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Found 400 results

  1. Hey kids, looking for a fun, safe place to hang out and dance (and yes you can bring your parents (lol), my name is Jeremy DeZodiac one of the owners of the club Toxxic Insanity, and we are proud to announce the creation of "Wee Ones Wednesdays"!! The sets are completely dj'd and hosted by kids each and every Wednesday. We have fun and music, contests and shopping (oh my), as well as store spots available for you TD and other kid av creators at a very very reasonable rate. My inworld name is jeremy123 resident if you have any questions or concerns. As of right now we are running sets from 4-6, 6-8, and 8-10pm all SLT with plenty of room for more should any of you uber talented kids out there want to show off your skills as lil dj's or hosts. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Casvian Caye/165/232/22
  2. So I have been around a few years and I am kinda shy at first. I am 45 years old and in Bloodlines. Very outspoken and horribly perverted. Looking for friends or peoples to join my family and such. I work at a club 8-10pm SL time wed-sun so I am on defiantly at that time but usually online after 4 pm SL time almost every day. So hit me up with a FR. No kids under 17 please. Like I said I am a horrible pervert
  3. hi I'm alexarosey aka Alex I just came back after long break and find my self alone a lot of the time would love some new pple to chat /hang about me I'm artist love anime love people and I voice a lot I sing to
  4. hey im new looking for some friends and family
  5. Hi there, I'm Shiva! I'm always looking for people to talk (both in chat and in voice) with but I tend to engage myself more in casual conversations than in lasting relationships (I don't login always at the same time nor everyday; it happens that I don't login for months and then, for a week, I do it everyday, etc but I like meeting new people and explore the world in company). How can I engage people to just have a chat and explore with me, in an occasional way? Should I join a group or go to specific places? Or just IM someone interesting and say "let's go, no strings attached"?
  6. DJSmurphyBear

    Hi SL

    Hey Everyone I just wanted to Introduce myself. My name on here on SL is DJSmurphyBear, but everyone calls me Smurphy.In real life, I was born & raised in Indiana-USA. I enjoy meeting new people. I have been married in real life since 09 my partner on here is my real life husband, I DO NOT CHEAT! I'm writing on here to meet new friends, nothing more. Yes, I am a DJ I love playing my own songs. I'm slowly getting my own club going on here, on SL. The kind of songs I play is: 70-80-90s Lite Rock, Rock, Country ( I DO NOT play HARD HARD ROCK or RAP.! ) I'm going to start my own store on my own land, I'll be selling kitty cats, horses, ponies, chimps, & more. I'm wanting to start a little family of my own, to hang with. I do have 2 girls & 1 boy, but 2 of my kids DO NOT COME to SL anymore, ages I would want is 20-25-30-35 that means age in real. I will be posting more once I get everything going.
  7. Hi I'm looking for friends on here My name is Brianna My avi name is miya aoki (prettybri00) 21 years old I been on sl since 2014 All my friends are gone and I'm lonely and bored
  8. Hello you lovely human being! After what seems like forever I'm back on second life, but lonely as they come. I hope to make some new friends, or to join in on a family. Even start a family with others. I love going on adventures, dancing, role playing,shopping, and overall I love having a good time with others. I can describe myself as sassy, loving, loyal, sarcastic, funny (at least that's what others say), and sweet. If you're interested please message me inworld or reply on here! It's you're life live how you want. I hope I'll be talking to you soon! I hope you have a wonderful day, and thanks for reading :). (P.S. I put some pics of myself down below).
  9. Hi! Ive been on sl since 2008, not too much here on the forums. Looking for a friend or two. I dont need to collect a zombie hoard worth. Anyway, Im terrible at making friends, Im not a joiner and large groups just make me want to run the other way. lol That said, Im a non judgmental person, authentic, in what you see is what you get (I am terrible at being a phony!), have a very weird sense of humor, am creative, quiet, geeky (total trekkie! though ive never been to a rl convention or anything lol), sensitive, kind, down to earth. My partner of 8 years likes to describe me as smart and funny. So that you can know me a bit better beforehand, INFP is my personality type and is described as (and this is pretty accurate of me) Loyal and devoted Sensitive to feelings Warm, caring and interested in other people Strong written communication skills Prefers to work alone Values close relationships Focuses on the "big picture" rather than the details I share my personality type with JK Rowling, Johnny Depp, Princes Diana, Audrey Hepburn, Sting (a long time favorite of mine!), JRR Tolkien, John Lennon, Helen Keller, William Shakespeare, Andy Warhol, Vincent Van Gogh, Emma Watson, Julia Roberts, Tim Burton... so Im in pretty damn good company with these folks and I guess you can gather that I am kind of creative and off beat and not like most people. which can be good and bad. the only things I ask you to be is understanding about the fact that just because we are both in world we dont have to chat or hang out every. single. time. I do own a shop and run a center for women so many days I am busy with either of those, and that its absolutely not personal if I am not always talking to you. or if I dont answer you right away. many times when sl is on I leave it up and walk away to do other rl things cause I know I am coming back to it in a while so I do go afk often. that also is not personal. Also, I am very into eastern spirituality, it is a big part of my life. Im not judgmental about anyone elses beliefs, I believe everyone has a path and it leads to the same wonderful place if you follow it so please be tolerant of my beliefs too. I dont do backstabbing, gossip, I dont set out to be vengeful or hurt people (but I will protect someone else who is getting hurt or abused, and will stand up to the person doing it and might get mad that way lol). I know a lot of women seem to be proud of being a *****, I am not a *****, but I can *be* a ***** though it is few and far between. I am however, a wicked kick ass warrior princess! and a total bohemian geek. easier to tell you what I dont like to do... I hate going to clubs. other than that I love exploring. my partner is 8 hours ahead of me so I end up exploring on my own when I do it and it would be nice to have a friend where one of us can say "hey lets go check out this or that". also since I do have a partner whom I met my second week into sl (back in 2008), I am not looking to hook up with anyone, but I will hang out with you if you are trying to meet some one and want company. Im a huge goofball and am absolutely down if you want to go do really ridiculously silly sl things. I love taking photos and we can take lots of those too. Your age, location, not important. Im on the US east coast and on mostly in the evenings (weekend mornings and afternoons are the times to hang out with my partner so...) I dont care if you are human, furry, vampire, whatever. martian. Just females only please. so now that you have more information than you need you can decide whether I sound like someone you would like to be friends with. and my great appreciation to anyone who actually read this far.
  10. Tired of wars that you didn't start, tired of being asked to finance a small nation in dues or "contributions"? Looking for one that actually likes to have fun, make friends and well....actually ride? If you answered yes to any of the above, Sinful Reapers is looking for riders as well as officers within our organization. We have our own extremely technical track which I guarantee will challenge even the most seasoned riders. We have a short probationary period after which you can become a fully patched member. If you are already involved with an MC in any fashion (hanger on, probie, patched), we do NOT want that drama at our door. We want fresh faces with no bad ties, if this sounds like you, hit me up inworld (jeremy123 resident) and we can arrange a meeting where I will explain more about us and what we are into. And the positions we are looking for. Look forward to speaking with you and thank you for taking the time to look this over.
  11. Tired of wars that you didn't start, tired of being asked to finance a small nation in dues or "contributions"? Looking for one that actually likes to have fun, make friends and well....actually ride? If you answered yes to any of the above, Sinful Reapers is looking for riders as well as officers within our organization. We have our own extremely technical track which I guarantee will challenge even the most seasoned riders. We have a short probationary period after which you can become a fully patched member. If you are already involved with an MC in any fashion (hanger on, probie, patched), we do NOT want that drama at our door. We want fresh faces with no bad ties, if this sounds like you, hit me up inworld (jeremy123 resident) and we can arrange a meeting where I will explain more about us and what we are into. And the positions we are looking for.
  12. Hello! My name is Kimoi and I've been on SL for almost 2 years. I'm looking to make some new friends...preferably of the furry kind! I'd really love to have someone who'd want to hang out and maybe go to gacha events or mod/shop together. And if anyone knows of any, got any furry hangout or furry friendly spots you might recommend? :3
  13. ~*Mountain Lion Night Club & Amusement Park*~ Presents our Live DJ Schedule for SUNDAY, May 14th SL TELEPORT LANDMARK http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jaguar Mountains/63/134/22 VIEW US ON SL DESTINATION GUIDE http://secondlife.com/destination/mountain-lion-night-club-amusement-park CHECK OUT OUR FACEBOOK GROUP https://www.facebook.com/groups/216092842209160/ JOIN US FOR A FABULOUS MOTHER'S DAY!! BRING YOUR MOM & WHOLE FAMILY TO PLAY ON THE RIDES & DANCE WITH OUR DJS. Mountain Lion Night Club & Amusement Park offer the largest Waterslides on the grid at Second Life, as well as many Roller Coasters to ride while enjoying the tunes of our specially selected DJs featuring Rockin Tunes from the 60s thru to the present hits of 2017. (no rap or heavy metal) Come stroll through our peaceful relaxing Amusement Park among the flowered forest and shop at our Shopping Mall or rent a Shop or Cart to sell your wares. We have a special introductory price to Rent a Shop for the first 4 weeks. Swim in our lazy rambling stream or float on the animal rafts. Take the teleports by the Dance Club & scream all the way down from both huge Waterslides..the largest on SL. Enjoy the sea views while riding the many varied Roller Coasters. Fly in the Tornado Anti-Gravity Machine or take the Bungee Jump. Ride the Beanstalk, sit at a campfire or cool off in the waterfalls. Rub your sore butt after riding the Bull...try to beat your score of how long you can stay on or the scores of others. ZOOM down the 3 Zip Lines. We have beautiful Sky Box homes for rent as well with full security. Bring the children for the many rides and fun. Eat from the concession stands, Crash the Bumper Cars, take the Lego Roller Coaster and nothing tops the day like a ride on the Victorian Merry Go Round. We also have a Wedding Venue for the Lovers on SL. Bring your family, friends, neighbors and yourself for a fun loving time here at Mountain Lion Night Club & Amusement Park. Need a Job...We are also hiring DJs & Hosts. Ask us about our attractive no fuss DJin Program. We are Drama Free, Family oriented, and love to have a dang good time!! Music is always great, so many attractions to see and ride! Grab your family for an outing. You'll be glad that you did! Message Inworld for more information: Owner/Club & DJ Manager:DJ Nipps (0cienne) Owner/Rentals Manager & Host Manager: Krystal333 Owner/Amusement Park Manager: Lady Mei (maystone) Owner/Estate Manager: Shadow (aelash) COME ROAR WITH THE LIONS! Brought to you by Zeee 4 Amigos!
  14. Sαтυrdαy Nιɢнт Tнeмed Eveɴт Aɴɢelѕ & Deмoɴѕ Nιɢнт @ Dιαмoɴd Dυѕт Loυɴɢe! 6-8pm slt yoυ woɴ'т wαɴт тo мιѕѕ oυт! ɢeт ιɴ тнeмe αɴd Joιɴ тнe ғυɴ! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blue Nile/195/159/1202
  15. CanisMercy


    You can call me Clem, or Clementine depending on how fancy you like to make yourself up to be. I'm nothing but a slacker metalhead possum. Now, I'm not neccassarily as glamourous or inspirational as I could be but that's what makes me human.. or possum. My point here is that I consider myself realistic and down to earth. Even when I screw with stangers and act almost as obnoxious and vulgar as possible, I do it in a way that seems totally plausible in the real world. Basically, what I'm trying to say here is that I'm looking for company that can take a joke and throw back one just as good, company to enjoy time with whether we be naming fictional goth rock band names or summoning an incubus or laughing at people in trees. You can feel free to message me at CanisMercy Resident
  16. YO !! I'm looking for new family members ,they must like party and must be crazy, and looking also for new friends, in my group we are totally insane , we have party everyday and everywhere, we talk to each others every minut, we never stay calm, we do many activities in group and participate to rp and events together , we teleport to random sims, we send random tp to each others, we share stuff and gifts, we are drama and bordom fighters, we talk non sens we just have fun, and many others things ... so if you are interrested to join us reply here or send me an im inworld !!! see you , peace !!!!
  18. Saturday nights are HOT at The Rhythm Factory! We have DJ Rawk live on stage cranking out the best in new, hard to find, and unique rock and metal tunes. Come discover something new with us! Host Zanne is totally on board as Rawk's 3rd biggest fan, so she's gonna be helping him out tonight, mostly because he's forcing her to haha. Come on and join us for two hours of the best tunes, and company, in the coolest freakin' venue around! Go there and git it dun!
  19. Come join us for our Grand Opening! Fun Trivia contest and hot, buttery popcorn! Win some lindens! Coffee and wine available upon request....dancing, chat, casual fun.....all welcome!! Bring your friends, lovers, exes, the more, the merrier! 11 a.m. SLT, Saturday 4/15. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Horsa/141/127/97/
  20. >>> Looking for a FUN Job in SL?>>> **Party Club!! Great Energy!! High Traffic!!** Love Music? Dancing? Parties? Events? Schmoozing? Earn, Learn and Burn off Some Steam!! You deserve It!! ==CLUB SOHO, Second Life's FINEST MUSIC CLUB=== Now Hiring; Apply Today: ==CLUB SOHO== **Links to Online Applications (ALL)** CLUB SOHO HOST APPLICATION: https://goo.gl/forms/QpV1yJTfMu3AgzBB3 CLUB SOHO DJ APPLICATION: https://goo.gl/forms/wB2f0r1ZVkXAdAGx1 CLUB SOHO GM APPLICATION: https://goo.gl/forms/5A9VterxxAjhhPen2 Visit us Inworld: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/City of Gold/151/137/22 NOW OPEN 6 DAYS/WEEK TUES-SUN!! https://www.clublifesl/soho/
  21. Looking for friends/family ....just fun people who can show me awesome sims, new adventures and love to chat and hang out! Send me a message if you are interested. NO DRAMA plz Kalistachambers
  22. The Whiskey Rebels MC is now accepting applications to become members of their MC giving you a chance at enjoying the biker lifestyle and making awesome friends. Come visit us at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Costa Iberia/77/59/23
  23. My character's name is Jupiter and she is an adult mare. She/myself are looking for friends of all shapes and sizes. I admit I'm a bit biased towards other animal avatars, but I'd love to befriend anyone. I mostly hang out on historical sims of all kinds where I like to roleplay a lot. Not into that kind of stuff? That's OK we can always hang out on other lands. I am easy to get along with, I can be a little shy at first but once you get to know me I think I'm a big goofball. I am not looking to get tied down to a herd or a family or anything. I enjoy my Second Life freedom too much. I am just looking for someone to talk with, chat with, and laugh with. Hanging out occasionally would be a huge bonus but I won't be one of those clingy friends who message you offline 30 times a day, so no worries with that. Lastly, I am mostly online on weekdays but I try to be on at least some on weekends too.
  24. Hi, my name is Aliana (or you can call me Ali or any other nickname for short) and I've been an SL resident for a while now. Overtime, I used to have a group of friends to talk to or IM when I got online or when they had some free time a few times a week. Sadly, it faded after a while and pretty soon, none of them seem to have come online anymore or I couldn't catch em on time while they were on. So I've decided to go back to square one and friend some more SL friends. A little more about me: This is my second SL account going into it's 4th year. I am a very nice person, drama-free, fun and lovable, I'm also a laid-back and chill person. Usually I'm a bit shy at first but once you get to know me, I open up a bit more and more every time. Likes & Interest: Singing (I sing in RL so if we have any other singers hear, maybe we could have fun and rock out to some duets on voice), Dancing, Anime, Exploring, Poetry, anything fun we can do together that we both enjoy! Personality: I'm a very bubbly person, I just can't seem a keep a smile off my face sometimes. And I'm always opened to meeting new people. Yes I am a bit shy, but I warm up to people and start to come out of my shell. My S & RL mix a bit, only a few of my friends know about me in RL so I hope we become the closes friends so we can talk our ourselves in and/or out of SL. Hope to hear back from some people very soon! The best way to contact me is to send me a NOTECARD! in IM! Your text IM may get lost and I want to be able to contact you back whenever I'm online! xoxoxo, Ali
  25. Hey all! This coming Sunday the Atom Bomb night club will be hosting a fancy dress disco! Put on your best outfit, tell your friends and pop along to have some fun!! Date: 19th March Time: 3PM SL Time message angelookami for a tp ^U^
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