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  1. Seduction Apartments is in it's final stages of development! SA will be offering apartments (both furnished and unfurnished) as well as a few flat lots for rent. The land rating is Adult, so no teens or children will be allowed on the sim at any point. We're currently looking for a marketing manager, a property manager, and an interior designer. Each of these roles will have their own responsibilities and will be paid (in Lindens) for their time. They will also receive a profit share for each rental payment (Handled in CasperTech) and also be issued a free rental of their choosing. Below are the roles and responsibilities of each position we are looking for. Property Manager (Hiring!) Check prim limits for each tenant and report any objects outside of rentals Assist with setting rental values and costs Address any tenant complaints/reports Marketing Manager (Position Filled) Handle and maintain advertising to drive traffic Optimize the land and group profiles with URLs, links, keywords, etc. Send announcements and invites Interior Designer (Hiring!) Purchase furniture and décor with budget provided for our furnished apartments Arrange and manage floorplans/layouts for units If interested in either positions, please send notecard or IM to me in-world here, or reply to this thread.
  2. I'm starting a new business and would love to hire an experienced graphics designer to design my huds, unpackers, logos, and more. ❤️ Please contact me in world at AllyKat2025.
  3. I am a photographer/blogger ( Graphic Designer in RL ) and i have been wanting to work somewhere ( preferably as a photographer ), also i do commissions! ♥ Here is my Flickr ♥ My Instagram ♥ do IM me if interested. ( elisesum ) thank you ! ♥
  4. I'm looking to hire someone who can design my new strip club! Reply here or message my Iw: AsteriaFrancois
  5. Hello I want to do some shopping and I'm searching stores who sells designer bags and clothes (Chanel, Gucci...), do you have any suggestions please ?
  6. LiV!T project a project started by me, Miria Kiyori, to share the passion and fun in having a store in second life. Liv in my language is life, so it is kind of like Live it. and to live second life to the fullest. there will be around 11 store given or rented out to passionated or hard working store owners. besides that there will be an shopping event from the 9th of May 2021. where people able to showcase there work for a small amount of linden, or product to showcase you store if only on the marketplace or something like that. there will be sponsor boths for 500 Linden for one both for the monthly event. and donation is also appreceated to pay rent for sim and to sponsor peoples dream. stores we are looking for: shapes, make up, tattoos, skins, facial hair, poses, animations. things there will not be accepted: copy righted stuff re made, copied items, templates okay if used as refences and not the product. adult rated stuff, racist or other hatefull things. stores are 300 Li ____________________________________________ Deals these deals are for people, with big dreams and little linden to for fill them. for stores at least make more than one item a month. and exclusive for a event stall. unless not able to. share product images or adds if flickr, add them to group images letting me make a store tour for youtube. keep your products G-rated or moderated. - no to building homes above or under the stores. - no to have big store and using as satalite store. - no to selling used gachas okay with permission to use the floor level to make blogger/add pictures. if needed I'll might be able to sponsor some linden if you need linden to make a product, have trouble on starting. wrote a rent one too but perfer helping than renting out. here is an application form for stores: https://forms.gle/EPMYWUdpLUQKGCD88 there will also be hosted an event each month. here is the froms for May 2021: https://forms.gle/nNubfDKq3xtKYVMp7 please contact in world or throw flickr. am not good at forums ^^" to see the place, here is the taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Never Never Land/177/107/2004
  7. Hi everyone. Me and my Partner recently just bought some land and a house. We are now looking for some interior/exterior decorators to help us turn it into our perfect home. It's quite a big build. Please see photo attached. Photos (gyazo.com) However there is plently land (4096m 1/16 of Sim) and plenty prims to make it truly into my dream home. I have a rough idea of how I would like things but nothing is set in stone in that regard. I have some furniture but no where near enough so a requirement would be you have a plethera of furniture already but are also able to incorporate the pieces I and my partner already have. I do have a budget in mind.(based on shopping around from different decorators and word of mouth from friends) However, I am open for this to be up for discussion. Please, if you are interested or know anyone who is either get in contact with me here or inworld under the legacy name : Goffik Thank you for your time! xoxo Pixi Princeton Please no timewasters. If you have no experience or no portfolio I will not respond. Have a blessed day!
  8. I ask here, cause all of you saw more than only one Person and cause the Girl i saw it, wont tell me what Skin it is! Sooooo prettty Pleeeaassseee, does anyone know, what Brand of Skin that is? Or does anyone recognize that Skin and has already seen it? If anyone can help, pleeeaase help me out Photo is attached! I tahnk you all sooo much !
  9. Currently looking for someone who is able to create quality apparel for one of our operations. Has to be fitted for Maitreya and gianni body. to discuss further send inworld message.
  10. Hello, I am looking for an Interior designer who can restyle my store/rebrand the store. Looking for something modern. My store is a music stream store for DJ's and other club equipment products. Regards NealB
  11. Highly experienced Sim Designer with a background in custom designing sims. I am trustworthy and dependable with a flair for projects of all sizes. I am able to think “outside the box", and am seeking an opportunity to apply my designing ability to your land. I have a keen eye for detail and consider myself to be very passionate about my work when planning and creating a project. Just because I am very reasonably priced, does not mean you will not get the sim of your dreams. My work is guaranteed with your full satisfaction. Please contact Jorjiangrace inworld or via email at jresident@yahoo.com to set up a consultation.
  12. Seasonal greeetings to you all. I am looking for a mesh creator to work with. I am interested in shoes and/or clothing. Can anyone make recommendations? Please feel free to contact me IW or reply! Please note I am not here to waste your time and money is not an issue so long I am able to see you portfolio. Thank you DEE🙂
  13. Seasonal greeetings to you all. I am looking for a mesh creator to work with. I am interested in shoes and/or clothing. Can anyone make recommendations? Please feel free to contact me IW or reply! Thank you DEE🙂
  14. HGMM is looking to hire someone with the skills and interest to create nice videos and posters to help promote our venue, our shows and events! Please contact Dreams Riler in SL. Do not miss the opportunity to be a part of a dedicated, caring team. Here at HGMM we're all family! We are looking forward to hear from you
  15. I am a graphic/web designer with 4 years of experience. I have ran my freelance company for 3 years as well as working for various companies IRL. I have even worked on projects in SL for a couple of clubs. I am looking for steady work in the ways of: Web design, hosting, & maintenance | Advertising Graphics | T-shirt graphics | Logos | and more. I am available to be hired full time or on a per project basis. I have also worked as a GM, Host, & DJ. My current website is centered around content creators, but here is a link to showcase my quality of work: http://lcemgraphics.com I do have a few examples of graphics I have made for SL specifically. If you would like to see those I can send them to you. As for payment, I accept PayPal & L$ ONLY If you are interested please contact me in world. I prefer a notecard or a reply on here as I switch computers often, but IM's are okay as well. Avatar Name: Zethnos Vanity Name: Zeth Fu-Hok
  16. Pure Imagination Events November Market now taking applications. Theme - It's looking a lot like Christmas ( Winter Items) Stalls from 350L - 500L ALL CONTENT CREATORS ARE INVITED TO PARTICIPATE (moderate content - adult must be censored) and showcase all your latest creations! Are you a small independent creator? Or a large one!? Do you create the weird and wonderful? Do you make fashions and items that are unique and not just re-colors of templates? Do you make things that are hard to fit into any category? Do you find it difficult to find events that allow you to showcase your products due to their uniqueness or category? Pure Imagination events are for all of the above and more! We want to showcase items that are unusual, unique, interesting, weird, imaginative and crafted with love! Set up by 20th November Contact Amythe Moonlight ingame by notecard for an application or pick up an application Here and take a look at the site all ready for Holiday and Winter shopping.
  17. I have an amusement park and I want to offer free t shirt gifts. I need meshes which I have full rights over. I have searched the marketplace for FP meshes that allows creators to used their meshes for gifts. I have found absolutely none. EVERYONE wants you to sell them for a price, which I understand. But I have even contacted some creators to ask if I may purchase special rights. Nos all around. I need some decent looking meshes that fit a variety of bodies that I can use to make free t shirts. Just fyi I will not cheapen the models. I make amazing textures and even animated shirts. These will not be half assed slapped together designs. I am willing to pay a fair price for the rights to already existing meshes, or for someone to design unique ones for me.
  18. Im a graphic designer looking for a job in sl here is my virtual card Here are some examples
  19. Hello my names Rasse814 (ThePhionixX) and I´m looking for a custom furry texture designer/maker that can do a texture for a furry avatar body for a fair price In lindens or if needed in real life cash. also need help with applying the texture/skin to the premade meshes/body will give more info on contact. mgpjokers@gmail.com or reply here
  20. Experienced games content creator makes custom avatars based on rl celebrities or people, Texture clothing , Makeup,. tattoos, Body details, Brandings, I also style the complete avatar and do Photography . Contact me inworld for more information. https://www.flickr.com/photos/olympiahoxley/ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/67150
  21. Looking to hire a graphic designer for a few RP sim projects. Projects include HUD textures as well as redesigning clothing and item textures for the sim. Please PM me in world at NiteTrix Resident.
  22. I am looking to create a few male clothing items ready for upload into my store, therefore I will need the final folders and files ready. The ideal candidate will have experience in both mesh and texture to complete this project as well as an understanding of male body types for appropriate fitting versions. For more information on the project requirements, please message me and provide a link to your past work as well as your rate. In game: JesseSixx or via the messaging forums
  23. Id like to look into hiring a mesh designer for a certain piece I want created. someone who can give me the finished mesh item and maps associated with uploading into SL. Is this the area to post such a request? Thank you
  24. Our company Big Hit Second Life is looking for designers to collaborate with. We need a responsible person who knows 3D programs well, knows a little programming or understands it. Designers will create characters, clothing, design and architecture, animations, poses, and more. This job is only for those who can devote themselves completely. Requirements: Knowledge of programs such as: Photoshop, 3ds Max, Zbrush, Blender, or others. It is desirable to know Daz3D studio (for creating characters) and be able to create high-quality visualization. Don't forget to send your work in the comments or by nickname. All profits from models will be divided 30% by 70% 70% goes to the designer. You can reach me at OfficialBigHitSL in SL waiting for your work
  25. Looking for a Mesh designer to recreate mesh frames from images of frames Texture designer to create several texture for these frames Scripter to create HUD to resize frames, apply texture and optionally a color to frame, add a picture to frame
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