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Found 666 results

  1. ~WOLF VALLEY CLUB MASQUERADE BALL 7/28-7/30~ YOU ARE FORMALLY INVITED TO WOLF VALLEY MASQUERADE BALL FOR SINGLES AND COUPLES JULY 28 FRIDAY TO 7/30 SUNDAY. SINGLES AND COUPLES WELCOME WITH CONTESTS FOR BEST COSTUMES. WE HAVE DANCE PADS FOR SINGLES AND DANCE INTANS FOR COUPLES. YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS WEEKEND EVENTS AS WE HAVE DJS FROM 10AM TO 10PM. BRING YOU FRIENDS, NEIGHBORS, PETS, AND EVERYONE YOU KNOW. MARK YOUR CALENDARS. TIME TO DRESS UP AND SPEND TIME WITH FAMILY, FRIENDS AND LOVED ONES. HUGS, MISS SWIS Every now again, it’s nice to swap the sweatpants and boxed wine for a bit of decadence and luxury. A quick–but not always economical–fix? Throwing a majestic and mysterious Masquerade Ball. Dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries, the Masquerade Ball began as part of Europe’s carnival season. Less high society and more cirque du célébration, villagers would gather in masks and costumes to take part in elaborate pageants and glamorous processions. You are invited to our annual gala in celebration of A Masquerade Ball FIRDAY-SUNDAY 7/28 TO 7/30 from 10AM until midnight cocktails and hors d’oeuvres WOLF VALLEY NIGHTCLUB Masquerade balls were sometimes set as a game among the guests. The masked guests were supposedly dressed so as to be unidentifiable. This would create a type of game to see if a guest could determine each other's identities. This added a humorous effect to many masquerades and enabled a more enjoyable version of typical balls. WOLF VALLEY NIGHTCLUB http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wolf%20Valley%20Ranch/207/42/21
  2. Welcome to the New and Improved Cedar Point Family Community! We are currently a 1 sim Family Community(Human Avatars Only Please!) looking to grow and expand. We have beautiful homes ready for rent at a rate of 1.5L per prim! We currently have a Summer Renter Event where if you rent for one month you get a week free! Yup, a week free! Can't pass that up! Every Friday Night we have the Friday Movie Night Drive in located in the parking lot of the Pub and Lounge! Movie Night is every Friday at 8pm SLT. We have jobs open for PD, FD and Hospital Staff (We actually need Doctors and Nurses and a bunch of Hospital Staff) We have a Gym. Arcade. Park(With a Water Park inside), Grocery Store, Money System, Combat System, Pub&Bar, Adult Lounge (No Kids allowed), Bowling Alley, Skating Rink, Bank. So come check us out, let's all become a happy family community and let's all grow together. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ocean Of Orchids/165/132/22
  3. Riviera Island is a lovely peaceful sim which has a pretty central lake with a gazebo for anyone to use. I have owned Riviera Island since May 2013. It is my only sim and is nearly always full with long term residents. I will never raise my prices to account for the extra prims from LL as these prims are a gift for us all. We currently have 2 parcels of land available, both are Lake View. South 9 Lake View - 468 prims (this includes 118 FREE prims), 1536 m², 410 L$ weekly Lake View 12A - 273 prims (this includes 68 FREE prims), 896 m², 246 L$ weekly To view these parcels come to the information area and you will see the advertising boards on the wall, Click the one you want to look at and you will receive a notecard and LM's to the parcel, and one back to the information area and one to the rental meters which are located behind the wall that these boards are on. Riviera Island Information area: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Riviera%20Island/177/205/21/ We have a special offer only available on first rental payment. If your first rental payment is for 4 weeks you will receive an instant 10% refund and also I will add 7 FREE days to your rental. If your first rental payment is for less than 4 weeks I will add 5 FREE days to your rental Things to be aware of if you rent on Riviera Island Ban lines are NOT allowed so please use a security device instead NO REFUNDS Please try not to make water right next to your boundaries as this can cause huge problems with the land for you and your neighbours RIVIERA ISLAND IS A MODERATE SIM Please contact Venetia Cazalet by IM in world if you have any questions
  4. Heya! Me and my sisters are making a return to secondlife after a lengthy run. Due to personal reasons and the like. I recently met an amazing woman and am getting to know her now, and while we all enjoy eachothers company, it gets boring just standing around amusing eachother...also I'm pretty sure they'll get tired of my big mouth eventually. Lol. We're looking for some fun, crazy, oddball friends to laugh and hang out with. We are into casual family RP, and while our family is very small right now, we're looking to expand that to include many more soon we hope! Some of us are soft spoken, while others have big mouths (Not me...okay me.) but we love to laugh, shop, gacha hunt, explore new sims, bowling, clubs, you name it. We may not be the best fit for some people. This is because I know I can be sensitive, and sometimes made to be pretty uncomfortable around more 'adult' situations. Not that I can't handle them, but I can get uncomfortable, especially around new people. That being said, we're open minded, fun loving, and can't wait to meet you! Drop me an IM in world sometime!
  5. ~WOLF VALLEY NIGHTCLUB IS HIRING DJ'S & HOSTS~ WOLF VALLEY NIGHTCLUB only hires EXPERIENCED RELIABLE DJ'S. WE ARE A FULL REGION MODERATE SIM with HOME RENTALS, HUGE AMUSEMENT PARK, SHOPPING MALL, SILVER KING DRIVE IN AND MORE. OUR SIM IS FEATURED ON SEVERAL DIFFERENT CATEGORIES UNDER SL DESTINATIONS. WE HAVE THE LARGEST WATERSLIDE IN SL VERIFIED BY THE LINDENS. LOTS TO SEE AND DO. A little about WOLF VALLEY NIGHT CLUB and the job - we are a FAMILY FRIENDLY club in SL (ON SL DESTINATIONS) and we have a real traffic with people coming in and out all day with or without a DJ. You get paid by tips.... the house takes nothing from your tips. WE DO NOT HIRE "PLUG AND PLAY" DJ's. PERKS FOR DJS, YOU CAN PLAY PRIVATE PARTIES OR WHENEVER THERE IS NO SET TAKE FREE OF CHARGE ANYTIME. Our FABULOUS FUN FILLED NightClub & FULL SIM is surrounded by Yosemite Park. Join us for great fun and UPBEAT TUNES with our DJS! FAMILY FRIENDLY! WOLF VALLEY NIGHTCLUB http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wolf%20Valley%20Ranch/207/42/21 We accept different formats and a variety of music except Rap and Death Metal. This is a Moderate sim and we do allow children Avi's and all Avi's. We do not discriminate against anybody. YOU CAN FIND AN APPLICATION AT THE MAIN WOLF VALLEY CLUB (WE HAVE THREE CLUBS) TO THE RIGHT OF THE STAGE OR YOU CAN IM OUR STAFF. If you have any questions contact SwisBeagle Tomorrow Sim Owner, Escape Tomorrow Gen Mgr or Asst Mgr adilynrae
  6. Hi I am the queen of a small bloodlines family. I am looking for other people who want to be a part of the family. You don't have to be in Bloodlines to join. IF you do though you need to buy the hud you need .. Either Human or The thirst for vampires. ( We have not yet figured out the Lycan stuff yet) I have a dome with a small community built on it for the family. Small club, shop for the clan, my house, a photo studio and MANY cuddle thingies all over the place. We are all a little perverted in our stretch of the woods just so you know. ALSO: If you are clanless or your clan has all but died you are welcome to Liege to me and join my family as well
  7. Hello there ? My avatar's name is Lionel and he is 4 years old. I've come back to SL hoping once again to be able to find the family I'm looking for. Could it be you? I am: a young adult irl. I am friendly, goofy, honest and soft-hearted. I am looking for a family to love! I am in EST (slt+3) time zone and online randomly between 9am and 9pm, when I should be asleep. I don't do baby talking, but I mess up some words. I don't use gestures. I'm looking for: a family that enjoys family RP! I want to live near other family members. (RP sim or personal sim). I want to have meals together. I want to go on trips. I want to celebrate holidays. I want to laugh and make memories together! I want a family that expects me to act like a kid and treats me like one, for sure-- but wants to get to know me OOC as well. Must be a chatter! I like to talk with people who like to talk. no-no's: Please be human or nearly human. Please have an up-to-date avatar, mostly mesh hair/clothes at least. Please be family friendly, at least around children. Please no people with huge already established families. Please no people who rely on Skype/voice to interact. yes/yes: I am LGBT friendly, same-sex parents are just fine with me. I enjoy siblings, especially older ones. I would love grandparents, but that can come in time! I might attend school. I like pets too. I don't mind if you use an alt so long as you are my family on your main account, so I will get to see you often. I like to: Build. Chat. Laze at home. Watch movies. Make up fun games. Shop. Go on adventures! If if you are also looking for a tight knit family, whether you want to be a parent or not, maybe we can make it work! Anyone interested can contact me at 00tk. Let's be family together.
  8. Park River Estates A new family roleplay community is currently hiring for the following areas Real Estate Agents Event Coordinators Newspaper Editor Fire Chief & F.Fighters & EMS Assistant Chief, Deputy's, Detectives and all other ranks Doctors , Nurses, Pediatricians and others DOT director and all others Principal, Teachers, Bus driver Restaurant Staff To apply for any of these positions please contact AnberlinSummer Resident or MadalenaRose Resident with the job you are looking to apply!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Encrypted Island/208/80/101
  9. MOUNTAIN LION CLUB & AMUSEMENT PARK We are hiring DJs & Hosts here at Mountain Lion Club & Amusement Park. We are a family friendly, people oriented club. We offer training for both Hosts & DJs because we believe everyone can learn. We are helpful to one another creating a wonderful family support team for our staff. We feature the music of the 60s through the various decades right through to 2017 current hits. You must have a sparkling fun personality, be able to engage your audience, be outgoing as well as dependable. Our DJs MUST take requests and talk on mic clearly. ALL ARE WELCOME. IF THIS IS YOU, TAKE THE LANDMARK BELOW AND TELEPORT TO OUR SIM. Pick up an application by clicking on the Info Board to the left of the stage. Submit them to DJ SUNSET (sunset moonites) OWNER/DJ MANAGER FOR APPLYING TO DJ ONY (onyxphoenix) OWNER/HOST MANAGER FOR APPLYING TO HOST SECOND LIFE LANDMARK http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jaguar Mountains/35/215/21 FACEBOOK LINK https://www.facebook.com/groups/1894546247450880/
  10. lilydough

    Adopting <3

    Hi SL! <3 I am looking to adopt 2 or more children to stay with us in our Family home in a roleplay City. Ages 6 and up, adult children very welcome also . Casual Roleplay, sadly online times are limited at the moment to a couple hours a day at most , best before and around noon sl time. Family Play strictly within TOS! Free room in Family house, no Money Hand Outs <3 xoxoxox
  11. Hello, I've been searching for theme parks similar to magicland please drop slurl's below or suggest a couple.
  12. Hi! I am looking to have a family of my own or to become a part of an existing one. I find that everyone has more fun when they are surrounded by friends. I like the thought of taking care of children, going fishing with dad, or going shopping with a sibling or mother. I would like to have cook outs and bonfires, a day at the beach, playing games like greedy or simopolis. Just some ideas thrown out there. I can be a part of a family large or small. If anyone is looking for an adult child or looking to become a child themselves then please let me know. We can hang out and see if things click. I have my own place so I am not looking to live with anyone unless it is part of the role play. Role play families I'd become a part of is, a Casual Family, Vampire, Pagan/Witches, Medieval, or Gor. Again just IM me or contact me here if interested! Thanks
  13. Excalibur Rentals has done it again! We have a gorgeous full Adult sim for your rental pleasure! This would make an killer RP sim, because you can have pretty much whatever you want on it; from Breedables to feedables. We've seen some awesome setups on this sim from former renters; save us from chopping this up into tiny pieces! This is rolling hills, from green grass to sandy beach, with water in one corner. This is 22500 prims for *only* L$15750 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lazonby%20Pass/128/128/36 If this is your spot to call home, or start your RP, please contact one of our Agents Today, because all lands are *First come, First Served!*
  14. Cocoa Bay Estates is a welcoming 10 sim family role play community based off of New York with many amenities available. We have beautiful scenery and many different styles of homes available for rent, everything from luxurious mansions to small apartments. We also have commercial areas available for you to put in your own shop. Recently added is a large bowling alley for your family to come down and have some fun! We have roleplay jobs available in many different apartments, you don't even need to be a resident to join in on the fun! Police, fire, clinic, court, DMV, post office, bank, arcade, bowling alley, bakery, winery, orchard, Life2 supported gym, 7seas fishing, a unique money system called Cocoa Cash and much more with new things to come! An elementary school is also available to kids, Next Gen Adoption Agency for those looking to adopt or be adopted, and a children's home for those waiting to find their future parent(s) and forever-home! Check out our community! Website: http://www.cocoabay.net/ LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Davan/215/228/21
  16. Hail and well met! Are you looking for a community with a strong family-oriented feel? Dabble in dark magic, or demons? Have skills that you think would contribute to the Family, like building or scripting? Enjoy Roleplaying? Then perhaps we are looking for you! Clan Valari is a structurized roleplaying community with a strong family vibe - each and every one of us creates the whole. Each bring in something special with him. We all work hard to help the family grow and prosper, and it return it gives us love, safety and chocolate cookies. Think of us as both a Roleplaying demon family AND a Company. Our main goals for the near, and far future: - Having fun as a laid-back, non-strict roleplaying community, in a group of people we can call our own - Making our time in SL as enjoyable as it can be - exploring everything the game has to offer - Accumulating in-game wealth, to support our lifestyle with new properties, clothes and other assets - Building a system [think Progeny/Bloodlines] around the community to bring even more activities onto the table A short list of rules upon joining the family: - You can hang out with us for as long as you like, once you are willing to join it as a member tho you will need to change your display name. - You will be assigned a function in the family, depending on your preferences and skillset. - You will behave in and out of character - bringing shame to the family name with improper actions will result in character death [banishment]. - You WILL be having fun. :-) If you are interested to know more, feel free to message ℒσяđ ℒɑηяɛ VɑӀɑяì (koszatniczek) in-game.
  17. Hey guys name is Yellow (ƳєƖƖσω (CurseSmile)) I'm about 1 year &1/2. In that time frame, I've been on and off in SL. I want to be part of an imperfect family and friends group (PG & MODERATED themed):: ☞ mother (maybe father) ☞siblings (soul sistahs) ☞ friends ☞ dating; possibly an awesome SL partner too (if we click) ✿I do have a lovely zooby baby, I take it seriously ✿I have always been the one who cares, who always send a message first, yet, I want to cared for too, accepted and wanted. ✿I want my own personal time attention not too much, not too few, but a sincere "hey, Yellow what's going on, let's do something," About me: RL: 23 y.o. I am a sister, a daughter, friend, employee, esthetician, student, christian, cousin, auntie, therapist, & ++ ✿I love food, positive energy, unlimited great convo, a great hug, warm cocoa (coffee makes me sleepy) music, sleeping, singing, food &+++ ✿ I'm shy and soft spoken so I might be skeptical at first, but if you're sincere, I've been told I'm pretty cool and a bit chatty once I've gotten comfortable.
  18. Hi Everyone, I have been in SL for about 7 years. Had a recent breakup and am looking to start over. What I would like is a huge family, brothers, sisters, etc. Is anyone interested in doing this? I would especially like people who have been in SL for a while, as well as new members. We can all help each other and have fun together. I love fashion, clubbing, exploring, shopping, chatting, and just hanging out. I have been here for a few years, but there are always new things to learn. Please message me if you are interested. Swanswhisper Resident
  19. Roller City Continues With DJ Callie @ Wolf Valley Ranch✻ ☆ ✻ WOLF VALLEY RANCH PRESENTS┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ DJ: Callie┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ❤ What: * Mixed and your requests ┊ ┊ ┊ ☆ When: *12PM- 2PM SLT* ┊ ┊ ❤ Where:* WOLF VALLEY NIGHTCLUB ┊ ☆ Host: * LEON* Wolf Valley Ranch NIGHTCLUB http://maps.secondlife.com/…/Wolf%20Valley%20Ranch/207/42/21
  20. Tired of wars that you didn't start, tired of being asked to finance a small nation in dues or "contributions"? Looking for one that actually likes to have fun, make friends and well....actually ride? If you answered yes to any of the above, Sinful Reapers is looking for riders as well as officers within our organization. We have our own extremely technical track which I guarantee will challenge even the most seasoned riders. We have a short probationary period after which you can become a fully patched member. If you are already involved with an MC in any fashion (hanger on, probie, patched), we do NOT want that drama at our door. We want fresh faces with no bad ties, if this sounds like you, hit me up inworld (jeremy123 resident) and we can arrange a meeting where I will explain more about us and what we are into. And the positions we are looking for.
  21. Tired of wars that you didn't start, tired of being asked to finance a small nation in dues or "contributions"? Looking for one that actually likes to have fun, make friends and well....actually ride? If you answered yes to any of the above, Sinful Reapers is looking for riders as well as officers within our organization. We have our own extremely technical track which I guarantee will challenge even the most seasoned riders. We have a short probationary period after which you can become a fully patched member. If you are already involved with an MC in any fashion (hanger on, probie, patched), we do NOT want that drama at our door. We want fresh faces with no bad ties, if this sounds like you, hit me up inworld (jeremy123 resident) and we can arrange a meeting where I will explain more about us and what we are into. And the positions we are looking for.
  22. We currently have a homestead for rent in our community it is for residential. It is located in Second life's longest running Family community. Tired of that lonely island? Stop by and check this out today. Wont last long these do not come up to often here, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Centralfalls/142/17/28
  23. 5 to ten year old avatar looking for a mommy or daddy (siblings are okay great even) an allowance would be nice but not completely necessary.
  24. Want to be a grandma? A grandma who looks like an older woman, you know. Not one of those 20 year old grandmas! You will be my mother, and I might even have you live in my home with me, if you want and if things work out that way. I will have my own children that you will be a grandmother too, and you can spend time with them as well as me. The family will be on the smaller side, but very close if things work out the way I want. I'm looking for honest, kind and loving people only. I'm an honest girl myself, friendly and enjoy talking. I like to spend time at home or going places with my family such as pools, theme parks, beaches. We'll be having dinners together sometimes, and celebrations too. Would you like to join my family?
  25. my partner and i are looking to adopt children from the age range of 10- 16, gender is not important. please IM me inworld @milania15 if interested.
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