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Found 57 results

  1. As a father, what's your feeling about educating your kids? Do you have any good ways to interact and teach your kids?
  2. Good den. Renaissance Island was one of the early pioneers in helping students and educators maximize the benefits of Second Life in the classroom. It grew into a diverse cultural community interested in English history and culture of the Tudor period. Created by librarians with the sponsorship of the Alliance Library Services, Renaissance Island began in February 2007. Now sponsored by the South Central Regional Library Council located in Ithaca, New York, Renaissance Island is in its 13th year in Second Life. The region is supported by its residents and donations. We have storytelling and music performers. On occasion, we have jousting, horse racing and other sports that we enjoy today. Renaissance Island is open to all educators teaching this aspect of English history, free of charge. If you wish to have a tour of the region before bringing a class, contact Baroness Anne de Darcy(Amza Hydraconis) via notecard. Thank you
  3. Hi there I am Kleo chan -inernetbrat1- inworld I've always adored Japanese culture I can't take in real life Japanese classes to learn how to speak Japanese yet due to crovic-19 atm id live to learn some real Japanese so I can become a English teacher in japan in the future I'd be cool to learn Japanese anyone know where I can start I'd be a neat way to make friends to
  4. May 3rd - 5:00 - 6:00 pm SLT - Museum Island Part 2 This tour will be a continuation of the fabulous tour we had in February with John Noone (JohnNoone Resident) and Morgan Darkrose of Museum Island. This time we will visit Pompeii, one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, and the the cradle of the Mediterranean Culture. The tour will end with time for a drink in the historical center of Rome. We hope you join us for this amazing tour. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/EduIsland 9/102/67/22
  5. Educators from across the globe are gathering together in Second Life for the 13th annual Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education (VWBPE) Conference, held March 26-28. In this time of a global public health crisis and as many educators and conference organizers are looking for online alternatives to replace their in-person meet-ups, Second Life is offering a unique alternative: a sense of presence and community that can not simply be replicated via screen sharing or webinars. For example, another high-profile conference, MuseWeb, recently opted to quickly relocate some of its sessions to Second Life after its 24th annual event in Los Angeles had to be canceled because of concerns over the coronavirus outbreak. In Second Life, conference attendees can experience events through virtual conference rooms, theatres, exposition halls, meeting spaces, and other types of venues similar to a brick and mortar type conference. Many different styles of avatars are ready-made for immediate use and customization options - as you can see in today's video - are limitless to express yourself as you wish. This week’s “Made in Second Life” video takes a closer look at the VWBPE Conference including an interview with Executive Director Kevin Feenan, known in Second Life as Phelan Corrimal. “We want to challenge educators to think beyond a two-dimensional space,” says Feenan. “What are you going to do in this environment if there is no ground beneath your feet? How can you truly leverage a three-dimensional space?” “It’s a much more dynamic environment than simply going to a webinar,” he adds. “It’s about making those personal connections with other people who can relate to the challenges you are going through in trying to understand something new.” “People can get together - they can talk, dance, and party (so to speak). As long as their avatar is online, they can pop in and connect with friends [and] new people,” he says. Feenan has been a long-time advocate for use of virtual worlds in education through his work with VWBPE and also his role at Rockcliffe University Consortium, an online organization dedicated to the advancement of technology in education. “Second Life is the most utilitarian application that is out there,” says Feenan. “Second Life is part of the educator toolbox to allow students to experience how to resolve problems by focusing on those particular things that you might not be able to do inside a classroom. Among the academics presenting at this year’s event are Dr. Michael Thomas, Daniel Dyboski-Bryant, Lorelle VanFossen, and Dr. Robert Furman. MORE RESOURCES To learn more about VWBPE, visit its official website or check it out for yourself inworld. To learn more about how Second Life can be used for remote work, events or classes, visit our new enterprise/education micro-site. To see examples of universities and nonprofits in Second Life, visit the Education & Nonprofits category in our Destination Guide. For information about discounts for education and nonprofits, contact us at business@lindenlab.com. VWBPE 2020 Conference The Virtual Worlds Best Practice in Education (VWBPE), held March 26th to 28th, is a community-based conference that provides opportunities for participants in all virtual worlds to share current teaching, learning, and research practices in 3D virtual environments. Join the event for three days of lectures, workshops, discussions, games, and fun! Visit vwbpe.org to learn more. Visit in Second Life CREDITS: Video: Draxtor Despres Learning Made in Second Life Logo: Marianne McCann
  6. Go to the Learn It Town sim and see all the great ways to teach in Second Life. Lowri Mills has been teaching English and designing educational sims since 2007. So check it. She has opened it to the public. It is a rated G sim. The entire sim is dedicated to education.
  7. Learn It Town English City Open 24/7 has opened it's sim 24/7 to students who want to practice speaking English. We ask that you do not interrupt our ongoing classes. But if you need to move your class to Learn It Town, just email laura@learnittown.com. We have English music playing at the dance area, and many learning opportunities. As many of us are quarantined, we welcome you to our sim. Laura Jeffcoat / Lowri Mills.
  8. What: Host Boot Camp Date: Wednesday February 12th Time: 6pm - 9pm (maybe longer if we need more practice time) Where: ~ Waves ~ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hidden Serenity/132/62/1264 Everyone is welcome! New hosts, experienced hosts, people who have never hosted but are curious, everyone! We also welcome any club owners that want to join us and let people know that they're hiring. What is Host Boot Camp? We've found that part of the reason there aren't as many hosts available is that some people don't know how, or are intimidated by the idea. So to help people feel comfortable with hosting, we're having this free class. We will have instruction time, with questions and answers, followed by practice time, where each person will have the chance to send group notices, and work on stage with a live DJ for a few minutes. We're just teaching the basics, so that people will be able to work at any club after this and be able to customize their training to work within the club's rules. And, we're hiring! So anyone who finishes the course is welcome to put in an application at the same time. Questions? Talk to Cara Lionheart or our Staff Manager Lυηαтαѕια Rєιη (neomamoon)
  9. School Of Magic Scripting Game has been released. You can now learn LSL scripting through a fun and easy game for FREE! Our goal is to introduce 1000s of people from all walks of life to magic of scripting. We want the general population to become efficient in basic use of scripts. Through a fun game players can learn how to use scripts and participate in a growing learning organization - an exclusive club of Scripting Wizards (invite only group offered at reaching LEVEL 3). SCRIPTING TASKS are designed to be appropriate for everyone. Everyone is welcome & don't be afraid to ask for help is you need \/ For each Scripting task finished a player gains a LEVEL and is rewarded SILVER. Silver can be used to buy useful scripts and a growing number of [SES] compactible products made by fellow scripting wizards. School of Scripting Magic is part of a fast emerging Silver Economy Simulation Game [SES]. SILVER can also be exchanged into L$ on SILVER Exchange. To start your 1st scripting task tp to: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Business%20Park/76/77/26 Click on the green Scripting Magic Terminal to receive your 1st task for LEVEL 1. Its FREE! \ ⊙͜o / WHY IS IT GOOD TO KNOW HOW TO READ/MODIFY AND WRITE LSL SCRIPTS? The very near future will be full of smart, connected and interactive devices and apps part of Internet Of Things, connected to AI with their own integrated value economy and economic growth that will benefit all the people who contributed by investing into, developing, initializing and bootstrapping such tech-org systems. The benefits of growing value is also shared with early consumers and testers who are equally rewarded for presenting the apps, services and games to other people around them and other communities for fastest and widest adoption. We believe such systems are possible and can lead towards faster economy and value growth of which fruits everyone can benefit. Silver Economy Simulation Game
  10. To Whom it May Concern, I have recently visited one of the best sims I have seen in Secondlife and the only one in recent past I wanted to take my actual real life daughter who has an account here to visit. The website is full of stores selling junk I don't need as well as disturbing fetish sims. Yet, I have discovered this wonderful site called "Exploratorium" and Scilands which offers wonderful builds of the solar system and space exploration and functions like a real life museum with many wonders to see. I have recently found out that it will actually be deleted at the end of THIS MONTH due to inability to pay for the Sim, and that Linden is shutting it down after having given it for free from April to Dec 2019. I am protesting this. If I cannot take my daughter there when she can finally login to Secondlife (because she's a full time ER hospital staff as well as a full time student in nursing and has limited time), then I think I will be so disappointed. I have spend 1000s of Lindens on objects for my land plus a land tier and 2 premium accounts for me and her. I am highly considering cancelling my accounts if they will not continue to support this project for free because I think it should be a public service. If someone is willing to go into Secondlife and create a huge scientific or educational project that benefits the entire community, I believe Linden should allow them to have a free grant sim to do this, it is a lot of work to create these builds, and many people have jobs with limited time to do such a project and are volunteering to create it for the public and not profit. Therefore Linden should support these types of projects. Without these, many people will not come to Secondlife who wish to have regular nice and exploratory, educational, and fun experiences here and it will be abandoned to only people who wish to live out secret "secondlife" fetishes of a disturbing nature. Please take this into consideration and continue to allow this to continue as a public benefit. Thank you. Peryda Resident https://www.sciencecircle.org/event/audience-questions/ https://www.sciencecircle.org/our-region-in-second-life/
  11. Eden Valley RP High School is hiring for a variety of positions including teaching, coaching, supervising clubs and more! We are looking for creative, dedicated and friendly individuals who not only have an interest in RP but wish to make a difference in our community by bringing new ideas and alternate perspectives. Applicants are encouraged to choose (or create) any subject, sport or club that interests them. Please keep in mind that you may choose any from the following list or make up your own. * Be sure that you check our schedule and faculty pages for currently offered classes as we will *not* hire for a class that is currently being taught. * - Business/Marketing - Graphic Design - Blogging - Music Production - Glee Club - Literature (World or US) - Poetry - Health - Physical Education - Culinary Arts - Babysitter's Club - Interior Design - Gardening - Home Economics - Wood or Metal Shop - Foreign Language - Music Appreciation or Music Theory - Anime Club - World Music - Gaming Club - Astronomy - Biology - Cooking Club - Oceanography - General Science - DJ Club - Criminal Justice - Anthropology - Modern World Studies - Psychology - Sociology - Scripting - Photography - Art History - Auto Mechanics - Cosmetology - Criminal Justice - Drivers Education - American Football - Soccer - Tennis - Volleyball - Boxing - MMA - Equestrian Club Please visit us on the web to apply: https://edenvalleyhighschool.com/apply Campus Information: https://edenvalleyhighschool.com/ Campus Location: Eden Valley High School Campus (Click Here) For more information or a campus tour please contact: Mr Jesse Magic (Iamsoo Magic)
  12. SEPTEMBER COMMUNITY RETREAT Dates: September 1-7 , 2019 Starting Time: 8am SLT each day. The Bellisseria Buddhist Center will be holding a retreat on these dates starting each morning at the center. This is a special community event with focus on well being, and studies that help in personal growth, community growth, as well as health and wellness. Members, students, and Secondlife members should gather each morning they can attend at the center at 8am SLT (PT), 10am CT. Days will begin with a meet and greet, then a dharma or wellness discussion, meditation, followed by a lunch break. We will then begin a community walking meditation in various locations on bellesseria, as well as visiting other spots for the community. This includes parks, pool areas, cafe’s , and centers. I hope to see you all. http://www.bellisseria.center
  13. Are you currently at school? Or do you have a school-aged child? I'm currently studying a Certificate IV in Education Support (Teacher Aide/Assistant), and assist students in the classroom once a week for placement. I am happy to help you, or your child, with any work you may have so as to help me gain my experience. The subjects I excel in are Literacy, English, Inquiry and Bounce Back lessons.But I am also happy to help where I can in Maths and other subjects(just be sure to let me know what subjects). The age groups I am currently working with in schools is Grade Foundation(before Grade 1),1, 2,3,4 and 5. However, I did complete every year of my schooling so will do my best to aide in any higher grades. The lessons will be held isl at a library, my place, or if you have your own land, or would rather elsewhere, I am happy to tp over to you. For the younger ones, e.g. your child, I am more than happy to move it to Discord or elsewhere, with your supervision. Because this is intended to be a little business as well, there will be a charge. But fear not, because you do not even need to pay me straight away! The first lesson will be free, and then I will only charge 20L a lesson. That's right, a lesson! Not by the hour! (I crash a lot which is why I'm not charging by the hour) If you don't like my tutoring in the free lesson, you don't need to keep organising lessons with me. This also applies to those of you who are roleplaying school or children in school isl, because any experience is experience for me, especially if your teachers are teaching you things they would teach in actual school! So if you feel like you'd like to hire me, reply to this post or send me an IM and I will give you a notecard with my availabilities!
  14. I've been wondering on ways to really involve myself with the SL community and finally decided to offer Spanish lessons for Beginners. Lesson plan is individualized and custom to each person's availability, etc. I've minored in Spanish, and it's also my first language so I'm fully fluent. I'd love to help you guys learn or practice. Message me in world, SolsticeCarlet aka SolsticeSnow We can discuss prices, classes, packages, lessons, etc. I'm not looking to charge an arm and a leg either btw. I'm very flexible
  15. I have been in SL for a little under a year and I have very few places I actually thoroughly enjoy. Specific Places I Need Recommendations in All types of Stores - Animations - Furniture - Hair - Shoes - Accessories - Mesh Heads - Clothes - ETC ! I Use Maitreya Body ! Hangout spots of all kinds, places I can meet new people and friends in a welcoming community. Anywhere with beautiful Scenery, good for photography and/or exploring Gaming sims that is legal in all states (If it's possible) I've been dying to check one out; either General or moderate i'm guessing Job agencies and Educational Sims of any kind. If I did not list anything you would recommend me, Tell me anyways because I want to broaden my horizons. Also feel free to IM me in game. I should be on for a bit - Vimerietta
  16. Official Avondale School discord: https://discord.gg/qdCDNRJand the City of Avondale discord: https://discord.gg/qeuzd59 City of Avondale My name is Aiden Stark and I am proud to announce the new K-12 School district, which is located in the City of Avondale. Home of the Bulldogs!!!! What does this mean for children, well we are a K-12 School | Tuition Free | Open to everyone you do not have to live in Avondale to enjoy this great upcoming school district. Enrollments are now open for all children, in the K-12 age group! With this being an upcoming school we are hiring: educators, nurses, counselors, and various other staff position, what are you waiting for enroll or apply now!!! Link to apply: https://www.avondalesl.ga/avondale-public-school/ Landmark to see the school in world: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Glen%20Hollow/201/…/51 Or contact me in world for a tour: Aiden Stark (spankter resident)
  17. Hello Second Life Folks. I am Lauren Hereiz and I am here to help you build your desired avatar. Fashion has been always my passion and I wanted to bring it in Second Life through many ways starting from creating shapes, styling outfits bringing out amazing and realistic avatars in-world. So I decided to make an announcement that I am offering basic lessons for the new players in second life, responding to questions that people might have and teaching every step of mesh heads and bodies, AO's, mix and match and many many more without forgetting as a bonus, a notecard filled full with great store landmarks and events for you guys to start your journey. If you want some help on creating good looking avatars. Also even if you guys want to create e new you, a whole new leaf I can offer finished avatars fully customized with five made outfits saved inside the avatar outfits and an organized inventory for you to find things super easy. Second Life is beautiful why not live it at fullest with a great avatar. If you are interested you can contact me in-world with a notecard writing down your case and how may I help you. Lots of hugs and love ... Lauren ♥
  18. Hello Second Life Folks. I am Lauren Hereiz and I am here to help you build your desired avatar. Fashion has been always my passion and I wanted to bring it in Second Life through many ways starting from creating shapes, styling outfits bringing out amazing and realistic avatars in-world. So I decided to make an announcement that I am offering basic lessons for the new players in second life, responding to questions that people might have and teaching every step of mesh heads and bodies, AO's, mix and match and many many more without forgetting as a bonus, a notecard filled full with great store landmarks and events for you guys to start your journey. If you want some help on creating good looking avatars. Also even if you guys want to create e new you, a whole new leaf I can offer finished avatars fully customized with five made outfits saved inside the avatar outfits and an organized inventory for you to find things super easy. Second Life is beautiful why not live it at fullest with a great avatar. If you are interested you can contact me in-world with a notecard writing down your case and how may I help you. Lots of hugs and love ... Lauren ♥
  19. Rockland County High School is up and active. New Students are signing up almost everyday! This means that the need for Teachers has increased ten-fold. Have you ever wanted to Teach teens something You learned? Now's your chance to shine! Stop by the school today to pick up your application today! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Are you looking for something to Do? A wonderful community that not only welcomes your Rp but helps you build your dreams into reality. Rockland County High School Needs YOU! We have opened and Classes have started! We've got the schedule to fit your times! We've got the students that are Willing and ready to be taught! All we need is YOU! Come by the school and grab your application packet today! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Naughty%20Nights/201/56/3752 Once you've filled it out. Bring it over and I'll complete your interview!
  20. Hello everyone. The reason as to why I am making this post is because at school we have been assigned to do a project about SecondLife, where we can choose to focus on one specific topic. I have chosen to go with education. Like how it works to get an education at a university or college, how the "classes" work, things of that nature. Basically, how it works. Since we just started this project today and I have only heard of SL before, but have never played it until today, where I was only in for a brief period, and I didn`t know what I was doing, like at all. So, I have no idea how all of this works. I would really appreciate if you could write about your experiences with taking an education in Second Life, so that I could potentially use it in my project. Thank you in advance.
  21. Realizei algumas buscas que mostraram resultados antigos de lands de cursos de idiomas e gostaria de saber se existem lands atuais que eu tenha a possibilidade de praticar com falantes nativos da língua .
  22. Hi, all! So what exactly are the Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Cusp Children, Star-Seeds/Star-people, Blue-Rays, Walk-Ins, and Walk-Outs? ...Do you have constant trouble fitting in, feel out of place all the time, or ever felt so very glaringly different from your peers? -You might just be an Otherbeing! Come learn what that means from the most knowledgeable teacher on the subject, that I am honored to have at Zamargad! This class and will be taught in voice. Check out the webby for more details: https://majikvixen.wixsite.com/zamargad/upcoming-classes Lady Gwen's webby: https://gwendolynndedannan.wordpress.com/ We had so much fun at other classes, it would be a shame to miss out on this one: https://majikvixen.wixsite.com/zamargad/previous-classes Friday, September 7th, 12PM/Noon SLT http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zamargad/132/175/21 Hope to see you there with open minds and hearts!
  23. Hey everyone, I have been on Second Life for 3 weeks and I'm in love with the damn thing. Although there's one issue. I want to be successful and shoot high. I want to learn and start earning lindens in any way possible I can. Let's start by stating my RL talents and skills. I am a very good singer. I used to sing on stage at charity events just because I loved to do it. And felt confident doing so. I used to do sound and DJ IRL for live events, (Charity work and For an example a huge event in Montana called Rockin the Rivers) I am very skilled in anything music. You see I grew up in a very musical and ambitious family. I stream video games at the moment and have been told I am very positive and very entertaining. I am very good at Video Angles and Lighting. Also have grew up playing video games and am very Tech Savvy. I pick up things fast. I am very persuasive and a have a great skill at writing. I adapt well, and am also very good at speech. I want to know everything and anything from the basics of Building, to Even the advanced of scripting, creating. I have been trying to find youtube videos to try and find out out to Create, Resell and everything in between. The problem is there are very little. I am very willing to learn and I need your help. About 2 weeks into SL I got a job as a dancer/escort and sometimes host at a club. (Yes very quickly I know) But that's just me, I'm ambitious. Problem is I barely make anything and Dancing/Escorting is not really my thing. I want to do something I may enjoy. Like for example Photography. I know nothing about photo shop or even have it. Although I would love to learn about how to actually do something. I have a lot of time on my hands IRL and I want to make something out of it. Now I have a full Maitreya body mesh, face mesh and an AO. I own 2 properties and I have quite a few selection of outfits. I caught on to the whole alpha's and how to change clothes pretty fast. I am looking for someone who can kind of guide me into the world of SL. Someone who can possibly teach me something that will make me of some value. I want to know what makes the best amount of money and just go by that. I want to try and resell other peoples creations. Because I have no skill in creating at all. I tried a few times in IMVU and tried making a tattoo and a shirt in Sl. Didn't go so well. I'm looking for someone who can educate me in this world that feels so real to me. I know there are schools InWorld but I just can't learn that way. Plus I'm not much of a role player. I want to do the real stuff. If you feel you could be of any help to me, and have a skill in pretty much anything in SL I'd be willing to pay in L$. I'll be InWorld and also will be checking the forums very frequently. Even if you have questions or comments regarding anything I have said on this forum I'd be more than happy to answer.
  24. Hello !!! How can i write scripts about slide screens ? I created a classroom and i want on the board to appear lessons about algorithms with slides... How can i write such scripts ? Thank you
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