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About Me

Found 347 results

  1. Hello Second Life Folks. I am Lauren Hereiz and I am here to help you build your desired avatar. Fashion has been always my passion and I wanted to bring it in Second Life through many ways starting from creating shapes, styling outfits bringing out amazing and realistic avatars in-world. So I decided to make an announcement that I am offering basic lessons for the new players in second life, responding to questions that people might have and teaching every step of mesh heads and bodies, AO's, mix and match and many many more without forgetting as a bonus, a notecard filled full with great store landmarks and events for you guys to start your journey. If you want some help on creating good looking avatars. Also even if you guys want to create e new you, a whole new leaf I can offer finished avatars fully customized with five made outfits saved inside the avatar outfits and an organized inventory for you to find things super easy. Second Life is beautiful why not live it at fullest with a great avatar. If you are interested you can contact me in-world with a notecard writing down your case and how may I help you. Lots of hugs and love ... Lauren ♥
  2. Hello Second Life Folks. I am Lauren Hereiz and I am here to help you build your desired avatar. Fashion has been always my passion and I wanted to bring it in Second Life through many ways starting from creating shapes, styling outfits bringing out amazing and realistic avatars in-world. So I decided to make an announcement that I am offering basic lessons for the new players in second life, responding to questions that people might have and teaching every step of mesh heads and bodies, AO's, mix and match and many many more without forgetting as a bonus, a notecard filled full with great store landmarks and events for you guys to start your journey. If you want some help on creating good looking avatars. Also even if you guys want to create e new you, a whole new leaf I can offer finished avatars fully customized with five made outfits saved inside the avatar outfits and an organized inventory for you to find things super easy. Second Life is beautiful why not live it at fullest with a great avatar. If you are interested you can contact me in-world with a notecard writing down your case and how may I help you. Lots of hugs and love ... Lauren ♥
  3. Hello, I got my heart broken and left SL for a few years and came back to a whole new world! I have so much invested in old school primmy clothing, hair, etc. I am dragging my feet on going mesh. I don't mind the expense but it's the whole idea of parting with some of my things that are genuinely antique and made by creators who are no longer inworld. I need someone to educate me on fixed mesh and why I need it. I go places and can't see avatars made of mesh and I was given some alpha masks but when I put them on I'm invisible? I even had to use the Firestorm viewer because my laptop is truly a piece of crap. I understand that excessive prim usage creates lag and nobody likes that but someone PLEASE explain to me why I should go mesh. Are most residents using it now and how do I even begin? I'd love to sell some of my fabulous antique items if anyone can point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance! Clearskies
  4. Hi, Back on my very first avatar, I had a lot of trouble adjusting shapes and I sought out a friend of a friend who helped me by having me stand on a pose stand and he told me what areas to adjust and what numbers to put in the slider area. Now my questions are: 1. How did he do this? 2. Was he using a special software program? 3. Is there written instructions somewhere? I have searched and searched. I have read Penny's blog, Catnap Kitty's information, Strawberry's blog, the Golden Rule on SL wiki, and watched videos. I am still, even after 4 years, confused as to how to alter my shape so it is more realistic looking. Thanks in advance for any and all help. Krickett
  5. I'm looking for someone who has experience with furry avatars for a custom one. Must be familiar with character pattern design as I'd need partial work on my current design (Would link reference image) which would be a calico cat, areas in need of work would be from waist up. I'd be wanting textures for these models: Raawr Kitty Head, Ears & Eyes Raawr Kitty Tail or a Bento tail, still unsure which. Kemono Body BB//MM Kemono Legs - Canine My budget limit would be 50 Euros
  6. there's a time since i logged in SL and now my avatar is all grey, no matter what i apply on it. im using sl viewer.
  7. Hello! I'm trying to create a script that allows you to simulate tossing the ball in your avatar's hand. the ball must be attached on the avatar, the hand holding the ball is animated, and a tossing animation is triggered through the timer, the ball moves up and down. Are there any suggestions how to do this?
  8. Hello! I need to make an object that starts to vibrate when an avatar sits on it and it plays animation. I found such a script of vibration and animation, but how should they be combined together? vibration integer k; integer flip = 1; list params; vector pos; integer link = 0; default { state_entry() { params = llGetLinkPrimitiveParams(link, [PRIM_POSITION]); pos = llList2Vector(params, 0); } touch_start(integer total_number) { if (k = !k) llSetTimerEvent(0.02+llFrand(0.1)); else llSetTimerEvent(0.0); } timer() { llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(LINK_THIS, [PRIM_POSITION, pos + ((flip = -flip) * < 0.02, 0.01, 0.01 > )]); } } animation string animation; // the first animation in inventory will automatically be used // the animation name must be stored globally to be able to stop the animation when standing up default { state_entry() { // set sit target, otherwise this will not work llSitTarget(<0.0, 0.0, 0.1>, ZERO_ROTATION); } changed(integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_LINK) { key av = llAvatarOnSitTarget(); if (av) //evaluated as true if not NULL_KEY or invalid llRequestPermissions(av, PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION); else // avatar is standing up { if (animation) llStopAnimation(animation); // stop the started animation llResetScript(); // release the avatar animation permissions } } } run_time_permissions(integer perm) { if (perm & PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION) { animation = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_ANIMATION,0); // get the first animation from inventory if (animation) { llStopAnimation("sit"); // stop the default sit animation llStartAnimation(animation); } } } }
  9. Greetings. I have a question regarding mesh avatars. I'm following instructions on the rigging instructions page but would like to know something not mentioned there: To what extent are custom bones supported? Is the builtin animation skeleton the only one we can use, or can you import a mesh containing your own armature granted you use custom animations for it? I have several characters not using the builtin rig and bone naming scheme (L_UPPER_ARM, R_HAND, PELVIS, etc) for which I'd prefer to keep existing animations. I don't expect the appearance editor to work, nor things like the head turning around procedurally, but am hoping that with a custom AO I can still get it to animate the movement accordingly. Renaming the bones to match the current SL mesh isn't a problem, but I have special bones as well which I'd like to be supported by custom animations. Do I have any chance of getting that to work? Thank you.
  10. Hello! I am trying to create a script with something like an alarm that sends me a message when someone comes to visit me in my absence. I managed to write something but its not ok. It sends messages all the time while person in range, and I only need one time alert. and at the same time, if a person leaves the range and comes back, the alarm must be triggered again. how to do it? That's what i managed to write so far float range = 10.0; // in meters float rate = 10.0; // in seconds default { state_entry() { llSensorRepeat( "", "", AGENT, range, TWO_PI, rate ); } sensor( integer number_detected ) { llInstantMessage( llGetOwner(), "ALERT!" ); } }
  11. hi I have been creating in SL since 2009, if you are in need of a custom (rigged / unrigged including textures) mesh artist (human & creature avatar, clothing, statue, vehicles, buildings, small items etc..) inworlds via instant message / notecard (in case ims being capped please send a notecard too ). For references and some of finished Works and more : check my inworld profile picks. (minthel ohare) see u inworlds
  12. hello, help create such a character as in the picture. I want her to look like a boy, but female. I do not know what to do. better default shape and skin (not mesh) but mesh hair and clothes. It seems to be called tomboi. (Boyish girl?) Can someone at the level of the hobby know how to make shapes? what do you advise? I'm just not know how to create a character of a girl looking like a boy ... So it dont look freakish
  13. I need to create a door that opens only if the avatar holds the key. I have a regular door script, but what to do next? Please, do not bother to answer if you are not a scripter.
  14. Hello everyone, I'm looking for someone who could possibly make an avatar for me? It'd not need any outfits, but I'm eager to hear back on if anyone could possibly make it. Based off my own custom species, so no copyright worries! Could be a mod off another avatar base, but I'd love for it to be as close to the art as possible. I have a variable budget, would love to hear recommendations.
  15. I recently purchased a Catwa Sophia Head. So far, Its been working great for me. I had not been able to change the eyebrows, but the eyebrows it came with were serving me just fine. Buuuuttt.... when I logged on last night I was suddenly missing my eyebrows. I saw this as a golden moment to be able to apply my own eyebrows but none of the appliers seemed to do anything, I tried 2 different styles to no avail. I also tried applying the regular ones again using the Catwa HUD but nothing seems to be happening. Does anyone know what's going on here?
  16. ethottie

    Style Me!~

    So I recently got back from my vacation (Christmas with family) and I was given money that I'd like to spend on lindens. I don't want to spend too much money on lindens. Personally, I'd like to spend around $20-25 if possible (cheaper is great). Any kind of style is fine but I'm more into streetwear/indie and kawaii cutesy type outfits. It would be nice to see the outfit before I spend money on it (so if you could please send a screenshot with it but if not it's totally fine no worries) P.S. I was also wondering if anyone had good Asian mesh heads/skins. In real life I'm Asian and I'd like to give my avi a personal touch to it Thank you guys so much! I really do appreciate this if you do decide to help me out
  17. Hi there. Help would be much appreciated. I'm still new to SL and I have no idea what happened but my avi face just went white and patchy/glitchy. I took everything off my current outfit and put it back on and it is still the same. I checked my graphics and that didn't help either. I also tried to put my tattoo back on. And that didn't work. Please help. 😞
  18. I decided I would be happier with the end product if I get a custom avatar. I'm looking for a talented modeler to make my cow OC. She's female and quite large. I can give you a link to some references (Most are nsfw) and can discuss pricing from there. Would also like to see a portfolio of your work.
  19. Hello! help please! I tried to rig the bento mesh avatar for the first time, but I failed. it uploaded as simple mesh object. the usual skeleton works well. What is bento's difference from the usual? Need some kind of plugin? Why does not work in the usual way? i use blender/firestorm. thanks!
  20. hey i am quite annoyed since i bought some new clothes and my avatars skin goes through all of them! i dont know if its because i need a new avatar body i dont see why i would, any help would be much appropriated Xx
  21. Olá.sou nova no jogo (2 dias), nao tenho nada no jogo, mas de uma olhada no SL marketplace e encontrei algumas peças de vestuário free, como nao sou acostumada ainda com o jogo, comprei só um único calçado (minha ideia era ficar com a roupa padrão do avatar que a gente inicia no jogo, e só trocar o calçado) na primeira vez acabei deixando a minha avatar nua, e só com o calçado, depois mexi mais um pouco ate que consegui tirar só o sapato padrão, e coloquei o que tinha comprado,o problema que ele ficou todo bugado, nao encaixa no pé, pesquisei na net, vi que tinha que editar, tentei editar ,mais nao vai, posso mexer em todo aqueles pontos de rotação, subir, baixar e etcs, que o sapato nao sai do lugar. Nao sei se coloquei errado,alguém poderia me ajudar pls !? (se quiser falar o seu nick,pra mim poder add, eu agradeceria , estou solitária kkkk)
  22. This makes NO sense. A friend is missing for about a week. Nowhere to be found. Yes, I know I could have been unfriended, but the contacts list stays intact. What the heck is going on???
  23. Jeremy Linden

    Controlling your avatar's appearance

    Introduction to avatars in Second Life Using the Avatar Picker to choose a pre-made avatar Customizing a classic style avatar Understanding and customizing rigged mesh-style avatars Getting a rigged mesh avatar from the Second Life Marketplace In other languages: Deutsch Español Français Italiano Português Русский Türkçe 日本語 Introduction to avatars in Second Life Your avatar is your representative in the world of Second Life. By controlling your avatar, you can explore, interact with the Second Life world, and communicate with other avatars controlled by Second Life users. Because avatars represent you, they are an important form of self-expression and the first thing many new users want to do after arriving in Second Life is customize their avatar's appearance. There are many, many options for customizing your look, and there is a huge market for user-designed body shapes, clothing, makeup, hairstyles, accessories, and even complete avatars. This article will help you take your first steps toward finding a style that you and your avatar can be proud of. Using the Avatar Picker to choose a pre-made avatar If you are not yet comfortable with Second Life's editing tools or don't have the time to shop for a custom avatar, the Avatar Picker provides a very easy interface for choosing a high quality, professionally designed avatar model. These avatars are provided by Second Life maker Linden Lab free of charge, and you can try as many as you want, whenever you want! To use one of these pre-made avatars, follow these steps: Select Me > Choose an avatar from the top menu bar in the Second Life window. In the Choose an Avatar window that opens, click a category tab to see a preview of avatars in that category. The available categories may change over time as new avatars are added or removed. Click the image of your desired avatar to immediately wear that avatar. Custom animation overriders and pre-made avatars Some avatars in the Avatar Picker use a scripted attachment called an animation overrider (AO for short) to replace Second Life's default avatar animations for moving, sitting, and standing idle. Under most circumstances, you won't need to interact with this attachment; it's a small invisible cube attached to your avatar's chest attachment point, and it overrides your avatar's animations automatically. When you start to customize your avatar with new clothing and attachments, you may find that a new attachment has replaced the AO on your avatar's chest attachment point, in which case your avatar will revert to using Second Life's default animations. You may also acquire a third-party AO from one of Second Life's many merchants, either individually or as part of a larger package. If multiple animation overriders are attached to your avatar, their scripts and animations can conflict and cause your avatar to move in undesirable ways. If you prefer to use a third-party AO or Second Life's default animations, you can remove a pre-made avatar's AO by doing the following: Click the Appearance button in the Second Life Viewer. Click the Wearing tab in the Appearance window that appears. Find the AO attachment in the list, which will be named differently depending upon which avatar you have chosen. It may be called: Animation Overrider - Female, Animation Overrider - Male, or Animation Overrider - Zombie. Right-click the name of the animation overrider and choose Detach to remove the AO. Customizing a classic style avatar It is important to know that customizing a "classic" avatar in Second Life works a bit differently than customizing other types of avatars. A classic avatar is a humanoid avatar that has been created and customized using a combination of the built-in body part sliders, texture-based clothing, and avatar attachments. Classic avatars give you a lot of control over the details of your avatar's appearance, but are not designed to take advantage of recent developments in computer graphics technology, such as rigged mesh or normal and specular mapping. For detailed information on how to edit the many parts and features of a classic avatar, see the article Customizing a classic style avatar. Understanding and customizing rigged mesh-style avatars In addition to the "classic" avatars, you have the option of selecting one of the many newer rigged mesh-style avatars. These consist of a custom 3D mesh character model that is worn as an attachment and overlaid on top of the skeleton of a classic avatar. The classic avatar itself is typically hidden by an alpha mask, but the uploaded 3D model still makes use of the classic avatar's joints and animations. This type of avatar allows 3D content creators to design models in a third-party tool such as Maya or Blender, allowing them to take advantage of the latest graphics updates to Second Life and create highly detailed human and non-humanoid avatar forms. However, due to their nature as an overlay on top of a hidden classic avatar, mesh avatars may not wear the texture-based clothing made for classic avatars. Mesh avatars may also have difficulty interacting with attachments, accessories or animations that were originally intended for classic avatars; for help finding appropriate clothing, see Buying clothing that fits your avatar. Getting a rigged mesh avatar from the Second Life Marketplace Because mesh avatars are designed by a variety of content creators, the process of obtaining and wearing a mesh avatar may vary greatly by merchant; the following is a generic scenario: Visit the Second Life Marketplace and purchase a mesh avatar. Make sure that the listing claims "Mesh: 100% Mesh" on the right side of the screen underneath Permissions. If your purchase came in a box, open and unpack the box as described in Opening boxes. If your purchase was not boxed, skip this step. Find the new folder in your inventory containing your purchase and read the included notecards. Most merchants include instructions on how to properly wear, customize, and operate their avatars. If no instructions are included, right-click the folder and choose Replace Current Outfit. This removes all attachments your avatar is wearing and replaces all parts of your avatar with the entire contents of the folder. Be aware that many mesh avatars come with interchangeable parts that should not be worn at the same time, so you may need to remove the duplicate attachments manually if you Replace Current Outfit. Tip: If at any time you feel you are unhappy with the outcome of your avatar modifications, you can start over with a fresh default avatar by choosing from the Avatar Picker.
  24. 他の言語 Second Life のアバターのご紹介 アバターピッカーを使って既製のアバターを選択する クラシックスタイルのアバターをカスタマイズする リグ入りメッシュスタイルのアバターを理解してカスタマイズする Second Life マーケットプレイスからリグ入りメッシュアバターを入手する Second Life のアバターのご紹介 アバター は、Second Life の世界で あなたを表すものです。 アバターを操って、Second Life の世界を探索し、交流し、Second Life の ユーザーが操る他のアバターとコミュニケーションを図ります。 アバターは あなたを表すものなので、 大切な自己表現の形となります。新規ユーザーの多くが Second Life にログインして一番にやることはアバターの見かけを変えることです。 容姿をカスタマイズするためにとても多くのオプションが用意されており、ユーザーがデザインした 体形、衣服、メークアップ、髪型、アクセサリおよびアバター一式さえ販売する 巨大な マーケットがあります。 この記事では、あなたとあなたのアバターで自慢のスタイルを見つけるための初歩的な手順をご紹介します。 アバターピッカーを使って既製のアバターを選択する Second Life の編集ツールに慣れていなかったり、カスタムアバターを買う時間がない場合、専門的にデザインされた 高品質なアバターモデルをとても簡単に選択できるアバターピッカーがインターフェイスに用意されています。 これらのアバターは Second Life を制作している Linden Lab が無料で提供しており、いつでも、 いくらでも試すことができます。 これらの既製のアバターを使用するには、以下の手順に従います。 Second Life ウィンドウの上部のメニュー バーで 「ミー」 > 「アバターを選択」を選択します。 表示される「アバターを選択」ウィンドウでカテゴリをクリックすると、そのカテゴリのアバターのプレビューが表示されます。 この記事の執筆時点では、 人、 バンパイア、 クラシックのカテゴリを利用できます。 必要なアバターの画像をクリックして、すぐにアバターを着用します。 カスタムアニメーションは、 既製のアバターに上書きされます アバターピッカー内のアバターによっては、アニメーションオーバーライダー (AO) と呼ばれるスクリプテッド アタッチメント が使われています。AO を使えば、デフォルトのアバターのアニメーション(移動する、座る、待機状態など)を上書きすることができます。 ほとんどの状況では、このアタッチメントに何もする必要はありません。アバターの 胸部アタッチメント部分にある透明のキューブが、 アバターのアニメーションを自動的に上書きします。 アバターを新しい衣類やアタッチメントで初めてカスタマイズする際、アバターの胸部アタッチメント部分の AO が新しいアタッチメントに置き換わっていることがあります。その場合は、お使いのアバターは Second Life の デフォルトのアニメーションに戻ります。 また、サードバーティー製の AO を個別にまたは大型パッケージの一部として Second Life の数多くのマーチャントから手に入れることもできます。 複数のアニメーションオーバーライダーがアバターに追加された場合、そのスクリプトとアニメーションが干渉し合い、思い通りの動作をしないことがあります。 サードパーティ製 AO または Second Life のデフォルトアニメーションを使用したい場合は、 以下の手順に従うと既製のアバターから AO を外すことができます: Second Life ビューワから 容姿ボタンをクリックします。 容姿のウインドウが表示されたら、 着用中タブをクリックします。 一覧から AO アタッチメントを探します。AO は、選択したアバターによって名称が異なります。 名称の例:アニメーションオーバーライダー - 女性、 アニメーションオーバーライダー - 男性、または アニメーションオーバーライダー - ゾンビ アニメーションオーバーライダーの名称を右クリックし、 取り外すを選んで AO から外します。 クラシックスタイルのアバターをカスタマイズする Second Life での「クラシック」アバターのカスタマイズは、他の種類のアバターのカスタマイズとは少し異なりますので注意が必要です。 クラシックアバターとは、ビルトインボディパーツ スライダ、テクスチャベースの衣服、およびアバターのアタッチメントを組み合わせて、作成し、カスタマイズできる、人間の形をしたアバターです。 クラシックアバターでは、アバターの容姿を詳細に操作できますが、リグ付きメッシュ や 標準マッピングと反射マッピングなどの 最新のコンピュータグラフィックス技術を利用するようには設計されていません。 クラシックアバターの多くのパーツや特徴を編集する方法について詳しくは、 クラシックスタイルアバターのカスタマイズの記事を参照してください。 リグ入りメッシュスタイルのアバターを理解してカスタマイズする 「クラシック」アバターに加えて、多数の新しいリグ入りメッシュスタイルのアバターを選択するオプションがあります。これらは、アタッチメント として着用され、 クラシックアバターのスケルトンに重ねられるカスタム 3D メッシュキャラクタモデル で構成されています。 クラシックアバター自体は、通常、アルファマスクで隠されますが、アップロードされている 3D モデルではまだクラシックアバターのジョイントとアニメーションを利用します。 3D コンテンツの作成者はこのタイプのアバターで Maya や Blender などのサードパーティ製ツールを使ってモデルを設計し、Second Life の最新のグラフィックスのアップデートを利用して、人型や人型以外の高精細なアバター形状を作成できます。 しかし、アルファマスクで覆ったクラシックアバターの上にオーバーレイとしてかぶせる性質のせいで、メッシュアバターにはクラシックアバター用に作られたテクスチャベースの衣服を着せることはできません。 また、メッシュアバターでは、もともとクラシックアバター用に用意されたアタッチメント、アクセサリまたはアニメーションの操作が難しい場合があります。適切な衣服の見つけ方については、アバターに合う衣服の購入を参照してください。 Second Life マーケットプレイスからリグ入りメッシュアバターを入手する メッシュアバターはさまざまなコンテンツ制作者によってデザインされているため、メッシュアバターを手に入れて着用する方法は、マーチャントによって大きく異なります。一般的な シナリオは次のとおりです。 Second Life マーケットプレイス にアクセスして、メッシュアバターを購入します。 「権限」の下の画面の右側でリストに「メッシュ: 100% メッシュ」と表示されていることを確認します。 購入したものが箱に入ったら、箱の開け方の説明に従って、箱を開けます。 購入したものが箱に入らなかった場合は、この手順を飛ばします。 購入したものを含むインベントリ で新しいフォルダを見つけて、 含まれているノートカードを読みます。 たいていのマーチャントは、アバターを正しく着用、カスタマイズおよび操作する方法に関する手順書を添付しています。 手順書が含まれていない場合は、フォルダを右クリックして、 「着用中のアウトフィットを入れ替える」を選択します。 これにより、アバターが現在着用しているすべてのアタッチメントが削除され、アバターのすべてのパーツがフォルダの全内容に置き換わります。 多くの メッシュアバターに付属の交換可能なパーツの中には同時に着用できないものがあるため、着用中のアウトフィットを入れ替える 場合、重複するアタッチメントを手動で削除することが必要になるのでご注意ください。 ヒント: アバターの変更の結果が気に入らない場合は、いつでもアバターピッカーから選択して、新しいデフォルトのアバターでもう一度やり直すことができます。
  25. Diğer dillerde Second Life'ta avatarlara giriş Hazır avatarlardan birini seçmek için Avatar Seçici'nin kullanılması Klasik stil bir avatarın özelleştirilmesi Ağ stili giydirilmiş avatarları anlama ve özelleştirme Second Life Pazaryeri'nden ağ stili giydirilmiş bir avatar alma Second Life'ta avatarlara giriş Avatarınız, Second Life dünyasındaki temsilcinizdir. Avatarınızı kontrol ederek, Second Life dünyasını keşfedebilir, bu dünyayla etkileşime geçebilir ve Second Life kullanıcıları tarafından kontrol edilen diğer avatarlarla iletişim kurabilirsiniz. Avatarlar, sizi temsil ettiği için, önemli bir kendini ifade etme biçimidir ve Second Life'a katılan pek çok yeni kullanıcının yapmak istediği ilk şey avatarının görünümünü özelleştirmektir. Görünümünüzü özelleştirmek için pek çok seçeneğiniz vardır, ayrıca kullanıcılar tarafından tasarlanmış vücut şekilleri, kıyafetler, makyaj, saç stilleri, aksesuarlar ve hatta tüm avatarlardan oluşan devasa bir pazaryeri bulunur. Bu makale, kendinizin ve avatarınızın gururla taşıyacağı stili bulma yolunda atacağınız ilk adımlarda size yardımcı olacaktır. Hazır avatarlardan birini seçmek için Avatar Seçici'nin kullanılması Second Life'ın düzenleme araçlarına henüz alışamadıysanız ya da özel bir avatar satın almak için vaktiniz yoksa, Avatar Seçici yüksek kaliteli, profesyonelce tasarlanmış bir avatar modeli seçmek için çok kolay bir arayüz sunar. Bu avatarlar Second Life'ın yapımcısı Linden Lab tarafından ücretsiz olarak sunulur ve dilediğiniz zaman dilediğiniz sayıda avatarı deneyebilirsiniz. Bu hazır avatarlardan birini kullanmak için, aşağıdaki adımları izleyin: Second Life penceresindeki üst menü çubuğunda Ben > Bir avatar seç öğesini seçin. Açılan Bir Avatar Seç penceresinde, bir kategorideki avatarların önizlemesini görmek için o kategorinin sekmesine tıklayın. Bu sayfanın hazırlandığı anda mevcut olan kategoriler şunlardı: İnsanlar, Vampirler ve Klasik. Bir avatarı hemen giymek için istediğiniz avatarın resmine tıklayın. Özel animasyon geçersiz kılma öğeleri ve hazır avatarlar Avatar Seçici'deki bazı avatarlarda bir komut dosyalı aksesuar kullanılır ve animasyon geçersiz kılma öğesi (kısaca AO) adı verilen bu aksesuar Second Life'ın hareket, oturma ve hareketsiz durma ile ilgili varsayılan avatar animasyonlarını değiştirmeye yarar. Çoğu durumda, bu aksesuar ile etkileşime girmeniz gerekmeyecektir; bu, avatarınızın göğüs aksesuar noktasına eklenen gizli bir küçük küptür ve avatarınızın animasyonlarını otomatik olarak geçersiz kılar. Avatarınızı yeni giysiler ve aksesuarlar ile özelleştirmeye başladığınızda, yeni bir aksesuarın avatarınızın göğüs aksesuar noktasındaki AO öğesinin yerini aldığını görebilirsiniz; bu durumda, avatarınız Second Life'ın varsayılan animasyonlarını kullanmaya geri dönecektir. Ayrıca, Second Life'ın birçok satıcısının birinden, tek olarak veya büyük bir parçası olarak, bir üçüncü taraf AO öğesi edinebilirsiniz. Avatarınıza birden çok animasyon geçersiz kılma öğesi eklenmiş ise, bunlara ait komut dosyaları ve animasyonlar çakışabilir ve avatarınızın istenmeyen şekillerde hareket etmesine neden olabilir. Bir üçüncü taraf AO öğesini veya Second Life'ın varsayılan animasyonlarını kullanmayı tercih ederseniz, aşağıdakileri yaparak bir hazır avatarın AO öğesini kaldırabilirsiniz: Second Life Görüntüleyicisinde Görünüm düğmesine tıklayın. Beliren Görünüm penceresinde Giyilen sekmesine tıklayın. Seçtiğiniz avatara bağlı olarak farklı biçimde adlandırılacak olan AO aksesuarını listede bulun. Şunlarla adlandırılmış olabilir: Animasyon Geçersiz Kılma Öğesi - Kadın, Animasyon Geçersiz Kılma Öğesi - Erkek veya Animasyon Geçersiz Kılma Öğesi - Zombi. AO öğesini kaldırmak için, animasyon geçersiz kılma öğesinin adına sağ tıklayın ve Ayır'ı seçin. Klasik stil bir avatarın özelleştirilmesi Second Life'ta "klasik" bir avatarın özelleştirilmesinin diğer avatar tiplerinin özelleştirilmesinden biraz daha farklı işlediğini bilmek önemlidir. Klasik bir avatar; yerleşik vücut parçası kaydırıcıları, doku temelli giysi ve avatar aksesuarlarının bir kombinasyonu kullanılarak oluşturulmuş ve özelleştirilmiş insanımsı bir avatardır. Klasik avatarlar avatarınızın görünümünün ayrıntıları üzerinde daha çok kontrol sahibi olmanızı sağlar, ancak ağ stili giydirme veya normal ve speküler eşleştirme gibi bilgisayar grafikleri teknolojisindeki son gelişmelerden yararlanabilecek şekilde tasarlanmamıştır. Klasik bir avatarın pek çok parçasının ve özelliğinin nasıl düzenlenebileceğine ilişkin ayrıntılı bilgiler için, Klasik stil bir avatarın özelleştirilmesi adlı makaleye bakın. Ağ stili giydirilmiş avatarları anlama ve özelleştirme "Klasik" avatarlara ek olarak, yepyeni ağ stili giydirilmiş pek çok avatardan birini seçme seçeneğine de sahipsiniz. Klasik bir avatarın iskeletinin üstüne aksesuar olarak giyilen ve onun üzerini kaplayan özelleştirilmiş 3B ağ karakter modeli de bu avatarlardandır. Klasik avatarlar bir alfa maskesi ile gizlenirken, yüklenen 3B model, klasik avatarın eklemlerini ve animasyonlarını kullanmaya devam eder. Bu avatar tipi, 3B içerik yaratıcılarının Maya veya Blender gibi üçüncü taraf araçlarda modeller tasarlamalarına olanak vererek en yeni grafik güncellemelerinin avantajlarını Second Life'a taşımalarını ve yüksek ayrıntılı insan ve insan dışı yaratık avatar biçimleri oluşturmalarını sağlar. Ancak, gizli bir klasik avatarın üstünü örten bir katman yapısında oldukları için, ağ stili avatarlar klasik avatarlar için yapılmış doku temelli giysileri giyemez. Ağ stili avatarların, orijinal olarak klasik avatarlar için tasarlanmış aksesuarlarla veya animasyonlarla etkileşimi de zordur; uygun giysileri bulma konusunda yardım için bkz. Avatarınıza uygun giysiler satın alma. Second Life Pazaryeri'nden ağ stili giydirilmiş bir avatar alma Ağ stili avatarlar farklı içerik yaratıcıları tarafından tasarlandıkları için, ağ stili bir avatarın alınması ve giyilmesi de satıcıdan satıcıya büyük farklılık gösterir. Genel bir senaryo şu şekilde gerçekleşir: Second Life Pazaryeri'ni ziyaret edin ve ağ stili bir avatar satın alın. İzinler'in alt kısmında ekranın sağında "Mesh: 100% Mesh" (Ağ: %100 Ağ) ifadesi yer aldığından emin olun. Satın aldığınız avatar bir kutuda geliyorsa, Kutuların açılması makalesinde açıklandığı şekilde kutuyu açıp paketi çıkarın. Satın aldığınız avatar kutuda değilse, bu adımı atlayın. Satın aldığınız avatarı içeren envanterde yeni klasörü bulun ve ekli not kartlarını okuyun. Çoğu satıcı avatarlarının nasıl doğru bir şekilde giyileceği, özelleştirileceği ve kullanılacağı ile ilgili talimatlar ekler. Talimat eklenmemiş ise, klasöre sağ tıklayın ve Mevcut Dış Görünümü Değiştir'i seçin. Bu, avatarınızın giydiği tüm aksesuarları kaldırır ve avatarınızın tüm parçalarının klasörün tüm içeriğiyle değiştirilmesini sağlar. Ağ stili avatarların çoğunun birbiri yerine kullanılabilen, aynı anda giyilmemesi gereken parçalar içerdiğini unutmayın. Bu yüzden, Mevcut Dış Görünümü Değiştir seçeneğini kullandığınızda çift aksesuarları elle kaldırmanız gerekebilir. İpucu: Avatarınızda yaptığınız değişikliklerden memnun olmadığınız anda, Avatar Seçici'den yeni bir varsayılan avatar seçerek baştan başlayabilirsiniz.
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