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Found 50 results

  1. Rockcliffe University Consortium Conference The Future Present November 9-10, 2018 Fort Mason Center San Francisco, California The Annual Rockcliffe University Consortium Conference (RUCC) takes traditional conferencing methods and converts them into experiential ones. Attendees can expect a dynamic mixture of sessions, excursions, and critical discussion, all around the topic of innovative technology and its application to education, and how the two can impact our students’ preparedness for the digital world. November is looking charged with possibilities. If you don’t attend the Future Present conference in San Francisco, you will be missing out on more than just mere presentations. You will be missing out on an experience. The first major view into our dynamic program starts with the announcement of our two keynotes, who epitomize the Future Present for their innovative practices and their exciting ideas of what education for the future should be. Dr. Pamela Redmond, who is tinkering with the schema of school daily as she directs the innovation lab she founded. Dr. Chris Haskell, who exemplifies the bold and playful adventurer that knows education can be both fun and meaningfully connected to the 21st century. They are just the start of more surprises to come from the Future Present. Early bird registration is open until June 17, 2018, with final registration closing on August 31, 2018. The best experience will be live--wait until you find out about the mixed reality game!--but if you can’t travel to San Francisco and don’t want to miss these dynamic speakers, we also have a virtual registration option that will give you access to their streamed presentations. Reserve your spot now and get ready to recharge your profession with us in November.
  2. The Town of Philomena welcomes you to visit or join our community set during the Progressive Years of American history (1910-1919). Our small town vibe offers a respite from the fast paced world of today. Come visit our town, take the trolley, drive the roads (which connect to the Linden Route 5). We boast a quaint, quiet, and yet active community with a working library, park, pond, chapel, galleries, pub, tea room, shops, and more. Our town is themed (think Edwardian/late Victorian) and there is light, situational role-play. Role-play is not required; period dress is encouraged. If you are interested in joining the group or renting a home, please do contact Thaddeus Nadeau.
  3. The Town of Philomena's public library is hosting it's book club, Vintage Reader's, May 10 from 6PM SLT to 7 PM SLT. The current novel selection is Edna Ferber's Personality Plus. The Vintage Reader's Book Club holds a meeting once a month to discuss a text from the 1910s or earlier. If you enjoy books, tea, and good conversation then please do stop on by and join us. If you haven't been able to read or finish the book, that is fine. You are still heartily welcome. Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Myron/101/92/39 Information on the novel of choice this month: https://thetownofphilomena.wordpress.com/vintage-readers-book-club/
  5. Did any of you end up holding on to some of the old college or university buildings from sims that ran when educational institutions were all over the place? Or have any of you created / are any of you willing to create something of the sort? The ones in the market just aren't all that exciting. I'd like to obtain a few to make a small campus. Please Notecard/PM in game - fathertheo. Let me know your price, and let's meet at a sandbox so I can get a look at what you've got. Thanks!!!
  6. It is a horrible video, quality-wise. But, some interesting content. Runs 55 minutes. I have an index up with each question time marked: http://blog.nalates.net/2018/03/19/more-ebbe-altberg-from-2018-vwbpe/ You can quickly skim the questions and go for those that interest you. For SL residents there isn't much in the way of new information. Unfortunately Ebbe and Bret apparently did NOT control the quality of the recording. The render looks like something from 10-years ago. Maybe they can get some quality control going for interviews, like must use computer built after the change over from stone to silicon... And is use of Classic avatars for Lindens meeting the public a policy thing? And those Places Pages... has anyone found one of those in a search engine yet? Is the 'Do NOT Index' flag set or what!?! At least if you search for Second Life for educators you get this page: http://go.secondlife.com/landing/education/ That works. The second result is a wiki page: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Second_Life_Education/Resources. (Bret did update the wiki page in Feb 2018) So, there are Linden pages that place well in search results.
  7. I'm really interested in becoming a creator, clothing and otherwise. The problem is, I'm not quite sure where to start. If anyone could help me out, it would be so appreciated! IM me at HazardousHenna or Lokira Phoenix
  8. A few years ago, along with TNC - Totally Naughty Clothes, I opened and ran a fairly successful Woman's Lounge called Woman-2-Woman. The group still exists and after coming back to SL and opening up Tara's Creations I have also decided to try and reopen the lounge as well. (You are welcome to check the success of Tara's Creations on the MP or InWorld). This is not a hook-up club, nor a dating club. It is meant for serious issues in a wonderful fun environment. This is the basic idea behind Woman-2-Woman This is a paid position, and is not related to selling clothing in Tara's Creations. You will need the following qualifications: You are serious about woman's issues in our modern world. You are reliable and trustworthy. You know how to navigate SL Marketing and Groups. You can find (with help) decent lectures on issues that are of interest to Women. You can use Voice (this is critical). You are a great organizer. You spend a lot of time in SL and have been in SL for at least 18-24 months. You are easy to get along with, a great marketer, and devoted to the modern issues which women face both in Real and in SL. If you meet the above qualifications please contact Tara Simone [Random Sixpence] by IM or Notecard. These days due to rl my hours in SL are limited, so if you cannot catch me on line please send me a notecard about your qualifications and interests. If you know anyone who is interested (and you are not) please pass this information along to them.
  9. The Town of Philomena welcomes you to visit our small town set in the Progressive Era of 1910-1919. Philomena is designed as a small town set in America. With its nostalgic view of the past, the community boasts a park, library, chapel, trolley, museums, shops, and homes. We are not a strict Role-play community, but view ourselves as a venue for virtual living history where we engage in light, situational role-play and enjoy the lifestyle, history, and education the theme offers. Dressing in period clothing and using period items is strongly encouraged. If interested in joining our growing community, please contact Thaddeus Nadeau. SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Myron/142/152/36 Blog: https://thetownofphilomena.wordpress.com/
  10. Acacia Falls Educational Center is Hiring! Acacia Falls Educational Center is an educational institution that prides itself on not only offering superior education for our students, but doing so in a fun and exciting way. It has been scientifically proven that students learn more effectively in classroom environment where they feel engaged and excited. With relentless and meticulous changes to our curriculum and class activities , Acacia Falls teachers create a classroom structure that allows students to become engaged in what they are learning and to allow them to potentially have a heightened enjoyment in that particular subject. hank You For Your Interest In Working at Acacia Falls Educational Center. All of our positions here at AFEC are paid positions. Before we begin, please make sure you meet the following criteria: - Can operate in a family oriented environment. - Work well with children - Are at Least 18+ - Can commit at least 4 hours a week to your position. - Your avatar is over 3 months in second life. - You speak fluent English. If you meet this criteria, great! We are currently hiring the following: - School Nurse (Must have roleplay medical knowledge to attend to sick or injured students.) (25L / per hour) - Elementary School Teachers (75L/ per hour) Maximum of 10 hours paid. - Middle School Teachers (75L/ per hour) Maximum of 10 hours paid. - High School Teachers (75L/ per hour) Maximum of 10 hours paid. All salary is paid bi-weekly. Please fill out the following application below: Apply Here
  11. Do you enjoy music and lively entertainment. Do you enjoy company and talking to people and having fun. IF this is you then what are you waiting for Shadow Lands is based on the books about Shadow Lands we are looking for Hosts, DJs, House Dom/mes and House subs also looking for Dungeon Monitors. We are a friendly club and sim with many things involved all are welcome to come it is in progress of being relaunched so now is the time to get on board to enjoy the family atmosphere and upcoming fun
  12. We at shadowlands are seeking Hosts, Hostesses for Shadow Lands if interested contact Enya Footman, katarina Erin no experience required for hosting as training will be given
  13. Greetings Fellow Lifestylers, Summer may be waning but things are heating up at Shadow Lands! Our goal is to provide our membership with a D/s community. A community you can be proud to be a part of. We are working tirelessly to provide; FUN! - DJ'd club and dances, games nights, movies nights, play parties and more! MUNCHES! - a casual meeting of submissives and Dominants, switches, tops, bottoms - (you get the idea, anyone with an interest in bdsm) to simply be yourselves with others of like mind and chat about anything, EDUCATION in the form of; Discussion groups. Some of these are lead by long time experienced Lifestylers in both SL and RL bdsm and have a chosen topic. Some are open to discuss topics of your choice. Demonstrations - flogging, caning etc! Techniques and Finesse. Submissive support groups Dominant support groups Mentorship programs As with all communities. They exist because of everyone's involvement. We are currently seeking; Hosts - contact Enya Footman- ?-Host Manager DJs- contact Deelightful brat ? or Brunor ? - DJ Managers For other positions; Discussion Facilitators - Contact Dee Demonstrators (flogging, caning etc techniques workshops and demos) - Contact Dee Mentorship program leaders- Contact Shadow Lands Owner Katerina erin ? Dungeon Monitors/ Security contact Shadow Lands Owner Katerina erin ? We look forward to meeting you and hearing your ideas and getting you more involved. Although we do require some staffing, mostly we need your participation to make Shadow Lands the best it can be. Come out to the events! Get to know fellow members! This is YOUR community! All kinks (other than *****) are welcome! Non human forms (Anthro -eg. Furries) are welcome! At Shadow Lands we adhere to the creed of Safe, Sane and Consensual. Also RACK (Risk aware consensual kink) There is no forced anything. Any scenes between parties unknown to each other must be negotiated and agreed upon as to the content of play, limits and safe words etc. Non compliance as to Shadow Lands rules and regulations will not be tolerated.
  14. Palm Coast Preschool is now accepting enrollment for our free Preschool. We are accepting students ages 1-5 years old. Please spread the word, and lets create a space where all students can enjoy a learning environment! Enrollment Form: https://form.jotform.us/71935961461160 We are currently still hiring teachers, you do get paid 250L per class you teach. If interested please fill out the application: https://form.jotform.us/71936599761171 - Rebecca R. (layler moonwall)
  15. Hallo zusammen. Ich bin der Johannes. Ich bin 34 Jahre alt, und werde dieses Jahr 35. Im Secondlife habe ich einen weiblichen Avatar da ich in meinem "Second" Life ein transsexueller Mann bin der weiblich aussehen und auch ebenso agieren möchte. Ich suche auf diesem Wege eine strenge und konsequente sowie tabulose Herrin die man nicht zu den Dummdommes zählen kann weil Sie dieser Schublade absolut nicht entspricht. Ich bin in der Vergangenheit an Frauen aus diesem Bereich geraten auf die man lieber verzichtet hätte. Ich lege Wert auf Ehrlichkeit, Verständnis, Einfühlungsvermögen und Einfühlsamkeit, auf Vertrauen, einen Stopcode und ein Stopzeichen usw... Ich würde mich desweiteren auch freuen wenn gewisse Dinge, die einen alleine nicht langweilen in Skype, auch gelegentlich in Skype gemacht werden könnten. Allerdings erwarte ich hier einen Voice Check per Skype, denn ich habe keine Lust auf Männliche Dommes die sich einbilden ich sei dumm genug auf Sie hereinzufallen. Ich bin im RL selbst ein Mann und kann daher getrost auf männliche Meister und Master und Dominus Herre ect. verzichten. Skype ist keine Pflicht natürlich, aber es kann eben sehr viel Spaß machen wenn es zwischen Dir und mir passt :). Ich habe einige Vorlieben, aber auch einige Grenzen. Sprecht mich doch bitte einfach an ;). Meinen Namen in Secondlife möchte ich nur ungern hier reinschreiben, ich würde gerne erst etwas hin und her schreiben per Privatnachricht hier im Forum bevor ich entscheide von wem ich einen guten Eindruck habe. Liebe subbige Grüße Johannes.
  16. Are you a Second Life hobbyist with a real life technology job that wants to give back in a meaningful way to empower women in the real world through a Seocnd Life venue? Are you fluent in Node, React, or another major commercial web software language, framework, or system? Do you have experience building websites with WordPress? Then you might be a candidate to apply as an instructor at the new Ada Technology and Education Center for women. At this location, we will provide paid courses that our customers have purchased to grow their skills in front and back end website development. Instructors will be paid the same price per class by Ada, regardless of the number of students, and are expected to have a short text outline of each class before teaching it. Each class must contain a complete website project students can creating using free and open source tools on the web. Instructors and all students will have access to our portal for saving class information and distributing other information after class. Payment per class is negotiable. To apply, IM "Lada Charlton" in-world, or visit the Ada Land Offices to drop a notecard with your application and contact information at our "JOBS" board. JOBS Board and notecard drop box: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moonstar/217/114/23 Thank you!
  17. Mr. Brown will be teaching a class on role playing at 4PM SLT today [7-16-2017] in Classroom 1 at Woodcrest University in Wormwood City. All citizens who feel they could benefit from such a class are welcome. Much of the class will be interactive participation, applying the role play principals outlined in the suggested pre-class reading which you'll provide at class. Hope to see you there! Taxi here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/London Docks/146/105/25
  18. I am doing a PhD study in Second Life and I need a teacher and students for my project. I have a school that I am transferring to SL. In addition, I need certified teachers needed for innovative, futurist K-12 virtual school. Full and part time positions, all subjects are available. Pinecrest Virtual Academy teaches to core concepts and themes, not tests and has virtual textbooks with changeable design. Our worldwide school welcomes teachers from all countries. Must be able to speak and write in English and have teacher certification or a PhD. Computer with high-speed internet and good computer skills are required. Virtual world experience is helpful but not necessary. For more information contact: Betty Klug (betzy Silversmith in SL) email: pinecrestlcschool@yahoo.com or contact Betty at 989-728-6490
  19. Hey all, This may be a far stretch but I figured I could give it a try. I've wanted to learn Romanian for a while now but can't find any RL lessons near me, so I figured why not look on SL. I saw there are various language schools, courses and groups but couldn't find any Romanian ones. Does anyone know if that exists. I don't care if it's free or not, for now I'm okay with any suggestion for me to look into. If it helps, I'm a bloody beginner, only know the odd word so far.
  20. I'm conducting a study and wanted to know if user demographic statistics are available. I am specifically looking for the number of males vs females aggregated by age groups. Thanks.Kami
  21. Hello! Daddy's Dreamland is a new and fast growing BDSM Lifestyle sim catering to the kink-oriented and aiming to provide education, fun and events to the awesomely open-minded! We are actively seeking sim staff who will be compensated for their time as well as the chance to earn tips! We do not require any previous work experience but you must be able to complete our requirements! All staff must be able to work 3 hours a week on sim, this includes hosting at least 1 one-hour event on sim, weekly. You get to pick your own hours and event themes/types, so long as they fit in with our sim's goals! For more information, please message me in world: Koshkakitten Resident
  22. Cedar Creek K-12 is dedicated to making your school experience the way you want it to be. Please fill out the application below so we can get a better idea of the child you are! Registration for each semester is 500L and each semester is 1 month in length. Residents of Cedar Creek are allotted a 50% discount of this registration free. Registration and Re-registration will begin at the end of each month for following month. (ex: Last Week of November is registration for Month of December) ------------------------------------------------------------------- Classes Offered: *Please note children are allowed to attend any class that is offered in the school whether signed up for it or not* K-2nd Grade Morning Class- Thursday and Friday 11am slt to Noon slt K-2nd Grade Class- Tuesday and Thursday 4pm slt to 5pm slt 3rd-6th Grade Class- Monday 9am slt to 10am slt 7th-9th Grade Class- Monday and Wednesday 7:30-8:30pm slt 10th- 12th Grade Class- Saturday and Sunday 11am slt to Noon * More classes to be added upon demand * ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Extra curricular activities will be announced as they are created and added to the calendar for the following semester. *Photography *Dance *Art *Cooking *Gardening *Gym *More can be added upon demand and interest Please contact layler.moonwall, niki.racer or craddick for registration information. This information will also be available at the corresponding schools upon payment.
  23. Hi people, so i have this training center and i would like to add a projector and screen, so that i can display images, slides etc for educational purposes. Is that even possible? If yes, where can i get it? or do i have to make it myself? if there is a link in shopping would someone be kind enough to send a link? because i have search quite a bit, but no use. Thank you =)
  24. Suzzie Halsey is a certified teacher from the US. She is looking to see if she can use her skills as a 18 year teacher to teach English as a Second Language to a world wide classroom. She has taught ESL classes for 10+ years in real life. The classes will be official and you will get curriculum and a certificate at the end that you attended the class. There will be a charge for the classes to help recover her time and effort in making this a career change from the regular classroom to an online classroom setting. If you are interested in attending her class message her or send a note card letting her know.
  25. Hi....does anyone know of 'schools' or places helpful to people who have been around SL for a couple of years and want to start using Firestorm tools and settings to befin to see SL at its best and to be able to take great pictures? Thanks for reading
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