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About Me

  1. Hi, I know I have only been a resident in Second Life a few days but in those few days I have already learned so much and I am looking to expand that experience, to do what I came here to do and it is explore RP and the BDSM community in Second Life. I am seeking out RP partners, ones who are able to write few sentences at least, to help on this journey. (Can't really RP alone, now can I? Hahah) Anyway, I am seeking out writing partner(s) who are over open minded, over eighteen, and able to write. I need someone I could communicate with, someone I could have interesting stories with and
  2. We are seeking enthusiastic DJS and Hosts for our club and sim at Shadowlands. Experience tho desired it isnt necessary as training will be provided for the right candidate. Our ethos is fun and enjoyment so a sizzling personality is important djs must own thier own stream and be prepared to work two sets a week minimum. salary is paid plus 100 percent tips. Bring your A game and come aboard during our exciting times ahead. do contact for hosts enya footman and djs aceman44. We look forward to hearing from you
  4. Last days for D/s Art-photos Expo taken in SL by Kate Love. Visit at Rose-Club https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/City of Concord/141/64/3709?title=Rose-Club%20-%20Lesbian%20D/s%20&%20BDSM%20Club&msg=Lesbian%20D/s%20&%20BDSM%20Club%20Lounge%20exclusivly%20for%20Dommes,%20Femdom,%20Slaves%20and%20Submissive%20girls,%20Ladies.%20Dances%20parties,%20BDSM%20Theater,%20BDSM%20Skybox-Rental,%20Prison,%20Dunjeon,%20isolation,%20.../*Windlight%20SKY:%22Midnight%22*/
  5. Location: Rose-Club http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/City of Concord/143/70/3710
  6. D/s "Rose-Club" is seeking DJette, dancer, Actresses. Djette : 100% tips, regular sets, with energy, variety of genres music Dancer; 100%tips, with emotes, interacting with public 2 Actresses : Must be Dominant person for performing scenes with submissives. in world: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/City of Concord/143/70/3710 contact :BMarry Resident
  7. We start at 1 PM SL time this firday (5th Jan). Come as you like, fetish, casual, naked (but please be classy). All are welcome. Take your friends with you and relax after this very long first week of New Year. Please remember that today we party in new Asylum so grab the cab to the Asylum Adepts: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Enchantress/109/226/814
  8. Offline today and missing most New Year parties in SL? Join the New Year party in THE BONDED SOULS ASYLUM on 1st January at 1 PM SLT. Get your masque on and participate in a naughty masquerade. Secret place: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Enchantress/75/243/814
  9. Backgroundstory: (so far ; open to suggestions) Following an unofficial request, the USS Titania under the command of Thorin II. escorted an Orion freighter to a mine planet within the Demilitarized Zone between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire. Out of boredom, the ship’s science officer, Dr. Alexandra Actor, scanned the cargo room of the Orions' ship, and found several human lifeforms in there. She informed her captain who then ordered to repeat the scan. Again it was positive on signals of human lifeforms. Captain Thorin then called the Orion crew,
  10. Do you enjoy music and lively entertainment. Do you enjoy company and talking to people and having fun. IF this is you then what are you waiting for Shadow Lands is based on the books about Shadow Lands we are looking for Hosts, DJs, House Dom/mes and House subs also looking for Dungeon Monitors. We are a friendly club and sim with many things involved all are welcome to come it is in progress of being relaunched so now is the time to get on board to enjoy the family atmosphere and upcoming fun
  11. Underground Decadence seeking RP bartenders, dungeon/sim moderators, and dancers. These are all paid positions plus 100% tips. Hours are completely flexible. Must be at least slightly familiar with RP etiquette and willing to actively socialize and participate in the sim RP. No avatars less than 3 months old please (if you are not new to SL but have a new avatar please contact us). Adult-looking avatars only. Below is a synopsis of the theme of the sim. Anyone interested please contact Mac Pierce (null.Aries) or Calum Pierce (calumcatan Resident) in world via notecard. "The Isle
  12. Greetings Fellow Lifestylers, Summer may be waning but things are heating up at Shadow Lands! Our goal is to provide our membership with a D/s community. A community you can be proud to be a part of. We are working tirelessly to provide; FUN! - DJ'd club and dances, games nights, movies nights, play parties and more! MUNCHES! - a casual meeting of submissives and Dominants, switches, tops, bottoms - (you get the idea, anyone with an interest in bdsm) to simply be yourselves with others of like mind and chat about anything, EDUCATION in the form of; Discussion
  13. Wanted DJS and Hosts or hostesses for Shadowlands Shadowlands is a bdsm,d/s community that focuses on friendship if you feel you can fit the bill and are outgoing and fun loving please do contact myself or Katarina Erin or Delightfulbrat no experience hosting necessary as training will be provided. We look forward to hearing from you Please drop a notecard with your interest as messages get capped
  14. Greetings every one who drops by this page. I am 34 year shy submissive looking for a family or group who can love me and treat me nice. for a long time was bit alone in the world. My kinks are Latex shemales bondage gags blindfolds Limits death remove lims or body parts no scat or pee play
  15. Anyone interested in a non sexual sci-fi D/S RP? I'm working on a HUD that outputs a text-to-speech to your SL voice. The person must have discord and available from around 3pm - 11pm SLT. I would like to turn someone as an A.I. with voice recognition that follows and responds like a real person with emotion. I have several IoT projects that would love for you to activate and operate on my command. You will become like Jarvis, or Cortana. I would like to make it a long-term story building RP. Please message me inworld. Thanks.
  16. Greetings, I would like to meet just one man who is capable of being transparently honest and understands what having integrity means. I am looking for a long-term D/s relationship that hopefully, one day will lead to an RL relationship of the same kind. I am very serious about the BDSM lifestyle and am not interested in role players or tops. If you are not sure of the difference between a top and a dominant, we are not compatible. I am 50 and single in RL so I would like to meet a man who is over 50 years of age. I live in Ontario Canada and don't mind relocating but we must be close enough t
  17. Hello. Domme seeking a submissive for a D/S style non monogamous relationship. Must be human. Not interested in sissy play, baby girls, ADBL, pegging, or brats. I'm open to male or female but not "Shemales." Decent Emoting skills are required. You must be okay with occasionally being shared by my RP partners in the future. If interested, contact me in world at Slushie.adored- send an NC please because my IMs cap.
  18. Pink Gentlemen's Lounge is hiring! We are looking for girls willing to get naughty for some Lindens! Stop in to apply or check out our requirements on the web at www.pinkgentlemenslounge.com ! find us inworld :D
  19. Are you looking for a suburban neighborhood without the restrictions of a family community? Do you like the ability to be yourself with no judgement? This is the place for you! Imagination is a brand new community for adults. Come join in creating a brand new community. It's your *.:Imagination:.* Who will you be? We need: Firefighters Medical Workers Police Officers Other roles! You name it! Available Rentals
  20. We have redesigned the residential area at Daddy's Girl Oasis allowing more homes with beautiful water views. The residential area is situated on the north west corner of a full sim community with a small town shopping district, active coffee shop, pub and more. Come take a look at your new home Prim allotment is negotiable, if you need more or less to suit your needs. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Insula Inferi/127/228/23
  21. We're starting at the beginning with the basics of being a submissive. And we'll move down the submissive path with a different topic each week. But it won't be a typical Discussion with a "host" who talks for the first 20 or 30 minutes. this group belongs to us all and we will set the direction together. While we will have a topic each week, there might be nights when things move into a completely different area. And that's fine because the goal of this group is support and encouragement. So whether you're brand new, or have years of experience, we welcome you.
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