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Found 347 results

  1. I am launching Velvet Island this Saturday, 12th May, and urgently need all types of staff. 3 clubs, bars, ballroom. Hourly rate plus tips. Ongoing work.
  2. We would love to invite you all to Winterspring to witness the grand opening of PixoSensual! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Winterspring/77/121/22 What is so awesome about PixoSensual? Now thats a big secret! But lets tell you what we have planned for the big day! We are starting at 12 noon and running for a straight 14 hours with some amazing DJs and an AWESOME live singer! You will love it! I promise! So what is the schedule? 12pm - 10pm we will have Live DJs ~ DJ FOREVER, DJ BUUM, DJ KATE, DJ BRI, DJ RIKKI ~ 10pm - 12am we will have a Live Singer KOKO INCOGNITO 12am - 2am we will have Live DJ GLITCH Anything more special? Of course we do! We have a BBQ with lots of delicious food, luscious scenery to enjoy with your friends, lots of space to roam around and hang out, dancers in the club, and most importantly AWESOME STAFF to keep you entertained for the whole event! Is there a contest? Absolutely! The friendliest avatar in PixoSensual will get a HUGE L$1,000L Is it worth it? Oh yeah it is! Don't miss out on a great time! Music? DJs take requests and are open genre! Look forward to seeing you! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Winterspring/77/121/22
  3. Happy Hump Day At Indulge Gentlemen's Lounge! That's right, hump day. A flash of skin, a hint of sin, and sweet, sultry voices to lure you in. The Sirens of Indulge are putting on a show just for you. The day of the week that the Sirens enjoy the most! Why, you ask? Because on Hump Day, for every L$200 you tip them, you get a mini lap dance. And they get the pleasure of getting up close and personal with our VIP's. Let us help you over the hump. You know you want to.. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Desert%20Shores/59/41/1303 ?➤ Indulge Gentlemen's Lounge ➤? ?➤Now Hiring!➤? Please message Phedre Luckless or refer to the Online Application for more details! ?➤ Indulge Gentlemen's Lounge Online Application➤? https://goo.gl/forms/cZQQ6lqqv2JUZdbs1 Please message Phedre Luckless or refer to the Online Application for more details! ?➤Connect with us: ? https://www.instagram.com/indulgegentlemensloungesl/ ? www.flickr.com/groups/indulgegentlemenslounge/ ? https://www.facebook.com/IndulgeGentlemensLounge/
  4. * * GRAND OPENING ~ FRIDAY MAY 4th ~ LIVE DJs FROM NOON - MIDNIGHT * * PixoSensual ~ 24 Hour Adult Club with live DJs, Dancers, Strippers and Escorts. Come visit our beautiful, luscious beach sim where you can play and dance to awesome music. Freelance Escorts and Strippers are available to dance on a pole or take you up to a private skybox. Shops are available to browse for your sexy needs. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Winterspring/77/121/22 PixoSensual is looking for experienced DJs and welcomes Freelance Strippers and Escorts. There are still available AdBoards and Shops for rent.
  5. ZanderZ is an adult club looking for DJ's, hosts, and dancers! We are a fun and unique club where all genres (with some exceptions i.e no death metal or gangster rap) of music are allowed, we are looking for fun loving, friendly, and reliable staff. We have an excellent and experienced Management team, great staff, and even better VIP's. REQUIREMENTS: Must be over 18 in RL Everyone must be 60 SL days old Everyone must have a decent looking mesh avatar You must speak fluent English You must be there for your entire 2 hour set (unless its an emergency) You keep all (100%) of the tips you make. DJ's: You MUST have your own stream You must be willing to take requests You must be willing to work by yourself (no host) as a last resort Host's: You must know how to send mass invites to the VIP group You must be talkative You must be friendly You must know how to send notices in groups Dancers: You must know how to emote (paragraph emotes aren't necessary) You must be friendly If you are interested in Hosting or DJ'ing at ZanderZ, please contact Me (Astrahlynn resident). If you are interested in Dancing at ZanderZ, please contact Zander Ewing. Thank you, Astra Neiro (Astrahlynn) ZanderZ Staff Manager
  6. * Club * Sweat* Looking for dedicated and devoted people willing to work, even if you are new to Second Life. We do not require you to be of "age" everything will be taught to you. Contact: Ravenzclaw
  7. We are new rock&metal club now hiring DJs Hosts & Dancers! - we are fun loving, bloodlines friendly club - DJs : no own stream needed, Mic is optional, reliable, love to have fun, friendly and outgoing personality, taking requests. - Hosts : know how to sent notice, friendly and outgoing personality, reliable and knows how to keep local chat running. - Dancers : fun loving, reliable, friendly and outgoing personality - Genre is rock& metal only - 100% tips - Applications can be found on the club entrance Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Bad-Temptations-Rock-Club-427838337668387/
  8. Now Hiring! Blanford Pointe (www.blanford.club) is a new Role Play community in Second Life. Our community is a modern day fantasy role play. Meaning you can portray classic fantasy style characters (things like Elves, Orcs, Dwarfs, Furries, Fae) in a modern day environment with a slight horror bent (we allow vampires and Lycans as well.) We have an entire sim, and this sim needs people to help make it go. We are hiring for the following positions. Race Leads - These people report to the storyteller lead and it will be their job to come up with basic rules for the race they get placed in charge of (i.e. Lycan or Orc, etc) and also run stories for the race each month. Pay is 1k Linden a week. Narrators - Paid 150 Linden an hour to portray NPC's etc for different stories. DJ's - WE NEED DISC JOCKEYS URGENTLY FOR OUR CLUBS. WE WILL PAY $10 an HOUR TO PAYPAL or 2500 Linden an HOUR plus TIPS! PM ME ASAP and FILL OUT THE APPLICATION at www.blanford.club Hosts/Hostesses - Do you know how to host a good party? Hosts get paid tips plus housing benefits. We give each one of our employee's free housing in our city. On top of that, we also provide a free one week vacation after six months of work! We are looking for people to help us in the long haul. Fill out the information on the Now Hiring tab at www.blanford.club Visit the sim by going to http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Summer Flame/26/209/24 and picking up an OOC Group tag so you can take a walk through of our MASSIVE city!
  9. ~Red Light District~ now welcomes Freelancers. Simply grab a copy of the rules and then log in and grab a pole. FREE adboards, Private rooms for group members. Tip percentage is 80/20. You set your own rates. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eternally Yours/116/162/1076
  10. ~Red Light District~ is currently seeking EXPERIENCED staff. Must be older than 30 days, have previous experience and know how to emote and use adboards. We do not have a weekly hour requirement, we do however, ask that you agree to our standards prior to employment. Must be able to speak English. AFK staff is required to rent an unfurnished apartment room, 100L a week with a 50 prim allowance. That includes a free adboard with a direct teleport to your room. Men are needed for our "It's Raining Men" promotion held on Mondays running all day long. We are offering FREE adboards for Escorts/Dancers and Business for the first week of rental, see the information inworld. Accept the rules notecard and rename it, then drop it into the mailbox or send it to myself or Raven Firethorn.
  11. Come and Feel the Mojo at Club Bella Blues Hiring Now 24 hour club so international Dj's are accepted DJ's Hosts Performance Artists Dancers Please contact our Manager Psychodelicchic to arrange an interview and please send a notecard as messages are always capped. Profile link below secondlife:///app/agent/3a08f0e7-bd82-487b-bce9-2dac0be09381/about We are predominantly a Blues/Rock club now branching out into performance art our first production will be in two weeks. We are first and foremost looking for DJs. If you spin Blues, Rock or easy listening music we are interested in sharing our stage. We do prefer that our DJ's use voice even if it is non english we are a club that uses voice to interact in general chat also. If you are transgender we are also accepting and non discriminatory. If you are ethnic to the english language we use translators and welcome you to apply. We also hiring experienced Hosts. Dancers and Performance Artists are also welcome to apply you must not be a new avatar and must be able to afford costumes etc. Club Bella Blues is not sponsored at this stage so it is up to our employees to help bring in the patrons. We operate on a tip based system however we do offer non financial bonuses to deserving staff, warm friendship and happy times. Click or paste the link below to explore the sim http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paradise Caye/117/139/2042
  12. In honor of the grand opening, ~Red Light District~ is offering ONE WEEK free Adboard rentals. One per person if Dancer/Escort, one per Business. After your first week, normal rental fee is 50L. Simply chose the board, pay, and your first week will be refunded. Promotion ends April 15, 2018. ~Red Light DIstrict~ is also looking for a few sexy AFK girls to rent rooms. 100L a week with 50 prim allowance plus free adboard which tps clients directly to your room. ALSO looking for Escorts and Dancers, no hourly requirement per week, just agree to the Club rules. Please apply in world, click the rules sign then read and return to myself or the mailbox. Don't have a nice profile photo? We can take one for you for a small fee. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eternally Yours/61/144/1076
  13. ➤✸➤☆Now Hiring☆➤✸➤ Thank you for your Interest in Indulge Gentleman's Lounge as an Indulge Siren! As an Indulge Siren, you are now a member of the hottest family in Second Life. As such, you are now entitled to benefits and bonuses that are only offered here at Indulge. You Have two choices as an employee working at Indulge: A Full-Time Siren or a Part-Time Siren. A ☆Part-Time Siren☆ receives: →80% of her tips →Free access to our Suites! A ☆Full-Time Siren☆: →Works at Least 10 Hours a week to be eligible as full time! In return she receives all kinds of benefits such as: →90% of her tips! →$L10 an hour ! →Free Ad Board! →Free Access to our Suites! What You need to be part of Indulge : ☆Be prepared to Voice Verify! ☆Must be at least 30 days old (certain exceptions for proven alts) ☆Human Form Only! ☆Must be an adult avatar! ☆Be able to emote! ☆Must speak English! ☆Be female and 18+ RL (will verify) →Here at Indulge we hire all females, CIS or Trans included.. If you identify as Female but are in transition please note we do ask for you to be clear on both your profile and Ratecard that you are indeed Trans. Since we do sell sexual intimate services we ask for you to be prepared to be transparent about this to work at Indulge. ☆A Mesh Body and Mesh Head are Mandatory to work here! ☆Be classy and Sexy with quality skin/ hair/ shape/ clothes/ shoes! ☆Once hired you must rent an advertising board: ☆If Hired Be prepared to add Indulge to Your Picks on your Profile and Keep Groups Shown. You Must be able to Hear and Use Voice! We are a voice club so be prepared to speak on voice at least 75% of the time you are on stage!. If you agree with the above rules and requirements please join our applicant group and proceed filling out the application in the link below! Please rename it with your name and date and drop it into the application box. Keep in mind that incomplete apps will be ignored. We also only contact the applicants we are interested in hiring, but if you have not heard back from us in a few days please IM Phedre Luckless in regards to the status. Paste this link into open chat and click to join the Indulge Applicant Group: secondlife:///app/group/fe1f9594-54bd-24f2-e070-367cc489496f/about ➤✸➤ Indulge Gentlemen's Lounge Online Application➤✸➤ https://goo.gl/forms/cZQQ6lqqv2JUZdbs1 Connect with us: https://www.flickr.com/photos/indulgegentlemenslounge/ https://www.facebook.com/IndulgeGentlemensLounge/ https://www.instagram.com/indulgegentlemensloungesl/ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Desert%20Shores/59/37/1303
  14. Shooters Male Revue is hiring! Shooters is an solid, etablished Male Revue on an beautiful designed Sim. Our focus lays on fulfilling every wish, dream and desire our clients may have. We do have a bunch, of sexy, and experiented dancers and escorts. We are surely unlike every other Stripclub on the grid. Best is to come by, hang out and find out for yourself (Grab the TP below the post). Some of the things we offer our clients are: * The famous Spank-Menu with a sunday special * A waxing and cuddling Menu * The wheel of Misfortune * FUN! We are looking for: * Male Dancers / Strippers * Male Escorts (Voice & Text) What we offer: * You keep 80% of your tips (85% when you're earned a golden tipjar) * Golden tipjar is guaranteed when you put in 8 hours a week * Guaranteed spot on stage in our saturday event when you put in 4 hours a week * Free Advertising Board in our club (when you put in the minimum of 2 hours a week) * As a staffmember you get special discounts at our Cooperations-Partner: The Luxxx Lounge * Themed Event every Saturday 3 -5 PM SLT * A funny, laid back and friendly atmosphere to work in * A bunch of the most awesome co-workers & clients * Shooters got it's own Facebook / Flickr Our requirements: * up-to-date and meshed up Avatar * outgoing, witty & laidback personality * Ability to voice (we do voice-verify our staff) * Ability to be on stage a minimum of 2-4 hours a week For further information and/or an jobapplication come and visit or contact our Lead-Dancer FinnLord4 Resident inworld. We are looking forward to hear from you! Teleport to Shooters
  15. ~Red Light DIstrict~ is looking for a few sexy AFK girls to rent rooms. 100L a week with 50 prim allowance plus free adboard which tps clients directly to your room. ALSO looking for Escorts and Dancers, no hourly requirement per week, just agree to the Club rules. Free adboards for your first week of rental, otherwise only 50L a week. Please apply in world, click the rules sign then read and return to myself or the mailbox. Don't have a nice profile photo? We can take one for you for a small fee.
  16. Lavish Gentlemen's Club "Where your dirtiest fantasies come true..." Hiring Dancers/Escorts/DJs Lavish Gentlemen's Club is now open and hiring!We are looking for girls to join our family at Lavish.Come work in a fun and friendly atmosphere,sexy girls who watch out for each other like family.We are currently working on amazing events soon to come to the public.We are looking for Djs as well at Lavish.Come join a club that treats you right with out feeling like it a competition or cattiness or even feel like you're being left out.Join us to be respected with dignity.We are open to all types of girls,yes we're talking to you fellow nekos!From the very experienced to the girls just starting out, who would like a safe and fun environment.Thank you for choosing Lavish ♥ Incentives for Staff(More coming soon): ♡ Dolls keep 85% of their tips and fees. DJs receives L$300 plus keep 100% of their tips. Djs must come in the club for an interview! ♡ Hourly pay(L$10/per hour) for our Dancers and Escorts! ♡ Fun laid back environment ♡ We do hire beginners and experienced Dancers/Escorts. We provide many classes and training! ♡Be featured on our Club Flickr(Link: https://www.flickr.com/people/160179633@N04 ) ══════════════════════════♛══════════════════════════ Dancer/Escort Online application Link: https://goo.gl/forms/3aKzmDm01QYIyX3N2 Or Come on by for an application In world! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chamber of Secrets/123/222/26 ══════════════════════════♛══════════════════════════
  17. ? CAKESHOP? Hiring Dancers & Escorts ★CAKESHOP★ is one of the most hottest strip club in Second Life more than a private showclub its an interactive experience. ?We have Constant high traffic with wealthy VIPS constantly spoiling our Cakes! ★ All applicants will be voice verified. ★ We only hire Quality not Quantity & NO freelancers. ★ You must be able to work minimum 5 hours/week in the club. ★ 80% Stage Tips its the amount of what you keep when you work. ★NOW HOURLY WAGE IS PAID FOR YOUR REQUIRED 5 HOURS ★ You must be fluent in English ( NO translators allowed). ★ You are required to have a high-quality avatar to work at CAKESHOP. A full mesh body & mesh head with unique looks is a requirement! ★ You must be female and over 18 in RL . TP here to get an application -->http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/CAKESHOP/139/140/24
  18. {[Secrets]} Gentlemen's Club & Resort is hiring! We are looking for experienced Escorts and Dancers to join our team. We are a voice club so if you enjoy talking this is the place for you. Have you experienced the cattiness of other clubs and want a laid back fun place to work then jump over and fill out an app today!
  19. ~Red Light District~Now Hiring/Free Adboards http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eternally Yours/73/142/1076 Set in an Amsterdam style atmosphere, great for RP and AFK, with rooms available to rent. Looking for emoters with a gorgeous look and and a professional attitude. 18+ and over please, no child avatars. Dancers who strip, Escorts and AFK girls. Apply in-world then drop notecard in the mailbox. Free first week of Escort or Business adboard rental. Pay the board and you will be refunded.*PROMO ENDS April 15th....* AFK Girls recieve free adboards with direct teleport for the duration of their room rentals.
  20. {[SECRETS]} GENTLEMEN's CLUB & RESORT INVITES YOU TO COME PLAY WITH US LADIES, WE WILL DANCE FOR YOU TEASE YOU SOME AND SOME OF US WILL EVEN PLEASE YOU! COME ON OVER CHILL WITH US 7 DAYS WEEK, WE ARE OPEN 24/7 ! My name is Kitten and i would LOVE to DANCE for YOU and just chat, Have some fun,Chill on this Friday or any day! I am very playful and i love to laugh and voice with you. Hurry on over I will try my hardest to be here and greet you! See YOU SOON!
  21. Are you looking for a upscale classy gentlemen's club that offers sexy beautiful woman. Are you looking for a relaxing yet exciting place to come and unwind? We have everything you are looking for. Being a voice establishment we keep things very inviting for our patrons with a relaxing and laid back atmosphere along with providing intimacy.. Come over and meet our Escorts and Dancers. We are open to singles and couples alike.(18+) Secrets Gentlemen's Club Is Hiring! We are looking for experienced Escorts & Dancers with their own clientel that are reliable, fun, with personality to join our team. Must be at least 30 days old with mesh body. Must be comfortable in working in an adult environment. Must be a voice verified woman and be comfortable talking in local voice. 80% tips Move to 85% after trial period. Escorts Set your own fees.(text, voice, or cam) Stop by and check us out pick up an application and we will defintely have a talk with you! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Haifa/150/159/23
  22. ♥Lavish Gentlemen's Club ♥ About us: Lavish Gentlemen’s Club provides a very lavish experience for all our VIPs and staff to partake in.We provide the finest Dancers and escorts with very unique services to everyone.Lavish’s Events are the most sensational to attend in Second life and you mostly definitely do not want to miss any of them.Yes,we're a open voice club!Visit our ladies for a strip tease in one of our private luxury hotels rooms for a more intimate experience.Our Text,Voice,And Webcam Escorts offer a wide range of tantalizing services that can take place in your home or beautifully decorated hotel rooms. See you at Lavish♥
  23. ♥Lavish Gentlemen's Club ♥ About us: Lavish Gentlemen’s Club provides a very lavish experience for all our VIPs and staff to partake in.We provide the finest Dancers and escorts with very unique services to everyone.Lavish’s Events are the most sensational to attend in Second life and you mostly definitely do not want to miss any of them.Yes,we're a open voice club!Visit our ladies for a strip tease in one of our private luxury hotels rooms for a more intimate experience.Our Text,Voice,And Webcam Escorts offer a wide range of tantalizing services that can take place in your home or beautifully decorated hotel rooms. See you at Lavish♥
  24. ░░▒▓◙█◙█◙ CLUB PHOENIXXX HIRING GENERAL MANAGER ◙█◙█◙▓▒░░ Club Phoenixxx is an optional strip club. Which is why the extra Xs are added to give the name a more erotic look and feel. The people that came to Club Phoenixxx come to have a great time, to hang out with friends and family, laugh, joke and have a good time without people spamming with gestures, to make the club look interesting. Although Club Phoenixxx was born inside a vampire castle, it is not a vampire club. Club Phoenixxx welcomes everyone but vampires are required to leave there Fangs at the door. We are real people that can hold a conversation with our guests and make them feel welcome. We are looking for an experienced General Manager to take the club to the next level. General Manager Job Description: ----------------------------------------- Position type: Permanent Salary: to be discussed Club Operation: Our club operates from Monday to Saturday Closed Sunday for Staff Meetings: Once a month on any given Sunday (Twice a Month if needed) The Club General Manager is to ensure smooth operations at all levels and activities of the club. The job calls for someone who is an enterprising person and a good communicator and can works closely with the club owner. Duties 1. Hiring, managing, & scheduling of staffs such as Djs, host and dancers. 2. Ensure smooth running of the clubs routine events and activities including: - scheduling staffs for events - send reminder to staffs on their work schedules - Sending out event notices to marketing channels according to marketing plan. - Setting up Shoutcast and contest board 3. Interacting with visitors 4. Enforce club rules and policies; including handling of violation issues,. 5. And assist owners in establish best practices. Authority / Benefits * Power of a GM - authority second to owner of the club * Have own office & private room (if proven to be able to handle the job) * Professional Meeting room * Rez right Requirement 1. At least 1 year experience in SL 2. At least 6 months experience in managing clubs 3. Good people skills, fun loving and love to interact with people. 4. Good attitude - want to have fun but also be serious getting things done. 5. Experience in setting up and handling club equipments such as shoutcast board, contest board etc 6. Skills in developing, executing and managing marketing strategies and events with minimum supervision. Interest please contact PhoenixLover Magic (Principle Owner) KovanS Resident (Consultant)
  25. ?Lavish Gentlemen's Club ? Now Open! Now Hiring Dancer and Escorts What we offer to our employees: ♡ Dolls earn 85% of all tips. ♡ Fun laid back environment ♡ Class and uniqueness What we look for: ♡ Fun and Flirty personality ♡ Good looking avatar ( We would be happy to help!) ♡ Willingness to work ♡ Ability to Emote Come on by for an application! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Secret Desires/91/115/28
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