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  1. After an exciting first round in February, the second round for March is now running. Make a picture at our adult entertainment sim Dolls Delight and post it to the Flickr group where you can also read more details on the contest itself. This months theme: Costumes & Cosplay! Winner of round 1: Nova Beatrice with the following picture:
  2. I need something to do more regularly, because living my life as it is is fun but sometime I need more. So that's why I was thinking I join up to someplace as an "unofficial" photographer. Unofficial because then I can do if I want it not when you want it. You don't need to pay me (although money is appreciated) but you get some free advertising. If you interested give me a shout here or in world. Ohh yes no bloodsuckers.
  3. ■ SPLASH ■ Beach presents it’s first Flickr Photo Contest! Yes you need Flickr to enter. Feel free to submit as many photos as you like, as long as you are using an area of Splash as your backdrop & follow entry requirements below. There is no entry fee for this contest. EVERYONE is welcome to enter. ■ How to submit ■ 1. Name your Picture-- SPLASH 25k Entry # 1,2,3 (continue on etc) - Your SL Login Name” Photo Title Example: Splash 25k Entry #1 - Sarena Seerose 2. Add a link to this post in your photo description. www.flickr.com/photos/153865163@N05/27704659079 3. Add your picture into the SPLASH Flickr Group www.flickr.com/groups/4405855@N25 Only entries in that Group count, since this is where we will be checking pictures. RULES/REQUIREMENTS: ■ Theme: Weed, Water, Drugs, & Lovers (beautiful lighting & shadows makes us swoon, so get ya windlight on) ■ The picture must be taken somewhere at Splash with you in it (other people are great too) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Valle Verde/49/114/57 ■ Link the original Flickr contest post in your photo entry description (or it will not be accepted for entry) ■ Nude photos, Photo shopped photos accepted ■ Be creative, be sexy, be you! ■ Place photo in group linked above ■ The contest will close on the 11th January 2018 at 11:11 PM anything submitted later than that will not count for this round. Please give us a week to pick the winner! Winners will be announced on this Flickr and contacted in-world for their prize money to be given. Please note that by entering your picture you allow the Splash Owner to use your photograph afterwards for advertising/marketing purposes. Credits will be given to the photographer. Have a question about the Photo Contest? Message Sarena Seerose in-world. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with <33 PRIZES: ■ 1 Place : 25k L$ ■ 2 Place : 15k L$ ■ 3 Place : 7.5k L$
  4. Hiya! I can take a pretty new profile picture for ya! or whatever else you would like, I can also edit it for you headshot: 150L per pic Fullbody: 150L per pic Couple: 250L per pic Heres my past work: My Flickr
  5. To all concerned: As a longtime Second Life and Flickr user, I have seen over the past few years what an amazing presence Second Life users have on Flickr, and the massive volume of Second Life images hosted there. From untouched Second Life screenshots directly uploaded, to carefully detailed art pieces originating from a screenshot, nearly all of that work is unique to this grid and the people who call it home. I have met many amazing Second Life image-makers through the networking resource that Flickr used to be, and have watched the community of those creators raked over the coals by everything from feed and forum trolls to Flickr mismanagement, all while struggling with the continuing deficiencies in the Flickr platform and it's utter unsuitability for the unique needs of the Second Life imaging community (and in some corners, open hostility toward the Second Life community as a whole). I myself would very gladly, were it an option, agree to the addition of some monthly amount to my Premium fees for Second Life, to facilitate my access to a Linden Lab-operated image hosting service. I cannot imagine, particularly in the current state of affairs for Second Life image-makers trying to use Flickr, that there would be any trouble securing wide-spread support for such a service. For many, certainly including me, the ability to create quality artistic imagery within the Second Life universe is one solid reason why the service is so loved and appreciated, as that quality of outlet, along with the ability to create 'living' 3D art for the viewer to experience inworld in unique ways, is unprecedented. If Linden Lab--or a dedicated agent--were to host the images we make on the grid on a platform intended for it, for a modest fee with possibly a limited free-level service and possibly a discount (or inclusion with the subscription) for premium users with the further possibility of commercial accounts for advertisers, or any other possible side-sources for cost offset, I for one cannot fathom failure of that effort to improve the environment for Second Life photographers, who are certainly the majority of active users (nearly everyone takes screenshots). Bloggers spend more on clothes than anyone in Second Life, surely. Imagine keeping the exposure, the connections, the financial benefits of the vast majority of Second Life image creation in the company. If at some point in the future the concept is addressed seriously, please sign me up at once. Submitted humbly and very earnestly, Dee Wells.
  6. Justice Blogger Search - Apply Today via Blogotex (inworld)
  7. Sales promotion group in need of a marketing manager. The right person should have great people skills, the ability to look and act professional, and have experience with Flickr and other social media platforms, as well as an eye for quality. Pay is $500L a week, plus the potential for commission above that. Duties would be: * Monitor Flickr feed and accept designers as well as manage posts. * Work to grow the member base of both designers and consumers * Manage any and all marketing of the group inworld and out to help it flourish. To apply send the below information inworld via notecard to RetailTherapyAdmin Resident: Legacy Name (not display name): Link to your Flickr: What social media platforms are you proficient in?: What marketing sources for sl are you familiar with?: Sl work experience: Explain what experience/knowledge you have of the sl merchant world: References: Any other information you feel we should know about you:
  8. For details and links see: Tumbler – Flickr – ATT/Yahoo Email Users in Trouble – Take Action Flickr is part of Yahoo, which was purchased by Verizon. So... the close association AT&T and Yahoo had is a thing of the past. June 30, 2017 things will change. The Yahoo ID using an ATT email ID is disappearing. Meaning if that is your ID for Flickr, you ARE going to lose your Flickr account. Flickr and ATT explain how to make changes and preserve access to your account. As I write this you have about 3-1/2 days to make changes.
  9. Hello Amazing People, So I've started my Flickr very recently, I love to walk around Second life and take snapshots of people who look really inspiring to me. Compare it to a journalist walking around with his camera in public. But i understand that the virtual world is a web of copyrights So the question is, Can we upload the pictures of people's Avatar from SL in Flickr without consent? Obviously taking the picture, post processing and mastering the image into a form of Art if my work. I would like to know if this falls under the copyright claims. OR if there a licence like creative commons which could be utilized for uploading the pictures without inviting claims. Thank you in advance for looking into my query .
  10. Hello there, The name's Dannina Resident and I'm an SL photographer, that's recently gotten back from an RL break. I am freelancing atm and you can see examples of my work here https://www.flickr.com/photos/131208736@N02/ Feel free to contact me with any questions inworld (Dannina Resident) or by e-mail daninnaeuw@gmail.com
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