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About Me

Found 616 results

  1. Hello are you up for anytime to manage a club then let me know your detail contact me inworld its "hum4ever Magic" Thank You
  2. ♡ We Are Looking For The Baddest / Sexiest Ladies To Come Join Us Today ♥ We Are Currently Hiring Dancers & Escorts We Are A Club That Likes To Have Fun & Interact With Our Clients We Are Open 7 Days A Week . Take Advantage Of This Growing Establishment As Other Women Already Are ON THE SPOT INTERVIEWS ♥ New To Dancing Or Escorting ? No Problem ! * Must Have An Up To Date Mesh Body & Ankle Locks * Must Be Able To Voice Verify What We Offer ? Why Envy ? * Hourly Based Pay ( Based On Your Position ) * Bonuses / New Employee Referrals * Prized For Our " Most Tipped Girl " Of The Month " * Opportunity To Advance Within The Company & More Interested : Come & Apply Today Landmark : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Akamai/86/27/23 Or Message Me InWorld For More Information : MzAmoree ♥ ©Envy Gentlemen's Lounge - 2016
  3. Calling all night owls, caffeinated freaks, hosts, and killer DJ's from all 4 corners of the globe!!!! Tired of being another name in the staff pool? Toxxxic Insanity is looking for dj's and hosts with flair, with a crazy sense of style . We like to consider you more family then simply just a "staffer". We have some of the craziest, friendliest and most open minded people currently working for us. Drama is not encouraged nor is it accepted as part of the club scene. Our goal is to be a 24-7 club but we need your help to fill in those hours of incredible insanity. We offer creative freedoms that many places stifle or throttle. Toxxxic Insanity is open to ALL styles, ALL types, all craziness is encouraged here!! We encourage you to stop in and grab an app, or hit one of our managers up inworld or leave us a nc and we will get back to you asap to get you an app and set up a brief interview/tryout.The events we hold are absolutely incredible and our volume is just increasing all the time with a steady awesome lot of rowdy VIP's!! We will not make empty idiotic promises like so many other places on the grid. We are a family and a very tight knit bunch of friendly open minded people who love what we do. Got a flair and style that will blow the world away? C'mon down and lets see what ya got!! Just please leave sanity at the door, it's not needed here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Casvian%20Caye/165/222/22
  4. ♥ ¸.•)´ ( .•´` `*.*') ¸.♥´¸.•*´¨)¸.♥*`) (¸.•´ (¸.•*Star*Crossed Weddings™ Is Hiring!♥ Are you reliable and outgoing? Do you want to work with an awesome group of people? If so, we want to hear from you!! Star*Crossed Weddings™ is looking for people who want to join our staff. The perfect candidate for us would have a great personality, be able to talk to anyone in SL with respect and understanding, have passion and desire to be a part of our team, and have an awesome sense of humor!! Remember though, while SL is a game, these positions are not and you must be reliable and consistent. We are hiring for the following positions: Sales Reps- Can lead to Wedding Planner in future! DJs Photographers Ministers Waiters/Barstaff Video/Machinima Requirements for all positions: *Must be trustworthy and honest. The only way SL businesses can grow is to respect each other. *Must be at least 30 days old with experience in basic SL culture and have a quality avatar no matter what your personal style is. *Must have superb people skills and able to work well with others. *Must have an email account with your SL name and be able to use voice to listen at least. *Must want to work in an awesome environment and be willing to work hard! Pay will be discussed with each individual but will be based on commission for sales and a set price for other staff per each package we offer. We will do our best to ensure all pay is fair between staff but we need the ability to be flexible for circumstances we might encounter. Please only apply if you are serious, as we wouldn't want time wasted otherwise. We welcome all serious applicants to apply. We will even consider training for the right person. Please fill out the application at the link provided and also send Juliet Moonshadow an IM in world when the application is complete. We look forward to hearing from you! Application: http://star-crossed-weddings.blogspot.com/2010/01/starcrossed-weddings-employment.html
  5. Howdy Person n_n The name is Krash, I've been DJing for the past year in Second Life, at a rather alarming rate. I've owned my own clubs, managed clubs for others and simply been a perm slot DJ for a handful more. When asked what makes me "special" as a Second Life DJ, well - I always show up, I'm a goofball while I'm on air, and I'm usually more active in chat than my hosts because I love to interact with the patrons. I am currently looking at filling my DJ schedule a bit more so I'm interested in contacting the clubs I may not have come across in my travels just yet. A few things about me - I do not voice over during my sets, and I won't. - I often switch between furry avatars and human. I enjoy being around all kinds of people - I will do one time events (not just interested in working for JUST clubs, I will gladly look at doing events for clubs that don't generally have DJs) - I normally play Bounce & Bass, although I do love playing top chart music and going throwback as well. - I am +1 to SLT, I am normally on 5-10PM on weekdays, and it varies on weekends, but usually the same times If you wish to contact me, hit me in world at krash1989. I receive my offline messages via email so if I see something I can generally reply pretty quick. & if you're interested or in need of a demo, here you go : https://www.mixcloud.com/Krash_SL/krash-course-006-energy-club-hiring-demo/
  6. If you have already an experience as a manager and would like to participate in running quality adult place contact with bluepapillon Resident inworld. (This is not an escort place!) You need to: - be over 25 years old in RL, - be at least one year in SL, - like to communicate with people, - have a positive attitude towards newbies, - have cheerful and non conflict personality, - have some knowledge about D/s lifestyle. If you have no experience as a manager but you are a fast learner you can apply also.
  7. I am currently seeking a part-time administrative aide for my SL endeavors. I tend to have a busy schedule with my RL and SL work, and as a result, I'm looking for someone who is efficient in management, organizational skills, and writing. The specific job responsibilities are flexible based on the individual, and the agreement that we work out. However, the bare minimum requirements are listed below: Must be well-spoken and articulate in the English language. Must be 21+ in RL. Must have prior experience with MS Word, Excel, and/or data management, or general office management. Must be friendly and sociable. If you are interested, please contact me in-world via IM at ZenosLegend. We can then communicate and determine if you are a good fit for this position. Thank you for your time.
  8. Hello, Live DJ looking for a job. If you are hiring dj, please write me a message here.DEMO RECORD
  9. hi, i got the kemono av and a custom texture for that one I need help for fittin the Texture i got for the kemonobody to some digi legs i got also for that av the Legs are usin a different Uv map than the rest of the body dose i only knew few basics for texturing so i need help for that if ur interrested just IM me Rhado2496 with ur price offer
  10. ♡ As We Recently Changed Our Whole Outlook && Have A Great Team Working To Make This An Exclusive Club ! ♡ We Are Looking For The Baddest / Sexiest Ladies To Come Join Us Today ♥ What We Offer? ♡ Hourly Pay ( Based On Your Job Position ) ♡ Prizes For Our " Most Tipped Girl For The Month" ♡ Fun Events For Our Clients To Come & Interact With Our Ladies ♡ && More! Interested In Applying ? ✿ Stop By The Club Today & Fill Out An Application ♥ Landmark : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Akamai/86/27/23 Can't Wait To See You ✿ ღ MzAmoree Resident ©Envy Gentlemen's Lounge - 2016
  11. need someone to help run and design store will get 50% profit can sell whatever they want I pay rent and am very genorous
  12. With so many clubs looking for staff, why should you choose Blade's Edge? If you're looking for a "family" and a place that feels like home where you're appreciated, then we invite you to check us out. Our staff not only works here, they hang out here and some even live here because in no time at all, you'll feel you've found a home, and people who truly care about you. We would love to meet you. Contact Casidei Resident or come on by and grab an app and check out our community. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/JustBE/72/139/28
  13. ♡ As We Recently Changed Our Whole Outlook && Have A Great Team Working To Make This An Exclusive Club ! ♡ We Are Looking For The Baddest / Sexiest Ladies To Come Join Us Today ♥ What We Offer? ♡ Hourly Pay ( Based On Your Job Position ) ♡ Prizes For Our " Most Tipped Girl For The Month" ♡ Fun Events For Our Clients To Come & Interact With Our Ladies ♡ && More! Interested In Applying ? ✿ Stop By The Club Today & Fill Out An Application ♥ Landmark : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Akamai/86/27/23 Can't Wait To See You ✿ ღ MzAmoree Resident ©Envy Gentlemen's Lounge - 2016
  14. Lovers & Friends is currently looking for hot DJs, Hosts & Dancers to join our crew. All new club featuring all the best music, that you will not find anywhere else. Must be 30+ Days or olders All Staff keep 100% of their tips, the club does not get any profit from your tips. Have a great fun time while working! Interested? Want more info? Im club management, check out our FB or come and just check us out and pick up an app by our steps Available days : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19qYuNOE5yLpY3Dnu5scXqtElcHeounmg4oPubMVjd-I/edit?usp=sharing Website : www.http://loversnfriends.co.vu Group ID : 71d49e73-6d05-f6e5-cff2-7ab394b88f5b Your taxi to club : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nerja Isle/47/111/3401 Lovers & Friends Management CM Mills (princesscml): Owner/DJ Manager Skype: CM (princesscml) or princesscml@yahoo.com Facebook : CM Mills or https://www.facebook.com/cm.mills.92 Email : princesscml@yahoo.com Heather Mills (4u2nv79) : Owner/Host Manager Email : stud2784@gmail.com General Manager: Kinky Mink (wandrxlust) : Club manager Skype : wndrxlust Facebook : Kinky Mink Wandrxlust or https://www.facebook.com/kinkyy.mink.7 Email : wandrxlust@gmail.com
  15. FLAVAH Magazine is proud to announce its return on the grid. Flavah is a monthly magazine that covers a wide variety of subjects from advertisements, news, fashions, to advising columns and poetry etc. Whether you need a job and/or way to express/publish yourself/your work as a writer/artist, we are currently accepting applicants. Positions available: -Reporters -Writers/Artists/Poets -Sales Reps. Contact Flavah Mag. for more information.
  16. looking for job have a great attitude and I'm an alt so iv played for years if need interview just ask I'm always avalable
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