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About Me

Found 6 results

  1. Sometimes I think it would be fun to stick a high-rise condo/apartment type complex on a beach, but whenever I see them in my travels they don't seem to be very active. Do people pay to rent space in a high-rise? Is there a tutorial for setting up something like that? Thanks. I hope you all are having a great summer considering...
  2. I currently own a 30k region that I am looking to sell (rent out) for residential (and possibly commercial) use. I am just seeking some advice, and excuse me if my wording and links don't completely make sense, I think that this is my 3rd day of being awake. What is a good way to gauge how I price the rental boxes? I've thought up having 1st week's rent in land purchase. Should I just do full residential, or is it okay to have mixed zoning? Touching on the above, what makes a for a good covenant? How should I write it? What information should it have? Best way(s) to
  3. *A MUST SEE* Fully furnished Manhattan skybox for rent. City noises included, 1000 prims, private region. All inquires please contact Jorjianagrace via notecard. Payment method "must" be on file. 1800L a week.
  4. Hello everyone, can someone please tell me where I can list a skybox as a rental on this site? Thank you for any feedback.
  5. I rented a small store that uses the CasperLet system. Payment was accepted, and the CasperLet box recognizes me as the tenant. But I can't rez anything. The group invite never reaches me. If I touch the rental box, it gives me various tenant options, including "Grp Inv". Clicking that gets me a message "[11:35] (Unnamed): You should have received a group invite now." But no group invite shows up. Of course, the landlord is offline, their sales rep is offline, and nobody is answering their ticket system. It's on a private region, and a vacant store in a row of stores with similar ren
  6. Hi, I never thought about this before so maybe landlords didn't either. But I just TPed to my best friends place cause needed a place to veg and build and saw a rental sign and had a property manager pretty much land on top of me in seconds. I know the renter was from TX, but my friend and her partner are in FL. There is a group listed with the property. Any of the others would have paid or figured it out if we knew it was due. Inside I find the place empty. The two others are without power atm in RL, their friends and family on mandatory duty as emergency personnel...SL is supposed t
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