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About Me

Found 143 results

  1. Saludos, Pues, como dice el título; quería saber a cuanto aumenta el limite de venta de Lindens luego de haber realizado una compra de estos o de membresía y pasado los 30 días. El limite de venta diario posterior a estos 30 días ¿a cuanto aumenta?, actualmente lo tengo en 0. Gracias.
  2. Hello! I recently used the exchange method of buying lindens but canceled the order. Do I get a refund, as I payed through credit card and I got the transaction from paypal. But cancaled it so I won't get my lindens and want to keep my mony for normal buying.
  3. I purchased linden dollars at approximately 2:05PM CST, 5/18/2017. The amount shows in viewer. However the problem is my wishlist on the website is what I wanted to clear out and it is not showing up there. Should I wait? Has there been some kind of issue? Or is there some way that I can get hold of my wishlist from the site and just find the items in viewer?
  4. Hiring Champagne Girls @ The Monarchy! Have you ever wanted to work in an exclusive club who caters to explore fantasies while providing close VIP attention to our guests? A club where sexiness, perfection and classy persist? The Monarchy is hiring Champagne Girls who are the image of perfection, sensual, along with an energetic personality. You need to be the soul of the party, entertain guests and have fun all the way! If you're interested then ... 1. Stop by The Monarchy - 2. Visit our hiring loft. 3. Join the hiring group and submit your application 4. Make sure you meet the requirements and have filled the application completely! 5. Drop your app in the pink mail box and await a quick response! High quality avatars required - Mesh head, Mesh body, detailed skin. Curvy, exotic, bombshell looks preferred. If you have any questions, please send a notecard to our Hiring Manager amyalka.
  5. hi everyone, is there a billing issue these days? i am trying to purchase linden dollars, we have this joint business and me and my colleagues cannot buy any lindens, the transaction proceeds but we cannot get the lindens, my bank notifies me of the transaction. but we get an error. tried from multiple accounts. any help please?
  6. Sorry if I 'hijack' this thread, but I have exactly the same problem. Whenever I tried to purchase linden $ it's rejected. And yes the bank that issued my credit card sent me notifications every time. I opened a support case but the CS was way less than helpful. It seems that LL rejects my transactions but for what reason, the CS wouldn't say for "security reason". Now if they suspected me for using stolen credit card or something, they should have asked me to prove that my transactions are indeed legal. But this they wouldn't do. I offered to do whatever process they require to prove that it's legal but they wouldn't even answer that. I'm completely at loss as to what to do now, I have a couple of rents that I need to pay in less than half a week. It would be very embarrassing if my friends find out I got kicked out for failing to pay.. all because LL rejected my transactions and wouldn't say for what reason.. If anyone can help point out any possible way to solve this problem I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you. (attached is the last post by LL's CS on my support case. As you can see, her last answer basically says "Your SOL, girl, go cry!", coated in sugar and honey.. With the rents going overdue very soon I definitely can't wait 2 weeks, and even if I could, there's no guarantee LL wouldn't reject my transaction again by then..).
  7. Hello, it is now 48 hours that I buy liden via skrill and I still received nothing
  8. Starting at 2pm SLT! Come join us for a good time at Club Streeters! Easter Costume contests! So wear that bunny costume, egg head and rock hard! Money givers gonna be on! Wear our tag, listen to awesome music and get some linden lovin' Don't miss out! Here's your transpo: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Streeters/97/192/578 Contact info: SL: kinjirosama facebook: Kinjiro Kusenagi
  9. Club Streeters is looking for you! MC Friendly Club, Party hard, Rock even harder! Looking for DJs and Host that want to be part of an awesome staff! Contact Info: In-Game: kinjirosama Email: ClubStreeterSL@gmail.com Facebook: Kinjiro Kusenagi or Streeters Crew
  10. Bonjour ,voila à chaque fois je veut faire une transaction ça me me ce message (Un problème est survenu pendant le chargement de votre mode de paiement.) pouvez vous m'aider svp
  11. Bonjour d 'habitude je recharge mon compte SL tout comme il faut , sans soucis. Depuis le 26 mars 2017 , quand je veux acheter des L$, j'ai un message : Un problème est survenu pendant le chargement de votre mode de paiement. et donc, pas moyen d'acheter des L$. j'ai appeler ma banque elle a fait le nécessaire me CA ne marche toujours pas et j'ai contacter second life et çà ne marche toujours pas merci de me donner une solution je vais péter un câble.
  12. We have been called one of the friendliest SIMs in 2nd Life by a few of our patrons! Please come join our crazy family! We are hiring for DJ's & hosts, a DJ/host team would be perfect! DJs & hosts keep 100% of all tips! We will be hosting new fabulous Re~GrandOpening events starting May 26th! We have live concerts, our monthly Bacchanalia party, and our monthly (first Saturday of every month) RAVE party! There are many areas to enjoy at Bound Elegance, such as bd/sm, a babygirl room, games, a nude beach and more!! Please contact mQQnie in world for more details!
  13. Are you a daddy or babygirl that looks sexy hot in leather? This event is for you! Come down to Daddy's Naughty Pleasures for a chance to win L$750 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pleasureland/247/138/25
  14. Hello Please do contact me if you are looking for job, We have very simple and easy job for you ,you can make 20L every 3 minute . Requirement: 1.Honest people 2.Complete profile 3. Fast browsing skill Send me Inworld IM (THEHERO Snowfall) www.theherosnowfall.com Marketplace http://goo.gl/KSA4LD Twitter http://goo.gl/CGzS3n Website https://goo.gl/pdh2q2 Google+ http://goo.gl/LMhWmt Youtube http://goo.gl/760e2b Flicker http://goo.gl/uS9dmd
  15. Need To Relax With Some Young Beautiful Ladies ? Come Down To Envy Today & View The Services We Offer♥ Lapdances Starting at l$300 . We Promise You Wont Be Disappointed Landmark : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Akamai/72/23/25
  16. ♡ We Are Looking For The Baddest / Sexiest Ladies To Come Join Us Today ♥ We Are Currently Hiring Dancers & Escorts We Are A Club That Likes To Have Fun & Interact With Our Clients We Are Open 7 Days A Week . Take Advantage Of This Growing Establishment As Other Women Already Are ON THE SPOT INTERVIEWS ♥ New To Dancing Or Escorting ? No Problem ! NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED * Must Have An Up To Date Mesh Body & Ankle Locks * Must Be Able To Voice Verify What We Offer ? Why Envy ? * Hourly Based Pay ( Based On Your Position ) * 80% Of Your Tips * Bonuses / New Employee Referrals * Prized For Our " Most Tipped Girl " Of The Month " * Opportunity To Advance Within The Company * Training Given If You Do Not Have Experience & More Interested : Come & Apply Today Landmark :http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Akamai/72/23/25 Or Message Me InWorld For More Information : MzAmoree ♥ ©Envy Gentlemen's Lounge - 2016
  17. Starting at 12 pm SLT on 3/23/2017 PINK Gentlemen's Lounge will have on the spot interviews for DANCER, TEXT Escort, VOICE Escort & WEBCAM Escort(nudity not required). - ALL APPLICANTS REQUIRED TO VOICE VERIFY OUTSIDE OF SecondLIFE. - ALL APPLICANTS WITH REAL LIFE PICTURES DISPLAYED ARE REQUIRED TO CAM VERIFY. - MESH BODY REQUIRED. - ABLE TO HEAR VOICE IN SL REQUIRED. You can find Additional Requirements Here - http://www.pinkgentlemenslounge.com/ Visit Us In-World Here - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Spinker/220/67/501
  18. ●Dancers ●Text Escorts ●Voice Escorts ●Cam Escorts (no nudity required) ●DJs ●Hosts ★ WHY PINK? ★ At PINK, we offer weekly and month incentives available to all staff members. ● Each week, staff members working 10hrs or more a week will receive a free week on their adboard and an opportunity at becoming Employee Of The Week, earning a L$250 bonus in a 100% tip jar and photo display. ● Each month, PINK hosts a "Top Tipped Contest". For an entire week, the top tipped girl of the day will receive prize package including goodies from some our favorite designers. (Double winners will be skipped and the prize will be passed to the next highest tipped girl.) ● PINK has worked very hard to build a supportive, friendly team. We pride ourselves in the generosity and faithfulness of our guests. We are extremely selective when hiring, which benefits our staff and guests as a whole. Search "Pink Gentlemen's Lounge' inworld or check us out on the web at www.pinkgentlemenslounge.com !
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