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Found 393 results

  1. The Scifi HUB Director Of Marketing Position Sheet We want to thank you for taking the time to consider yourself for this position. All info will be listed below. Our custom mesh sim is waiting for you to join our team! If there are any questions please feel free to reach out to darthwyyrlok Resident JOIN OUR DISCORD FOR UPDATES: https://discord.gg/yPejRCw ______________________________________________________ The Scifi HUB is composed of multiple admin level administrators. Please make sure you are contacting the correct one when you have any questions about rental's or events. ▪ Φ Cyprus (darthwyyrlok) - Owner ▪ OPEN - Marketing & Rental Manager ▪ Brother Kobi (parx.oran) - Sim Mesher (Lead) ▪ Tommy Numbers JR. (tyiler.scarborough) - Sim Mesher ______________________________________________________ --Responsibilities-- -Managing Rentals & Ensuring they are full. -Managing Events (both exclusive and non exclusive) -Being the first point of contact for all rental options. -In charge of all marketing campaigns including youtube, bloggers, and other postings. ______________________________________________________ --Pay-- The Salary will be based on total sim commission. You will get paid based on all sim commission. Salary will be delivered weekly through the transfer of Linden. If the sim is making 10k a week, your salary would be 1,000L a week. If the sim is making 20,000L a week, your salary would be 2,000L a week. This is to encourage growth of the sim. The more you sell, the more you make! ______________________________________________________ --Questions-- If you have any questions please ask Darthwyyrlok Resident
  2. 💋 ᴊᴏɪɴ ᴜs ᴀᴛ ᴇʀᴏᴛɪᴄᴀ!💋 Apply TODAY to Second Life's Sexiest Adult Club Get a chance to meet, amazing, fun, sexy, people and earn while doing it! We are currently in search for Sexy, Enthusiastic, Friendly, Extroverted Ladies & Gents that want to join our team. DJs, Manager and Dancers! So if this is you then contact: azramiray18 inworld for more information ----Must be 30 days or older ----18 yrs of age ---have mesh SO JOIN US TODAY and be part of Second Life's Sexiest Adult Club
  3. Malicious Mischief Club is a new and exciting club on the Grid Now Hiring DJ's and Hosts 100% Tips. WE are a Fun & Friendly work environment Drama free club. Grab the Application below. THANK YOU. Contacts: Owner: destinys karu Gen Manager: eury1 resident Host Manager: Jennifurfur resident https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1dq5UNT-S0MLGy6npXVW56dWnX_EvRcM2Eslf7ReQcAI/edit?ts=5c49395d taxi here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Timeless Unity/212/197/22
  4. I would like to welcome everyone to Sage Employment Agency. Business owners, you are welcome to advertise your open positions on our job boards (starting as low as 20L) as well as our group! Job seekers, come on by, browse the job boards, and connect with potential employers! Group chat is free for everyone to advertise and chat in. ~Employers please IM Keilah Damiano me for notice privileges~ Thank you! Here is your taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MLR Island/242/56/26 Group: secondlife:///app/group/acb974de-f3d0-4cfd-650c-12e77d8e8c96/about
  5. Hey everyone! Recently became unemployed on SL and am looking for a new great fit elsewhere. I have experience in sales, management, hosting and odd jobs. More than willing to start at an entry level position if the job is a good fit but mostly looking to start in a higher level position if possible. Open to whatever and would love to get options! Please message me in game (ogtupackillamob) Look forward to hearing from employers, thank you!
  6. Good morning to everybody. How are you? I am new to the wonderful world of Second Life. I'm looking for a job, I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Speak Spanish. I do Roleplay. Work done outside SL: Manager in clothing store Manager in Restaurant Host in disco Host in bar I would be interested in receiving information about the works, given that it would be the first. My availability is 15 hours per day. Thank you!
  7. *NOW HIRING* Join the Wild Turkey Country Rock Club family as a host or hostess If you are interested in working as a host or hostess in a fun, exciting atmosphere - we are seeking all levels of experience and encourage you to check out our venue. As a host or hostess for Wild Turkey Country Rock Club, you are the key member of the staff and you will be responsible for the following duties: GREETING - Greeting someone can sometimes turn a quick visit into a much longer stay. All VIPs or visitors should be greeted as soon as they land. INVITE - Every VIP should receive an "offer" to be invited to the club's VIP group. POINTS OF INTEREST - During your host shifts, things like the vote box, the venue tip jar, the schedule board for those that would like to see upcoming events, our Facebook page, and even the shopping outside, should be mentioned ENERGY - VIPs come to a club to have fun. One of the most important things you can do as a host is keeping the conversation flowing. Keep the energy fun in the club. VIPs don't tend to stay long in a quiet club. Maintaining this energy is not always easy, sometimes a group of VIPs can be a quiet bunch. WEEKLY DUTIES - Responsible for listing events they work on SL EVENTS SEARCH. This should be done a minimum of 48 hours before the shift and can be done earlier than that at your discretion. Please stop by the club (landmark below) and grab an application - check out the events and the sim. Any questions should be directed to the management staff of Wild Turkey Country Rock Club. Wild Turkey Country Rock Club Landmark: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Auster%20Ranch/27/73/23 Wild Turkey Country Rock Club Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1127136470776644/
  8. Hi my name is Izzysoulstice (Izzy) and I am an experienced dancer in SL I have worked at strip clubs and live music events. I love dancing at live events or concerts but they are not always easy to find jobs for. If any clubs/venues or artists need a dancer to help liven the party please IM me! I will send headshots and discuss costs. I do not have a fixed rate it is always negotiable.
  9. Here at Riverside we are beginning to branch out expanding our Hospital to more than just a Hospital. We aim to give the most for your enjoyment and role play. The positions that we are hiring for are as follows: Nurse Greeter for Hotel Front Desk Receptionist for Hotel Hostess/Host for restaurant Waiter/waitress Masseuse All of these positions are paid weekly and applications and interviews will be accepted Mon through Thursday from 4pm to 7pm slt time! Please feel free to contact inworld Dr. Natacha Selene Aryes !!!!
  10. Cubic is a newly established club that engages all music styles. Every and each one of you is welcome, we love diversity after all. Our priority is your entertainment. Come hangout with us, have fun and dance with great music & Dj events! Available Game Room!! We are currently hiring DJ'S and hosts for all time slots AM and PM. REQUIREMENTS: ALL AVIS MUST BE 90 DAYS OLD RELIABILITY ABILITY TO COMMIT EXPERIENCE WILL BE EVALUATED. FLUENCY IN ENGLISH SPOKEN AND WRITTEN. The Team Billy (vasilis.langer) -- Owner CeciliaRosalie -- GM (hosts) supersal2 Resident -- GM (hosts) shadowfk Resident -- GM (DJ'S) Join our group: secondlife:///app/group/f334bda6-864d-8e18-827b-dcece901718a/about CONTACT US FOR AN APPLICATION
  11. I am a programmer with 4 years experience in scripting with LSL. I enjoy building custom systems ground-up and will provide low lag solutions to my customer's specifications. I can write scripts for tip jars, club systems, dialog menus, detections, HUDs and vendors to more advanced systems such as pose systems, RLV, vehicles, pathfinding, weaponry, SL experiences and HTTP for external coms to websites and databases. (Also experienced in HTML/CSS, php, SQL, Ruby, Rails, Python and Javascript ) Script adaptations and library resources if used will be fully cited. I work closely with my clients providing working demos of their products with full perm models (with user license) on completion and delivery. Note: Models will be mockups to present the functioning script, clients must finalize prim designs and builds themselves. Price is L$10000/per day with first day upfront and negotiable cap on amount of days charged. Usually takes 3-7 days of solid work however delivery may be a few hours to weeks dependent on my RL schedule. Proof of work will be timestamped, live streamed and screenshot. As much as I enjoy scripting, in doing many projects for clients I have learned that even the tiniest job can turn into a massively time-consuming, complicated and tedious task. This happens almost always and unfortunately I do not have the time to spend on your dildo or kitchen spatula or fix some badly made script unless I'm properly compensated for it. Sorry, I'm a nice guy but no. I have had to let go many clients because their project turned into a monster that ate up my life so if you want to hire me please consider if your project is worth that much to you as I'm only prepared to work for people who understand and respect the process and hours put into it. You may find cheaper scripters elsewhere but due to the long, tedious hours and technical experience required, the risk is that they may drop your before completion of the project. Clients may visit my workshop to see the progress made on their projects. IM me inworld or visit The Script Yard for a consultation. If I'm offline IMs will go to email and will get back to you ASAP. (Forwarning: Adult rated profile) Copy/paste this link to the nearby chat window in your viewer, press enter then click on my name in chat to open my profile: secondlife:///app/agent/a9ba2797-81af-429d-9833-51127ad5593c/about Script Yard LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bao/138/11/3301 Marketplace Store: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/149734
  12. Arcadian Rapture Station is hiring! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Stardew Valley/10/124/2557 Though we serve a wide range of clients, we are currently looking for more gay(or bi), male, human or furry staff to fill a variety of roles. https://goo.gl/forms/dacQ3xZqTE7WhDI33 ARS is a large sim with a Mall, 10k FP Mesh/Texture Library, Clubs, Hotels, Galleries, Dungeons Theaters - and so much more! Over 80 locations made for HD VR filming! Currently the three main sections are a CyberDeco (cyberpunk art deco) space station, magical fantasy sky islands that descend to the sim floor, and the fantasy Japanese forest below. We are striving to provide everything possible in SL, in high definition and quality. Interested? Positions include: Store Position - Design Intern Store Position - Voice Actor Store Position - Virtual Actor (HD VR Adult Film) Store/Sim Position - Blogger Store/Sim Position - Photographer/Videographer - HD VR (Adult Content Included) Entertainment Position - DJ Entertainment Position - Escort / AFK Escort Entertainment Position - Performer Entertainment Position - Bartender Entertainment Position - Host Entertainment Position - Maintenance Staff (Escort Division) Sim Position - Security Sim Position - Marketing/Networking Agent Sim Position - Employment Manager Sim Position - Advertising Manager Sim Position - Customer Service Rep [Store, Rentals, Services, etc] -> Most payment is commission or tip based, though staff gets gifts, free products, and many perks. Apply at: https://goo.gl/forms/dacQ3xZqTE7WhDI33 These are just a few of the positions open with us - and we help other sims get staffed too! If you don't see what you want, send in an application anyways so we can get you something to do!
  13. Electric Sunset Lounge Now Hiring Dj's & Hosts Looking to expand the number of events so various time slots are available from NOON - 8pm SLT Applicants need to be at least 30 days old ESL is a rock club so Dj's are required to play rock music, any genre/sub genre Dj's are also required to have their own stream An application form can be picked up in Electric Sunset Lounge http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Playa Macao/11/111/33
  14. [ :: G O D D E S S :: ] STRIPPERS & ESCORTS is currently hiring ! We are looking for dancers & escorts . We will train if necessary. We are looking for serious inquiries to come join our team. Staff keeps 80% of their tips. You must be a female 18yrs+ in order to apply with the company You must work a minimum of 5hrs a week to remain employed You must have an all mesh body We also give staff members the opportunity to advance within the club & more ! Interested ? : Contact me inworld for an application or any questions you may have === > crazyjuicylucy ♥
  15. New club opening in January its a adult club no kids or childish looking avatars please we are willing to hire people new to second life as long as fast learners we will train for hostess f need training we are hiring hostess and host and D.J.'s and Dancer, some Escorts may freelance there but mostly we are fun place to bring at date or your wife or swingers or come single and meet someone have fun listening to verity of good music (dance, classic rock ,rock, pop, r&b, country) out vip's have full access to all our naughty rooms for one time fee of 50L but everyone is welcome at the main club and our huge pool area and beach we are nice good hearted place kinda like a family we are not stuck ups or bossy people will be fun work place please message me inworld weather im online or not will send application soon as can my name is (skymoonnwolf) i like to be called sky please message me if want talk about job i will also send you a link to club then so you can come look at and see whats done so far we are willing to help you with look or work with new people if fast learners for any job if we cant train know people who can and reason not puting club name on this is last time some one stole my name so will tell when you message me
  16. Club Hanky-Pank is an adult theme sim for RP, sexual discussions and encounters. So, hosts and DJs need to be comfortable with sexually charged conversations. Please note that the sim is not an escort or prostitution sim (if you looking for that, then this is not the sim for that). Please contact Adriana Maurer via notecard or IM indicating your interest in hosting or DJing and the days/times you can work 3 hours shifts. Also, make sure your profile picture is current or send Adriana a current picture. The club is located at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tyrell Mono/161/165/3006 Best regards, Pebbles
  17. Club Truth is a newer up and coming club on the grid. Club Truth has a family type of Team that has past experience both owning and working for Clubs/ Venues in the past on the Grid. Club Truth is on the Acacia Falls RolePlaying Sim Situated in the Grand Hotel. Club Truth is currently looking for Host's and DJ's Past experience in Hosting and or DJing is not required, although if you do have past experience in these types of jobs..Its a PLUS! HOST's and DJ's keep 100% Tips! Please IM myself Anthony Hollow for more information and Application for Club Truth if your interested! Or you can fill out the Application online @ https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfjUUb_DgX8K2K1LUNZCH3iIVoDBupSEWqSLjYhYPmNXAWabw/viewform?usp=sf_link Thanks!
  18. ★ - Love on Top Magazine - ★ Love on Top is a community based magazine that hopes to highlight all of the different aspects of love, sex and relationships within Second Life. Each issue will highlight a different vantage point, corresponding with the theme for the month. Additionally, you will find advice columns, interviews, Second Life destinations and vendors who advocate inclusivity. ★ ---------- ★ Are you seeking a career in the field of virtual magazines? Then look no further than Love on Top Magazine! Listed here are the positions we are currently hiring for; ★ - JOURNALIST - ★ The journalist is the heart beat of the publication. As a staff writer, your primary function will be to develop stories for each magazine edition. You will work closely with a photographer to bring the stories to life. In addition to uncovering newsworthy media, you may be asked to write simple ads as presented. L$100 - Per brief write-up. L$400 - Per full page article. ★ - FREE LANCE JOURNALIST - ★ Do you have a great idea you'd like to write about? Is there a certain subject you would like to contribute to each month? Why not do just that?! Free lance writers provide the extra bit of substance to push our publication over the top. L$400 - Per full page article. APPLY TODAY! VISIT US ON THE WEB! ★ - FACEBOOK - ★ ★ - WEBSITE - ★
  19. With any place and seemingly endless number of locations looking for residents who want to work in Second Life, job stores can be a great way for residents and business owners to connect. Right now the newly re-opened Job Source offers employers a low cost advertising in a location dedicated to connecting job seeking residents to employers. As I have had almost 9 years in the Second Life Club business of ownership, DJing, Mentoring, and Managing there has been one staggering truth. The endless number of locations seeking staff are so vast that job seekers are easily lost in even where to begin. Certainly, some residents need help or even time getting used to how to act and interact or even move in Second Life. However, everyone is looking for a place to belong and have a purpose to why they are here. To see what Job Source has to offer visit us here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dudintsev/215/11/2002
  20. ♥ ¸.•)´ ( .•´` `*.*') ¸.♥´¸.•*´¨)¸.♥*`) (¸.•´ (¸.•*Star*Crossed Weddings™ Is Hiring!♥ Star*Crossed Weddings™, established in SecondLife in 2010, is looking to expand its sales team with ambitious and reliable residents. If your application is accepted, you will follow a training program designed to teach you everything that you want and need to know about weddings in SecondLife (from helping a client to book all the way through the toast for the happy couple at their reception!) What you will get from us: You will enroll in a comprehensive and step-by-step training program. You will be able to learn new roles as you go. As you are learning new roles, you will also be able to learn skills that you can even use in Real Life! And the best part, as you grow with the company, you will have the choice to become a planner when you have successfully completed the training program and be able to Plan the weddings of our amazing clients! What we need from you: Great personality and a desire to be a part of a “family” kind of team. At Star*Crossed Weddings™ we are like one big family. We are a part of each other's second lives. Be reliable and consistent, trustworthy and honest. The only way SL businesses can grow is to respect one another. Interest in learning new things. Interest in a long-term job. Must be at least 30 days old with experience in basic SL culture and have a quality avatar no matter what your personal style is. Must have superb people skills and able to work well with others. Must have an email account with your SL name and be able to use voice to listen at least. Must want to work in an awesome environment and be willing to work hard! The fine print: We will not make you work outside your available hours. You will be asked to sign up for work based on your availability. Completion of each stage of training is mandatory before moving up to the next level. Diversity is important; we welcome residents from all parts of the world, regardless of language, time zones, cultures, etc. We also welcome all genders and non-binary persons. Must be able to speak enough English to communicate effectively. Please fill out the application at the link provided and also send Susana Gontineac an IM inworld when the application is complete. http://star-crossed-weddings.blogspot.pt/2010/01/starcrossed-weddings-employment.html If you have any questions, please contact our Training Department Susy (susana.gontineac) Saga (saga.deckard) - Juliet Moonshadow Owner/CEO Star*Crossed Weddings™
  21. Electric Sunset Lounge Now Hiring Dj's & Hosts Looking to expand the number of events so various time slots are available from NOON - 8pm SLT Applicants need to be at least 30 days old ESL is a rock club so Dj's are required to play rock music, any genre/sub genre Dj's are also required to have their own stream An application form can be picked up in Electric Sunset Lounge http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Playa Macao/11/111/33
  22. Cutie's Escort & Dance Club ? is HIRING NOW! Cuties, Lolitas and Babygirls We pay our employees. Interested? - EXPERIENCED MANAGERS NEEDED - 30l per. hr. + 90% tips - Voice Escorts - 20l per hr + 90% Tips - Cam Escorts - 10l per hr + 90% Tips *FREE ADBOARD 90% tips* *APPLY NOW!* http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Resurrection Coast/71/209/2125
  23. Yuitza Sound Garden are a newly open place in secondlife in the sim of " Yuitza " We have been holding open now for 4 weeks, where we run 1 live music show each week. But we decide we want to do more often show in secondlife, and for this we have some open position. POSTION AVABAL -Host -DJ -Live singer -Live entertainer -Club Manager You can Contact Asae Yuitza inworld to recive a application. or you can visit our land http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/New Eridani/194/59/22 As extra information , We do run the club after the basic of payment in Tips only. But after this is a place going to hold open more often, we give everyone 50 lindens each hour ( as a start up salery ) + tips ( on later stage it will go back to only tips ). the 50 lindens you get each hours, will be until 1 January 2019. Club Manager do have a full payment of 500 lindens a week + tips ( can be higher on some weeks where we need more work ).
  24. ☻Marketing manager needed☻ Requirements: ☺Previous marketing/sales experience ☺Involvement in Anime/Furry/Kemono community ☺Event experience is a plus Payment: ☺10% commission ☺ Bonus 500L after every 5 sales *Contact αυвяεץ zαмαяι (angelaleigh93) or вяσηvүη zαмαяι (bronvyn) for application*
  25. ★ ? Pocket Pornstars is NOW OPEN & HIRING! ? ★ Here's what we offer... ★ 90% commission on dancing and escorting ★ No adboard requirement ★ No hourly minimum ★ No stage calls ★ No stripping or escorting price requirements ★ No applications Here's what we are looking for... ★ Experienced entertainers and escorts ★ Ability to voice and cam verify outside of SL ★ Sexy updated fully mesh avatars Still interested in applying? Send a notecard requesting an interview to autumnrose1128 resident and you'll be contacted ASAP! Visit us here... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Whole%20New%20World/93/55/21
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