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About Me

  1. Hi all. I sent the following issue to the Lindens in a ticket. They replied and made a lot of effort to try and solve my problem, but in the end they couldn't solve it and suggested I re-post my issue to the forums. Sorry for the long post. Any guidance hugely appreciated ? ----------------------------------------------------------------- For the last couple of years my students have been using a HUD (see above) I designed to allow chatted text in Chinese characters output by the NPCs in our region to display on a prim face using the following: html = "data:text/html;ch
  2. Hola, muy buenas; tengo un problema con algunas animaciones; algunas de ellas funcionan bien cuando las uso aisladas (animación-->jugar--->jugar en el mundo), pero se las edito en la note card de una hud, algunas de ellas ya no funcionan (aún que no todas) y me aparece un aviso de error de scripts; podría alguien saber el motivo de ese error? Lo he intentado varias veces, observando los espacios y la sintaxis, pero sigue me dando ese error. Gracias!
  3. I have these legs that always wonk out, and any time I stand up I have to manually go in, take them off, then readd them to fix. Are there methods in place that lets me whip up a script to do it? Never touched LSL before, but I've used other languages
  4. Lineage (Sending of Darkness) A new RP hud system, family friendly, non-forced combat! That's right, enter the world of Lineage (Sending of Darkness) be molted into your true being, and begin your roleplay. Lineage grants you the choice of 12 species, light and dark elves as well as 4 different humanoid species. Find the peace of your inner self, or opt to be a combat expert on one of our flying pets or in close quarters combat. secondlife:///app/group/d32ebfa7-ef30-b515-5e8d-ec3a602367f4/about http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Amour Bleu/130/39/29
  5. Hello, I made a HUD, and I found a script for detaching it: 1. This is the X prim script (and it works just fine) default { touch_start(integer num_detected) { llMessageLinked(LINK_ROOT, 0, "detatch", NULL_KEY); } } 2. This is the root prim script, but I encounter an error on it: (4, 29) : ERROR : Name not defined within scope default { on_rez(integer start_param) { llRequestPermissions(attached, PERMISSION_ATTACH); } link_message(integer sender_num, integer num, string str, key id) { if ("detatch" == str) { //if (PERMISSION_ATTACH & llGetPermissions()) { llDetachFromAvat
  6. Hello, i'm almost done with my hud i have one more feature to add before i can make it communicate between the actual meshes. I'm not sure how i would explain this so it's understandable so here's a little gif to explain: - Click The way it's constructed for me is the following: the HUD would send that output to the mesh and tell on which face to change which texture to (more specific the texture + offset). This could be 1, 3, all etc. On the left example of the mesh the 2 parts would be on top of each other instead of next to eachother. A full_perm copy of the hud worki
  7. Hello im looking for either a guide on how to make a RP hud/script. Im looking to start a new RP/Breedable system and need a guide that can help get me started or looking for people that are interested in the same thing and are looking for work Any help is appreciated ty!
  8. Hello I am working on making avatars and would like to add some animation functionality to them. For example, I'm trying to create a head with a movable jaw, controlled by a slider that goes from closed to fully open. The head is rigged to the bento bones, so what I'm trying to find out is if it is possible to control an animation in-world, frame by frame, or if I would have to cut the animation into individual animations for each frame, toggling between several animations along the slider to open and close the mouth (The latter option seeming quite wasteful). Secondly, I am slightly
  9. Lately my HUD scripts seem to die out one after the other, i do not know if its also the other scripts, but i all ready lost a AO, and 2 Mesh Body HUDs (so i have no belly now in my martriya one ) I try any fix i was able to come up with, like detaching, and reattaching, restarting the scripts (using Firestorm viewer) dose not seem to help, they are just not responding, or if they are i cant seem to see it or use it, its a real pain and i do not know what to do, slowly it seem to effect more and more, and i do not know what is making it happen or how to fix it Fixes i try so
  10. Been searching the MP but cant find anything that helps reduce the large foot print that too many huds on the screen cause. Huds for example for mesh body and heads, or dance and AO. I have too many all over the place. I know how to edit the hud screen and how to uncheck show hud attachment, but would like something I can put them all into and minimize/maximin to get them out of my RL face Any recommendations welcome. <3
  11. I made my first HUD for a lelutka hairbase and I followed every direction from Lelutka and tested and finished the HUD but when I send it to my friend the buttons do not work and i tried sending it to myself from the marketplace test option but still the HUD comes up and everything but the buttons don't work and yes I configured them all D: any help would be super appreciated! Thank you ♥Phi
  12. Another newbie question sorry! I have a few HUD items and once I've used them the first time, if I quit SL then go back in the control panel disappears. How do I get them back on screen? I'm deafinitely "wearing" the items, just need the control panels back. Advice please
  13. As somebody who wishes to get into creating multi-textured anything.. I am still primitive in the fact that I do not know where to look for a HUD to customize (I guess?) into becoming a HUD for selecting hair textures out of multiple textures to apply to a mesh hair.. or any object I wish to have multiple colors of something for. Where does one go about finding a color changing HUD? I mean.. I make my own textures for stuff.. so I do not need something pre-loaded at all if I do not have to have one.. but where does one start? or... How does one start making one? Any learning curves
  14. Hey. not so long time ago something happened to me - interesting and strange. Someone turned my avatar into a noob. completely replaced the shape and skin and clothing! I was very surprised. does anyone know what can make such a change without my permission? I did not press anything. The rlv is not enabled. Thank you.
  15. I am using llMoveToTarget to make my avatar move from point to point. Unfortunately, when my avatar moves to the location he does not turn to face the location - he continues to face the same direction regardless of where he moves to. The script that triggers the movement is on the avatar's HUD. I have tried several functions (llLookAt and rotation functions) but they all rotate the button and not the avatar. Is there a function that I have overlooked?
  16. Hi, I'm creating a HUD and I like to communicate with the wearer's OpenCollar, if there is one. What I'm making is kind of an app for OpenCollar. But it doesn't have to go that far. What I like to know is: - who is the owner of the collar? - is the collar locked? as in, not allowed to detach. Based on that, I want my HUD to become not allowed to detach as well and only allowed by the collar's owner. As icing on the cake, I like the owner to choose if my HUD is detachable or not. can my HUD update the owners-HUD of OpenCollar to add the option to allow/disallow detachme
  17. Has anyone ever heard of a hud called the obsessed lover hud? I recently got this sent to me and like a dumbass i opened it without checking it. Now...the hud is stuck on my avatar, its attached to my outfits and I cant detach or delete it. Ive tried everything i know other than deleting Firestorm. Any ideas? I would appreciate any help.
  18. Hello, I've bought a new Akeruka Bento head (Lara) and I'm having a whole host of problems with it. I know everyone will say "ask them!" or "ask the group" but the group costs money just to ask a question so that ain't happening. So, at the risk of being banned I won't go into the many problems I've had but one thing is really driving me nuts which is the "shine" on the face. There are very few skins for this head as it is and the ones I've found all look pretty horrible because of this shine. As you can see in the attached picture, there is a somewhat hidden control in the skins ta
  19. The Crest is entering an age of Twilight and Chaos! The Hallows have been cast from Hell to try and overtake the lands. The now strong Iron Covenant, with a new leader at its helm has stepped forward to fight the evil that threatens its beloved home. The Maelstrom Wings dragons search the skies, a presence ever humbling and deadly. The Sanguine Circled ruled by their Blood Queen, is a mystery that no one can decipher, are they friend or foe? The Court of Seasons has come forward to safe guard the woods and its inhabitants. The Obsydian Heart faction... waits for the moment to strike. The Guild
  20. Hello everyone, I'm looking for someone who could make me a small script, I will describe what I want to do with it, and then we can discus the price range. alright, so the thing that I want, it not that much, so prob it's not going to be a big script, but I'm also not sure if this is possible, anyways here we go: I want a script that if you click on a object an auto message will be send to a specific person in her/him IM box, The message that should be writing down is not important I can do that my self, and if possible I would also like to be able to change the key in the script so
  21. My kemono HUDs are not working when I click them (including the HUD for the kemono head)
  22. Hello everyone, I'm currently working on a hud, and it goes well, but ran into a problem, I created a button and have the script to show?hide the hud, only problem is that when the hud is hided, the other buttons are still clickable,, SO I tried to change the script so when I hide it the it will also move the rest of the hud (that will be hiding) off screen, so it's not in the way anymore, and when you click the button agian to show it up again, it will go to the right position again. but it's not working for me, any idea's? would be great if you guys/gals can help me out. Thank you
  23. Sorry to be a pain, im running into a issue to a point where im totally clueless, things that make sense won't even work anymore. Unfortunately there isn't any information or documentation on these type of things but yet ther are everywhere in sl (Texture changer for clothing, meshbody HUDS etc) I started with 2 linksets 1. Target: 2 objects of which textures will be changable 2. Sender: 6 objects with each a different function when clicked. The target is simple the catch is as follows: [5] [6] [3] [4] [2] [1] 5 = All function (sets all target cubes to enable textu
  24. A HUD I have created is giving issues for some users, any time they relog. Either several variables are cleared to their default value, or the scripts inside reset entirely, this is still slightly unclear, especially since I cannot replicate the error on my end. Strangely, this only happens to some people, and for those it does happen to, making sure there is no other HUD attached to the same attachment point seems to prevent it. Anyone have a clue what might be causing this, and how I solve it? In case it's relevant, this issue started appearing when I split up functionality over mu
  25. Hello, i was wondering the following: 1. Can you attach/enable a HUD by clicking on an object? (im making a road system and i would like a HUD to pop-up when you click a road which will give you a texture changer HUD) Why? Because, if possible i'd like to create a hud to style it how i like instead of using a dialog (also the person would see whichtexture is which) but only changing the texture of the object that's been clicked/selected 2. How would one select different elements in a HUD? for example those texture changer HUD's that let's you select which parts you want to change t
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