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Found 2,347 results

  1. Harajuku Night @ The Monarchy! Who doesn't love a sexy strip tease under neon lights? Join your Monarchy girls for Harajuku Night full of sex, tease, and of course, everything harajuku! Don't make our girls wait any longer...they're aching to play. More info and photos: http://themonarchysl.com/events/harajuku-night/ When: Tuesdays, starting at 6pm SLT SPECIAL CONTEST FOR BEST DRESSED ON 7/18, 1K PRIZE! Where: The Monarchy - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Magna/229/160/4004 If you have any questions, please send a IM or notecard to Alysee Rose (alyseerose201).
  2. New Club Opening Soon !! We are looking for Manager Job Am and pm time (slt) No need fill application, just reply your experience and name sl Owner : ʜᴀwk X (slhawk) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Italy Fashion/162/179/121
  3. Eden Valley RP High School is hiring for a variety of positions including teaching, coaching, supervising clubs and more! We are looking for creative, dedicated and friendly individuals who not only have an interest in RP but wish to make a difference in our community by bringing new ideas and alternate perspectives. Applicants are encouraged to choose (or create) any subject, sport or club that interests them. Please keep in mind that you may choose any from the following list or make up your own. Be sure that you check our schedule as we will not hire for a class that is currently being taught. - Business/Marketing - Graphic Design - Paranormal & the Unknown - Computer Programming - Music Production - Glee Club - Literature (World or US) - Poetry - Chess Club - Culinary Arts - Early Childhood Education - Babysitter's Club - Art - Interior Design - Gardening - Wood or Metal Shop - Language (American Sign Language, Spanish, French, Italian, German) - FBLA - Theater/Drama - Music Appreciation or Music Theory - Anime Club - Marching Band - World Music - Gaming Club - Astronomy - Biology - Cooking Club - Oceanography - General Science - DJ Club - Law - Anthropology - Modern World Studies - Psychology - Sociology - Movie Appreciation - Building - Scripting - Photography - Sculpture - Art History - Auto Mechanics - Cosmetology - Criminal Justice - Drivers Education - Football - Soccer - Tennis - Volleyball - Boxing - MMA - Equestrian Club Please visit us on the web to apply: https://edenvalleyhighschool.com/apply Campus Information: https://edenvalleyhighschool.com/ Campus Location: Eden Valley High School Campus (Click Here) For more information or a campus tour please contact: Mr Jesse Magic (Iamsoo Magic)
  4. Do you know that you're better than working at an ugly club? Why waste your time somewhere that doesn't appreciate you for no money? Plush is a custom built, exclusive club that has constant wealthy patrons that love to spoil our Plushies! We are looking for sexy girls that love to be naughty Our hiring process is very selective! *We will train beginners!* Requirements: → Must voice verify as female → Must have a mesh body, hands & feet. → Cannot own or manage another club. Perks: ♥ Exclusive staff earn up to 50L per hour + keep 80% of tips. ♥ Training and classes provided on how to be successful in this industry. ♥ Bonuses + Gifts. Stop by for an application http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Plush/97/129/23
  5. Angela's Club Desires is having a 'Dance in the Rain' event July 27th @ 4 pm Lots of linden give aways Bring a friend, meet new people, come party \o/ Party Bus: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Valhalla/201/86/26 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/837937183011278/
  6. Pre Opening event #House Music - Priority club 10 am - Hakan Y Deed 11am - Gee Siks 12pm - Caine Chambers 1pm - Juan shiu 2pm - DJ Celtus 3pm - Lucy Rose 4pm - Tarantula Bombastic 5pm - Liam http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Keng/232/28/22
  7. Hi and thank you for taking an interest with our club. We are a newly opened freelance club for dancers and escorts, but i would love to have dj's and hots/ess within our staff. Dj's and host/ess keeps 100% tips. Dj's if you dont have your own stream we have a club stream so dont worry about that. You can either come in-world to get the application or copy and past the following below into a not card and rename it Club Miruku Dj/Host/ess Application (NAME HERE). Please read the requirments before filling out the application. Dj's: 1. Must have experience Djing. 2. Avatar must be 60 days or older. You must be 18+ years. 3. No yiffing/sex during your shift, pay attention to local, stay out of IMs as much as possible. 4. Must be at your shift 30mins before a set, at this time you need to set up your dj progam with our club stream. Host/ess: 1. Always greet the vips and make them feel welcomed. 2. Keep local Chat active, do not sit there like a lump on a log. 3. No yiffing/sex during your shift, pay attention to local, stay out of IMs as much as possible. 4. Discourage the talk of politics, rape/reap,race, ect. 5. Must be at your shift 30mins before a set, at this time you need to send out notices and set up the contest board ( if one is durning your shift.) 6. Avatar must be 60 days or older. You must be 18+ years. Absent policy: In the even you're going to be absent on your shift. You need to make a note card and drop it into the mailbox or send to one of the owners or dj manager. 1st offense will result in no tip during next shift. 2nd offense will be a week ban from the group and no shifts. 3rd offense. (really hope there wont be one) you will be fired without warning. Dj's and host/ess keeps 100% of tips Dj stream (meaning you dont need a stream we offer one for this club use only) Please complete the whole application. Non completed applications will be thrown out without ant notice. Todays date: User Name: Rez Date: Photo: (full perm please) Applying for: { } DJ { } Host/ess Why would you like to work for Club Miruku? What is your avalibality? (slt) Sunday: Monday: Tuesday: Wensday: Thrusday: Friday: Saturday: Dj's only: Do you have experience djing?: if yes where What genre do you play/offer? Do you have a dj group? if yes please provide your group below Tells us about yourself and what you can offer to the club: Host/ess only: Do you have any pervious hosting experincing? if yes please provide below Do you know how to send out a notice? Can you keep a crowd hype and active? Tell us about yourself and what you can offer to the club: Please return to the mailbox outside of the club. Club LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Delfina/223/71/25
  8. I am looking to be a GM or manager of a club once again. I have lots of previous experience in this role as I was previously a GM and a former club owner I have knowledge about clubs, scheduling, SHX boards, drama and everything else club related If you need someone for your club please IM me in world! Thanks
  9. ☆Second Life's Monster Girl/Boi/Futa Strip and Escort Club!☆ We are hiring for all positions for opening soon! Hosts, DJs, Dancers, Escorts, and Management! ♡ We ALLOW futas/femboys ♡ No HOUR REQUIREMENTS! (You can choose your own hours) ♡ We have NO uniforms (Avatar MUST be a monster) ♡ We offer a fresh & unique atmosphere ♡ We host many diverse events! ♡ No Height Requirement! ♡ We offer a fresh & unique atmosphere 18+, must have an adult avatar and be an adult. Kemono and anime avatars allowed, as well as furries. Contact: Owner: Ayla (aunue spearsong) or Co-Owner: νєℓνєттιтѕ ღ ραηтιєѕ (pandabearcutie) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beyond Vanilla/191/53/1516 slurl to the club and applications are in front of the club as you rez in!
  10. Tired of wars that you didn't start, tired of being asked to finance a small nation in dues or "contributions"? Looking for one that actually likes to have fun, make friends and well....actually ride? If you answered yes to any of the above, Sinful Reapers is looking for riders as well as officers within our organization. We have our own extremely technical track which I guarantee will challenge even the most seasoned riders. We have a short probationary period after which you can become a fully patched member. If you are already involved with an MC in any fashion (hanger on, probie, patched), we do NOT want that drama at our door. We want fresh faces with no bad ties, if this sounds like you, hit me up inworld (jeremy123 resident) and we can arrange a meeting where I will explain more about us and what we are into. And the positions we are looking for.
  11. Satyr is looking for hostesses to support our DJ's, contact Siân (sian.bury) or Sadal Suub (sadalsuub) inworld for any details of this position. The times available are 12pm - 2pm and 2pm - 4pm SLT daily please fill in the application form in the Satyr foyer. The Hostess gets 100% of the tips. No experience required. Minimum SL age 90 days+ and able to access adult rated sims. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chirico/159/205/3901
  12. The furry yiff lair is now open up for employment! You may be a Dancer, escort, or security. all tips are 100% yours! we are quite new but I advise you stick around and watch some of the current dancers or tip some of the people, they love what they do. <3 contact JessicaTeague for more info if needed! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pentacle/188/174/622
  13. ? Ministry Of Trance Club Hiring : We are looking for reliable DJ´s, Hosts to join our Team here at Ministry of Trance. We hope to hear from you soon! ↘ Dj Application : http://bit.ly/2sX77zv ↘Host Application : http://bit.ly/2tzzsJU Visit Us Here ✈: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Crowley/224/31/22 #ministryoftrancesecondlife
  14. Diamond Butterfly LGTB Friendly ★ Now open to everyone great place to come relax kick ur shoes off pull back a seat listen to the music or get up and dance or you can head to the beach dig ur toes in the sand and watch the sunset safe place to bring the little ones we got games cuddles for couples even lil place to sit on the beach and camp under the stars got live djs and great place to just to feel at home and place to come relax and even take photos if you want we have shops and add boards and even studio with professional photographer just at your finger tips so why dont you come down join us and see how u like us we sure be grateful you joined us ★ Open hours are from 12pm slt to 6pm slt hiring djs host and dancers http://diamond-butterfly.mozello.com/ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aloha Reflections/145/161/2834
  15. Hi, my name is Cherryh and I am the GM for the Glory Hole After Dark and we are now hiring team members. This is a new club, but the owners have been in SL for a good while and have owned other successful venues. We are excited about this new venue and club and want to bring solid team members on board that will make the club a fun place to be. Go and check it out -> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sensual Twilight/124/47/1001 Instead of the 24/7 operation we would like to start out slower and build our clientele by having events just three, or four times a week. We would like to cover worldwide time zones, so we will need staff from all over! We do not want to have the stressful staff boards to fill, or take up all of your SL time, but we do want solid, loyal, and most importantly fun and happy staff! This club is on an adult sim, but that does not mean that the club has to be only adult content. We would like it to be a safe and fun place for adults to meet and enjoy themselves and for our staff to feel comfortable and appreciated. Of course we want to promote the venue that supports the club so we will need to include an invitation to members to go check it out. There will be a monthly event and award given to the highest tipped staff member. All staff members will be working for tips, so the more people we can draw to us will be a plus for everyone! We will be getting some very special sponsors for the events, so that we can offer some great prizes for the contests! We need DJ's that play a wide range of music, except for Classical and Country. The venue is retro "Go-Go" and erotic in theme, so we feel that the music should at least compliment the feel of the club. If you as a DJ have a Host/Hostess that you know and would like to work with, that would be great and we would be glad to support that. We would like Dancers that like to have fun and flirt, but we do not require stripping and will leave that up to the dancer's discretion and no long emoting will be required. We need Host/Hostess' that are engaging and friendly and able to help keep local chat lively! If you have any questions at all please feel free to IM me, or send a detailed note card. Thank you for your time!
  16. STEEL ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK HOSTS AND DJS WANTED!! We have three clubs on the sim: Southern Comfort Rock Club Tennessee Whiskey Country Club Black Velvet Ballroom Steel Entertainment Network is a Moderate Sim. Hosts and Djs keep 100% tips. IM AshleyMcLour for an application and information
  17. HELLO ALL VIPS WE HAVE MOVED TO A BIGGER N BETTER LOCATION I HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL HERE STARTING AT 4PM SLT 2to4 slt pm DJ BONZINO 4TO6 DJ EMPIRE ????????????? for 6TO8 DJ N HOST NEEDED OTHER PULLED OUT SLT ?????????????for 8to10 DJ N HOST NEEDED OTHER PULLED OUT IM ME mrwhitesday WERE WHAT U LIKE FOR THE EVENT TONIGHT BRING WHO U LOVE LETS GOO FOR THIS MINI SIDE EVENT *******ok i hope to see u there wear what ever u want or nothing at all this is a one time once in a blue moon event where u can get naked or wear what u want ******** WE ARE AN ADULT SIM AFTER ALL
  18. ?Furpile? Furpile is a fun and friendly club for everyone we offer a relaxed environment for you to hangout, cuddle, dance and what ever your desires may be, add to that an expanding roster of DJ's, dancers and escorts and there is something for every one, if your in the mood to shop we even have a small mall under the dance floor, we are happy to accommodate any one not just furries so please don't let your lack of fur stop you from coming down and checking us out. We are human friendly please be advised this may be a furry club but all are welcome, so feel free to bring your friends and enjoy yourselves. ?Positions? ?Security ?Hosts ?Dj's ?Dancers ?Escorts ?Bartenders ?Details? There is no salary pay all linden earned via tips will be your pay, the club does take a small portion of the tips to keep the club maintenance up and maintain the rent. All dancers and escorts will be required to have at least a years worth of experience if you believe you are good enough and do not have said experience please contact me with a reason of belief. Dj's will be required to have their own sets, feel free to accept requests as well that will be your choice but not required. Security will also need to have experience so that we may be able to maintain order and keep the environment drama free with a relaxed enjoyable experience all around for staff and patrons.We are seeking both male and female roles please don't just think it's the women we are after we'd like to be a well rounded club with all aspects of second life. ?All staff will be allowed a flexible schedule however if possible having a few staff on strict schedules would also be helpful so that the club remains occupied and active this goes for security mostly to maintain order? With a sizable amount of staff setup and active around the club we will be having the GRAND OPENING event! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lazy Shores/245/97/21
  19. Hello, We are looking for individuals to be escorts/hookers to work at a Hells Angels Clubhouse. No experience is required as full training will be provided, but it is helpful. Good English is a must. Wages will vary depending on: Appearance and quality of the avatar The ability to roleplay as an escort/hooker Job role starts immediately after hiring Location of job: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Coast of Passion/220/95/25 For more information, contact owner of Hells Angels Worldwide: Evilol Hells Angels Worldwide group: https://my.secondlife.com/pt-BR/groups/f8e1a472-d367-a3e6-3394-b630ea61e266?username=nera.aura
  20. i need ppl that can bring in experience and needed help I have a full sim and am 3months old in SL just open my first club and need a partner for my next club to come, please IM mrwhitesday to contact me about it
  21. Dust off those chaps, hats and boots and get ready for a fun and sexy night! Best in theme wins $500L of Daddy's money! DJ Rick gets us started off 4-6pm then DJ Addi will take over, providing a sweet and sexy mix with some fun country tunes sprinkled in! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pleasureland/227/160/26
  22. ╔═♡═════════════════════════════════════════════════════╗ Magic♡City {Text - Cam - Voice Escorts } Introducing Magic City! Second Life's new Premier Adult Entertainment venue! We specialize in text, voice, cam escorting, private dances, fetish services, elaborate RP and more! Interested in becoming a member? Check out the venue and inquire about our VIP services! ♥ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pengo Capricorn/194/195/24 Are you interested in paid work? Positions Available: Managers, Host, Dancers and Escorts and more! visit the club for more information. ♥ All management and staff will get paid 300 every week with completion of 4 hours worked. plus 90% tips if working as a dancer/escort (as regular girls get 80%) all requirements on application! ? ╚═════════════════════════════════════════════════════♡═╝
  23. Priority club Open Coming Soon We need manager : https://goo.gl/forms/UUe6qMfHMXM9iguW2 Please fill application , thanks
  24. have you got a friend who dj`s ?............500 lindens paid to anyone who recommends a dj who then plays a set at Bliss @ Ibiza . the 500 lindens will be paid after the dj performs ........ dj must play Ibiza style music ......electro, trance , edm, house , chilled beats , etc etc .......if in doubt ask
  25. WHO: DJ CYN HOST(S) JILY, DIM & SHYLA WHAT: Date Auction Event WHEN: FRI 06/23 10a-12p WHERE: ***THE INFERNO*** http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nagano Valley/127/237/22 CONTEST BOARD: (TO BE DETERMINED AT START OF EVENT) How to enter: Club entrance at the auction block, there is a rule box and sign up/waiting list, make sure to get on that board so we can call your name. Date is for 2 hours (boundaries to be set between the 2 parties (auctionee & bidder). Auctionee keeps 70% of the high winning bid!! Great way to break the ice with someone you have a secret crush on, tp in your friends to bid on you. OTHER SIM SITES: Founded 2009 Hard & Classic Rock Pop & Dance Club 60s 70s 80s 90s 00s. Huge Bike Auto racetrack speedway skybox homes cuddles romance nude beach grotto surfing, jobs hiring bdsm adult hangout friends dating singles couples shoutcast streams everyone welcome
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