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Found 649 results

  1. Hi, this is my first post on here so sorry if I'm doing something wrong. I've been looking for and can't find a specific catsuit that works on a Lara Maitreya body. It looks like this: I would really really like to have this on SL since this is a character I really like and would love to play. I haven't found it anywhere on the marketplace or inworld. I would be willing to pay someone to make this since I think it doesn't currently exist. Is this the right place to ask for this type of service? If not, could someone direct me to the right place? Also, I can provide more pictures if needed. Thank you very much for your help!
  2. I had a model made for me for various games like VRchat and SecondLife. The Model is rigged up in blender and I believe Bento skeleton should be able to work with it, when exported as DAE and tried to import into SL , the game shows the preview as the model cut in half and has hair and facial features high above. I have little knowledge about rigging and modeling and I dont know what is the issue. Any ideas on what can be done? Im able to send the blend file and the DAE on discord. Ventus PS yes I know I dont have upload privileges yet.
  3. Hello! Help please customize the mesh avatar! Head of Catwa Catya, body of Mitreya Lara. Skin Glam Affair Rina. The problem is that I can not connect the head with the body without a visible transition on the neck. how to do it? if it's the settings, then what should they be? Thanks for any help! Сan it be matter of specularity? if you set the same values, the transition disappears?
  4. I've posted before - in other forums on SL - about what a person's supposed to do to gain the knowledge necessary to do 3D modeling in SL. I am far from being a pro. In fact, I'm so far from 'pro' that the light from 'pro' would take 100 years to reach me. I've dabbled in the process of creating mesh for Second Life; none of it's commercial. Until recently, my efforts have been more of a hobby. But, as I've recently retired from a 25-year career in another field, I'd like the 3D modeling for SL to become more than just a hobby, but not quite what one might call a full-fledged career. I hope that makes sense. I utilize Blender for modeling and have acquired most of my knowledge of the program by watching YouTube videos. I very quickly realized that most of those videos teach concepts that are inapplicable to game engines like SL. In other words, I am keenly aware of the high- versus low-poly issue; most videos teach high-poly modeling. As we all know, high-poly is not appropriate for most game engines. I've received some great advice to previous posts and greatly appreciate it. I've also come across a few SL community forum posts from people who seem to imply that the non-pro modelers, who rely on YouTube should just pack it up or acquire the "proper training" or "get trained." And, I'm sure they don't mean it intentionally, but both statements seem elitist. That's especially true since very few people go on to expand on their opinions. As I said above, I'm ready to expand my "second career" in 3D modeling for SL - also for Sansar, but that's a whole other thing. I want this to be more than a hobby; although, I don't know that the distinction matters. Other than watch YouTube videos geared toward modeling for game engines, how else is an interested person such as myself supposed to acquire "proper training" or "get trained?" Are there schools or online programs that teach programs to adults who want something that's more than a hobby and just short of a full-fledged career? I apologize in advance if this is confusing, but so is the field I'm discussing.
  5. I have been creating in SL since 2009, if you are in need of a custom (rigged / unrigged including textures) mesh creator (human & creature avatar, clothing, statue, vehicles, buildings, small items etc..) inworlds via instant message / notecard (in case ims being capped please send a notecard too ). you can check some of my custom creations here : https://www.flickr.com/photos/140369325@N02/ and my full permissions marketplace items here : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/60638
  6. Is it possible to have a private area to build where only I can log in? Not an entire sim but a small private space. Thanks.
  7. hi I have been creating in SL since 2009, if you are in need of a custom (rigged / unrigged including textures) mesh creator (human & creature avatar, clothing, statue, vehicles, buildings, small items etc..) inworlds via instant message / notecard (in case ims being capped please send a notecard too ).
  8. Hi there, How does one go about finding a custom mesher for their business? I don't know the first thing about this so any information would be greatly appreciated.
  9. i have heard through the grapevine, that sl are working on a way to make it so, you can wear standard clothes on mesh bodys without using appliers, think this would be good, because i was new to mesh bodys and found i cant wear all my standard clothing ie even with alpha on is there any truth in this matter, hope someone can help thank you
  10. Hi everyone... I need some help and hope I am posting this in the right forum. I am getting ready to open up shop... yay me. Thinking this would be a breeze after learning Blender, I am finding myself beating my head against a wall, struggling with the preparation of items to sell. Does someone have a workflow process they would be willing to share? I have: 5 Minute Demo, texture hud, Caspervend, a package for delivery, script for opening said package. My main problem right now is packaging. Where or how do I load my clothes into my package for delivery? Do I load each piece of mesh and hud and note card into the Contents folder in Edit mode of Package? Is there anything else I need to do before uploading into my vendor? Any and all help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance...
  11. I'm sorry I know this has been posted a billion times, but I am just starting out with making clothes in SL.. So far I am able to make them in Marvelous Designer but I am having SUCH an issue with exporting and importing into blender.. Bone rigging and whatever else.. Is there a "recent" tutorial that talks you through it slowly? All the ones Ive seen have been out of date and it's hard to keep up considering the programs are so different.. I hope someone out here can help.. Again.. sorry if this has been asked.. I'm in dire need of advice.. thanks again Hellor
  12. Hello, I've run into a problem while modeling a building from AutoCAD floor plan. I'm using Blender 2.79. I imported the DXF file and build my walls, extruding a plane. When I extruded the walls on Z axes, I discovered that all my back plane edges are visible as you can see it on the snapshot bellow. Can you give me a clue on how to fix that? Thank you.
  13. I just wanted to put these mesh boots on, and keep seeing those weird lines sticking out of my boots. (attached snapshot) I've tried to put em off and on again, but no luck. I also have a similar problem with another pair of shoes, where I keep seeing flying cubes around them... D: What is this sorcery, and how can I get rid of it?!
  14. Make It Perfect Weddings & Events is looking for Creators Tattoo Designer / Texture Artist - Are you good at making tattoos? Or good with photoshop? Are you a designer who knows to make Omega appliers? We are looking for you. Animator - Yes we are looking for an animator. If you can create Bento animations too, that's a plus. Interested? Let's meet. Officiant - Do you love to be a part of the wedding and happily ever afters? We are looking for miniters for not just Christian weddings, but other lifestyles as well. Are you interested? Lets meet for an interview. If you are good at any of the above, please send a notecard with your available time and date for a meeting to either GiaBlossom [General Manager] or Stephanie Northman [Owner]
  15. I've looked in the forums for answers, but haven't had any luck. I've created a mesh in blender and exported via selection into SL. I have multiple prims in that mesh that aren't linked. Before exporting into SL, I applied the location, rotation and scale to the mesh, at the origin. So when I rezzed the object into SL, the mesh is rezzed above ground, and not on the floor which is not what I was expecting. What do I need to do in blender so that when I rez in SL, the object rezzes on the ground and not mid-air? I've uploaded images to show my settings in blender and the result in SL.
  16. hi I have been creating in SL since 2009, if you are in need of a custom (rigged / unrigged including textures) mesh creator (human & creature avatar, clothing, statue, vehicles, buildings, small items etc..) I can show my previously done work inworlds inworlds via instant message / notecard (in case ims being capped please send a notecard too ).
  17. Hello! I'm having problems with my new Mesh Body and Mesh Hair. I changed from Maitreya to Slink HG recently, and is now having issues with my hair glitching in my boobs. I've tried different sizes of hair, adjusting the body shape etc. but only fix so far is flat chest which is strange, since with the Maitreya you could get pretty big boobs without the hair glitching as long as you were wearing the boobs+ or in some occasions fitted hair. Here's an example while it's fitted on my Slink HG body: Here's an example of fitted boobs+: Any suggestions on what to do? Also I've tried different creators hairstyles and same issues with the different sizes. AND! Even if I make the boobs bigger, the gap between the hair and boobs stays the same, just moves further out. I don't know what to do, I tried looking on youtube, and the forums, even the guide of HOW TO USE the Slink HG body, but nothing. Please help! Thank you!
  18. I have some time to spare the next few months so I'm able to offer private lessons to those who want to improve their technical skills in Second Life building. I'm happy to help you with your build in any way I can but my main speciality is the technical aspect of content creation, particularly: For mesh: LoD (Level of Detail): How to make good LoD models without sky high land impact Physics: How to make efficient, low LI physics models Land Impact: Reduce the LI, not the quality! Mesh landscaping: How to make low LI walkable ground mesh or surround landscapes. Either from scratch in Blender or by cleaning up JVTEK or prim-to-mesh converter meshes How to clean up in Blender meshes created by Mesh Studio, Mesh Generator or Firestorm's/Singularity's mesh export function. For textures: How to make alpha cutout textures with paint.net. (Warning: creating alpha cutout textures is not for the impatient!) Filter Forge beyond the factory presets. The basics of modifying and creating your own Filter Forge filters. I know my limitations and do not teach fitted mesh - sorry. For most of the mesh lessons you need some basic knowledge of either Blender or Mesh Studio/Mesh Generator and although I can give generic lessons, they will be far more effective if you have your own project we can work on. Practical details: Each lessons lasts between 45 minutes and one hour. Lessons are in English and text, not voice. I do not have voice enabled and you want to keep a written log of it anyway. Time by appointment. I live in Western Europe and I am usually available during regular waking hours in that time zone - between about 1 AM and 6 PM SL time - but I may be able to schedule lessons at other times of day too. Price, 4,000 L$ per lesson - half in advance. The advance payment is refunded if you cancel 24 hours or more before the appointed time. After that it is not refundable but I will try to reschedule if you contact me before the lesson is supposed to begin. Make sure you get the time zones right so you can be there on time. Apointment times are always SLT. If I have to cancel, you will get the choice between a full refund or a rescheduled lesson at half the price. If we have to cancel becasue of technical problems neither of us are responsible for, you get a choice between a refund or a reschedule. Ideally the lessons should be held on the beta grid so you can do test uploads without having to pay for them. But we can do it on the main grid if neccessary, either in my workshop or at your place. (I will probably need rezzing rights at the location during the lesson.) Payment is of course on the main grid, not on beta. You may bring a friend or two as observer(s) if you want to and let me know in advance. Give me as much details as possible about your project in advance. The more info I have, the better I'll be able to help you. For more info or to make an appointment, send me a private message on the forum or an IM in-world to ChinRey Resident. I will usually respond within 24 hours but on rare occasions it make take a little bit longer.
  19. Hello everyone! I am hair creator and i noticed that my alpha PNG is very very heavy, my mesh has 3000 complexity, when I add alpha png, it goes to "14.000 complexity (sizes 1024x1024), how can i solve it? what type of archives (format) do you guys use for alpha textuers? Thanks ^^ <3
  20. So I got the kemono avatar, and I am making a skin. BUT, it's a bunny, and I don't know what to do for the tail and ears. I have NO skill whatsoever with 3D modeling. Do I need to find a fitting tail and ear mesh off the shop? Do I need to make my own? I don't know what to do ack
  21. MzLiv

    Breast Deforming

    For some reason after recently updating the Firestorm Viewer to the newest. Now whenever I wear breast physics, it deforms one of the breasts to bigger. All my settings are as always been before updating and never had an issue. Does anyone know how I could fix this? I want to be able to wear physics.
  22. I'm at the "Uber" monthly show, where mesh designers show off their work. This is the good stuff? Here I'm viewing a building at the lowest level of detail. It's a collection of random triangles. This is a close-up view of what it would look like at distance. Looking around Uber, almost every non-clothing item is like that. Buildings, furniture, and vehicles all half-disappear at the lowest level of detail. This is a show; it's supposed to be the good stuff. What's going wrong? I took a look at the code in Firestorm that uploads meshes and generates low-LOD meshes. It's not doing anything that evaluates how good it will look visually. There's no code for selecting triangles based on size, or being in the interior of a patch It's just discarding triangles arbitrarily. This is probably the source of most really bad low-LOD meshes, since it's the default if you don't do anything by hand. (The code is in LLModelPreview::genLODs of llfloatermodelpreview.cpp, if you want to look it at. If you read C++, you will wince.) A smarter algorithm there, coupled with not boosting level of detail levels so much, would improve SL's viewability and speed.Not an easy fix. Open source code exists for better mesh reduction. Not something that could be dropped in, but something to look at. For the really low level of detail, where the triangle count is around 12 or even less, impostors are the only way. Decimating down that far just makes a mess.It would be a big job, and the code is messy, but most of the pieces of code needed to do this during mesh upload are already is in Firestorm and the LL viewer. The viewer generates a preview of the mesh to be uploaded and shows it in the upload dialog floater. It can render meshes that have not yet been uploaded to SL. That code could be reused to generate images of the object from various angles during upload. Then, those images could be pasted on a box or cross mesh to create a simple textured impostor. You'd see distant objects as solids with low-detail texture, instead of a collection of random triangles. The user would get to see the preview during upload, and could tweak the parameters so it looked OK. Perhaps LL will look at this as part of Project Arctan. Now the really ambitious, but effective, thing to do would be to do this server side on existing content. Have some server quietly going through existing mesh objects with crappy low-LOD models and generating better ones. Probably would speed up SL considerably.
  23. Hey, so I am a bit new to SecondLife, and currently still am in the noob phase. I notice a lot of people using mesh? bodies and heads, so I am curious which ones y'all would recommend. Also, being that I am broke on this game lol, where would be the best place to find clothing, hair, skins, and basic essentials for classic avatars/no mesh?? I have seen so many cute stuff, but then i find out that is for mesh bodies I would really appreiate any help/recommendations y'all could toss my way. I may be financial UNstable, but I deserve to look smexy too
  24. (LOOK THE PIC) Hello guys, i want to ask something really important about display section, i want to know why does it happens... when I tried it on my own hair (linking & unlinking), i can't see a big difference about each other in display section like this hair from truth. I really want to understand about it, what does it means? I tought it was a way to decrease display status, but it doesn't work to me. It's a BIG difference, it doesn't looks normal Thanks for the attention <3 ^^
  25. Ok so i had problems keeping my system body and buying mesh shoes ( see topic below) one of the suggestions was just get mesh feet which i did. it was great. my mesh shoes fitted perfectly (eventually) but i'm having problems wearing earlier outfits which dont have mesh feet or shoes - ie. i've done nothing to the outfit. My lovely mesh feet and shoes remain as well as the system ones that are actually in the outfit. is this a mesh feet issue or a system issue or my own pc's technical issue? i've attached a picture of how i look at the moment with an outfit that doesnt even mention mesh feet (the heels and shoes) but should show my standard flat feet. the attached picture looks very similar to the one on my original post where the mesh shoes appeared over the top of my system feet when i tried to wear them. the pictures look similar but the problem is almost exactly the opposite. (note that this problem persists in whatever outfit i wear) thanks in advance. S
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