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About Me

  1. Designers! Consider this a plea. Please, please, please will someone create an array of beautiful mesh thigh high stockings that could be paired with garter belts for Maitreya flat feet? Not all of us constantly wear high heels or walk around on our tip-toes. Thanks!
  2. I am an ameature model looking for work in any area of fashion, i am able to model for both Kemono with an M3 Venus head & a Maitreya Body with a CATWA Bento head. Please IM me in Secondlife or email me at Keikitten@gmail.com if you are interested in hiring me as a model for your product x Thank you, Kei Boroque ♥
  3. ...ich habe mir gerade ein maitreya body gekauft....wie zum henker bekomme ich den installiert...???...hilfe bin am verzweifeln...!...belohnung...!...
  4. Hi all and thank you, I bought a mesh body from Maitreya (Lara) and a head of Bento (Candy) I bought the Luna shape and got to place it on the head but I cant put on Luna's demo skin... Can you tell me what's the problem? they said : put the base first what am I missing? ty.
  5. Hello, I am 2 days old on SL and decided to purchase my first body shape, I went with the Maitreya mesh body Lara and I love it. The thing is I am having so much trouble with Huds, I'm not sure if I'm attaching them wrong or even know how to use them. I know the body mesh comes with like 3(?) Huds but when I do the "Attach to Hud" it doesn't show up in my screen. Its been like that with any Hud I try using. I hope someone can help. Thanks!
  6. I have version 3.5. I took a long break and upon returning I learned there was an update. From what I have read, I should be able to remove and reattach the body and the update should be triggered. But alas this isn't working. Any suggestions? I can't find a way to delete this thread. I solved the problem.
  7. So, I know most folk ask the question, 'Which is the best mesh body?' Even I asked this one myself, but I finally am down to two bodies that I really love, but want some insight to user experience. So, if you didn't notice the title, I'm torn between Maitreya and Tonic Curvy. I love the shape of the Tonic Curvy and it's the cheaper body which is nice for my wallet, but Maitreya seems to have a larger market with clothing and all that. I do have plans to purchase the Catwa bento head Catya in the near future as well, in case that has any impact on the pros and cons deal.
  8. Hello, happy day to everyone. I have a few months creating mesh, for bodies but I have had problems adapting to all bodies, since many shops adapt to almost all the bodies that exist and I would like to know if they have any tip or tutorial that can help me! thank you very much
  9. Hi there! I am a model currently building up a portfolio and would love to model for you or your company. I have a full Maitreya mesh body and an extensive wardrobe. My girlfriend, joisnotrelatable, is also a model. She has a mesh lelutka head and a full Maitreya body and an equally extensive wardrobe. Like I said, WE ARE STILL BUILDING OUR PORTFOLIOS, which means we charge very little for sessions if we receive the photos. Contact me inworld: DulcetMoiety Or contact my girlfriend: Joisnotrelatable Note: We are available for nude, lingerie, underwear, and any other requested ou
  10. For my RP college I need a uniform, both male and female. Suited for classic avatars, Maitreya, Belleza, TMP and Slink. For those that can and are willing to do so, please contact me in world!
  11. For the longest time, I resisted the urge to buy and use mesh body on my avi. Simple reason was the amount of L$'s I poured into creating a decent, attractive person to my liking and others around me. I finally broke down and purchased a Maitreya Lara and was impressed. Not so much for the looks but also for the items specifically designed in clothing. I could step away from the "painted" on look with clothing and get properly fitted duds. A few weeks later, I sprung for a Catwa head. I purchased the required accessories and went on with my SL journey. I eventually saw that my FPS was suf
  12. Hello friends, my inworld name is Alander Starostin Im available for high quality rigging and making (cloth, shoes, boots, accessories, etc) I have been working with big brands in sl, have master degree in Fine art, certified instructor for Maya, also work in blender, and many other software. I dont have time to do my own bussiness in sl and marketplace so i rather choose to do custom work for klients who are serious and need long term collaboration. If u need dedicated high quality rigger/builder pls contact me inworld to show my work if im not there my skype name is
  13. Hi all, I recently switched to Hourglass Slink from Matireya Lara. I am wearing the maitreya feet with my slink hourglass body (the skin i use does not have appliers for slink feet for some reason, it only has it for maitreya feet thats why i am wearing maitreya feet). but there is a small tiny invisible gap looking thing between my legs and Maitreya feet ankle - i was wondering if there is anyway to fix it. heres a screenshot of my ankle/feet https://gyazo.com/6e7dab3ebd38b11287bb93b6a99cde9c Thanks
  14. Can anyone tell me what the name of the top, panties and stockings are in this picture?
  15. Can anyone please tell me what the name of the top, panties and stockings are in this picture? I have been trying to look for this omega set on the marketplace and in world but with no luck, if anyone know the name of the omega items in this picture please let me know thanks UPDATE: someone told me the stockings and panties are a set but the top is from somthing else but i still don't know the names of them or the store from where they come from
  16. Hi what I need is another layer for Maitreya. I've tried finding fullperm clothing that would lay close to the skin, but none is close enough. UV map doesn't matter, though ideal would be the default body UV. Ideally if anyone knows of a way to do this, let me know. If it requires a custom rig, also let me know including the price - it doesn't have to be an exclusive mesh. Here is why: I need to be able to apply scrapes, cuts and bruises automatically, without a dialog, and be able to fade those over time via script. I know there's at least two systems out there, but neither fit
  17. I have a Maitreya Lara mesh body. Unfortuantely when I wear it I have problems witrh my graphics. On MY screeen, and nobody else's, my body flashes white or black, depending on the Graphics Performance set on the slider (Firestorm 5.0.1 - Avatar Preferences) - low gives a black flashing body, higher my body flashes white! Can anybody suggest a resolution before Lara is chucked into the great mesh place in the sky! It took me 8 years in SL before I plucked up the courage to try mesh, and this is ruining the experience!
  18. Looking for Gowns for Maitreya mesh body. I've been searching inworld and Marketplace but haven't found quite what I'm looking for. Maybe you beautiful ladies have some ideas? Requirements: • Either fitted mesh gown for Maitreya with additional flexi parts (mesh gowns without any flexies look a bit odd when moving) • Or plain flexi gown with Maitreya or Omega appliers • Well done without huge render cost • Preferably modifiable/copy • Must have demos Thank you for your assistance.
  19. Okay, I'm not really sure where to put this, but very slowly taught myself how to make a prim box with the Maitreya applier script inside it, also inserting the notecard with my created tattoos. I wanna just sell the little prim box, but one of my lovers won't let me, she says it MUST be a HUD that the customer can "add" onto their screen and click for the layers to apply. I've done a lot of research and simply cannot seem to find HOW to make this HUD that you "add" onto your screen to apply the tattoo! Can someone help me? I looooove making tattoos, and i'm SO ready to make them and sell them
  20. I've been sorting through the marketplace lately looking for latex/leather/other clothing, dresses (all styles) in particular, that are truly materials enabled and work with the Maitreya Lara body. That is to say they react to local lighting instead of having a fake "shine" baked into their textures. I've tried a few that claim to be materials enabled but the demos at least don't seem to have this feature (and I generally don't buy anything without a demo). Anyone have any suggestions for clothing vendors with this feature and work with this body?
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