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About Me

Found 41 results

  1. I've been seeing lag every 10 seconds or so in Vallone sim for weeks. Today, though, while doing some timing tests on vehicle steering, a pattern appeared: [11:22] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 1.422260 Since previous lag: 1.598988 [11:22] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 0.197685 Since previous lag: 8.414715 [11:22] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 1.387371 Since previous lag: 1.562363 [11:23] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 0.200169 Since previous lag: 8.438240 [11:23] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 1.406193 Since previous lag: 1.650105 [11:23] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 0.203171 Since previous lag: 8.358871 [11:23] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 1.488628 Since previous lag: 1.662804 [11:23] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 0.187752 Since previous lag: 8.320145 [11:23] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 1.254395 Since previous lag: 1.454010 [11:23] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 0.195648 Since previous lag: 8.566086 [11:23] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 1.320679 Since previous lag: 1.542542 [11:23] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 0.189110 Since previous lag: 8.450493 [11:23] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 1.368523 Since previous lag: 1.543747 [11:23] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 0.192764 Since previous lag: 8.460548 [11:23] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 1.355927 Since previous lag: 1.489693 [11:24] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 0.186714 Since previous lag: 8.500282 [11:24] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 1.381752 Since previous lag: 1.628365 [11:24] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 0.194176 Since previous lag: 8.395630 [11:24] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 1.375374 Since previous lag: 1.532898 [11:24] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 0.177559 Since previous lag: 8.456879 [11:24] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 1.491974 Since previous lag: 1.670341 [11:24] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 0.191803 Since previous lag: 8.303307 [11:24] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 1.344498 Since previous lag: 1.539261 [11:24] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 0.187225 Since previous lag: 8.477051 [11:24] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 1.310120 Since previous lag: 1.510239 [11:24] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 0.169800 Since previous lag: 8.477112 [11:24] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 1.456055 Since previous lag: 1.637375 [11:25] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 0.188034 Since previous lag: 8.366394 [11:25] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 1.357407 Since previous lag: 1.515808 [11:25] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 0.182831 Since previous lag: 8.472702 [11:25] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 1.335922 Since previous lag: 1.518051 [11:25] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 0.167603 Since previous lag: 8.497147 [11:25] SIM LAGGING. Delay: 1.560043 Since previous lag: 1.758499 There's a very regular 10 second cycle. There's a big lag of 1.5 seconds, and a smaller lag of about 150ms. (The code timing this has a resolution of 25ms; it's from logging "control" events, which update every 25ms when a key is down, so all numbers have 25ms jitter.) Somebody in Vallone sim has a script that uses a lot of resources on a 10 second cycle. Any guesses as to what? Support has tried to fix this several times. They can't find it. Restarting the sim doesn't help. This apparently doesn't show in "scripts using a lot of time" because it is not continuous.
  2. Hello! I have a question. Does the number of items in the inventory affect lags? And is there any sense in laying out items in boxes to reduce their number? Does it takes into account, for example, a hundred objects in one box as one object or as all one hundred objects? Thank you!
  3. Anybody else experiencing group chat lags? Groups with 2000+ members work better than my 15 members group. Messages often are being dropped by the server and when not it takes more than five minutes per message to be processed. What can we do? Is there a solution? Is there an explanation for why some groups have it and some don't?
  4. Are high-lag sims considered distressed real estate? Does lag drive prices down? Does someone track lag for that purpose?
  5. I'm having serious issues with client lag. The lag meter regularly goes red for the client with "images loading" as a possible cause. This happens even when I'm not moving (so I would expect most images/textures to have downloaded). I don't believe it is my machine's specs. I have an i7-7700 with 16 GB RAM. My video card is a GTX1060 with 6 GB RAM. SL and its cache are on an SSD. I'm running with the recommended settings (graphics between High and Ultra. DD 128 m). I have a 50 Mbps connection and I have set up max bandwidth to 10,000 kbps. In my network monitoring sw I see SL peaking as high as 20 Mbps. Any suggestions on what else to try? Tannia
  6. Hi, After 14 years of Second Life I've decided it's time to retire. About 3 months ago I started experiencing my avatar spin in circles, massive lag, rubber band effect and items rolling back. Rolling back? What does that mean? Well, it's more like ghosting. Create a prim, move it and watch it move back on it's own. The same goes with adding a color to it or setting an alpha. It begins to switch between colors as if it's trying to fight with me. I thought it was a sim issue and was at a point where a Linden had to come and see for themselves. Turns out it wasn't the sim. I use firestorm and that part of support helped me from A to Z with no solution to be found. I called my Internet company and for the past 3 months they've tried their best to find a solution but couldn't come up with anything. The told me all my lines are new and it seems my connection is excellent. So here I am with my last plea to get help if anyone has this issue. We all know Linden labs doesn't do tech support so I reach out to the community for help. I would hate for 14 years of SL experience to be thrown out because of this issue. I was being told that there's a network issue between my network and Linden Labs. How do I go about solving this if Linden Labs cannot be reached for tech support? This has become very stressful moving around my sim which I've been paying $300 a month for the past year. If this cannot be solved, why spend so much when I'm barely on? Has anyone experienced this type of issue or know of a solution. Sadly, I've done everything. Reinstalled windows 10 Updated drivers Tried multiple clients Opened up Ports with port forwarding Set my computer to DMZ on my IP address and opened up my computer to be exposed Disabled anti-virus and firewall connected directly to a modem bypassing a router There's nothing more I can think of. If you have a solution, please let me know. I need to make a decision in my life to move on from SL since this could be the end for me. Thanks, LD
  7. Hi, My name is Lord Derryth. Most people know me as Deeds Greenacre. I've been in SL for over 14 years now. I've been noticing some strange things happening on my sim. I built an Urban Zombie Apocalypse city. For those that know me. I have an OCD. Things need to be aligned and perfect. We all know that SL is not perfect and it never will be. My roads are in pieces and I use snap to grid to align perfectly with one another. For some odd reason. I've been aligning my roads for the past two weeks. You see. My sim is either haunted or SL on it's last leg. My roads keep getting unaligned. I've noticed buildings moving in front of my own eyes. I don't know if this is a delay of some sort or maybe the sim keeps rolling back 5 seconds. There have been many people stating the same things I have. Their sim is becoming unpredictable and things are moving around. I get it. Sansar! The new project that LL decided would be a great idea. Sadly! It was a poor idea. As I stated before. I've been in SL for 14 years. I've seen this world grow before my own eyes. Why bring Sansar into the virtual world? If it's broken, fix it. SL seems to have been broken for 14 years and never fixed. Now we have sansar. Call this conspiracy theory. Is LL trying to destroy SL and push us to Sansar? I have never seen SL or been in SL dealing with such lag and unpredictable servers for this long. I'm talking about going on 9 days. Can't log in. Get disconnected. Lag to the point nothing loads. Items on sim moving. Major city uneven and nearly destroyed. Everyday feels like a Tuesday. What is really going on here? Is it the end of days?? PS What is this Cloud stuff?
  8. I've run into what I think is a unique problem with trying to add doors to my build. In my build, I have two doors along the same wall (but the door openings are in separate prims), facing in the same direction, and opening with the same rotation. I have tried a couple of different scripts for them, but settled on a hinged door script that works very well, ... Except! ... One door at the western end of the build performs smoothly, while the one located at the eastern end of the wall will not function at all. I have tried replacing the door, the door scripting, the type of door scripting, swapping the doors, rotating the hinge and / or the door, .... and nothing works. So, I am now considering there must be a conflict or a lag caused by other nearby scripts. Within 5 meters of the door I have a pool with an animated water texture (I have removed the animation scripts in hopes of cutting down on lag, and the water animation still functions perfectly). Also, at the far end of that pool, I have an infinity pool with a small water fall with an animated water texture and particle scripts at the bottom of the waterfall. (Scripting from those items have also been removed, and everything still functions fine.) My problem is in getting that second door script to function. When I go to click on the door, the hand touch cursor appears to prompt the event, but there is no movement. There are no notifications via popups or local chat messages that give me clues as to why this script is not functioning. I have looked at my lag meter and everything is within norms. I have also taken a look at the Statistics Bar and the Scene Load Statistics to see if anything seemed out of the the norms there as well, but I can't see anything that would raise my suspicions. Perhaps the oddest thing is that a third door I have on this build, around the corner from the initial non functioning door , will not function either. Yet, the first door works perfectly This door and door opening are constructed in the same manner as the first and second doors, being situated within a separate prim. I'm at a loss as to what is causing this. I have looked it over quite thoroughly, but still nothing comes to my mind that would stop these doors / scripts from working. It's probably something simple I am not aware of, yet has me totally stymied and has stopped up the scripting. Any help or suggestions you could give me where to look to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hi there. Well here it is my problem, I use Firefox, I have an 8gb ram pc, i3 processor and 2gb nvidia 750ti, however SL gameplay goes slow sometimes, it rarely crashes though. My configuration is not so high, I have graphic options between mid and high only. I hoped that having 8gb ram and 2gb vram card would be enough to have a smooth gameplay. So could you suggest any type of configuration for graphic options or something to avoid lag? Thanks!
  10. Hey all, my laptop ran second life fine and smoothly in mid to high graphics but lately it has gotten very bad lag wise and visually, whenever I use recommended settings it puts my graphics down so much that other close-by avatars are cloud forms, I'm really confused as to why it is doing this & have a suspicion that it shouldn't be this bad & that something may be wrong with my graphics card or something, unless it's gotten so outdated now that this is normal, I'm not really sure, which is why I came here for help in diagnosing the problem, my laptops specs are as follows: intel core i3-380M (2.53ghz, 3mb L3 cache) Nvidia Geforce GT425M up to 2747MB TurboCache 4GB DDR3 Mmeory 500GB HDD Thanks guys
  11. This is a multi-part question; both conceptual and specific) We have had an issue in Blake Sea Arabian since late last week (and until this morning) with Time Dilation fluctuating between 0.1 and 0.97 or so, frequently below 0.9 for sustained periods. No obvious causes; usage hasn't changed etc - TD is usually in the 0.95+ range. Restarts seem to have fixed it this morning - so far!! The first question is - do any Lindens reading this have access to any stats or info that would indicate the cause? Even in general, if not specific. The conceptual questions start with Spare Time. Im not clear if that is Total Frame Time - Net - Physics - Scripts, in which case my question is how is total Frame Time calculated? Or if Total Frame Time is Net + Physics + Scripts + Spare, in which case, how is Spare time calculated. Am I correct that Time Dilation is something line (22.22 / TotalFrameTime)? And am I right that Spare time needs to be over say 20 to avoid discernible lag? The real question is why? Its as if Spare time really isnt Spare, but in fact something else is happening in that time. If that is the case, why are there no stats on the hidden work, so that Spare time is truly spare, and values > some small margin indicate a healthy sim. Hoping someone can help me!
  12. Enough is enough!!! I am tired of my ISP or anyone else who keeps telling me to contact the damn developers of Second Life, and when i do, they are blatently rude and telling me they can't help me!! I tried to fill a jira and where did that leave me?!!! no where!!! i got a brand new computer, sold everything i had, where did it lead me?!!! same place. I am pissed off. my avatar keeps messing up, i get packet loss,my ISP are <MODERATOR REDACTED>, and im constantly yelling and i lose my computer over it. i have been patient long enough. i am tired of it! i am tired of this stupid service not helping me with a damn thing. I told my friends that i may need to leave SL because of this crap. I AM TIRED OF IT!!! I want better tech support so i can do the things on SL I ENJOY! not wait 5 years when nothing is going to come out of it! i want a solution to this issue.
  13. Slayora DeSantis

    Mesh & Lag

    Hi All: Is it just me, or does mesh seem to create more lag? I've noticed that the more mesh buildings, caves, etc, that there are on a sim, the more the lag spikes. Plus, I own a 1024 parcel, and I was using a mesh wall (I put up like 6, at 1 prim each) that basically ate up all of my prim count. Personally, for me, I rather like the old prim/sculpty creations, since it seems like there is less lag and such. I'm also beginning to think that NO ONE really builds anymore, because there are so many mesh creations. All a mesh creator has to do, is basically upload their build to see if it will rez...as far as I know, that is. Any thoughts?
  14. Hello Everyone ! So like the title says, i would like your help about setting the best graphic parameters to get the best performance in Second Life. Here a little more informations about my computer: - it's an Asus Laptop - Windows 10 Home - 6gb ram - CPU intel core i3 2.30ghz So i tried playing a little bit with the Nvdia settings panel but i'm not sure much of what i was doing. i've set the power settings management mode to Max performance among other things... i'm using Firestorm's viewer (the last release, always updating it) i've already made the required modification in the viewer settings, and now i would like to see what i can tweek in the nvdia panel for the best performances. If someone could guide me in setting the best Nvidia parameters to increase my FPS in Second Life, i would be very grateful : D Best Regards. SpeendaSh
  15. So I logged into SL yesterday after being off of it for about a month. I noticed that my client is extremely laggy! Just having on my last outfit is making me lag. Taking it off fixes that but only slightly. I haven't done or changed anything in the last month! I did some testing and found out that my graphics settings only effect fps by 1-5 frames. I can go from low to ultra without a change in the now normal 10-20 frames. Any suggestions on what it might be? I'm on Firestorm 5.0.1 and have reinstalled it and cleared all caches. CPU is being utilized normally and so is my GPU. I should also note that when I now go to any place that isn't an empty sim I get major FPS drops. Average 15 when it use to be at least double that in a 50% crowded sim or just an empty one with lots of objects. I know this because I went around and did some benchmarks after getting my 1070 and i7. My specs: Windows 10 gtx 1070 i7 6700k
  16. Lethalinject

    Lag so bad

    Lately lag has been horrid, nothing has changed on my PC. I use the latest version of Firestorm and I have windows 10 running on windows 8 compatibility settings. All my settings in viewer are as low as can go, it's never been this bad. Any advice?
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