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Found 628 results

  1. Raven Delgado


    Hello every one, I have been searching for the script that strips mesh clothing in a 10 Stage Strip or less to put in my clothes, I can't find a scriptor who knows how this is done, if any one knows some one or where i can buy this script pleAse message me in world, thank you in advance- just removed like old days I'am not looking for- i need clothes removed in stages , like a sexy stripper opps & done by a click with public or private to strip you-thank you be blessed
  2. Hello All, Looking into getting into building again but don't have any mesh/sculpt skills. Are prim-made objects still marketable or do I need to learn a new set of skills. If the latter, where should I start? Thanks in advance S.
  3. Hello Mesh & Texture creators I'm Seeking to hire a mesh and texture artist with experience in complex and realistic mesh Buildings, Textures and equine accessory items in Second Life for an ongoing, long-term arrangements, Id like to be full owner and Recommend you to anyone interested in the creator i can Link them to you!(Can be talked about privately), I can spend RL AUD money that is limited on what i can afford...Im not looking for any rude or high temper people, Nor any overly excessive costs to then Decline you/them and get rude attitude.... im a nice person i dont need some Rude/Aggressive behaviour like i have received inworld when asking in the builders brewery group! I am saying this to be clear if i see a hint of Rude/Aggressive behaviour you will be ignored sorry. So what im asking here for is: - Expert level mesh mesh Buildings, Textures and equine accessory items - Not to Rigg the Horse accessories as i have a rigging body i can set them to ^^ - Realistic texturing (I don't like Cartoons or basic colors i.e Tinting) If anyone can Do these items contact me inworld OR here online the Forum Messaging, Prices are to be personally displayed/Spoken about, And if im happy i will be ordering more then once from you for a long term thing! not mostly for buildings but more for accessory items (Though i need a few buildings built with at least an 8 week limit on each building tbh) The terms and permissions are spoken in private also... Please get back to me soon i can't wait to speak with you. (Imxaxdevilx666 Resident)
  4. Level of detail fail of the week. Elaborate vault door to hide what's inside. Back off a little, and you can see into the vault. Back off a bit more and the whole vault door and frame disappear. This is why blindly using "Decimate Triangle" in Blender to create lower level of detail models with very small numbers of triangles is a big mistake. (This vault is for sale on Marketplace for L$3,990.)
  5. I am looking for someone who is able to build a mesh version of the following: I would like to get a quote for the following: A static build (none of the parts are moving): Animated build I: The cards on the outer portion of the object are orbiting the rest of the item Animated build II: The cards are orbiting plus the inside part of the globe is orbiting (but NOT the large outer ring of the globe) To provide further idea of what I mean by animated, please see the following video: Please note that I don't want the entire thing to move as shown here. Just the cards on the outside alone would be fine, or the cards and the inner portion of the globe. Please feel free to respond here or send me a direct message in-world. ~Kyonyx Djannovic
  6. I am looking for someone who is able to build a mesh version of the following: I would like to get a quote for the following: A static build (none of the parts are moving): Animated build I: The cards on the outer portion of the object are orbiting the rest of the item Animated build II: The cards are orbiting plus the inside part of the globe is orbiting (but NOT the large outer ring of the globe) To provide further idea of what I mean by animated, please see the following video: Please note that I don't want the entire thing to move as shown here. Just the cards on the outside alone would be fine, or the cards and the inner portion of the globe. Please feel free to respond here or send me a direct message in-world. ~Kyonyx Djannovic
  7. So I have been dabbling in clothing for a change of scenery and am working on a floor length gown with a level of detail that works for Second Life. I don't want to start on the wrong foot by making a 500,000 K poly gown that crashes the grid, so as part of my learning experience I have been asking a lot of questions to find the right balance. I won't be perfect but I do want to aim to be a good citizen with my designs. I have read a lot of threads here, plus google searches and the wiki and Jelly Babies information etc. What I found interesting and compounded by a question I asked to designers on Facebook was I couldn't find a general guideline for "what is being a good citizen in SL versus not", in terms of polygon usage on clothing. I read the Mesh/Technical Overview on the SL wiki for example, and unless I missed the information, I couldn't see anything about what to aim for like other platforms/devs provide. I could be just looking in the wrong place, but it had me even as somebody experienced in SL scratching my head. Drongle wrote some interesting posts here that helped me on the way but I have more questions haha I know a few of you that post here are fantastic in this area of optimisation so what would you guide new clothing makers to aim for. I am talking quad polygons here before uploading. Floor length gown - some comments noted 40,000, 50,000, 75,000 polys. When I compared this to game dev assets it's shockingly high. I rezzed a few designer's gowns also in SL to look and suspect those numbers I quotes may have been LOW for those - the mesh was so dense I have no idea how it even renders without blowing up my laptop. However, we deal with the fact that SL doesn't support PBR materials at all, and the implemented normal map well I have had mixed results so will be interested to see how that operates on clothing... So what is a GOOD quad polygon count that (a) is efficient and (b) still allows the item to look decent enough to sell??? (c) any other optimisation practices we can apply (LODS obviously but can we take this even further?) using the example of this gown. Let's assume the gown as a few lovely folds in the skirt, some scalloped edge detail with pleats on the top and a belt. What range would you set as a guideline? Now textures. This gown as a corset underlying piece, a lace overlay, a belt then a long gown so 4 materials. so is 3 x 512 for the gown and 1 x 256 for the belt? Or if 1 x 1024 for the 3 materials combined (that's where my brain is going) and 1 x 512 for the belt (256 it starts to look a bit rough as the belt combines metals, silks and has a normal map for the detailing on the buckle so I may need to push it up a little). I am baking at 4096 x 4096 but then optimise down the final texture in photoshop using the sizes above. I used the above as an example as (a) that is my first piece of clothing so frankly I could make this thing 200,000 polys haha but luckily my experience in houses has taught me to optimise as much as possible, and (b) I can then use a % based on the body coverage from it. Really interested to get opinions and input on this as I learn my new craft! It may also then help other "new" clothing designers who find this post too. Thanks Charlotte
  8. Hey Beautiful Community! I'm looking to hire an amazing mesh and texture artist with experience creating complex and realistic mesh clothing, shoes and accessory items in Second Life for an ongoing, long-term arrangement. I'd like to work with someone I can speak with and share my crude designs, fabric selections and notes to bring my designs to Second Life with exceptional quality sculpting and texturing. Here are the skills I'm looking to employ: - Expert level mesh sculpting in regards to clothing, shoes and accessories - Hyperrealistic texturing - Rigging to SL mesh bodies (specifically Maitreya Lara, Slink Hourglass, Belleza Freya & Isis) Of course, I'm ready to pay top dollar to work with someone who ticks all the boxes and has the applicable experience. I'll be purchasing all ownership and re-sale rights to the mesh that you create per our agreed upon contract - we'll get into the specifics if we make a connection. Don't worry, I'm not new to this industry and we'll both be well taken care of! If you meet these requirements or know someone who does (and are looking for work), please don't hesitate to reply here, send an email to runijinx@gmail.com or contact me in-world: Runi Jinx with information on your previous work. Looking forward to starting this new venture! Let me know if you have any questions. <3
  9. Hi. I am using MLPV2 which rezes a weighing scale and animates the avatar stepping onto the scale. The problem is because the weighing scale is mesh, it rezes too slow. Consequently the avatar has already stepped onto the scale before the mesh has finished rezzing. It looks really wierd. Is there anything I can do to assist the mesh to rez faster? I thought if I had an invisible one already rezzed, secondlife would recognize the textures faster like it does with sculpts, but that didnt work. Any suggestions?
  10. hi I have been creating in SL since 2009, if you are in need of a custom (rigged / unrigged including textures) mesh artist (human & creature avatar, clothing, statue, vehicles, buildings, small items etc..) inworlds via instant message / notecard (in case ims being capped please send a notecard too ). For references and some of finished Works and more : check my inworld profile picks. (minthel ohare) see u inworlds
  11. Hello, I was wondering if someone would be willing to help me learn mesh, ive made potted plants, a donut and some clothes, but I used a youtube tutorial for the clothes and I used marvelous designer, and ive heard thats not such a good idea and ive had problems with it. I made a few shirts, but i have troubles uploading. i really want to learn, im willing to pay around 700-1000+ thank you :3 Contact kawaiiduirii resident
  12. What makes a good build a good build is a solid Idea of what you want. Doesn't have to be the whole idea but it has to be some what of a idea. Like I want a purple dance club I saw this club on a picture or in second life I want something like this. Then we can go over details of what you want. So pictures is always a plus gets things done faster and lets me know what you want. I can build anything from a club to a store to a photostudio. I aslo can do events parties weddings and so on. So if you are tired of seeing the same store everywhere you go. (we all are). hit me up. I have been building since 2005. (I prefer if you hit me up inworld to talk about what you want done on this exciting journey) Happy Toshi) https://www.flickr.com/photos/144280667@N03/albums
  13. I am seeking a skilled mesh artist to create a few simple items for me. If this work goes well I will be hiring you on for further projects from there. Please send me a notecard in world (IMS Cap) and let me know your rates so I can catch up with you. Want this done asap! Thanks Leona Kitty
  14. Hi there, I was wondering for those who use the <UTILIZATOR> kemono mesh body knows which addon mesh heads have the most support in terms of a bunch of textures and such. I'm also kind of looking in general for some other stuff like good paws, tails, ears, etc.
  15. I am a designer interested in designer mesh clothing but cannot access the 3D files in the dropbox link provided on the Second Life Marketplace. (Designers! To download the 3D files of these shapes, follow this link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6003454/Standard 5 sizes.zip) Is this link no longer available? (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Standard-Sizing-Package/2894727) And if so, how can I access these files otherwise?
  16. Hello, people! I have been thinking for a while of changing my standart SL head into mesh one. Ive been struggling between TMP and Catwa Daniel. I tried to find info about the TMP heads, but there is not much in internet and youtube, if anyone can give an opinion about this brand - are they good, is the difference between deluxe and the one which costs 1k only in the animations, do I get them with options about the face or I should buy them separately, can I change its shape...
  17. KawaiiDuirii

    Teaching Mesh?

    Hello, i was wondering if someone would be willing to help me learn mesh, ive made potted plants, a donut and some clothes, but i used a youtube tutorial for the clothes and i used marvelous designer, and ive heard thats not such a good idea, i really want to learn, im willing to pay if needed thank you :3
  18. Hello I'm looking for a great mesh artist with high quality skills for a new Second life FASHION brand. This would be a one time project at first. Depending on how you work, it could turn into a full-time Job You will be asked to show a portfolio related to fashion works. Your work and habilities should be adapted to the sl market. And must achieve the high standards of the most famous brands from SL. Work under pressure You should be able to recreate and interpretate complicated fashion designs that may be on flat sketches, spec sheets or illustrations. Only serious people. To discuss more about this job contact inworld 1491 Resident le'reprsnt98
  19. EXMACHINA Former Egoisme is seeking for the follow professional people, if you like to work with a dinamic team this is the right place! HIRING SCRIPTERS: professional scripters ready for long terms projects, and to work in team. HIRING MANAGERS: need to know how to market on social media and market to bring traffic at the store. HIRING MESH DESIGNERS: expert in 3D design must be able to work for long term projects and in team. Please fill the form to submit your curriculum: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeF7CV1UNXWO3mQvFdoM52GzwWBOu7qTJ94mS-y0ALV_Nlg_A/viewform For more informations feel free to send an im to me Ramses Meredith or to ryantailor resident
  20. Be part of our creative team today! We are a newly founded constructing company and currently recruiting for various positions such as builders, mesh artists, interior/exterior designers etc. We seek creative ,passionate and trustworthy people to team up with. For more info comment below with the position you are interested in, contact via Email at arkcreationscons@gmail.com or send a notecard inworld to Dita Southmoor , Tileei Resident and Mayadarata Resident. You can also visit us http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Montlaur/208/11/50
  21. Greetings Second lifers. I am looking for some one who can make my OCD dream come true. I need detail. Mesh everything, and flawless textures! Willing to pay L for service's. As well as talk about what you already have for said build and what you should need. I am ready to sit down with you and my business partner! We are looking to make a High end BDSM club, We will need this person to handle out demands as we are nit picky and want things clean and to perfection. I will only take builders who have a "port folio" to say or even build homes, offices, and so on. Please IM Emma Slaughter (Lemons.Sahara) in world to set up an interview. Serious IMs only. Serious builders only. Any thing is possible in second life!
  22. Do you know that problem that rigget mesh hair does look weard on a "smaller" Avatar? I hate it Do you have expiriance with it and do you know places where to find a nice LONG hair for a Small ava (Toddler, child...all the tiny stuff). I onle wear ubdoes or non rigget hair, but im kinda, lets say picky(?), so i always find that Non Rigget longer hair looks like hair with 10 cans of hairspray in. I dont want it to look "hard" and sticking in my Body when i move, so it would be great to find a nice, longer, rigget hair.
  23. I'm looking for someone who could make me a custom avatar of dragon ball fighter z's majin Android 21. The pictures attached are the best I could find due to the game being still very new. I can send a link to a YouTube video showing her off more. My main thing is I would like one made with removable clothing if I wish to change her up abit in the clothing department and a body shape that can use the most popular mesh body clothing (I currently have no clue which that is because I don't use mesh often aside from clothing and two furry avatars.) Her tail being animated is not a must if its not in your skill set to do that but at least positionable would be fantastic. I'm fairly flexible with this but she is my ALL TIME FAVORITE anime character. I hope someone can help me out with this thank you. ^-^
  24. Be part of ~Ark Creations~ team, today! At Ark Creations, we are a new company offering our select SL clientele personalised full home/business design and build services, including everything from landscape design to furniture design and build. If you have a creative spirit with high quality standards to offer to our clients then dont hesitate to make the first step and be part of Ark staff. For further info or CV contact via notecard with Mayadarata Resident and Dita southmoor inworld. Email : ditasouthmoor@gmail.com or visit as at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Acacia Falls/77/247/29
  25. I am looking for someone to walk me through keep points of Blender and Marvelous Designer. I'm specifically looking for how to import specific mesh bodies into Marvelous Designer, exporting the clothing back into Blender, rigging and weight painting, creating highly detailed UV and AO maps (separating the collar, cuffs, waistband, etc. vs. just having a shirt half laid out), texturing, etc. I have a clothing store and would like to start selling full perm mesh. My knowledge of both programs is very beginner level. SL voice or Skype voice is preferred. Preferably weekends (flexible) or late weeknights (7pm-9pm SLT). This is a paid position. Amount TBD.
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