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About Me

Found 389 results

  1. Hiya everyone! I want to share an amazing resource with you all! Who doesn't like giveaways & contests? There is a brand new SL contest & giveaway Hassle-free page! No catch! We strive to stay up to date with the latest giveaways across the grid inworld & social media but we need YOUR help! If you can check out the page, share the word, tag, like & follow so we can reach everyone across the grid and help everyone have access to it! https://www.facebook.com/SLGiveawaysContests/ Also many asked & we did it! SL Giveaways & Contests now has an official Discord too!!! Click for your custom invite! https://discord.gg/UkGm8be
  2. Looking for a FAQ page. Help me find it Im new here, dont know my way around.
  3. It's been a few months now and I just can't jump with "E" anymore. No matter how much I change my preferences, it does the same thing. When pressing E, all that happens is a sound plays, almost like what it sound like when you reload in Call Of Duty. PLEASE help. The only way I can jump is by tapping the jump button in the toolbar. (Preferences in image)
  4. If I've put this in the wrong place, feel free to either move it or redirect me to where to put this. Hello. I'd hate to ask, but I would like some assistance in picking out a good avatar when I cannot find an appropriate one. I am looking for a large version of this guy, but with claws. Can be bipedal. I don't mind if even it's a little small, I'm just having trouble finding an accurate representation of the big green right here. I could use some pointers, so if anyone has an idea or two, feel free to hit me up, please. If I have to custom make it, so be it. Thank you.
  5. Hello I have a question, why are the areola's alphed out?
  6. I am unable to link my Skrill account to SL. whenever i try to connect my skrill account, it says as shown in image. Please help!
  7. So I went to school for 3d modelling and I know how to model and work primarily in maya. My issue is after I have my model, where do I go from there. I know you have to rig and paint weights on the hair but I don't know how to do that. Do you have to make hair for different heads or can you weight it in a way that it fits any head. I don't know how to do any of this and am looking for a guide or tutorial on how to do this. Thank you so much!
  8. Hi guys, I'm new to second life and I'm really confused. I want to get the Soho Skybox by Onsu but I don't know where to place it. I don't understand how to know if a parcel of land I buy will be big enough to fit the skybox. Or does it not matter because it's in the sky?
  9. Hello everyone! I am seeking an inworld job. I'm open to any job opportunity and am always trying to improve myself and my skills. I can model, write, and even learn skills needed to complete a task. I hope I hear from someone soon! Inworld contact: acidicshroom Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/186349041@N04/ - Thank you!
  10. Hi, new to SL - my friend is getting back into it so I thought I'd have a go. Problem is, I get disconnected every minute or so. After going through a bunch of threads, I've managed to piece together that my packet loss ranges from 0.5 to 7% depending on region, and my ping sim is usually 1000ms, which is Rather High. I've tried experimenting with bandwidth and graphics settings to fix it, but it only changed when bandwidth was set to 2k, sending ping to 525ms for the first test, but it jumped back up with every subsequent test. Would someone mind helping me figure out what's going wrong here? (Bear in mind I'm very new to MMOs, so I may need some explanations on terminology and a bit of hand-holding with networking stuff)
  11. So i been using firestorm and when i went to a new place this happen to me. So i try going back which did not work SO HELP ME PLEASE
  12. Bonjour, dans les dernières versions, le bouton 'Grids' n'apparait pas, il y à bien la liste mais elle n'est pas modifiable. existe-t-il un moyen facile d'en rajouter ? Je ne voit pas, comment ajoutée une nouvelle grille, merci d'avance pour vos réponse, kiss
  13. A couple of disclaimers before I get into the issue: I'm a complete noob at building/terrforming and anything of that sort so forgive me if this is a stupid question. I also wasn't sure if this was the correct forum to post this in so please move this if needed. I live in a sim that doesn't allow terraforming but I've found a house that I'd really like to use that has a basement. The land itself is pretty uneven and on a slope so I'm not sure if I would even be able to make it work down there. I'm okay with using it on a sky platform but I'm not really sure how to make it work like that either with having the house sitting perfectly on the ground/platform but also not having the platform blocking the basement. I'm not sure if I'm explaining this in a way that makes sense so I'll attach some pictures that will hopefully help. I'm also willing to send anyone a TP to come look at it in world if that would help too.
  14. Hello, I can't seem to resolve disconnection issue over new FTTH connection, before I had ADSL for years, it use to work fine. But after upgrading to FTTH my viewer disconnects every one minute after login, everything loads fine at login, runs smooth, but viewer disconnects after one minute, screen grays out with message, region maybe facing issues, check your internet connection. I have tried bandwidth help tips page on Firestorm website, its not helping, 1500 is not working, nor 500 or anything less or above that. Also, I have tried all viewers, but same issue. My laptop is wirelessly connected to New FTTH home router, speedtest says my connection speed to Tucson, AZ is on average 5mpbs, Please Tell me what should I do, I can't even stay logged in to write my question in any inworld help groups . Also everything else on net works fine .....other apps etc. I think it might be new FTTH router, I have called my ISP, and they say everything is fine on their end. Following is details of my new FTTH router. Please suggest any router or viewer settings that I can do to resolve this issue. Device Name G-240W-F Vendor Nokia Hardware Version 3FE46597AAAA Boot Version U-Boot Dec-31-2016--12:00:00 Software Version 3FE46606AFHA97 Chipset MTK7526G Lot Number Jun 04 2019
  15. Hello everyone. I want to make a sci-fi place. Its a medical place, someone knows a good store to buy things of it? I have a medical table with some animations but I need more of it to make a good place.
  16. Hello everyone. I am Manager of a parcel, the parcel was set to Group and the owner is my boss. He gave me rights on land and it is all set on group. But I cant change stream on parcel and I have the rights of it. I have check it and even with group tag I cant change it. Someone know why?
  17. Hello everyone. I want to make a sci-fi place. Its a medical place, someone knows a good store to buy things of it? I have a medical table with some animations but I need more of it to make a good place.
  18. Good afternoon, last night I had added a new payment method and attempted to purchase more Lindens. It loaded and a notice at the top popped up saying the payment had been cancelled. I tried two different times. When I checked my card balance, Linden Lab had taken .10 cents each time I attempted to buy Lindens (20 cents in total had been removed from my account). I stopped my attempts and have been looking to see if anyone else was having this issue and what I should do about it. I used my American Express, Bluebird card. Thank you
  19. Hey all! im a designer and creator of mesh in secondlife but im HOPELESS at ads!! was wondering if i could hire someone to help me with this side of things!it would be paid either a % of sales or a fixed rate that weve agreed upon! please get back to me here or inworld thanks ❤️
  20. I’m sure this is everywhere within this forum but maybe I could get some 1:1 time with someone that can teach me some tricks and tips? I need help aligning cabinets and other items together! Aron.Box
  21. Hello I want to know if theres a way to replicate sound of an object to other places or to raise the sound. I am looking for amplifiers but they dont work on my piano. So theres a way to build this or buy? I need the sound of my object (I dont create him. I bought) louder sound. Much louder than it is. Or played from another place/s . I can pay for someone do it or buy what is already made. 😧 Help guys!
  22. Hello everyone. This is my first post I am looking a lot for this and I will love to find the way to solve this. I have a music object. Lets say... Violin, Piano, Cello, but they are object that emmit sounds. You need to zoom in sometimes to hear the music. They are reaaaaallly great. What I need now you know what I have and my problem. I need something like an amplifier. I need to amplifie the sound of this object. I dont want to people have to zoom in to hear the sound OR streaming it. I need to amplifi the sound of this object. Someone know how? I am looking for some amplifiers on MP but they are for specific product. I have bought some but they didnt work. I need help guys! If someone can make something to help this I can pay, or if someone knows something where to buy I will. I just need to amplify this :/ Thank you!
  23. Hi Everyone I'm using Firestorm for SL and recently when I click on the rear view movement icon it takes me to an aerial view, it used to give a view from my avi face..its really frustrating as moving is becoming difficult. I adjust my view, when standing still but the moment I move (in rear view) it takes me into an aerial view... HELP !!!!!! Ive tried re-installing with no luck, please can someone tell me how to get the rear view back to the default view. many thanks Dee
  24. The previous space that I rented was enough to fit my 37x42m home with room to spare, rent was 500L weekly and I was able to use around 1200 prims with the option of expanding. However that rental service closed down over the holidays and I haven't been able to find anything remotely comparable. Are there any decent places to rent with the correct amount of area and prims that I need along with a weekly rate that isn't insane??? I've been looking at rentals for a couple hours now and I'm either finding: Places that charge higher than the prim count is, i.e 900L weekly for 700 prims Places that charge 500L weekly but don't have the space nor prim count I need-- which is 732 MINIMUM for the house, not to mention other furniture I want to put down. Places that are 600-700L weekly, which is still doable, but don't have the right space dimensions nor prim count... Does anyone know anywhere I could feasibly rent with costs below 700 per week with the space I need?? I'd prefer something primarily on the ground floor but with an option for a skybox for privacy... Gonna have to be moderate or adult land because I frequently mod avatars and create skins, featuring avatars in the nude, so general is out of the question... My options feel so limited 😕
  25. Hia, I have a Sky box home I bought last week and I don't think its right for me know so wanted to sell it on, but I have no idea how to go about doing it... I noticed here in the forum different categories for listing them, but I am not sure what my home falls into. Also can it be listed on the market place? I dont really know what I am doing. PixieRose
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