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Found 27 results

  1. I recently discovered that staff in my club's group has the ability to rez items, regardless of their role, even those who were not granted such permissions in the group. This includes the 'Everyone' role which only has the group chat box checked. The land is deeded to this group. I tested it on my home sim as well, which is deeded to another group, and this same issue persists. So sometime within the last month, something has changed, seemingly grid wide, that allows anyone in a group to rez items even if they were not granted that ability. This could cause major problems for land or business owners as well as other groups needing to regulate permissions. Has anyone else had issues restricting perms for members of their group recently? This needs to be addressed and corrected as soon as possible.
  2. Hello! I am trying to create an avatar using machinimatrix workbench and I had to bend the skeleton, I decided to try to set the weight manually and applied the armature with empty weight groups. Weight painted and checked all in pose mode, part of the bones i don't use and deleted them from weight groups window. i applied rotation, location and scale to the skeleton and to the model, created a static pose. but the avatar is distorted when uploading and pose dont work proper. please tell me what was wrong?
  3. instead of charging people for more groups charge the groups that have a lot of people for more bandwidth other words put a cap on group size even if you don't put a cap on group size you should have a premium group feature for groups where they can pay for more processing power so their groups could run more smoothly they run a large group so they can buy more server power for their group
  4. I have tried looking for any Roleplaying Mafia groups and communities seems to be something from the past. I want to bring it back.. and roleplay build a community buy a Sim, Create families and activities ect I have always wanted to get into mafia roleplaying I used to on another platform but the game is no more. if anyone is interested or know anyone with the same idea contact me I would be glad to even join something that already exists.
  5. just want to comment that almost EVERY Store REQUIRES you to be in a group to take advantage of their credit earning and other events and giveaways. That along with we who need our own groups for our Homes, Families, Clubs etc. I think the Group Limit should be AT LEAST 50. It is so annoying to have to leave a free group you love to make room for another group you want... The Constant toggling and leaving and rejoining groups isn't fair to US or the Store Owners etc.... PLEASE LINDEN LABS, ACKNOWLEDGE THIS ISSUE!
  6. I have a few questions about buying mainland. I'm aware a premium account is needed to buy, and that your land tier is free if you stay within the first 1024 provided by a premium account. I have some questions about buying land on the mainland however, that despite many searches, could not seem to find an answer for. 1. If land says it is in the Mainland, and has the for sale tag in the address bar. I'm owning the property if I was to buy it, regardless who it says the owner is? I.e. Group/owner/Gov. Linden? 2. Can someone come and try to get me to pay them rent if were to buy it, and if so, would they have a claim, or is it a scam? 3. If I were to want land subdivided, who and where would I contact?
  7. Mistpony

    Groups is Full

    I have a space Groups full (42 Groups) How can I move space for Groups Without leaving the groups?
  8. Come check out the amazing cottages for rent at Shagwong Cove Resort. Then stay and explore 4 sims of activities, listen to entertainment, singers, dj's and experience upcoming special events at two clubs. Hang at the beach, or explore the forest, horseback ride in the cliffs, relax in the lagoon, visit the deep sea cove, go down the water slide, and of course romance and adult spots to visit. Come on over and learn about the rental special! See you here! Diamonte Thomas
  9. Is there a way to recover a lost group? I made one a while back that I never invited anyone to, so it expired in the short 48 hour period to keep it alive. Now that group name is no longer available because I made it, but if it's unavailable, that would imply that it can be restored. Right? Any feedback on this is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  10. Hello, I have created a group for my private club and I am not getting the L$ credited after members join. In the Group Profile under "Land & L$" tab I can see the amount of L$ credited but how can I transfer it to my L$ balance? Thanks for any help
  11. Just curious. In-world I can join a group for pretty much everything - even Star Trek *blushes*............... I haven't come across a Group for Forum contributors. And I know there's a forum sim.....(at least I think that's what it is), but does the forum ever arrange a social gathering??? Obviously timing would be difficult.............
  12. Looking for a way for a group to pool L$ together in a way we have a live feed of the total balance, plus records of who put what in. Ideally it would show within SL all information. The funds are to be pooled together in order to facilitate future land rental &/or community purchases. Has anyone seen something like this as a tool? Even an API option would be helpful, as we could reroute it back into SL? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Is it possible to change the group of all rezzed objects in one region at the same time? Attempting to negotiate this feat doing small chunks at a time equates to a bleak weekend for me.
  14. i have a group i dont belong to still showing when i search my name on websearch and one i want to be hidden how do i fix this? tysm in advance!
  15. Anybody else experiencing group chat lags? Groups with 2000+ members work better than my 15 members group. Messages often are being dropped by the server and when not it takes more than five minutes per message to be processed. What can we do? Is there a solution? Is there an explanation for why some groups have it and some don't?
  16. Hi I joined a group but I don't wear any group tags on my avatar. I turned off group titles in preferances and I can't see the tag. The problem is that other people can still see it! What's going on? Why is there a group tag still showing on my avatar and how do I get rid of it? I want to be in the group but my avatar is for me, not someones bill board.
  17. I'm sure someone else had this issue, but how do you remove parcels from now-dead islands from your groups and event listing? Is there a trick to nuking them or something else..... I looked on the forums, but not much luck finding info. Thanks.
  18. So me and my friends have tried this, but when we type BDSM into the search box for groups, everything comes up not found. We tried groups we Know exist like BDSM Events, etc. So I am wondering why now groups with BDSM in the tag are not showing up? Thanks.
  19. In your opinion, what are the *BEST* Second Life in-world groups to join? What groups constantly surprise and delight you with what they offer? News about events and promotions, hunts, fabulous group gifts. etc. etc. I'll go first. The three groups that I really am glad I am subscribed to are: Fabulously Free in SL: the single best source for SL freebies in-world or on the Marketplace! SL Frees & Offers: another good source of info on freebies. The White Armory: they give away a free outfit every Sunday! So what are YOUR favourite groups, and why?
  20. So my account is in the process of being downgraded back to basic user at the end of this month; I was curious as to what happens to the groups I am in above the basic user limit? ( premium gives extra group slots and I filled a few of them with new groups). Will SL randomly pick groups to remove me from or do I get to stay in the groups I am already in above the limit? I was wondering as there a few I have to be in to maintain access to group permed items and sims. Thank you in advance.
  21. Last year we bought a existing business and the sim associated with it. A few weeks later we found that the previous owner was labeled a racist unwarrantedly because someone was asked to please put on clothing. According to the TOS this is not an acceptable action. We have written several ARs to LL about the group but no one as done anything about it or looked into it. No one in our group is "racist" but it is effecting us in general. Makes a friendly group of individuals look bad. How do we get some type of help stopping this behavior toward us and the people who come to our place for fun? To those posting to this question... nothing is important to you maybe until it happens directly to you. It's happening to us, and if it was happening to you we would care and feel bad, not mock you for poor spelling or make jokes. We didn't even own the place when it started.
  22. I log in (relogged and relogged) and am immediately sent to my neighbor's land, I saw ban lines around my own and when I tried to go into my area or go home I couldn't. I checked my groups (my land is deeded to my group and is group only) the group was gone. I can't even get onto my own land. I use Firestorm and am trying to uninstall and reinstall but not sure if that has anything to do with it. I messaged the land owner but they aren't around. Any ideas?
  23. Hi there! I'm a fairly new user to SL and have noticed SL seems to be a pretty tight-knit community, especially in the roleplay community. I was wondering if anyone could reccomend some rp groups? I'm looking for anything furry related- urban, fantasy, realistic, non-realistic, any species. Also anything feral related- wolf packs, urban dog packs, fox packs, lion prides, realistic, non realistic. If there are Warrior Cat clan rp groups I'd gladly join! Or if anyone is interested in making one together, I'd be down for that too! I'm a pretty experienced rper, but am new to the secondlife rp format. I can be literate with paragraph, third person style, or informal first person style. I'd prefer a group not focused on sexual themes, but not against 18+ themes. Any reccomendations welcome!
  24. hola! hay una usuaria que no puede unirse de ninguna manera al grupo que tenemos en el club, no le sale ningun mensaje y solo está adherida a 38 grupos, aun le quedan 4, pero no recibe los invites, otros usuarios lo reciben bien gracias
  25. Jeremy Linden

    Joining and participating in groups

    Overview of groups Basic concepts: roles, titles, and abilities Open and closed groups Group visibility in your profile Joining a group Being invited to join a group Finding and joining an open group Inviting someone to join a group To invite one person nearby inworld To invite multiple people Controlling group titles Changing your active group and title Changing your role's title Group communication Group IMs Group voice calls Overview of groups Groups provide a way for you to socialize, share interests, and collaborate with others on projects. With a Basic account, you can belong to as many as 42 groups at one time; Premium accounts may belong to as many as 70 groups. However, you may have only one active group at a time. Your active group determines the title displayed by default above your avatar name inworld. Note: If you downgrade from a Premium account to a Basic account, no group memberships are lost. However, you may not join any new groups as a Basic account until your current number of group memberships is less than 42. Group members: Can participate in group text chat and voice chat sessions with others in the group. See Group communication. Recieve group notices to others in the group; certain members have the right to send notices, if they have the required abiilty. See Working with group notices. Can get group dividends and pay group liabilities. Any Linden dollars paid to the group are paid out evenly to all group members each day. See Group dividends and liabilities. Can jointly own land, with each member making a contribution to help pay for the land's cost. SeeGroup-owned land. Can jointly own objects deeded to the group. Access to land parcels may be restricted by group membership. Also, scripted objects may be usable only by members of specific groups. This article provides an introduction to groups primarily for group members. For more on groups, and for information for group owners and managers, see Creating, managing, moderating, and disbanding groups. Basic concepts: roles, titles, and abilities Each group has a set of roles that can be assigned to members. Each role has an associated title and set ofabilities that determine what members in that role can do. One person can have multiple roles in a group. By default, all groups start with three roles: Owners: Group owners have full control over their group, and have access to all group abilities. This role can't be deleted, edited, or hidden. The person who creates the group is initially the owner. Default title is "Owner." Officers: Officers have more abilities than regular members, such as the ability to invite others to the group or eject members. Default title is "Officer." Everyone: All members in the group have this role that defines baseline abilities. Default title is "Member." Note: The ability to change roles, titles, role visibility, and abilities is itself an ability. The group owner always has this and all other abilities. Titles The title of your role in your currently active group is shown by default above your display name inworld. For information on how to change your group title, see Controlling group titles. Abilities The abilities of your roles determine what you can do in a group. There is a wide range of abilities available. The owner role always has all abilities. Abilities are provided to control group membership, roles, parcel management and object management. For more information, see Managing abilities. Active group Although you may belong to many groups, you have only one active group at any one time. Your currently active group determines, for example, the title displayed above your name tag. See Changing your active group and title for more information. Open and closed groups There are two basic types of groups:, Open groups are available for anyone to join if they wish. Closed groups require an invitation from an existing group officer to join. Either type of group may have a Linden dollar cost to join. Group visibility in your profile By default, others can see the groups to which you belong in your profile. To hide a group so that it does not appear in your profile: Choose Communicate > Groups or right-click on yourself and choose My Groups. Click the group you want to hide Click Group Profile. Deselect Show in my profile. Click Save. Joining a group There are two ways to join a group: A group member can invite you. This is the only way you can join a closed group. You can join an open group on your own initiative. Being invited to join a group You must be invited to join a closed group; you may also be invited to join an open group or you can join on your own. When you are invited to join a group, a notification appears in your Viewer. If you wish to join, click Accept. If not, click Decline. Tip: If you do not know the Resident who sent you the group invitation or want to learn more about the group before accepting, click the Infobutton to see the group's profile. Finding and joining an open group To search for a group to join: Click Search. The Second Life Search window opens. Select Groups from the dropdown menu next to the Search button Next to Maturity, check or uncheck the boxes to filter your results as desired. Important: You must be at least 18 years old to view Adult-rated search results. See Age-restricted content for more information. Enter your search criteria and click the Search button. Browse through the search results. When you find a group that interests you, click the link for details. Click More Info to bring up the People window, which displays the group's profile information and indicates the enrollment fee (if any) in L$. To join, click JOIN NOW! A message appears asking you to confirm that you wish to join. Click Yes. Inviting someone to join a group Note: To be able to invite others to join a group, you must have a role with the Invite People to this Group ability. Depending on your role, you may not have this ability. To invite one person nearby inworld To invite someone to a group to which you belong: Right-click their avatar and choose Invite to Group. The GROUPS window opens, displaying all the groups to which you have permission to invite people. Select the desired group Click OK. The person will get a group invitation. To invite multiple people To invite several people into your group at once: Choose Communicate > Groups or right-click yourself and choose My Groups... Click the desired group. Click Group Profile. Click the Roles tab. Click Invite. If you don't have the required ability, the button will be disabled. Click Open Resident Chooser Select a person one of these ways: • In the Search tab, type in the text field, then click Go. Click on the desired person and click Select. • In the Friends tab, choose a friend, then click Select. • In the Near Me tab, click on a person then click Select. Repeat for each person you want to invite, then click Close. Click Send Invitations. Controlling group titles By default, you see others' group titles above their display names inworld. To turn off the display of others' group titles, Choose Me > Preferences. Click the General tab. Under Name tags, deselect Group titles. Click OK. Changing your active group and title The title associated with your role in your active group appears to others above your display name. Whenever you join a group, that group automatically becomes active. Your active group can also affect certain permissions inworld, such as the ability to create objects on group-owned land. To change your active group: Choose Communicate > Groups or right-click on your avatar and choose My Groups. Right-click on the name of the group you wish to make active. Click Activate. The group name changes to bold to indicate that it is active. Changing your role's title Each role in a group has an associated title. If you have more than one role in the same group, you can switch your active title within the group: Choose Communicate > Groups or right-click on your avatar and choose My Groups. Click the name of your active group. Click Group Profile. In the General tab, choose the desired title from the My title dropdown list. Click Save. Group communication As a member of a group, you can converse with other group members, both using text chat and voice chat. The ability "moderator" provides special capabilities to control group voice and text chat conversations. For more information, see Group moderation. Group IMs To start a group IM session with all group members currently inworld: Choose Communicate > Groups or right-click yourself and choose My Groups... Double-click the desired group. The conversations window opens. Type text that will appear to all group members. For more information, see Group IM sessions. Group voice calls When you start a group voice chat call, you will be disconnected from local voice chat. That is, you will no longer hear voice from people nearby and they will not hear you. Those in a group voice call can hear each other regardless of their location inworld. To start a group voice call, follow the above steps then click Call Group. Or to start a group call directly: Choose Communicate > Groups or right-click yourself and choose My Groups... Right-click the name of the group and choose Call. For more information, see Group voice chat.
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