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About Me

Found 717 results

  1. What: Host Boot Camp Date: Saturday May 30th Time: 10am - 1pm SLT Where: Serenity City Newbie Center http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hidden%20Serenity/139/134/1264 Everyone is welcome! New hosts, experienced hosts, people who have never hosted but are curious, everyone! We also welcome any club owners that want to join us and let people know that they're hiring. What is Host Boot Camp? We've found that part of the reason there aren't as many hosts available is that some people don't know how, or are intimidated by the idea. So to help people feel comfortable with hosting, we're having this free class. We will have instruction time, with questions and answers, followed by practice time, where each person will have the chance to send group notices, and work on stage with a live DJ for a few minutes. We're just teaching the basics, so that people will be able to work at any club after this and be able to customize their training to work within the club's rules. And, we're hiring! So anyone who finishes the course is welcome to put in an application at the same time. Questions? Talk to -ڿڰۣ-ღPєrg (pergatorie)
  2. Club Tribute is Hiring: DJS AND HOST ψ Reliable & Dependable ψ You Keep 100% of your tips ψ HOURS FROM 10AM - 10PM SLT ψ Nice friendly working environment ψ No Voice Required but it is preferred ψ Training provided if needed For Host ψ Permanent and Fill Cover Sets Available ψ Must be at least 30 days old http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/INFINITY BEACH/48/199/1008 Come to club and pick up a application or contact the managers below. Řαvȼŋ Blōōđz (masoncrowz) - DJ Manager Aρняσɗιтє Ʋєηυѕ Ⓐℓєメαиđєя (aphroditevenus86) - Host Manager cαsρεя gнσsтү gнσsт ραякεs (ghostmagicc) - General Manager
  3. Hi, I'm Lizzy. I am looking for a Job in Second Life, so I can earn Lindens. I am 20-years old, Female. I also do not voice in SL anymore Sorry. I WILL NOT do escorting Lol..I tried and honestly, it's just not for me..I mean I did try to Hoe out my ALT. But I guess she just wasn't Hoey enough. So a bit about me. I am a very chill person, I don't care much for what others think of me. I always say "***** Happens, Life Goes On". I also handle conflict very well, by just blocking anyone who is out of line..AKA just tryna make me angry. I have the Discord APP on my phone. Lιzzч Fεlιcιαиσ™ (elisabethkisses2)
  4. Club Tribute is in search of a good experienced Manager. This is a paid position. The right person will be available between 4pm-10pm and have some experience in managing in a club environment on SL. Don't mind training the right person, but you should still have some experience, know the basics of managing a Club on SL. This will not be a "stand in the club and get paid" position. You will have to work. There is room for advancement into higher managing positions as well. But it won't happen overnight. If interested contact: cαsρεя gнσsтү gнσsт ραякεs (ghostmagicc) Visit us here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Surreale/197/15/2007
  5. Hello to everyone, If you do not yet know MeshAgency I specialise in creating 3D mesh items. With the quarantine i have had allot of new kinds of requests, i could do with some help and also some specialisations. - Texture artist : I have clients that ask for texture packs, i'm not interested in doing this but if you are good and would like to try you can contact me. You need to be good with photoshop, creating realistic folds and wrinkles and a BIG PLUS would be if you are good at creating jean textures. - 3D render : This is something i do for myself but not a service i offer to clients, so if you are interested in taking rendering orders and have good experience please contact me. Working with renderosity would be a real Plus. Also having mannequins already prepared and waiting, i'm not looking to spend time setting someone up at this point - Rigger : You know how to rig and have all the kits working and ready to go, male and female. I do allot of rigging myself but i'm looking for backup on the overflow and also to take pure rigging only orders that i turn down atm. Working with blender would be better for me but maya can be fine. - 3D artist : Interested in having new contacts for when i need to outsource some of the orders due to lack of time. Experienced creators only. Working with blender is better for me. - Any experience with uploading jewellery? > On an unrelated note i have real troubles uploading small items when they are rigged like chains and gems if you have any tips i need them - I have also had some requests for buildings, i don't do building, so if you know not only how to mesh them but how to upload them efficiently i have some contacts for you and also i would love to learn. - I have also had some request for hair if anyone is interested. Any answer please send by email to : meshagensysl@gmail.com
  6. SPUNK Is looking for some enthusiastic people willing to work and be rewarded for it! We are after: Escorts - We are specifically looking for VOICE and CAM but are happy to accept TEXT also Managers - Looking for someone who is prepared to put in the time to make the club as successful as possible Dancers - Even if you'd prefer not to type, voice, cam escort we are welcoming dancers also WE PAY A WAGE IN ADDITION TO TIPS Our only major requirement is that you're mesh! We are laid back, and really just want you all to have a good time The club is brand new, and we are currently working hard to get the club established. The looks amazing and have had quite a few walk-ins so far, but no girls on the podiums. WE ARE SUPER KEEN TO GET THIS ALL MOVING ALONG AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE! WE WANT AN OPEN CLUB, WITH PLENTY OF AWESOME GIRLS - COME APPLY IN WORLD! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Camaro/237/157/703
  7. Hello! I am looking to hire a wedding officiant for my upcoming wedding. We would like it to be a non religious ceremony hence no minister. You must be able to meet and discuss the written ceremony before hand. Be on time the date of the wedding also. Please send me your prices. Azramiray18 Thankies be safe!
  8. Hello, and thank you for dropping to view my post! I am Jilian, in world known as princessjilian. I am a happy go getter who seeks the thrill of the nightclub, or day. Fun has no time. I believe in working in a SAFE, DRAMA free, and COMPETITIVE environment. To not sugar coat things, I have never worked in secondlife before, but my first year lingering around has not just been hiding away in a mainland hub. I spend most of my time inside clubs, watching, learning how the the sexy, wonderful ladies of SL play the field. I have a updated, current avatar. Her name goes by Princess, a woman who loves pleasing. (I will leave below pictures of my avatar.) She is a woman who enjoys playing dressing up, that includes mix and matching with my six different bodies, to satisfy anyone. I can easily go from a slim woman with small handling curves to a large handful piece of butt with wide tasteful hips. To those who are interested, My bodies include Maitreya, Belleza Isis, Slink Physique, Slink Hourglass, Nana Muscular Body, and Ebody. For my head, I am fully equipped with Mesh Bento Heads. These include, LAQ, Genus, and Mayreal. Dont let the fact that I am inexperienced scare you away from giving me an interview, I am willing to mold to what you think is the perfect doll. I am reliable, flexible, and I will be on during the week from Eastern time, 9 am to 3pm. Weekends can be worked out to what you think you will need. I can easily work required shifts in a week, to whatever your club mandates. To show what I am capable of doing, I will leave below an example of a customer tipping me 200L. /Me: "Princess grins wickedly, locking eyes with (CustomersPreferredName), she unhooks her leg from the smooth pole and makes her way towards the gentleman, swaying her hips as she reaches him. Princess grabs him by the collar of his shirt and pulls him for a...." Just for the sake of not having my post removed on here for being too graphic, I can write similar situations when you interview me and of course...all the nice and juicy details will be there. Almost forgot....over 18. ~Princess will be waiting for her forever play pen~
  9. Club tribute is hiring a Assistant Manager. This is a paid position, but please read all of this before you respond. This position requires someone who has experience in the field. I prefer someone who has experience managing in a club environment. Please don't be dishonest with your experience, because trust me I will know. So read the following, and if you think this applies to you, then please follow instruction down below. - Again please be experienced, I do not have time to do a lot of training. So if I contact you, be prepared to tell me about your experience in as much detail as you can. Do not just say "I have managed in alot of clubs" or "I know what I am doing." Because if you respond with that, I will close the IM and ignore you. - You must be at least a year old. If you are using a alt that is less than a year, then it is up to you to prove you have been on SL a year or more. Only giving me a name of another account will not do unless you can actually log onto that account and show me. - Your avatar must be decent looking. I am not saying you have to be in a Mesh avatar, but your avatar do need to look decent. You must have a AO of some kind. Standing like a noob will not work. You are applying for a Manager position, so I need someone(male or female) to look decent and presentable. - You must be a DJ as well as know how to Host. You can't hire a Host or a DJ if you don't know how to do it yourself. You may be asked during your trial to do a DJ and/or Host fill in, to demonstrate you know how to DJ and Host. -You must be at least familiar with working with shoutcast boards and schedule boards. I am not saying you have to know how to work every board exactly, but if you have been working with these boards in the past, then it should not take long for you to learn our boards. We use the new boards from Daffy's. - You may be asked to do some advertising in the in-world groups for hiring, and to spam everyday events, as well as advertise on facebook hire groups and event groups. - You will be required to spend time in the club each day, off Mondays. I am not looking for a Manager that is never in the club or always afk when in the club. If your RL is hectic, this is not the position for you. - I need someone that is not afraid to get in staff IM's and enforce rules. - There will be a 1 week non pay trial. That will be the time to show that you can handle the job. Pay will be discussed during the interview. The Club is open Tuesday - Sunday from 12pm to 10pm. Meaning the last set is 8-10pm. Everything else will be more explained at the interview. If you made it this far, and you still think this is a good fit for you. Then please send me a Notecard in world with your experience. I would prefer at least one reference, but it is not required. Send notecard to: cαsρεя gнσsтү gнσsт ραякεs (ghostmagicc) Check out the Club here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Surreale/197/15/2007
  10. Name: Nahtalia Noel Skill set : - Logo Making - Picture and Video editing - Thumbnail Creating - Blog writing and editing - Social media influencing - Picture Taking (Photography)
  11. I am the owner of Acroft Marketplace & Acroft Mainstore i do all my own products meshing, rigging, texturing, animations and custom armatures. I mostly work with commissions with other stores which keeps me pretty busy and i do not have to do what is needed for the store and marketplace reason for this post. I am searching for a manager. Responsabilities: Decorating the main store. Informing me of events that might be benefiicial. Innovative promotions & Ideas Advertising Searching for new commissions for me ( finder fee applies to this ) Posting new products on Facebook page Benefits: Working with a professional Game Developer who worked with a AAA Company. 2000$L/month paid on the 1 of each month Getting some of your ideas turned into in world mesh and recieving % of each sale Events i participate in will win you bonus $L Free clothes once in a while Requirement: Experience in managing stores & advertisement Flickr, Facebook, other social media following is a bonus Fluent in English speaking, writing, reading Being around a few hours a day Has Discord voice chat Those interested in this possition Contact me on discord: acroft#0456 - most likely to reply to InSecondLife @ Alexacroft Resident - messages get capped
  12. 10672sqm land needs decorated. I want strictly mesh items with low lag if at all possible. I'm looking for some interactive items as well though. Please send me, Lycoris Bluebird, a notecard with your prices. Upon seeing what you have to offer we can proceed. Thank you. There are 3419 prims to use but were already using around 900.
  13. Due to covid-19 i'm on sl just about everyday. Looking for employment. Not sure where to look or who would hire me. I'm a bit of a goofball and dont feel like I would be great at being an escort or host. I've been on for years though. I love talking to people and getting folks included in conversations. I'm pretty good with helping folks as well. I have a mic. msg me on sl : stabby faxel.
  14. Club Tribute is Hiring: ψ Reliable & Dependable ψ You Keep 100% of your tips ψ HOURS FROM 12PM - 10PM SLT ψ Nice friendly working environment ψ No Voice Required but it is preferred ψ Training provided if needed For Host ψ Permanent and Fill Cover Sets Available ψ Must be at least 30 days old http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Surreale/197/15/2007 DJ App - http://bit.ly/TributeDJ Host App - http://bit.ly/TributeHost cαsρεя gнσsтү gнσsт ραякεs (ghostmagicc) - General Manager
  15. I am an experienced creator who makes custom content such as Skins, Clothes texturing, Make up, tattoos or Slave Brands . I have created for Sansar, The Sims, IMVU, Gevolution and 3d websites. You can have a look at my stuff below . Contact me inworld for further information. Thank you and stay home ❤️ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/67150 https://www.flickr.com/photos/olympiahoxley/
  16. 🦄 MAKE $$$ @ VANILLA UNICORN 🦄 are you a cutie with a booty?? Vanilla unicorn wants to hire you!! Come and make some money $$ Apply today! 🦄 LIMO HERE 🦄
  17. This luxurious gentleman's lounge is now hiring women of all types. Must be 18+ to work here. Must be able to at least hear voice. We have hourly pay and incentives to offer our girls. Please contact MistyThompson Resident or mikahranezmaii resident for an application or pop in today!
  18. [Pink Fairy] Escort Lounge Come apply in world at pink fairy now hiring text , voice , cam and dancers also looking for mangers ! looking for sexy flirty girls ! hourly pay for exclusive make 50L and non exclusive make 35L + 80% tips + fairy of the month + discounted photos TAXI ~ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Amara/52/63/3502
  19. Hello everyone! ❤️ I hope that everyone is save during this hard time. I have really spend a lot of time and love to create this avatar and very quickly i noticed how much I love fashion and to take pictures. It would be a honour for me to work with an owner of a shop to advertise together your lovely brand. If you own a shop, you are looking for someone to take pictures with and think that you could work well with my avatar, please contact me And here again I hope everyone is safe. Be safe! Maryann
  20. Club Tribute is looking for experienced DJ Manager and Host Manager. This is a paid position. - At least 1 year old on SL, or be able to prove you are by providing a alt and being able to log into that alt. - Must be experienced - Please be honest with your experience, we will know if you not. - DJ Manager must be willing to fill in as DJ at times & Host must be willing to fill-in at times - Must be able to Mod(Manager on duty) sets through the week - Must have time to be on SL and in the club. Not saying you need be in the club all day, but if you never online, please don't apply. - Must know how to interview staff, hire and terminate staff, enforce rules, schedule changes, handle issues, ect... -DJ Manager & Host Manager will report to the General Manager - Must advertise in hire groups & Facebook job groups - The rest will be explained at the interview. If you are interested, please contact the following person: cαsρεя gнσsтү gнσsт ραякεs (ghostmagicc) - General Manager http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Surreale/197/15/2007
  21. Hello guys , i`m new on Second life and i want to find a job. I am responsible,sociable, funny, quickly learning new things, ambitious, orientation and organized. I enjoy talking to people all the time and meeting people! I am always ready to go and work! If you have something contact me. thanks! have a good day!
  22. Hello. I am looking for a receptionist job in SL. Looking for a generous, daily pay. Would like to work for a well known business. Please message me on SL at your earliest convenience with job details and how we can help one another. Be safe. Thank you! 🙂
  23. Club Tribute is Hiring: Grand Opening This Friday ψ We are Hiring good, dedicated, LOYAL and RELIABLE DJ's and Hosts ψ You Keep 100% of your tips ψ Looking to fill many sets ψ Nice friendly working environment ψ No Voice Required but it is preferred ψ Training provided if needed For Host ψ Permanent and Fill Cover Sets Available ψ Must be at least 30 days old http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Surreale/197/15/2007 DJ App - http://bit.ly/TributeDJ Host App - http://bit.ly/TributeHost Sᴄᴀʀʟᴇᴛ Lᴀᴄᴏᴍʙᴇ (xxsc4rl3txx) - General Manager . Dᴜᴄᴋʏ Lᴏᴜ Wʜᴏ Lᴀᴄᴏᴍʙᴇ . (justducky) - DJ/Host Manager cαsρεя gнσsтү gнσsт ραякεs (ghostmagicc) - Manager
  24. Hello, I am looking for a job to earn some lindens! I would do everything you offer me, mostly a dancer at a strip club. Not looking for a big pay, mi time zone is ECT (Ecuador Time), I can work from 10AM-23PM or even later, can stay up to 3AM. I have no experience in working, my avi is 2 years old, I own a mesh body with bento head and also an ebody curvy with a bento head, thanks for the attention. Find me on SL as /BabyCount18
  25. Im a 10 years old girl, I can speak portuguese, english and spanish. I can take care of younger kids too.
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