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About Me

  1. Hey guys, I was buying a swimsuit on the marketplace but it says error occurred when I try to sign in. My wifi is working and I don't know how to contact the site owner.. It won't work? Tried 2 different browsers.
  2. Why cant we update the SLUR on all items at the same time?! You have to do it one item at a time? I only have 12 items... what if you had 100's and moved store?!?! Linden Labs.....? Why is this not a thing? Im frustrated but im still 100% in love with Linden Labs and SL and smiling!
  3. My question is, since people don’t have to buy land, and some people can’t as they don’t have the money, is it okay to make what you want to sell in a sandbox and then upload to marketplace? I understand no selling in sandboxes, which is fine with me, but does this include making items you want to sell in the future and to upload to the market place? Again, no actual marketing and selling items /in/ the sandbox, just making said item. I wanted to ask before uploading textures and making the frame and such, so I don’t do something that is not allowed and then get kicked. Obviously, because that
  4. Hello. I have some products that became unlisted 2 times in the past month. I checked for errors (none found) and checked that the item is not set to limited stock. I didn't receive an email about it being unlisted, nor was there any reasons. Also I couldn't list it back from the website I had to do it from my viewer. I'm going to be away for probably 1-2 months (RL busy) and I was wondering is this a recurring issue or what can I do to "fix" this (since I won't probably have the possibility to check my viewer every second )? Thank you in advance.
  5. Hello, I was wondering if it's possible to buy items (MP or inworld) in the beta viewer? So that when you go back to your regular viewer the items will be gone and the money will remain.
  6. Hi all, I am trying to create listings in the marketplace. Whenever I go to the pic i want to upload from my viewer to the store the copy to marketplace option is greyed out. The pic is full perm so I know thats not the issue. Can anyone think of what the issue might be?
  7. Hi, A friend of mine gifted me an item that I would like to leave a review for but neither of us can review the item. It says "You must purchase the product before you can review it." It is under the order history of my friends account. I found something that said I should be the one to be able to review it but I can't. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!
  8. I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing an issue with Marketplace? I am trying to purchase some items, I am able to get to the place your order page, But after clicking I keep getting a message saying site cannot be reached. I am able to browse, look at items & even place them in the shopping cart but unable to check out. I have checked & refreshed my internet settings, even checked the grid status while I am In-world and all sections are green & at a good status. So I was curious if anyone else is experiencing this issue as well or if anyone knows if that section of the ch
  9. Hello you filthy animals! Okay so I have a question. I am looking for a katana with either an AO or HUD that allows for fighting and is functional. At a reasonable quality. It's for a Role Play
  10. So I was able to buy some linden today and I have been trying to comb through Marketplace.. I got really annoyed and bummed out because it's all gatcha stuff now..Anyone actually making stuff for maitreya bodies anymore? I can't handle the gatcha stuff anymore
  11. Hello! I was wondering if there by any chance was other ways to redeliver an item besides InWorld Stores? If so, please share, it would help a lot! Thank you.
  12. Hi There, I hope this is the right forum to ask in. A few days ago I bought some Gacha's off the Marketplace. One of them came as an empty box. I am aware this can happen, but it hasn't happened to me before this. My question is...I looked in my transaction history of the record to when I bought it, but it gives me numbers of the transaction. Is there a way to find out WHO I bought it off? And the item name of what I bought? I download the xml file, but, still it gives me numbers of the transaction and not the actual name of the item or who I bought it off.
  13. Hello everyone, from time to time I come across an injustice towards the sellers. Many buyers are convinced that they are right. I consider this unfair. Do you agree with the fact that we all need customer evaluation? 5 stars and the possibility of recall. If the buyer will leave a review, others will be able to find out and evaluate the buyer. And wherever this buyer went, we can always read all the reviews about him. Something like a "Not careful customer. He doesn't read the description." or "This buyer doesn't cares about content and ignore "For classic avatars only"". Or... "R
  14. Can a SL merchant be reprimanded for their tactics? It's really very rude and sneaky the way some of them do their demo titling. One is tempted to search by adding to the criteria: NOT DEMO NOT demo NOT _DEMO NOT _demo NOT D+E+M+O NOT d+e+m+o and so on to infinity. These sh___y people should be boycotted for their lack of respect for people.Do they actually prosper by doing this? God I hope not. About the only way to beat them is to forget about freebies, and now 1L, and even 2L items. Start at 3L and you might not get pages full of demos. (or DEMOS, etc)
  15. My gacha items have been unlisted due to multiple item reports. What is the proper way to list limited stock items in a single listing?
  16. Just need to vent. The good news is that there are now some new ways to flag reviews including competitor and competitor's alts. Woot on that. I am just going to paste in MY reply to her one star (and incorrect) review :D. She also added negative comments on other similar products. THIS after pretty much saying that she had copybot capabilities. SIGH. And we wonder why merchants get tired. On the plus side my Fantasy Faire Sponsor (one of two) was thrilled with the way the sim looked and we are working together on their area. So that balanced things out a bit. I rarely get "
  17. Recently there was a long and heated thread that started out as a query on what folks would like for Marketplace changes and turned fairly nasty with most folks including the OP giving up on the thread. There was some good info in there amidst all the bickering. Alas. My issue was that there were too many suppositions. Well thanks to Inara Pey and THIS ARTICLE there are some actual updates including what folks can do to be heard by The Lab should that be the intent. There is also information on last names. Note these are CONSIDERATIONS by The Lab and are not etched in st
  18. Greetings all! Today I posted the Web Team Spring Deploy Update. I want to share with you a change we made. It was brought to our attention that within the Marketplace Fee and Listing Guidelines, under Disallowed Actions, it stated: “The following actions are disallowed. Note that these actions are disallowed by the Second Life Terms of Service, and are restated here for clarification. Anti-Competitive or Abusive Behavior. Examples include, but are not limited to: inflating prices on the SL Marketplace, in comparison to in-world or other e-commerce sites,”
  19. Buen día, una duda sobre la subida de articulos al Marketplace, si se compra un articulo ful perm, este se puede subir varias veces con distintas texturas? gracias
  20. Shopping Marketplace Rental Space Available Our established shopping market spaces are ready for you to move in and make your own. Ideal for you if you are opening your first shop and also great for established vendors looking for extra space to sell items. Each space is allowed 20 prims of land impact. Details - Land impact: 20 prims - Signage control (you can change the sign above your store entrance to your own image) - Rental management (pay as you go directly to the rental bar inside your store) Current Price per Week L$20 per week for rentals started during A
  21. Why do some items on the marketplace say FREE but are listed at 1L$...?
  22. What tips do people have for getting more marketplace reviews? apart from the obvious like Make Good Items, Sell at Good Prices... this I know. But it seems rare that anyone actually leaves a review.
  23. Hello all, first I'd like to apologize if I ask something that already had been asked, but I couldn't find an answer yet and I really become desperate So I bought full perm meshes (from the original creator of course), made textures, applied them, set my permissions for the next owner and so on. I even created a root prim to appear as the creator and huds for my products. Well, when it came to list the products in the marketplace listing, I got a message "One or more products are not sellable or transferable" (sorry, this is my own translation from German to English and might not be
  24. Hallo Ihr Lieben, ich bin ziemlich verzweifelt....suche ich doch schon seit Stunden nach einer Antwort. Ich versuche mal das kurz zu machen , habe Full Pem Meshs gekauft, die Texturen gepinselt, Hud gebastelt, auch einen Rootprim erstellt um mich als Creator anzuzeigen, die entsprechenden Permissions für den nächsten Benutzer gesetzt und wollte das Ganze dann in den Marketplace laden. Pustekuchen, ich bekomme die Nachricht "Mindestens eins dieser Objekte kann nicht verkauft oder übertragen werden" Häääh? Was hab' ich verpasst, bzw. falsch gemacht? Am Erstellungsdatum meines Kontos ka
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