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  1. Hello , My name is Chanel. I am 21 years old in real life and i am currently looking for a SERIOUS business partner for adult sim business ( male or female ) . I am looking for someone who has experience in running a business , marketing , etc. I need someone who will be dedicated to this job and will take this seriously. For More Details Contact Me Inworld : crazyjuicylucy resident or email : cocochanel9621@gmail.com Thank You ♥
  2. One small shop is available for rent next to the Buzzy Bee Rentals office in General-rated Dzalarhons, next to the Route 8A mainland road on the Satori continent. The minimum cost is L$30 per week with 10 prims/LI. More are available at L$1 per prim/LI per week. The shop's land-parcel can be updated with your business name, description, texture and music channel. A sign can be added to the front of the building. For an additional L$30 a week (Linden Lab's charge) I can list your business in the SL search engine. An information box can be found inside the available shop. Alternatively, contact Bee Nexen inworld for further information. Visit: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dzalarhons/208/25/99 Also, a 512 sqm land-parcel with 175 prims/LI is for rent at Bear. It is close to Bear Infohub, one of SL's busiest infohubs. It is also located on a road junction. This location is ideal for a retail business. The rent for this land-parcel is L$260 per week. You will be given land permissions. Visit: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bear/65/35/107 Buzzy Bee Rentals also has rental homes starting from L$5 per week. I rent furnished and unfurnished sky-homes, platforms and ground-level homes. No claustrophobic box cities, no complicated teleport machines and no communicating via objects. Just simple landmarks and personal customer service. Newbie and oldbie friendly. Please visit my office to pick up my latest information card and to inspect my display homes: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dzalarhons/235/25/101
  3. After a few years being away I'd like to make of SL my home and business investment again. I am looking for a good business to invest in, that has a lot of potential for growth, fun, challenging and that appeals for me to work with every day. for example, it could be: * CLUBS *STUDIOS *AGENCIES *REAL ESTATES *SHOPS I would be willing to invest a very good amount of LINDEN into it and that we can discuss in private if you are interested. I want to be able to turn that invest back into profits right away though, So I would need for you to show me a good plan of your business and how it has been working so far. I do have experience in managing businesses in SL if you wonder, but that was a couple of years ago. I need to get back on track with a few learning tools here but I am a fast learner so that won't be a problem. Looking forward to hearing some interesting propositions :-) cheers!! please do leave your replies here with your name and I will contact you inworld. thanks.
  4. Are You looking to get Organized? Are You looking to start up a new club? Are you looking for Help getting started? If you said yes to one of those... We are here for you!! Rise It Up Offering packages that make opening and/or organizing your club/business simple and easy. We do all the hard work for you, and then simply send you everything you'll need to get started. Contact us now for a quote. Riseitup Resident http://rise-it-up.webstarts.com http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Surreal Orange/80/178/21 Group Join: secondlife:///app/group/fe0baa25-8c1a-6408-1713-d7017baa59b6/about
  5. In need of a logo or some flyers to pass out in your Second Life? Then look no further! I'm now available for hire to create content and promotional materials for your businesses. Feel free to send Skye Haruki (Demi.Verino) a notecard if you have any questions, want to get a quote or see previous creations.
  6. I have a small shopping district in my region. There are also a few spots near the club. How do you attract/invite businesses to consider renting a space? What perks can I offer? I recently decided to add a few of my parcels separately so I can offer parcel control with the ability to add logo and keywords in the parcel description. I can also offer to list in search. Do you have any tips or ideas? Thank you.
  7. I'm new to Second Life, but I'm not new to designing. I've been designing for 4 years now, and I want to see if I can make some money from my designs on SL. But, I'm new to SL and I don't really understand how it all works. I'm in need of someone that can take me through the basics of how the game building system works. I'd also like to find a scripter that could possibly work with me and make my designs a reality! I want to know how to script items like clocks, and also how to make jewelry items like necklaces, rings, and bracelets. I have already designed all of these example items outside of SL, but I want to bring them into the game and have them work properly. The items I design consist mostly of steampunk accessories and items from video games (namely Skyrim). I plan on designing more of these kinds of items, and spreading out to the Falllout series, Warframe, and others! If that sounds like something you're into as well, then I might even consider taking you on as a business partner. I don't have a lot of money, but I hope that I can start making money through selling my designs. I look forward to hearing from you!
  8. Commercial land for rent on a Full Private Island. I have owned this sim since 2006. You can change the store, the landscaping, and terrain height. Sim changes with the seasons. Be a neighbor to Ingenue, ANE, Youniss, INK, and ieQED. 8192 sq m 2500 prims $L11,000 per month Teleport to Parcel Please read the covenant. Contact: Caroline Apollo
  9. Hello My SL name is Malice Deir, I am of 7 years old in SL and have had over 4 years of running 22 sims in which I owned and rented out. As well as working for several rental companies in SL. I have experience managing and running effectively several businesses as well. My RL schedule is pretty much flexible and I am in world at least 6 hours a day. Please feel free to contact me. I hope to hear from you soon.
  10. 1550 prims Ocean Side Adult Land 1200L/week http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/GEL%20Community%209/3/68/21 4500 prims 12000sqm and only 3900L/week http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/GEL%20Community%208/51/130/23   Rare corner. Adult zoned 3600 prims 2880L/week http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/GEL Community 18/7/18/20 Contact Gerritt or Winterschains for help. Buy the land for 1L and pay the rental box and you are home or in business! Breedables welcomed.
  11. I am seeking several business associates to help launch a brand new in-world television network. Please drop me an in-world note card and I will contact you asap.
  12. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Animated-Rotating-Panel-Picture-or-Slideshow-Frame-Set/7796379 The item above shows an automatic slideshow panel/frame (To give you an idea of what I'm saying). I haven't found one that gives the ability to have the visitor/user click on the image and be sent to an URL, a different one depending on which photo they click on. That way, they can be sent to my marketplace store. Are there any that do this or scripts I can add to one to make this happen? Thank you so much! : )
  13. I have 3 'barns' open for rental at a small sky shopping area. Good for non-moving breedables, self-promoted gacha shop, or other shopping. This is an allowable sublet by the estate owners. All renters must abide by the estate rules. 250 prim for 250L per week, payable by $L, weekly Contact Cilene Inglewood, in world via IM (messages go to email) See my profile pick for location I use this area to sell my breedables and to have a physical location for my Marketplace shop
  14. One small shop is available for rent next to the Buzzy Bee Rentals office in General-rated Dzalarhons, next to the Route 8A mainland road on the Satori continent. The minimum cost is L$30 per week with 10 prims/LI. More are available at L$1 per prim/LI per week. The shop's land-parcel can be updated with your business name, description, texture and music channel. A sign can be added to the front of the building. For an additional L$30 a week (Linden Lab's charge) I can list your business in the SL search engine. An information box can be found inside the available shop. Alternatively, contact Bee Nexen inworld for further information. Visit: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dzalarhons/208/25/99
  15. Successful Event Planner in SL now planning events after arranging her own wedding and events for other friends. If your soon to be holding a family life event in SL including.. Weddings Engagements Baby showers Birthdays Christening/Baptism Examples above just a few many more catered for! If you are looking to take the stress and strain out of it then contact me in world via nc Kemangcsr (username)
  16. Yesterday I started a new milestone which is to start a new business, so I rented a hut at a new sim that is a lovely resort community called AVI Social Community to get started. I found a cool spot near their waterfall, and set things up. I decided to make shapes for mesh bodies, so I did this first release. The hut price was responsible and for the right amount of prims. If you have a small business, and looking to add to newer locations .... come there this place ...... AVI Social Community! Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Itaca/210/198/25
  17. I've recently learned skills to texture and create graphics and designs for rp sims. I am looking for advice and for ideas for getting the word out there as well as pricing tips. I was very fortunate to win the best chief car at the most recent vehicle car show but I want to branch out and advertise more. Below are some examples of work ive done and I would like to know where the best demand is or what people look for. Do you see more US vehicles than European vehicles? I want to do this cheapest for my customers but still be able to cover my expenses.
  18. July 7th - 31st The Summer Full Perm fair. The Best Secondlife creators offering their new releases, and fair exclusives at BIG discounts. All Categories of full permission creations that can be resold will be at this popular seasonal event in it's 6th year. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Old Europe/2/206/23 Join The SL Full Perm group and get FREE Full Perm Gifts secondlife:///app/group/9b6214fe-0dec-b9b2-ab13-c95b8f398c4b/about Join The Full Perm group on facebook latest new release information top creators https://www.facebook.com/groups/764547213617221/
  19. Looking for an experienced leasing agent for newly open sim. The rentals will be exclusively for shops and business offices. Paid position,immidiate hire. You can visit us at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Reesta/73/191/107 , comment below or contact dita Southmoor inworld for more information.
  20. A new Mall is ready and welcomes you to open your business! Choose one of our 11 spacious and very realistic shops and offices. Start your business today! Visit us at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Reesta/60/194/107 or contact lcwlindsey Resident for more information
  21. Graphic Design, Web Design, Promotion, We do it all!! oh SNAP GFX will make you completely satisfied. We provide high quality work once finished, affordable, reliable, 100% Working until your satisfied! Email: oh.snapdesigns2.0@gmail.com or IM darksoleallmighty
  22. Hello I am Clark and i would love to thank you for taking the time to look at my post. i am a builder, designer, decorator in sl, i also like to roleplay and have fun and a good time. but let me be honest for a moment i put a lot of time and effort into my builds and projects on sl i like trying to make everything have perfection and realism that i build. i am a really nice friendly person. i love to have some fun. but i also know when to be serious. i am looking for a female who i can become a partner with. in a relationship/friendly way. but i have 2 rules i have 2 follow, no sex and no kissing. to be quiet frank i am morely looking to be some ones arm candy and have a sugar momma haha. but where that sounds rude or harsh in anyway i dont mean it like that. yes i need money to do things and finish things but in the end of everything it will be putting money back into your pocket as well. i have plans, ideas, crazy ideas. i just need some ones help to bring them alive. and i figure if maybe i post something here i can find and make a new friend while getting some help and helping them. so in all ways this is a win win situation for both parties. I am in a relationship in RL but she doesnt mind if i date on here i figured i should let anyone who reads this know now instead of later. Again thank you for taking the time to read this. i hope you have an awesome day, please contact me in world to talk with me
  23. I would like to meet some friends who can share with me a project to build a historical palace very special have been ruined in 1692, The palace have been constructed from 1580 to 1592 and i have all details that we need to rebuild it, I am looking for historical fans and who are interesting in such things to share with me this passion ! Thank you
  24. hi, i was wondering if there is a place on the forums here where people can advertise their MP and in world shops? i looked at all the threads but haven't really seen anywhere. any ideas? thanks.
  25. Stop changing your LM! I care about my own shop and about anyone else's established around mine. I have owned the same land for over 6 years and I'm not going anywhere so it's the perfect place to set up a long-term home for your brand and products without having to worry about the land disappearing. Two unique 2-story shop spaces available in cute European style shopping square with a friendly group of dedicated designers who want to create an enjoyable shopping experience. Wallpaper and flooring can be changed, the shop can be parceled so you can stream your own music and we can even discuss placing your own build if you foresee yourself staying for a while. Stop by, say hello and take a look around. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tihuta/99/129/1802 adriannesuz McMinnar ORQUIDEA
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