export it to a .dae I select the option so it works for second life, and I make sure to select both the mesh and the armature so it exports both) I was testing both major deformations and slight deformations, (the left leg was an anthro/furry wolf leg structure type, the right arm is to test what it will do with the slight deformation of the bone, and the left arm is to test if I made a major bone alteration the arm and bones are scaled to be 1.5 times longer). When importing, it looks like this in the importer, which is how it's supposed to look. so the arm looks like it will work, and I select "keep joint positions", and both "include skin weight"s, and the idle animation seems to work perfectly fine in the preview, but then when I import it and apply it to my avatar it looks as such (I'll post it with and without my avatar under it, so you can see that it's shoved the bones back up the arm, and on the image where it's edited with red lines, I've tried to outline the areas where it's obvious the lower arm was shoved back up the arm) (edit: the last one is a new screencap that shows how it's just slapping the bones back to normal positions, since on the avatar's left arm it's just forcing them back) and at this point I'm a bit lost on what to do, since the preview works but then in-game it shoves the bones back up. (the only reason the hand is longer than my avatar's is because it was scaled, but it's still nowhere near the length it should be) Any ideas or thoughts?
  2. Hello, From time to time I see that my avatar gets kind of deformed like on this pic: https://gyazo.com/b11880bcb58645b7e0b6b4233d156223 Relogging helps but after I teleport to another place it sometimes comes back (sometimes not - I know, it's weird). I use Maitreya Body and Catwa Head I wonder why it happens and if there is any solution to this.
  3. Hi! I am an avid SL user (on my main, this is an alt) and I have always wanted to get into the clothing business. I have tried to create mesh myself but failed because 3D and blender just are not my thing lol.... That is where you come in!! If you are a mesher, I have a job for you. Not only would we hash out the percentages, I am also willing to pay you real money when we are just getting started. I have a crazy amount of ideas and would love the opportunity to make them real. Contact me through forums if your serious about this with your second life name and I'll message you on my main. I look forward to talking with you.
  4. Mesh creator and Designer available for custom orders including : clothing, accessories, 3D logos, buildings, hair, fashion, Sculpture, jewelry... Whatever you need. High quality guaranteed. friendly Prices. Experienced Modeler. IM tryme003 Resident inworld for more details. Here is sample of my creation : https://www.flickr.com/photos/raohs_design/
  5. Hello I am looking for a texture maker who can make me a good looking skin for my mesh kemono body. I have the old skin I was using for my old avi but I want it to be on my kemono avi but because its mesh body it needs a whole new layout If you can help me leave a message here or im me in second life. ^^
  6. Hi there. Well I'd beg a little bit patience please lol cause i am still novice about shapes and skins and mesh and that stuff. So this is my question ¿Why does my shape always look like er... so polygonal? I don't remember very well how I got it, but it's certainly a freebie or really cheap shape that I got somewhere else. I know basic shapes just give you that, basic quiality, but trouble is that I did bought some new demo shapes from store, because I wanted to get a better shape, and I got confused when I realised that those new shapes (demos) had the same quite polygonal aspect. So I was afraid to buy a new shape for nothing, because I thing those new shapes will have the same problem. So is this a matter of skin? is it the shape? is it my viewer? I am not looking so realistic high detailed shapes that take half salary away from you, just one that doesn't look so polygonal like my current basic shape. I've been spying (lol) other girls around, and realised that some of them seem to have the same aspect. But others look so amazing damn! :b for example this one: So what do you suggest me to do?
  7. Hi! I'm seeking someone who creates mesh clothing content! I'm looking to pay money for this, I need a mesh panties model made for my fitted busty kemono base model in SL. What I'm looking to get out of this is a rigged and unrigged version, I would prefer if the UV maps were setup for easy made texturing aka not split into so many pieces and hard to figure what piece is attached where, etc. If you think you'd be able to handle this sort of commission, shoot me a in-world IM or reply here and we can discuss further with references, etc!
  8. Anyone needing a mesh creator? I'm accepting new orders. Drop a notecard inWorld.
  9. Hello! I've been learning Blender for a couple of weeks now, and I finally got the basics when it comes to making mesh, rigging, weight painting, and exporting. The question I have now is how do I make mesh clothes that I've created fit the different mesh bodies? I made some mesh pants using the Slink dev kit and Marvelous Designer, and I finished the mesh completely and uploaded it to sl with textures and all. Now I want to adjust those pants to fit the Belleza and Maitreya bodies. I have the developer kits, and I even tried to rig the Slink-sized pants to the Lara body in blender to see if it would snap to that body once I turned it into fully fitted mesh, with no luck. Another thing I did was manually fitting the pants on the body (resizing, moving, and rotating) and it looked alright until I went to rig it. This is the pants on the Slink body compared to what it looks like when I manually fit it to the Maitraya body (obviously not as smooth and pretty) After I fit it manually, I went to rig it and this happened: There has to be a better way to do it than what I've been trying. I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me.
  10. Good morning! Wow.... Been a long time since I have done this :-) I have been in SL for years. I still even have pictures dating way back and NO, I will not show them, lol. Oh how things have changed. There are 2 things that will just never leave SL and that is sex and nightclubs. I have watched from the days of Area54 where the club was open and really no detail to Bad Girls where it was taken to a new level and then GOL. None of these clubs exist today but, were the top clubs in SL for many years. What I also enjoyed about the nightclubs in SL outside of the music and people was the fact that some of these owners went to a level of detail to make it feel as real as possible. This was done through the talent they hired (DJ, Managers, etc.) and through the build itself for the club. Today just like sex, clubs are everywhere. As I said, they are not going anywhere as long as SL is online. What I have noticed though is there are really no good clubs anymore in terms of design. I have found maybe 3 and that was with allot of searches, visits, etc. It's very strange to me that with mesh and all the advances that the nightclubs have gone from really great detail and lighting to wood floors in an open box with a bunch of crap on the walls and some tables to pose drunk at. I can't be the only one who has noticed this, am I? I am not saying that a club needs to be mesh to be highly detailed because frankly, if you use your imagination and are creative, you can do just as much with prims if you are a master at texturing and yes of course this is just my opinion but, back to the topic at hand - Why are there no really nice clubs anymore? First this is NOT an advertisement for any club. Just pointing out what I have found. So you have clubs like Wet Willies. They play classic rock and are busy most of the time and the music is good but the sight... Boring as all hell. I mean to the point I find myself searching for new places. Then there is I think it's called Big Daddies or something like that. They do all 80's and again, just a big open dance floor thats... bla. Now I have found a few where it's not bad. Places like FogBounds where they play blues and are packed 24/7. This is small but the setup is well done to the point that when you are there, it's easy to get the feel that your in a real bar someplace. Another place I found that really blew me away is Hydra which plays house, trance, etc. The lighting and texturing done to this club is amazing but the layout has much to be desired. You can actually get lost in there, lol. Each time I have visited, I think the grand total of people there including the DJ has been around 4. Now this could be because of the type of music or maybe I am even visiting at bad times for my timezone. There are some clubs from way back in the day that are still going but the builds are so bad. Blackhearts is still rocking. I believe they are under new ownership though. Music is classic rock with great DJ's but again you walk in and it's like the place puts off no energy at all in terms of visuals. Another thing I have also noticed is that it's extremely hard to find any club playing any R&B from the early 90's on. Just a strange fact I noticed one day when I was in the mood for some classics but not 80's typical pop or rock. I could really not find a single place. Yes I know, my age :-) But still... SL has advanced in many ways with the visual experience and for a long time this was something that people really enjoyed about nightclubs outside of the music and people there. Why do you think this has been lost (only if you have noticed)? If you go to nightclubs to dance and be with friends or meet people, outside of the music taste, do you care what the club looks like? Is the design of the club even something you notice? Does it play any part in if you continue to visit or not? Just curious to hear what other think of the SL nightlife scene these days. Could be I am just missing out!
  11. Hey, are you a dancer looking for a fun, chatty place to work? Well then, come on down to #WHATEVER and check us out. Take the LM below and come visit! Hope to see ya soon! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Torres del Rio/77/141/34
  12. Hello! I've made myself a decent sized portfolio over the years, with hundreds of outfits, hairstyles, etc. I am perfectly fine with sexual/nude sets, and I would love to work with anyone! Don't have a photography set but you need to model your clothes? I have my own studio w/ backdrops! Feel free to message me inworld @ DulcetMoiety My Flickr portfolio: https://www.flickr.com/photos/156060665@N07/ Thanks!
  13. To all who create clothing for mesh such as Adam in SL please do me one favor! The clothing produced to date is outstanding in quality, fit and price. I can not say enough about that. The only thing that is driving me completely nuts though are belts. I am begging all creators of mesh clothing, please, please, please make it so the belt on the jeans are optional or there is version includes with no jeans or some method to hide it. I have some really nice jeans I have purchased from multiple creators for Adam clothing and they all seem to have this issue. If you are shirtless or wear a tucked in shirt, it's perfection. Wear a shirt that is not tucked in and the belt on these jeans pokes right through. I gave tried everything you can think of to hide it with no luck. I like allot of the untucked shirts made for Adam but it never fails, these belts come right through. Hopefully some of the creators for mesh clothes specific to Adam and others will see this and find a method that works for the belt option. RIght now, allot of my jeans as nice as they are.... They are useless if I want to wear some of my nice shirts because of this. Thank you creators!!!!!!
  14. Does anybody know where I can find the hair on this picture? I've been looking for it all over now so if anyone here knows then please let me know asap.
  15. Hello! A friend of mine and I are searching for person who can create original textures for mesh clothes. For more info, please IM me in world (BarbieSweetHeart Resident).
  16. hi, looking for a bento maker to make a bento naga tail, it should have 2-3 simple stands 1-2 walks, a run or 2.. a jump, and plenty of ground sit options ,it should also be mod so that people can get creative and control the materials effects easy without an VERY un needed texture hud .. im thinking you should make this and list it and that i shouldn't have to pay extra for GIVING you this great idea .. but if you want me to pay you i can, under conditions that this tail would be mine to resell and not yours to hand out or sell.. but again im more then happy to just be the muse , there is a demand for this and as of now no great options are out there.. the 2 top pics have pretty big pitfalls and arnt bento anyway .. would be great is the upper part of the tail was on ONE left or right upper leg bone and then the rest use bento tail bones.. im thinking this might make it work with some standing poses that people already have in their ao .. i don't know.. maybe that last part is totally wrong, just an idea please send me and IM or NC in world, look fwd to hearing from you
  17. I'm currently looking for an experienced Mesh Artist/Texturer to work with for a project I'm currently working on. Whilst I can texture Mesh, I'm predominantly a scripter who has a hobby for Mesh and with real-life commitments only have the time to produce the mesh itself. I personally don't mind if you prefer to use Maya, Blender or any other form of software to achieve this, but the more realistic and detailed the better! If all goes well I would like to look at forming a potential partnership to expand with further projects, and of course, a % based commision will be offered on each product sold (Subject to negotiation). Currently, my main focus is on Houses, buildings and other work - as well as scripted items such as Game Tables, HUD's etc. If you're interested then feel free to contact me in-world (Wood Carpenter) - but please be sure to have something to hand to show your level of skill. Being able to work with UV maps is a must as I'm sure every Mesh creator likes to create things in their own way and may need adapting.
  18. hi I have been creating in SL since 2009, if you are in need of a custom (rigged / unrigged including textures) mesh artist, I can make it for you. (human & creature avatar, clothing, statue, vehicles, buildings, small items etc..) contact me inworlds via instant message / notecard (in case ims being capped please do send a notecard too ). p.s : I make small projects / items too. For references and some of finished Works and more : check my inworld profile picks. (minthel ohare) see u inworlds
  19. I bought Naonao Watanabe's Mesh Generator and it's quite easy to use. However I've come up against a problem. I made a building shell with doorways but I cannot enter through the openings of the mesh object even though they're just open entrances. I've tried all sorts of different options on the mesh import thingy but none of the options made any difference. I know about the convex hull issue with cut & hollowed prims but even when I set the mesh object to 'prim' I still can't walk in. It's as if there's an invisible wall blocking the entrances. I have absolutely no graphics skills. I opened the dae file in Blender and can't figure out how to do anything with it. That's why I thought the Prim-to-Mesh converter would be a go-to option for me. Does anyone have any suggestions? I can send a copy of the mesh object as an example to anyone who wants to examine it. As you can see in the picture, the doorway is wide open yet impossible to enter. At best you end up walking on to the roof.
  20. Hi there, Wonder if anyone can give me some advice on a piece of fitted mesh clothing I am trying to make using Blender and avastar. After using avastar to weight and fitted my clothing mesh, I check the rigging and the back of the cloth was fine (except for some distortion at the armpit). I export to SL using firestorm and I keep getting this broken mesh at the back part of my clothing that I don't see when checking in blender (see picture). I checked my mesh again and again and redo it a few times but still getting the same results. Can't figure out what is wrong. Would appreciate if someone can give some helpful advice. I can share the mesh for you to check what is wrong, I am using the following: Avastar: 2.1.1 Blender 2.79 Firestorm Mesh body for the cloth: Dev Nana Thanks in advance.
  21. Hi, first, I'm new to second life, and very new when it comes to mesh, so excuse me if I ask noob questions But I'm having problems dressing up my ava. I try to only use mesh clothes, fitted for Maitreya (I have Matreiya body). And usually the clothes fits, but when I put on layers of clothes, i.e. panties and skirt, the panties "glitches" through the skirt (also see attached photo), and it doesn't look good. Anyway to avoid this? Love, Kiara
  22. @Aquila Kytori has been helping me out for many MANY years :D. Five years ago she made land forms for MOSP (Machinima Open Studio Project) at LEA since mine were too "primmy". I have had a problem at times balancing my love for detail and beautiful line and practicality. What can I say. I sometimes learn slowly. No augment there but now and then I have a brief moment when I feel I can pat myself on the back for a job well done and lessons well learned. Today was on of those days. This is a BIG landform. It is also pretty (at least to me) and it has PERFECT physics in that you can climb and walk and such right on the ground with no floating or wandering inside the mesh. All good. And it is only 20 land impact which for something that big I am calling good. Happily it is also for MOSP -- but MOSP 3.0 which will be coming back to the grid at the beginning of 2018. My plan was to buffer the edges of full sim pads with these guys. I may also make some one sided faux mountains to add even more realism. It is good to know that e-vent-u-ally we learn our lessons -- even if it takes awhile. So lots of thanks to Aquila for all the time she has spent with me. It has been appreciated and I have paid attention :D.
  23. Hi, I created a lantern in Blender (2.78). I used the UV Unwrap and applied a texture (image) to the model. Then exported in Collada (.dae) using the SL+OpenSim Static operator presents and both Render and View (in separate tries). When I go to upload the model in SL (using either Firestorm or the SL client). On Upload Options I check "Include Textures" and over on Display I check "Textures" and I can see the texture applied in the preview, however, when I calculate the weights and upload the texture isn't applied. I'm trying to figure out what step I might be missing. Thanks!
  24. I first saw this when I started using an updating system for the scripts in my vehicle builds. However, this isn't specific to my scripts, it seems to be a generic vehicle behaviour. After replacing the script which manages the Vehicle settings, the vehicle seems to acquire a huge amount of mass causing the object to sink down when it next goes physical. The amount of pull is more than the vehicle engine can counter. Here's a way to reproduce the behaviour without using the scripts I've been writing.. 1) Take a simple boat such as BBX's Aqua which has modify permission 2) Go into edit linked on the driver's sitting position and take a copy of the Yacht Engine 1.0 script 3) Sit on that prim and observe that the boat drives normally (page up/down to change gears, up arrow to increase speed, down arrow to stop) 4) Stand up, go into edit linked, delete the Yacht Engine script 5) Put back the Yacht Engine script from the copy you took to inventory. Observe the chat output indicating that the engine script has initialised normally. 6) Sit on the driving position again. The boat will sink to the seabed and it either won't move at all or will move in directions other than the motor should be sending it. Larger vehicles will hardly move. Smaller vehicles like the Aqua can end up shooting off in unexpected directions contrary to the motor direction My question is - what's causing this? The boat is only set physical whilst it is being driven, so it's not physical between steps 4 and 5 Second question - what can a script do to fix this effect? Thanks in advance for answers... --Chorazin
  25. ~WOLF VALLEY RANCH NIGHTCLUB & AMUSEMENT PARK~ WE ARE NOW A FULL PUBLIC ADULT PRIVATE REGION SIM COME AND EXPLORE OUR NEW BEAUTIFUL ROMANTIC PUBLIC ADULT FULL PRIVATE REGION SIM. WE OFFER MANY AREAS TO EXPLORE FOR ROMANCE, MEDIATING, LOVE, SEX, DANCING, BULL RIDING, WATER RIDES, BOWLING ALLEY, SKEET SHOOT, GAMES, ROLLERCOASTERS, SHOPPING MALL, RENTAL CABINS, NIGHTCLUB, HORSE BACK RIDING AND SO MUCH MORE. WE HAVE A FULLY FURNISHED HOMES TO HANG OUT IN OR CUDDLE ETC. WE HAVE TWO PLAYGROUNDS, ONE FOR ZOOBY BABIES OF ALL STAGES AND THE OTHER FOR CHILD/CHILDREN AVATARS. JUMP IN THE POOL AND SWIM, RELAX, SIT, SUNBATH ETC. CUDDLE RUGS THROUGH OUT THE SIM FOR SINGLE AND COUPLES. LISTEN TO THE SOUNDS OF NATURE AND THE OCEAN AND ENJOY THE YOSEMITE MOUNTAINS AND WATERFALLS THAT SURROUND THE SIM. NO LAG, NO DRAMA. ALL AVATARS WELCOME AS WE DO NOT DISCRIMINATE. OUR NIGHTCLUB IS OPEN 24/7 WITH LIVE DJ'S THAT PLAY A VARIETY OF ALL MUSIC EXCEPT RAP OR DEATH METAL. JUMP ON THE LINE DANCING DANCE PADS IN FRONT OF THE STAGE OR ON THE BARRELS, OTHER DANCE PADS HAVE OVER 75 UP TO DATE DANCES FOR ALL MUSIC. USE THE SINGLE AND COUPLE DANCE INTANS IF YOU WISH. ~WE ARE ALSO HIRING DJS AND HOSTS~ WOLF VALLEY RANCH only hires EXPERIENCED RELIABLE DJ'S - if you are given an opportunity to work and on your first shift it shows that you don't know how to run a DJ stream, you will not be given a second opportunity. We do not have time to train you on the job. A little about WOLF VALLEY RANCH & CLUB and the job - we are a new club in SL and we have a real traffic with people coming in and out all day with or without a DJ. You get paid by tips.... the house takes nothing from your tips. WE DO NOT HIRE "PLUG AND PLAY" DJ's. The better you are at working a crowd the better the tips :-) We accept different formats and a variety of music except Rap and Death Metal. This is a Moderate sim and we do allow children Avi's and all Avi's. We do not discriminate against anybody. If you have any questions contact SwisBeagle Tomorrow SIM Owner & Escape Tomorrow GENERAL MANAGER. APPLICATIONS ARE LOCATED IN THE HIRING VENDOR NEAR THE CLUB ENTRANCE. Voice quality and energy is a big determination in hiring you so if your voice isn't clear enough or if you can't project yourself well on the Mic, you will not be hired. WOLF VALLEY RANCH NIGHTCLUB & AMUSEMENT PARK SECONDLIFE LINK: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wolf Valley Ranch/207/26/21 WOLF VALLEY RANCH & NIGHTCLUB FACEBOOK PAGE https://www.facebook.com/wolfvalleyranch WOLF VALLEY RANCH GROUP LINK:http://world.secondlife.com/group/e8f66680-db32-bc19-53a0-b1a79f30c8b7 CONTACT SIM OWNER & FOUNDER: SWISBEAGLE TOMORROW WOLF VALLEY GENERAL MGR: ESCAPE TOMORROW WOLF VALLEY RANCH OWNER: PICKLES AKA RIKKEE54
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