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Found 67 results

  1. Sumiyono

    please delete

    nevermind - please delete
  2. When I go to activate my item in marketplace it states There must be a link to inventory I have loaded all items into marketplace window in secondlife, and they are listed on the website, what am I missing?
  3. Hey, I've been trying to import a Bikini into blender, I made the mesh in blender - then imported it into Maya to rig (it can only be rigged in maya) and this used to work fine, But now when I export the mesh from Maya, it'll always give me a .dea Parsing error, but when I export the non rigged from blender, it's fine. The name of the file has been the same as previour working projects, I double chakced the mesh and it's fine, seems to be an issue when exporting from Maya exlusivly. anyone know any fixes?
  4. Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 262100 bytes) in /home/market/live/releases/2.1.0/lib/Zend/Db/Adapter/Abstract.php on line 808 On purpose ? check memory_limit. and display_errors !!
  5. Hello! Vertices stretched to the avatar to move, causing the texture to be blurred. How to correct?
  6. I just rented a piece of empty land using a rental box there last night but haven't been given any permissions to edit the land options yet and it's still shown as being owned by a group that i'm not in. The group is also private and will not allow me to own it. I put in 2 weeks worth of rent. It displays the name and stuff from the last owners on the "about land" too, but my own user on the rental box (will attatch pic). I tried to contact the person who I rented the land from but haven't gotten a response yet. I am pretty new to Second Life as well, so I'm very unsure on what to do here. Any advice is greatly appreciated, thank you.
  7. mayis18

    Cierre del servidor

    Hola, Sucede que ya instale el visor de second life y el firestorm porque quiero volver a jugar second life, pero inicio sesión continuo unos minutos y se cierra. Hace como un año jugue sin ningun problema y ahora estoy usando la misma pc portatil uso conexion a internet wi-fi pero esta es excelente. Me gustaria que alguien me ayudara porque quiero volver a jugar. Second Life (Second Life Release) Notas de la versión CPU: AMD E1-6015 APU with Radeon(TM) R2 Graphics (1397.36 MHz) Memoria: 3555 MB Versión del Sistema Operativo: Microsoft Windows 8.1 64-bit (Build 9600) Fabricante de la tarjeta gráfica: ATI Technologies Inc. Tarjeta gráfica: AMD Radeon HD 8200 / R3 Series Versión de Windows Graphics Driver: 8.17.0010.1333 Versión de OpenGL: 4.2.13283 Compatibility Profile Context 14.501.1003.0 Tamaño de la ventana: 1366x744 Ajuste de tamaño de fuente: 96pt Ajuste de escala de IU: 1 Distancia de dibujo: 128m Ancho de banda: 500kbit/s Factor de LOD: 1.125 Calidad de renderizado: 2 / 7 Modelo de iluminación avanzado: Disabled Memoria de textura: 512MB Tiempo de creación de VFS (caché): [mes, fecha_hora, slt] [día, fecha_hora, slt] [año, fecha_hora, slt] [hora, fecha_hora, slt]:[min, fecha_hora, slt]:[segundo,fecha_hora,slt] Versión de J2C Decoder: KDU v7.2 Versión de Audio Driver: FMOD Ex 4.44.31 Versión de LLCEFLib/CEF: 1.5.3-(CEF-WIN-3.2526.1347-32) Versión de LibVLC: 1.5.3-(CEF-WIN-3.2526.1347-32) Versión de Voice Server: Not Connected [mes, fecha_hora, slt] [día, fecha_hora, slt] [año, fecha_hora, slt] [hora, fecha_hora, slt]:[min, fecha_hora, slt]:[segundo,fecha_hora,slt]
  8. Hola, necesito ayuda, cuando entro a second life todo empieza a cargar normal, pero luego se sale y dice que hubo un error en la conexión o que la zona puede estar teniendo problemas, ya intente iniciar sesión en distintas zonas pero en todas sucede lo mismo, también reinstalé second life y aún aparece lo mismo, es algo con mi cuenta de usuario? Ayuda por favor...
  9. FIXED: I feel a bit silly now but I believe it's because I had made some changes to the topology and forgot to update the uvs Hi, I have tried looking on the forum and I just cannot work out why I am getting this error. I created a skirt in blender, which I have uploaded to second life multiple times for testing and all times it worked fine. Today I have been getting the DAE Parsing Error while uploading. I have the same mesh in a few sizes, the xxs small version was giving me the same error but I somehow managed to fix it (no idea what I did). Now when I try to upload the same mesh but scaled up I get the error. Second life will also let me upload my other LODs fine. I have tried applying scale and rotations in blender, changing the name of the file, exporting it to desktop and I have checked that all the normals are facing in the right direction. I know that exporting it as a .obj then to a .dae will fix the problem but I don't want to have to rig my mesh all over again. I've included a photo of the skirt in blender
  10. when i try to instal second life update i got error error opening file for write winmm.dll
  11. Hello! I came back on SL after 2 years and recently i changed my windows. After i install the viewer i run it and it gives me an annoying error about my graphics card driver. Before i had Windows Vista and the viewer worked fine with no errors. Error: Second Life is unable to run because your video card drivers did not install properly, are out of date, or are for unsupported hardware. Please make sure you have the latest video card drivers and even if you do have the latest, try reinstalling them. If you continue to receive this message, contact the Second Life Support Portal. System specs: OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit Processor: Intel Celeron CPU 550 @ 2.00GHz 2.00 GHz Memory: 2 GB Display: Mobile Intel(R) 950 Express Chipset Family What should i do? Please help
  12. Hi, me again. Small issue, last one, promise. Ha, I know how to unwrap, but, this struck me as odd. When i unwrapped my object I got a square, with a circle in it. This also happens on basic cubes when spawned in, not sure how to fix this issue. Thanks for any help in advance
  13. Hi all, I am having a very small issue. I have created a hammer of sorts on Blender, experiemting, getting used to the program, I can upload it to secondlife fine, no issues when uploading but, the issues start when i attempt to rez the object. The object rezzes, but, is not visible, 100% invisible, even when on build mode, rezzing the object I can see it "Exists" but its completely invisible. Resizing the object, the resize sections are even further away from the initial object. But, when i wear the object, I can see it perfectly. But, the X Y Z move tool to adjust it to my hand, it, once more, really far away from the object. I have attached some images with the issue at hand. The first, being my blender file itself. [IMAGES REMOVED PER POSTER]
  14. Desde hace unos dias que hicieron los rolling restart, creo que fue hasta el 19 de Abril que estuvieron haciendolos, han tocado algo que ha hecho que no pueda entrar en el sim de mi tienda y no solo eso, para poder conectarme, cuando me deja, tengo que hacerlo en otro sim, y si despues voy al mio, habitualmente cuando paso y tiempo alli, me desconecta o bien si quiero ir a otro sim,se me desconecta. Pero ahora viene lo peor, no solo tengo problemas para entrar en el sim que tengo alquilado, donde tengo mi tienda, si no que al pichar arriba donde viene el nombre del sim, ya no sale el nombre y el de mi tienda, ahora sale otro nombre, habitualmente copia el del sim en el que estuve anteriormente. No hay ninguna información en el panel del sim, y como dueño sale un perfil que no se carga, que es el de la dueña, pero que pone (nadie) como nombre y cuando trato de abrirle privado no puedo, de verdad, pincho en abrir privado y no me lo permite. Hable con ella y le pedi que reiniciase, porque de milagro y no se como ahora mismo consegui hablar con ella yendo a su tienda de alquileres, pero el tema esta en que ella " si lo ha hecho" porque se fue al poco sin decir nada, si ha reiniciado el sim, no he notado ninguna mejoria. No se me cargan las cosas, a veces partes del cuerpo ni aparecen, muchos objetos aparecen transparentes y no es mi ordenador porque en el de mi novio me hace exactamente lo mismo, estan en la misma casa. Por favor necesito ayuda, es mi negocio, tengo que ocuparme de el y algo ha hecho sl para cambiarmelo todo.
  15. So ... what's the deal with the "You can't rez this object because the parcel is too full" message? I live in an older mainland sim (Sage), and I have a store on a separate parcel in the same sim. I have hundreds and hundreds of prim available but I cannot rez my store (only 2 prims!). I had inadvertently let the build unlocked the last time I edited it, and I log in today and it's gone. So I try to rez it and it says the stupid message above. Does anyone have any idea WTF is going on with this spurious error message? I seem to get this sometimes, but other times not. The store involves one large sphere and a twisted prim, but sometimes I can rez it and sometimes not (this happened while I was building it too). Now I have a store which is just a bunch of vendor hanging in mid air and no one can actually shop there. Presumably at some time in the future it will magically be possible for me to rez the store again, but what's the deal? What is the actual variable that's making the system tell me there aren't enough prims, when there are in fact hundreds? Meantime I lose any customers that might visit, possibly forever.
  16. Hello, I have used blender and avastar 2.73 to upload my clothes to second life and I have been having problems to export clothes to the body (Bellezaa), when I follow the tutorial available by the creators the vertices of the thighs enter one another , And when they go away the (original) skeleton seems liquid, modify the size of the body, when I export them to second life, even though everything is perfect in the blender, they do not fit correctly in the body. Someone help me? Please
  17. On my MacBook, I keep getting this error message that says: "Second Life Viewer cannot be opened because of a problem. Check with the developer to make sure Second Life Viewer works with this version of Mac OS X. You may need to reinstall the application. Be sure to install any available updates for the application and Mac OS X." These are my graphics on my MacBook: [ Intel GMA 950, GMA 950, Built-In, spdisplays_integrated_vram ] Is my device compatible? Please help!
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