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Found 750 results

  1. If you love the Blues and know you are not a 'Juke Box' DJ or just a 'spinner' If you have an entertaining and pleasant mic presence and personality You enjoy your DJing and would like to work in a place that values and appreciates you and your talent then I would like to speak with you about working your magic at Toby's....one of SL's original Blues Clubs Please contact Bray Preston Rogue (Braytania Resident) I look forward to hearing from you
  2. Toby's Juke Joint a long established Blues club in SL is looking for dynamic personalities to be trained as hosts and hostesses. If you are a people person with an outgoing, dynamic personality & a presentable avatar, we are willing to train you to be a host for us...giving you the chance to meet lots of people & also earn lindens for your Second Life. Please contact Bray Preston Rogue (Braytania Resident) for an interview and further information
  3. Hi, my name is Lexy Nexen and I am seeking a trust worthy P.A. I'm a Youtube vlogger, club owner and currently working on a gacha resell store on marketplace. The position would include various tasks in helping me get my daily to-do lists checked off. You must be familiar with the use of Gmail, Facebook, Youtube and Plurk as well as other social media sites. You must be able to draft well written notecards inworld and be able to communicate efficiently with others. You must be able to execute such tasks in a timely manner. Preferably, I would like to have someone that spends a large quantity of time on second life. If you are one to take frequent breaks, this position is not for you. You must have a bubbly personality, great work ethic and a positive attitude! Keep in mind that this is a paid position (lindens) and payment will be discussed upon interview. If you are interested in this position, please send me a notecard inworld and do not forget to include your USERname, not your display name (serious inquires only). Looking forward to meeting you!!! xoxo - Lexy
  4. Hello, I'm looking for something to do, nothing club-like or anything like that as i'm already in those types of jobs right now. I'm just looking to help people do small things like inventory organization skills, teaching how to emote (girls) as i have much experience with this, and have worked at large clubs, making a lot of money there (If you want an example of what i emote like i'll send a notecard to see if you are interested.) I can also teach how to medically emote, i have a lot of experience with that too. If you have any questions on what other things i can do send a notecard inworld (sierrathevamp). I can work with you on pricing, no i do not over-price. Thanks for reading! ☻
  5. We have developed a new table game in SL and are looking for individuals to create trivia content with associated sound files for the game. You would need to source trivia questions & answers, let's say it is music, you find question with 4 possible answers, then you would need to source a sound file (song clip), record it and save as a wav file for importing to SL, then create a question/answer nc following a specific scheming format. If you think you would be interested, please contact shane Foresight or Kaijah Chrome. The salary is based on 20 question/answer/sound files, once verified all is correct you will be paid. Once content has been tested and verified to be correct, you would be paid 100L per 20 question card. If you want to do 1 and be done all good. If you want to do more and keeping going, all good. Amount of content provided is solely up to you! Please contact me, Kaijah Chrome or shane Foresight if you are interested. Thank you! Kaijah
  6. WE ARE HIRING DJ, HOST, MANAGER!!! MINISTRY OF TRANCE ONLINE HOST APP: https://goo.gl/forms/JN8E2l5gmFSYX7X72 ONLINE DJ APP: https://goo.gl/forms/ahoJm2YyNOubjUS12 ONLINE GM APP: https://goo.gl/forms/rAgxcdzXFk6nojG92 The purest trance club where - Live MIXES!: Live mixes from coolest DJs unlike anywhere - Friendly Environment: With a great host as your friend! - JOB Opportunities: You can start your dreams here!! We are hiring! - Events: Coolest Events with prize and goodies! Party: Are you gonna miss the Coolest Trance Party!!!!!! What are you waiting for ! Try us out! Join Us! Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Crowley/227/104/21 Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/groups/4069301@N20/
  7. I am currently seeking employment within SL, and have pasted my resume below. If you feel that I may be a good fit for your company, please feel free to contact me in-world via note card with information regarding the potion open, and the details of your company's services. OR post the link for your company's application. * I am also willing to work on a one week volunteer/probation bases (no pay necessary for the first week only) to determine if I am a good fit for the position hired. * I will not respond to job offers such as : Stripper or Escort. SL Name: DianeAguilar05 Resident Display name : Diane Aguilar SL Rez Date: 11/20/2015 (1 year ,10 months) RL age: 27 Species: Human Gender: Female Time Zone: SLT+2 hours ★ A little bit about me! ★ I am very well rounded when it comes to the aspects of SL. I love all things to do with art, including photography, design, building landscape and interior design. I play Tiny empires and I am a human in bloodlines. I am also a mother of two in SL, with two beautiful daughters along with a daughter-in-law! I love shopping in SL & on the MP. I enjoying exploring SL and all the lovely places it has to offer & meeting new people! I started blogging when I joined SL because I wanted to share great items i found at a low cost , so that others could enjoy them as much as I could. I can be a bit ambitious and a workaholic at times. I enjoy a challenge and learning new things. I am very open minded and do not mind working with different types of people. I did leave SL for a bit of time due to my laptop crashing, now that I have a new one, I am back and ready to work. Lately , I've been spending my time getting caught up with all things SL, decorating my home (which I love doing) and checking out the new trends in SL fashion. ★ Availability: ★ I would need a flexible work schedule . I log in daily , however, the time varies depending on RL commitments. I do spend 4+ hours in SL everyday. I can start asap, however can not work on 10/21/2017 due to RL prior commitment . ★ Previous work experience. ★ 1. JR Rentals - Rental Manager / Agent 11/15-06/16 - pay rate: $850L Weekly - Duties included: Over seeking the hiring/firing process creating employee / tenant NCs Managing rentals Customer services Tenant recruitment Marketing Rental Reports based off Casperlet.com Photography for Website -Reason for leaving: Owner stopped paying employees including myself. After 3 weeks of no pay, I quite. 2. Blogger/ Photographer 12/15-current Took Sabbatical 02/17-10/17 Blog Name: SL Shoppers Guide Blog Link: https://secondlifeshopperguide.wordpress.com/ Previous Sponsors: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Pin Up Tattoos Reason for sabbatical: RL college 3. The Prime Community - A Role Play Community. 11/16-02/17 Pay rate: $950L weekly Job Title: General Estate Manager / Rental Manager / Personal Assistant Duties Included: Hiring/firing of employees scheduling meetings creating employee/Tenant NCs Employee Scheduling. checking land traffic Building/creating for owner(s). Time Clock Reports for pay role dept. Marketing Scheduling events Customer Services Land /Rental Unit Security Reason for leaving: The owner decided to close the community until further notice, however, has stated once she reopens is more then willing to rehire me. She hasn't disbanded the group and I am still listed in the staff group. ★ Real Life Experience / Education that may contribute. ★ - Real Estate Salesmen Degree - Associate Degree in General Business and Management Development - Currently Studying for Associate in Graphic Arts. ★ Notes★ - My avatar is 100% Mesh now, and I do use Mesh enabled viewer. - Somewhat knowledgeable when it comes to building , adding scripts and texturing. - Own a rez-able Photo studio ,along with a nice collection of poses, pose stands ,textures. - Fluent in English only, however, I do own a translator
  8. -★-✫--★-✫- NOW HIRING HOSTS & DJS -★-✫- -✫-★- ╔═══════✩ CLUB CARNAGE Est 2005 ✩═════▫ ╫◈ LIMITED OPENINGS! ╫◈ Work your way up to Management✭ ╫◈ Hosts-FREE TRAINING - No minimum SL age. No exp necessary✭ ╫◈ DJs - WE provide the stream. Training is available if wanting to learn to DJ.✭ ╫◈ Keep 100% of your tips! ✭ ╚══════════════════════════ ✩ ♫ ♪ ✩ Applications available 24/7 Just come fill one out! -★-✫- You will be contacted within 24 hours -✫-★- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Young/188/206/30
  9. Now Hiring! Kuntz Beach House is super new to the SL Adult Scene. We are a multi-purpose Adult hub and we need you! We are looking for Dancers and Escorts. Any gender, sexual orientation, and species! (no child avatars. must be 18+ irl and in sl) Stop by the beach house and pick up an app at the entrance! Perks: non exclusive 3 hours minimum per week required free adboard free photo 90% tips If you want to freelance that is also a possibility! Stop by the beach house and click the sign in the entrance. Join the group for 100L and get to work! 80% tips Stop by and have a look around! Owner and Operator: ℳιຮຮ ℳøℓℓყ ℳąṩṩᾄƈƦɛ (ivydoom) slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hyperspace/192/193/21
  10. Do you love music? Do you love the sl club scene? Fantasia Night Club is a friendly club with ALL music genres. NO DRAMA - Just a GOOD TIME!!! • Seeking experienced Djs • Seeking Hosts, will train • DJs & Hosts Keep 100% tips DJ Application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/15fqDTbhra2ZJ2OWVr-__CMEkaL5OvZ8qFnA6dLScRCI/viewform?edit_requested=true Host Application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1lwYGzSPxlONvY5jDssWZCw9SOEjFgjMxSpl3CVZH9fg/viewform?edit_requested=true Click the links above to fill out your online application to join the Fantasia family. Hiring Manager: Ƭ Є Ʀ Ɩ (njterii) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/156734874919750/ We look forward to meeting you: Free Souls Haven (142, 211, 1501).
  11. Lonestar and Weddings by Leona are hosting a JOB FAIR Sunday 11am - 6pm for immediate start! Looking for hosts, DJ's and photographers BUT come and see us and tell us what skills you have. You never know what we can use! Come on down and speak to us about work opportunities and we will meet with you immediately. Photographers please have flickr links and examples of work ready. DJ's will have the opportunity to audition on the spot as well. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by coming by - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Providence/13/125/22
  12. [Club Soho]: Seeking Staff ( Hosts - Djs - Managers) Club Soho Founded in 2014 is looking for talented and interactive DJs - Hosts & Managers to be a part of our Team. Tipjar 100% - Managers paid position (Training Provided). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SoHo has been taking bold strides into the Electronic Dance Music Clubbing Scene of Second Life to become known as one of the most reputably fun and interactive, friendly, unique and popular venues on the Grid. Our genres of house & resident djs mix up all forms of Electronic Music such as House, Techno, Trance, Psy, Dubstep, Trap, Electro, Remixes, Dance and Freestyle Forms etc. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ↘ Visit Us HERE : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/City of Gold/151/137/22 ↘ Below are the links to the application forms : ◉ DJS Application : http://bit.ly/2iEDu24 ◉ HOSTS Application : http://bit.ly/2f4zxPU ◉ MANAGERS Application : http://bit.ly/2l6D2KL We hope to hear from you Soon , CLUB SOHO - Management Team.
  13. The purest trance club with: - Live MIXES!: Live mixes from the coolest DJs unlike anywhere - Friendly Environment: With a great host as your friend! - JOB Opportunities: You can start your dreams here!! We are hiring! - PARTY: Party sets are always a bingo for the club - Events: Awesome Halloween event going on right now!! Ends October 31st What are you waiting for ! Try it out and Join Us! WE ARE HIRING DJS AND HOSTS Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Crowley/227/104/21 Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/groups/4069301@N20/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1378051745603015/
  14. Po!son is now hiring voice verified dancers as well as text, voice, and cam escorts! DJs of any gender may apply if your music matches the atmosphere of our club. We're looking to hire girls who really bring a unique vibe to the table. We want sexy, intelligent, girls from all over the world to add to the diverse family which is our staff group. - We are non-exclusive - We pay 10L per hour - We only require 5 hours a week - You keep 80% of your tips - We have an amazing staff group - You do not need to have experience - Our club will be sure to stun you - Monthly events and raffles - Special incentives to hard working girls Please note, you need to have a full mesh avatar to apply. You also need to be willing and prepared to voice verify that you are female only once during the interview. After that, you are not required to voice, just to make sure you can hear voice.We take appearance, language and grammar, as well as personality in as a huge factor when hiring girls. If you are unsure as to whether or not you would like to apply or would like to get a feel for the club first, feel free to stop by and have a look at our club. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/YSL Isle/89/154/68
  15. Hello, I know how to edit second life pictures in photoshop. the basics editing.. shadow and highlights and soft painting. I'm not a designer like talented designers here but, i wonder if i can do something with what i know. Designers sell their work for l$2000 or more. My question is whether beginners like me can get clients? We have a chance?
  16. HELLO EVERYONE WE ARE HIRING AT MINISTRY OF TRANCE GENERAL MANAGERS HOSTS AND DJS FOR A PURE TRANCE CLUB Based on Paid Position for GMs and 100% Tips to Djs and Hosts! A awesome club, friendly staffs! You are welcome http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Crowley/225/34/22
  17. WE ARE HIRING DJ, HOST, MANAGER!!! MINISTRY OF TRANCE Spread your wings with us and fly ! !! ONLINE HOST APP: https://goo.gl/forms/JN8E2l5gmFSYX7X72 ONLINE DJ APP: https://goo.gl/forms/ahoJm2YyNOubjUS12 ONLINE GM APP: https://goo.gl/forms/rAgxcdzXFk6nojG92 The purest trance club where - Live MIXES!: Live mixes from coolest DJs unlike anywhere - Friendly Environment: With a great host as your friend! - JOB Opportunities: You can start your dreams here!! We are hiring! - Events: Coolest Events with prize and goodies! Party: Are you gonna miss the Coolest Trance Party!!!!!! What are you waiting for ! Try us out! Join Us! Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Crowley/227/104/21 Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/groups/4069301@N20/
  18. Hello Everyone, We are currently seeking a skilled interior designer with the ability to work on both private and public locations with a high rate of efficiency while maintaining high quality standards. Pay will be on a per prim basis, commensurate with experience, references and images of past work. If interested, please contact ZeFenrir Resident or Angie Skeldergate in world. This will be a contracted position with opportunities for recurring work for the right candidate.
  19. "Platinum is the newest club on the Grid; a family-owned establishment! We play everything from pop to Industrial, oldies to Top 40, and goth to country! We strive to be welcoming to all walks of life, be it furries, humans, elves, dragons, the old and the younger crowd... you name it, and you'll fit right in!So if you're looking for fun, games (we have Mad Libs and Greedy!), contests, good music, epic DJ's, amazing people, and wonderful conversation, look no further than Platinum!"Hello there, and thank you for your interest in this advertisement!Are you a fun, outgoing person? Do you, perhaps, DJ, and need a club to do it in? Does the above sound like a place you'd want to visit?When I say that this is a family-owned establishment, I don't mean that we're a bunch of random people who got together to create a family. My three sisters and I have known each other, and have been sisters, for well over five years. We met in IMVU and all came here (in my case, back here) together. We all had successful places in IMVU, so it seemed only natural that we start something up in Second Life as well!We are looking for fun, friendly people to join us in our endeavor to have a nice club/hangout, with good tunes and creative events. Do you feel like you can contribute?Hosts and DJ's keep 100% of their tips as we believe that hard work should pay off. We do not provide a salary, however, so you must be a self-motivated individual, willing to network and bring people in. There is room for advancement within the ranks, and all are welcome!Applications can be found at the entrance of xPLATINUMx, or feel free to contact me via notecard or IM (preferably both, in case my IM's get capped) and I can send you the application of the job you are interested in. Thank you for your time!Lycari Ghostraven
  20. DANCE CLUB SOHO is hiring talented club staff!! Want a fun, friendly, busy, party place to make friends and earn? SoHo is THE Place to be!! We provide training and promotional opportunities. Live-mixing DJs required. CLUB SOHO HOST APPLICATION: https://goo.gl/forms/QpV1yJTfMu3AgzBB3 CLUB SOHO DJ APPLICATION: https://goo.gl/forms/wB2f0r1ZVkXAdAGx1 CLUB SOHO GM APPLICATION: (paid job) https://goo.gl/forms/5A9VterxxAjhhPen2 Visit us inworld today at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/City of Gold/151/137/22
  21. Hi! My name is Ariana Valentine (Miley Mowbray) I am seeking a job in SL, I am experienced in various departments, from the good old dancing days, to managment. From retail, to sales agent and manager, from designer to photographer, from creator to business owner. Feel free to drop me a message with any questions you may have for me! Miley mowbray.
  22. ☬♬ ♪ ♀☬CLUB DEPRAVED IS HIRING!☬♬ ♪ ♀☬ ☑ Open 7 days a week ☑ DJ's - Rock & metal -No Country ☑ Hosts- Outgoing, chatty, fun loving, Hard working ☑ Pay 100% all Tips ☑ 30 days or older & Over 18 in RL ☑ Training is available! ☑ Contact Kalina Blackheart for more Info! ☑ Your Ride for an App! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Roman Land/38/159/23
  23. WE ARE HIRING MORE STAFF!!!!! Sinful Studios is hiring DJ's AND Hosts for all three of our Venues! Club Freeze ~ Genres: Trance, Techno, Electro, House, Progressive, EDM, Hip-Hop, Trap, Top40. Club Onyx ~ Genres: Hip-Hop, Rap, R&b, Bounce. Sinfuly Divine Lounge Gentleman's Club ~ Genres: Hip-Hop, Rap, R&b, Bounce. PLEASE CONTACT ME IN WORLD: (Melissa4307)
  24. Are you looking for a place that respects your real-life? Do you like to flirt? Do you enjoy being sexy? Daddy's Naughty Pleasures is for you! We are looking for experienced strippers and escorts to join our sexy family.. There will be opportunities for advancement. You do not need to voice ... but you will need to voice verify. Look at our employment incentives-- Two tier staffing Staff works less than 10hrs a week - 80% tips - free use of skyboxes Naughty Ladies [works 10hrs or more a week] - 90% tips - earns $10 a hour [could increase based on how many tips per month] - Pay one week for your ad board then it is free - free use of skyboxes For the month 50 tips or more, avg $100 each tip = you get paid $15hr 60 tips or more, avg $100 each tip = you get paid $20hr 70 tips or more, avg $100 each tip = you get paid $25hr 80+ tips or more, avg $100 each tip = you get paid $30hr Example - if in August, you have 55 tips with an average of $100, during September you will receive make $10 per hour. Our goal is to work as a team and bring in more tips for everyone. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pleasureland/245/157/25
  25. Large Second Life brand seeking a regular, reliable and skilled animation creator for furniture and wearable releases. The ideal candidate has experience making animations for furniture and objects with smooth transitions as well as creative thinking and the ability to visualize and expand on ideas. Bento hand knowledge a plus. We primarily need sits, lays and object animation such as holding a weapon or brushing hair. This would be a part time freelance position in which you are paid for a full perm animation. We are open to non exclusive use of the animations as well, giving you the ability to resell the work. Reliability and meeting reasonable deadlines are also a must. Please contact the avatar Zak Crumb inworld or email Zak.Crumb@gmail.com. Be ready to provide examples of your work and further discuss rates and conditions of hire.
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