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Found 407 results

  1. Club Zodiac is looking for: -Management - DJ's - Host's. Club Zodiac is not open until we gather more staff. All workers receive 90% tips. Management is not a paid salary. We are a friendly club and arcade hangout. :) Were looking for enthusiastic people to join our crew to see Club Zodiac vision rise among the grid! We do not discriminate, We are LBGT, furry, friendly. This is an adult club, No child avatars. No griefing will be tolerated, will be estate banned. To be an employee you must be 30 days on SL or older. Stop in and grab your application today! Here is your taxi♥
  2. Teen girl looking for a man or woman who wants to age down to a teen between the ages of 14 to 17 possibly 18, before you ask why i love playing a teen but would love to have a boyfriend in roleplay to go on dates with to the prom and so on and even go to school with. if this interests you let me know. now i say boyfriend but i am open to girlfriend as well. im also looking to making new friends as well to hang with as a teen i play a 16yr old girl. anyways message me inworld. might want to nc me cause i get capped. asrielleashworth Resident. also looking for a family as well if i can find one.
  3. Hey there! My names Philia *waves* Looking for friends who are interested in similar things ^^ I love exploring new places, shopping, hanging out and chatting hehe Interests: Japan, Anime, Movies, Music. Fav SL looks: Fantasy, Demon, Sci fi, Asian. My av is mostly some kind of fantasy chara and I wanna be friends with people who put an effort into their look. Don't really mind any gender ^^ Bless! Philia
  4. Hello everybody, I am new to this game and haven't had much experience in meeting other people. I was just curious as to whether people actually create meaningful relationships with other residents. I was hoping some of you could share your stories of some of the most memorable moments you've experienced in Second Life. What is you're favorite aspect of Second Life and why do you continue to play it? What kind of impact has Second Life had in your real life? As you guys can probably tell, I'm a college student and I am writing a research paper on this virtual community. I would love to make friends and would appreciate it if someone would show me the ropes. So far, my experience in Second Life has been pretty positive but I know there's a lot more to see. Please share your stories with me.
  5. This home is big for 1 br can be rented furnished or unfurnished your choice huge yard and alot of space. Only asking for 150 a week for the home. If interest let me know and we can make arrangements for you to see the place. Its Beautiful ?!!! You can use all the scripts on furniture trust me there alot (I know some places you cant use their pose balls) you can rez your heart out if you want too.
  6. Hi I am looking for a roomate. I live in a 2 floor skybox apartment, the place will be open for you to roam free no restrictions the room is a decent size you have a bathroom as well. You can decorate or use my furniture its completely up to you. There are about 10 other apartments in the building renting at 50L a week which is pretty damn good if you ask me. I pay 100L for my place because its bigger. So if you choose not to be my room mate you can also just rent your own apartment. I'm honestly looking for good friends you know and if we are neighbors or roomies that would be even better. Male and females are welcome to IM me in world. I'm on quite often so feel free to hmu or add me. Monaiesha is my name. IM me so I can show u place and we can get to know each other. If you are against sex or company this is not the place for you. Lol you can bring who u want over I do not care. Not looking for payment for the room!
  7. I’m looking for a group of people I can hang around with and maybe just talk to, go exploring, nightclubbing. All and everything. I currently work, and that’s all I’ve been doing wouldn’t mind some nice friends to hang out and really get to know what this is all about. im not looking for a relationship I am looking for friends. Male and female. I’m me in world and let’s give it a go.
  8. Looking for other lonely people to become friends with. Honestly I just stand around all day doing nothing but be cute. Preferably other cute females. :3 Guys usually just wanna do naughty things. (Don't care about RL gender.) IM me in-world @ "Jixxur". I'm online almost 24/7, message me and see if we'd be good for each other.
  9. dezirejd

    New mommy

    hello I am Dezire! New to SL and I have come to enjoy it since I have been here. I share a home here with my husband who is also my husband in RL. We are expecting two beautiful children in less than a week.☺️ I am excited, I am just looking for mommy friends who can help me. Some SL vets would be greatly appreciated, preferably women who have been here for years but newbies who just want friends are more than welcome!. I would love to get acquainted with maybe even a few woman to hang out with and have fun with or without our children! I do not want to be here in SL with friends!? I am welcoming of all shapes, sizes, and colors of women! I have uploaded a picture of myself for everyone to see. Let me tell you more about me so that you won't think I am a weirdo! You can call me Dezire, I am 20, since I have been here on SL I have explored ALOT! I am open to new adventures, I don't mind going out for coffee or a movie but I also don't mind going to a strip club or adult clubs. I just am looking for mature women with children who are looking for friendship and having fun!
  11. hi im new still have nooby avatar cant afford mesh atm but finding my self alone would love to have some friends im gonna keep it short and sweet a bit about me : im 22 love manga love art shopping and im single im pansexual but more leaning towards girls my avi
  12. hi im cameren i will be changing my name soon im looking for family and friends about me im 22 Canadian love art music writing k pop and anime woud love family and friends im adult avi im saving up to be femboy cuz i perfer it if intrested in friendship or i can join your family comment
  13. Looking for something fun to do or place to explore. Does anyone know of some they have tried that were a blast. Is for a date night with someone who likes to laugh and does not really like to sit still and stare off but be doing something. Please let me know if you have great ideas for this. Anything that would create fantastic memories is appreciated.
  14. So im pretty lonely in second life. The friends i have on my list no longer get on. Im looking for friends male and female . Im 25 years old and female. Where do people go to meet have fun etc? Maybe even find a date lol? .
  15. So im pretty lonely in second life. The friends i have on my list no longer get on. Im looking for friends male and female . Im 25 years old and female. Where do people go to meet have fun etc? Maybe even find a date lol?
  16. Hello, I am Glitch from SE Asia and I am SLT +13, I do not have many peoples active during the times i play so i would love to make some friends who share similar time zones with me. I play SL usually midnight to noon SLT. I am a very fun, sometimes very energetic and willing to match my soon-to-be friends activities as well. My activities including, Musical Knowledge, DJing, Dancing, Clubbing, Shopping, Chatting, Talking and most of all Having Fun and sometimes being professional. If you are interested please send an IM to me ( AshenSaturn ) that is my In World Name. Look forward to hearing from you!
  17. Coming back to SL and want to meet new people in a RP community, anyone know where to meet people in RP communities that are welcoming and active.
  18. Hey everyone! I'm not exactly "super" new to SL. I had an account for about a year before I deleted it and ended up coming back so my age looks a little younger than I am, although I *am* pretty slow at learning SL so it could be pretty accurate. Who knows? I'm really awful at talking to people and making friends, but who isn't sometimes, right? Sometimes it makes me feel pretty isolated and that kinda sucks. If you're looking for new friends, please don't be shy! I'm always open to just sit and chat. In fact, that's one of my favorite things! I love movies, YouTube, books and shows of all kinds so if you're into those too - we've got a good topic to start on! I really enjoy going to look at art exhibits and I'm also about to try and learn LSL Scripting, (maybe some building?), Spanish, and Arabic! (If I can find the time, lol) So, if anyone wants to learn with me or is looking for a learning partner or wants to help look for learning tools - I'm totally down for that! Basically, I really like the idea of using SL to learn and make friends. So hit me up if you wanna be friends! If you're into tarot cards, my insta is mr._constellation Thanks all! - Mr. C
  19. Looking for some ADULT furry friends, As I dress as such, Not going into PG sims, Just looking for people to hang out with who are active and dont mind someone boring chilling with them ♥ My name is Nixeii in game
  20. Hi you guys! Im kitty. i've been here for awhile and now i wanna share my SL life with someone and even find new friends to hangout with. Im 26 and from Georgia. I'm a little shy but i promise once i feel like i can relate to you im a ball of fun and sunshine. Im looking to find a male partner who has a pretty good looking avatar and stays update with his look. I love a funny guy who can take a joke and give out some. Of course a nice sexual attitude is always welcomed lol. Someone who enjoys going out to sims but also just likes spending time alone talking. Im a big movie fan. I prefer horror but i like others. I do watch some anime. No i am not a huge anime person and im not trying to pretend to be. I do own a SL instagram page so of course i would like someone who wouldn't mind taking pictures here and there. ((I DONT CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE IN REAL. YOU TREAT ME RIGHT AND I"LL THINK YOUR SEXIER THEN TOM HARDY.....AND I THINK TOM HARDY IS THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE..WELL ONE OF THEM LOL)) AS FOR FRIENDS: You can be purple, blue, green, or orange with spots lol. I accept whoever as a friend. Just as long as we get along. SO ADD ME IN WORLD. IM SO READY TO MEET PEOPLE
  21. Prettybri00


    Hi My avi name is Miya Aoki (prettybri00) and I'm looking for new friends lol I'm 22 in RL .. I been on SL for almost 4 years I like Anime, Video games, KPOP, and all kinds of Music (Alt, Punk, Pop, HipHop, R&B and etc...) I'm a lil shy lol but just send me a msg I'm a nice person
  22. Hello! My name is Hannibal and I'm looking to make friends. A little about me: I'm a very creative person! I enjoy making and building things in sl and a sim where we can hang out and do whatever! I'm a "mom friend" feel like driving cars, playing games, blowing stuff up or stand idly and stare at each other? I'm down for any of that. I log on sl everyday just about and stand around for hours. I'm a furry most of the time but I do have other avis. I really enjoy making new avis of all kinds, human, furry, monster, etc! I am engaged in rl and sl to the same person so I'm not looking for friends to fool around with. I don't want that. My partner logs on sl too and will want to be your friend too. I can be a bit shy or nervous when you first meet me but I come around in no time and get along with most people. Very noob friendly. Something about people new to sl has always interested me! I like to be their friends and watch their sl growth. I have adopted a few noobs over the years. The longest one to stuck with me I have know for 2 years now! I make my own textures. Bonuses: Free parking. My friends will before your friends over time. Free memes. Good times.
  23. Hello Patmos Island wants to be back abd so, I would like to rent out 2 skyboxes.. each supports 150 prims and cost L$99/w Here is the LM http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tuatara/26/217/111 I will add you 2 free days in case I am offline and you pay the tier box! Thank you gatoulis
  24. Hello! I am back in Second Life after years of absence and need new friends and more furries out there. I don't care about gender and preferably 25+. Feel free to add me.
  25. Duplex Club Presents Disco 80's & 90's Party Monday, July 9th 8am-10pm slt Back in the Day Attire 15 Live Mix DJs Spinning the Best in 70's, 80's & 90's Come Get Your Groove Thing On!!! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/202597030540690/ Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sweet Moments/24/228/25
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