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Found 128 results

  1. Hello people. So my problem is that I don't receive offline ims anymore. When I checked my config options I found what the attached snapshot shows. Please could anyone explain me what is happening here? So is there any way to fix/activate that option again? I did never uncheck that option. I got Firestorm 4.5.0 Thanks.
  2. Vxxdxx


    Okay so im trying to reinstall Firestorm, I downloaded 5.0.11I chose the " For SL only 32bit: DOWNLOAD " version.and i did what this told me to do: http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_clearing_settingsand its still saying https://prnt.sc/jbrm7e(not to mention the 5.0.11 intel fix error message comes up as "Update Graphics Card"when i put in the 5.0.7 intel fix it says the error message I screenshotted above( https://prnt.sc/jbrm7e )somebody PLEASE help, I deleted the User_settings folder all together and it comes back when i try to launch firestorm, and i deleted all the " settings_per_account.xml " and still nothing changes.
  3. Estimado. Su apoyo con el problema que estoy teniendo,no puedo acceder a ningun visor de SL (Firestorm,singularity) , siempre me sale este mensaje como se muestra en esta imagen . Se agredece antemano por el apoyo , muchas gracias Atentamente xlxyayiadditionxlx @ Second Life Dear. Your support with the problem I am having, I can not access any SL viewer (Firestorm, singularity), I always get this message as shown in this image. We are grateful for the support, thank you very much Sincerely xlxyayiadditionxlx @ Second Life
  4. I've just spent an hour running NickeyD's branch of Firestorm on Linux. This is based on the LL AlexIvy version. It's looking good. Went to Tralala's Diner, a Japanese street market with high detail and good LOD textures. The new texture cache handling seems better than the old. The street market looks good, LOD transitions are working well,. and nothing broke. I tried some fast motorcycle runs around Circuit de Corse, sometimes outrunning the texture loading, and that worked fine. Very nice. Nothing broke anywhere. This seems to fix https://jira.phoenixviewer.com/browse/FIRE-22342 segfaults related to using OpenJPEG instead of the non-free version. (Not OpenJPEG's fault; a problem in error handling.) That's been the show-stopper on self-compiling Firestorm for some time. Once that branch gets merged back into Firestorm main, which is at, we should have straightforward 64-bit Linux builds again. Waiting for this has been holding me back on working on velocity extrapolation at region crossings, which still needs improvement. Congratulations to everyone involved.
  5. Hi everybody. I do a bit of sailing, and it's nice to have daylight so that I can see what's ahead , so I do Ctrl-Shift-Y in Firestorm to force midday lighting, but that gets reset to the sim's default every time I cross a sim border. Does anybody know of a way to force permanent daylight until I decide otherwise? Thanks a lot.
  6. We have been discussing the new Firestorm building tools since the viewer came out over a month ago (maybe two but it doesn't seem that long). But all that great discussion is lost in another thread with Firestrom 5.0.11 in the title which really isn't going to help much for search. And WE DID RAMBLE a lot LOL. I recently wrote a short article on the new tools for my blog. Nothing indepth, mainly to alert SHOPPERS that they now have tools to make smarter purchases. Happily it is more popular than the free mesh body post that it shares placement with in the sidebar. THIS is a good thing I think. Folks do care. I use the LOD tools almost daily now and even though I always tested VISUALLY before, they have really helped me make -- well let's call them "informed" choices. I had a good example today of the beginning of a house build so I took a screenshot to demonstrate. Remember, MY method and choices are mine and not necessarily the ones others do or should make. We each work differently and often for different purposes. You can see that even at this relatively small size the solar wall will be viewable more clearly than it needs to be. (We don't need to see the details in the windows from a block away now do we?) So I can decrease the LOD settings (not a handmade LOD gal here) and still get the visability needed. Having the DISTANCE FIGURES really helps me. Before it was a cam out to what I "think" is the edge of the sim sort of thing. I also believe that having the Linden viewer numbers next to the FS numbers is a reminder that there ARE folks using 1.25 or lower LOD settings. The studs, cement, footer and windows are on two 1024 textures with the cement and windows sharing the same stacked texture space (I divided the cement footer into four parts with obvious "breaks in the pour" so that seams would appear to be naturally there. I can't stand repeating woodgrain so those boards are mapped individually (they could have been done in four sections that repeats also). The wood is still slightly blurry (not like the tiny bench I found with NINETEEN TEXTURES; it was SO CLEAR) but I can live with that. Handles will be added individually on the inside since they are small objects and didn't need to be figured into this window wall AND will ONLY be seen from short distances inside the house. I suspect a lot of us have learned from these new tools and it would be good to share how we are working differently so that newcomers can find the information in the archives. I am assuming that the new FS features will be integrated into the Linden viewer eventually, at least I certainly hope so. One thing that "I" discovered this last month or so with all the conversations is that while certainly not the thriftiest of all with my vertices and textures, I am MUCH closer to the game asset side of the equation that the majority of well-known and popular Home and Garden creators. That makes me happy really. I know I will never have yummy Maya bakes since I have no intention of starting a new learning curve. I know that it is unlikely I will be making my own LODs in the future except when I feel it will really help. But in the scheme of things I feel like I am doing a pretty good job of bridging super thrifty game asset and super pretty but OH so hard on the server and viewer designs. And for me -- that's good enough. We ARE supposed to be having fun here. The folks making the big bucks in RL can be perfect *wink*. PS. A quick upload using the uploader defaults gave me these results and a MUCH low land impact. So any thoughts on how you work differently now feel free to add. That was kind of the point of this post. I also needed to remind myself that I actually AM doing pretty well in the scheme of things; it was a difficult week in my corner of the virtual world.
  7. I spend most of my time over on the MESH forum but wanted to start a thread here about textures. Historically I have used (what I THOUGHT) were fairly large textures on items. Like a 1024 for a wardrobe closet say. Well it turns out that I wasn't even NEAR the record breaking line of overly abundant textures. While it was possible to check on texture size previously, the new version of Firestorm's Inspect Objects tab let you do that easily. We talk a LOT (a whole lot) about low poly game asset mesh on the MESH forum, but let's not forget about the texture part of the equation. Below are two example's of texture use. This first one (not even a HINT of the object in the background purposefully) is a VERY small bench -- about a meter in size: OMG! and this is my 40 x 23 building for Fantasy Faire: Now the Fantasy Faire building is not my norm either but was purposefully made to help keep the lag down and that it does very well. This disconcerting revelation came about as I was teleporting back and forth filling up my mock shop to see if the smallest building would be big enough for me (yep, plenty). Every time I TPed back in the bench (gorgeous bench by the way) was gray for a LONG time. My computer doesn't normally see gray ^^. Eventually I really wanted to know what was going on and so I did a quick inspection (thanks you dev that added this) and had an Oh My moment. I deleted the bench. So when people are complaining that their home or sim is laggy, it is very likely a COMBINATION of dense mesh and too many large textures. So let's all think about that now and then :D.
  8. Over the last two days (2/26 and 2/27), I have been having repeated problems logging into SL using Firestorm (it basically hangs). Today, I tried messing with the Mode setting on the login screen and found that changing it from Firestorm to Phoenix seems to work Give it a shot! (two other people in the other thread "Did SL just go down again?" said it worked for them, too) X
  9. Bonjour, j'ai un problème de connexion sur Firestorm, concernant le "Grid". Cela fait un petit moment que j'ai ça depuis quelques jours, je ne sais pas trop pourquoi et je voudrai savoir comment ne plus l'avoir. Si il y a eu des personnes qui ont eu affaire à ce problème de Grid, je pendrai volontiers vos conseils/aides. Merci d'avance.
  10. I just upgraded Firestorm from an earlier v5 to the current latest - Firestorm 5.0.11 (53634) . I initially had an issue with the new version freezing and logging me out after about 10 minutes or so, but that seems to have been cured by reducing bandwidth from the previous setting of 1250Kbps down to 800Kbps (Preferences - Network & Files). The other thing, which is what this post is really about and I hope someone can help me, is that I stop walking to my double-clicked point whenever I click the ESC key as I'm walking. The previous version did not do that, it just alligned my view to the direction I started walking but I kept on walking. Preferences - Move & View .. there is an option near the bottom for Double-click on land. I always have mine set to Move to clicked point. But the way it used to work has changed and I don't like. Anyone know how to make it work like it did before re: pressing ESC while walking?
  11. I have one of those looooong bakes happening and since I already got some tea I thought I would share this --- mostly for new folks that might get pretty confused. I don't know if this happens with ALL doorways, with just cube (analyzed) physics or what but it can be fairly disconcerting when you think your physics model isn't working. Here's the deal. After I uploaded a mesh entry wall (with doorway) I wen't into the build window and looked at the physics with the new "see the physics model" option in the Features menu (the little eye up by Physics Shape Type). Well I at least THOUGHT a word that you can NOW say on TV. Why wasn't my physics model working. Well the answer is, it WAS WORKING -- it just didn't look like it in the "see the physics" pane. Here are the screenshots. I also uploaded the same mesh with high physics (just choosing that option in the uploader). It showed the same solid door but a slightly different shape. The doorway WORKS just as it should. So don't panic if this happens to you. And my bake is done. Pasting in screenshots. EDIT: The 10 land impact doorway is the one with the HIGH physics from the uploader which shows you why you want to make your own physics models LOL.
  12. Suddenly I cannot open the market place browser from within the Firestorm viewer. Peculiarly my alt - using the same viewer - can !! What adjustment must I do ???
  13. I have been away from SL for about 5/6 years. I finally attempted to sign into my account about a week ago and it said my account was on hold. So I submitted a support case to get it reactivated and I am now able to sign into it. However, I have the Firestorm viewer (and yes I have updated to the most current version of it) and when I log into my account my avatar will not rez. I don't know if it's because the account is so old the textures used just aren't existing anymore? What is the problem? Every time I attempt to sign in, it's just an orange cloud. I waited for almost an hour thinking it just needed time to load but no avail. Is there something that needs to be done on Linden Lab side? I have submitted a ticket to ask about that also but since it's President's Day, no response yet. Does anyone have any helpful answers as to what I can try in order for the avatar to show up in world? When I checked with a friend, they can see me perfectly from their side but I can't see myself.
  14. That's fine, but why does the SL Plugin in Firestorm needs to connect to firestormviewer.org web server? Thanks.
  15. Hi, I am trying to get a good depth of field effect in Firestorm. When I get the background nice and blurry, my avatar is also blurry. When I try to fix it and make the avatar in focus again, the background gets sharp also. Have been playing with the settings for hours and reading online articles but nothing is getting me closer to how I want to view the world. Can anyone help me? Jaz
  16. how to move camera controls from the top of the screen to the bottom in firestorm?
  17. https://gyazo.com/b27927cec233d67707cd0abdbbd3e476 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Can someone explain how I get rid of that? I have it EVERYWHERE I go. I went to 50 different sims and it's still there. I detached EVERYTHING on my avatar and STILL there. I'm thinking it's the viewer?? But has anyone seen this? Is there any solutions? I want this off my screen lol
  18. alumis

    Firestorm visor

    Hola tengo el siguiente problema con el visor firestorm adjunto imagen https://ibb.co/kHECXR no veo el rostro de los avis porque???
  19. Hallo, since yesterday my friends-online list stopped working. Any solutions to that ? (reinstall wont help). Thanks. Funny thing : same in my textviewer by Radegast It only shows the new arrivals in Friends Online Have more the same problem ?
  20. Using Firestorm my viewer will randomly go into a swirl of rainbow colors, avatars will not load proper some are boxes some are rainbow color or bright white in areas. Rooms and fruntiture do not load proper they too are this same random mix of colors. I do not have this issue when I log in on the Second Life Viewer ONLY on Firestorm. I have tried to clear all cache set all to default settings and unistalling completely and then starting a fresh clean install. Still the same issue happens when I open the Clean Install Firestorm. Please Help. I will attache a screen shot of what i see.. Thank you
  21. I doesn't have nearby chat people list in Firestorm. I tried everything and I don't know how to enable? Can anybody help? Here is screenshot.
  22. Hiya Will friends lists ever be debugged and fixed? when you delete someone or someone deletes you calling cards are left behind and never removed unless you delete manually by hand this bugs been here since second life's inception? Firestorm 3rd party viewer right click any friend click remove friend then go to https://my.secondlife.com/ login and in many cases they will still be listed as a friend here and following no matter how long you wait to check later on https://my.secondlife.com/ claims I have 296 friends https://ibb.co/gAPOnw while the 3rd party viewer Firestorm claims that I have 298 friends https://ibb.co/nhN17w purging C:\Users\name\AppData\Roaming\Firestorm_x64 C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\FirestormOS_x64 has no effect always remains the same another bug is that some users only have one calling card while others may have three or four or more calling cards duplicates was default suppose to be two? one in friends one in all?
  23. I like going to Vista Animations. They have square pads you can stand on to sample their animations. But in Firestorm's default settings(can't find them) it makes the smallest movement of the avatar too big for accuracy. I can't place my avi in the center of the pads because the smallest movement is so large that it displaces it off the pad. Is there a Firestorm parameter that controls the accuracy of avi movements? Thanks, ChoiceRider
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