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About Me

  1. I have been making clothing for years now and recently wanted to make some women mesh apparel, I have requested the Maitreya Dev kit from its creator for several months now and still waiting, received nothing. Why isn't LL requiring mesh body creators to make these kits easily available to creators and prevent monopoly over popular bodies? Also why is there no strict standards for human mesh avatars to stick to the original SL mesh Body's bone positions etc? it's really a mess out there and makes it time consuming for us to fit meshes to every armatures out there. It also makes it ha
  2. I'm new to SL and I tried looking up the answers to some of my questions but I couldn't understand them tbh and I've bought so many things and applicators to try and fix my issue. Also I apologize of this subject is in the wrong place. I read that only certain types of clothes work on certain avatars? Like mesh and layers. I bought a CATWA head and I know how to use everything head wise, but the clothes I buy don't look right on my avatars body. I'm using the classic avatar and her body is all box like compared to others on SL and I wondered if there is a way for me to fix it, like steps witho
  3. Hi! Recently I bought Lara Mesh Body from Maitreya, the problem is: the clothes dont stay in my body My shoes are bigger, and are in my hand, my dress is floating, what do I do?
  4. Hello everyone, I have been looking for some ghetto shapes in Sl. Please help me fine some. I am using Maitreya mesh body and lelutka simone mesh bento head.
  5. Hallo zusammen bin seit 1 Woche in SL. nun habe ich soviel über die Vorteile von Mesh produkten gelesen, daß ich mir von Slink Mesh feet gekauft habe. Damit begann eine Odysse. Erstmal eine sandbox finden, wo ich das paket fallen lassen muss. Das war noch ok. Und dann kam ich schon nicht weiter. Der PC sagte mir immer, dass ich Mesh produkte nicht fallen lassen kann und ich müsste es zurück ins Inventar legen und etwas inworld rezzen. Kann mri bitte jemand helfen und erklären, was ich machen muss. Vielen Danke Gapsi
  6. After a prolonged absence, I came back, but I see a small snag for my more human avatars. It's gotten to the point that it's possible that nobody will make clothes for the 'classic' avatar anymore, which will be a problem down the road. So I'll know I'll have to bite the bullet and get a mesh body. I've narrowed it down to two: Physique and Avatar 2.0. I already got the Slink hands, because bento, but I'm wondering.... Avatar 2.0 defaults to female, and while there's a flat chest option, I don't exactly want a girlyboi. I'm talking about shoulders, hips. I don't mind being bishounen, but
  7. How exactly does one obtain a Mesh dev kit? I know of the sites and the applications and such.. I have been through it all.. but never once have I been able to get my hands on one.. what is that somebody has to have in order to obtain a mesh dev kit? I know a lot of mesh body dev kit applications ask for a marketplace store location/URL and such.. are they looking for something in particular that you must sell in order to consider you for access? My original intent was to obtain mesh bodies to create mesh items for all of them, but not a single place I have tried wishes to allow
  8. Hello everyone! My friend Velvet made a survey for those who own Belleza mesh bodies. She wants to see how people feel about the amount of choices they have for Belleza, and to eventually advocate to designers to create more sizes for Belleza bodies. If you or someone you know has a Belleza mesh body, please share and/or fill out the following survey. Thanks! https://goo.gl/forms/RvH2scwP1mTHJImG2
  9. Hello, I just purchased the SKING Katena body to go with my Catya mesh head but I seem to be having a bit of an issue with getting the skin tones of the neck and body to match up. I reached out to SKING support and they mentioned that using the tint slider on the head would work but I've had no luck. Has anyone had any luck with fixing this issue?
  10. First, hello and thanks for taking the time to read this post from a newbie. I'm Emma and I've been on SL for about 3 weeks now. I browse the forums, stalk group chats and talk to the very few people I know to try to get the information I need, but since I don't know many people and I'm not finding the information I'm needing I figured I'd post here. My main question is how do I get started with mesh bodies/heads without sacrificing an arm and a leg in terms of cost? I've added money to my account and have ended up signing up for some amazing groups and getting some nice things. I r
  11. Hello all~ Lately i've been having issues with my mesh body disappearing/not rendering properly for other people after TPing to a new location. I've just been relogging every time I TP to fix it up to the point, but that's really starting to get quite tedious. Is there any other way around this? Or at least some quick/easy and reliable way to tell if my body is showing properly for others? The body is the 'Tonic Fine Beauty' mesh, and i'm using the latest Firestorm viewer for 64 bit windows~
  12. Okay so I have no clue if this is the right forum to post this but I'm trying to find recommendations for clothing and shoes for the Belleza Jake body. Mostly Shoes I need sneakers badly but want to know all the good places to get stuff. I went to GAS and they had a few things but yeah I can't seem to find many yet except them and Fashionatic. I have done a search for mens clothing in the SL search but it was taking me to places that had old mesh clothing and barely anything for mesh bodies. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Helloo, so i've just bought a female Bento head for my male avatar(becouse i liked the way it was made and i wanted to try it with my mudskin's skin wich is for male) and i have a male slink mesh body, the only problem was that the bento head had onlycould be worn with a female shape and it had an how can i say...small neck for my slink mesh body and idk what to do becouse...Can anybody tell me what to do, becouse i don't want to buy a female mesh body or anything...
  14. I'm really liking the new Jake mesh body from Belleza. But, having troubles looking for a skin that will even apply to it. I know Stray Dog is in the process of making some, but haven't seen anywhere else? Looking for some good quality skins.
  15. So, I was tweaking around with my Signature Gianni's HUD as I tried to solve the issue of colour mismatching between my neck and shoulders, and throat and chest. Lately I've gone through tons of different mesh head demos, and skin appliers for them; and I've been so frustrated with that even if I got an applier which is outspokenly Signature compatible, and compatible with the head I was trying, I couldn't get it right. The neck usually was a little darker, and if I moved the skin tone to match it, the throat looked horribly wrong instead. By accident, I missclicked and missed the HUD I w
  16. Hello everybody! I'm a newbie here. Maybe someone can help me. I have bought 1 MESH complete avatar, but I don't want to use his head. So I have bought another mesh head. They are both without omega relay. The problem are marks on the neck. Because the head has only one skin tone. The avatar has 12 skin tones but all of them are different from head's skin tone. As a result I have the such image - see screenshot http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/2017-06-1311-25-48.php Can I fix it with any items? Some appliers, omega relays or...? If yes, what should I buy and how can I use it for fixing
  17. Hello! I would like to ask if it is possible to check by some way which applier I`m using in my avatar? Because I change a lot, also appliers for makeups lipsticks etc we change a lot. It would be great to find the appliers information the head/body is wearing without keep open the HUD windows for EACH appliers to know. I appreciate all helps. Thank you! Rumi
  18. SO I recently started to put together a kemono Avi as a Roleplay character. The only issue I am having is that there is an odd gap between my add-on chest (Rei's Chest) and the rest of my avi. It looks like someone has rip the poor thing in half and for the likes of me, I can not figure out what is going on. I have tried reattaching it, repurchasing a new chest, resetting the textures and even rebaking my avi yet NOTHING seems to be working. Anyone else having these issues or can help me fix it?
  19. Hello, I have used blender and avastar 2.73 to upload my clothes to second life and I have been having problems to export clothes to the body (Bellezaa), when I follow the tutorial available by the creators the vertices of the thighs enter one another , And when they go away the (original) skeleton seems liquid, modify the size of the body, when I export them to second life, even though everything is perfect in the blender, they do not fit correctly in the body. Someone help me? Please
  20. I've been sorting through the marketplace lately looking for latex/leather/other clothing, dresses (all styles) in particular, that are truly materials enabled and work with the Maitreya Lara body. That is to say they react to local lighting instead of having a fake "shine" baked into their textures. I've tried a few that claim to be materials enabled but the demos at least don't seem to have this feature (and I generally don't buy anything without a demo). Anyone have any suggestions for clothing vendors with this feature and work with this body?
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