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About Me

Found 349 results

  1. Hi, All!I signed up for Second Life not too long ago and am beyond confused and overwhelmed. Everyone in NCI has been incredibly friendly, but I have received far too much conflicting advice and spent tons of money buying things that they’ve advised me to (that I don’t even know how to use).For starters, would you mind defining (in SUPER simple terms) what exactly all of these words mean:- Alpha?- Mesh?- Bento?- Appliers?- Skins?- Omega?- Relay?I have followed directions and USED some of these things, but have no understanding as to what they DO. A comparable situation would be teaching someone who knows nothing about fish how to set up an aquarium; you can tell them to connect the airline tubing to the air pump and then to the air stone, but they most likely will have no clue what each of those items actually DOES for the tank.I started out with a custom avatar called Elleria (the Vampire). So far I have purchased a Maitreya mesh body (Lara) and a Catwa head (Cami). However, when I add those two items and then go to “Edit My Shape,” I am either unable to adjust all of the settings OR my body pops right out of my dress. I would also like my skin to be very pale, so other users recommended that I purchase:Folder title: Omega System Kit - Catwa- Omega System Relay HUD Catwa v1.7 (no modify) (no transfer)- Omega System Relay HUD - Catwa v1.8E (no modify) (no transfer)- Omega System Kit - Catwa v1.8E (no modify) (no transfer)- Omega Catwa HUD Skins v2.17 (no modify) (no transfer)Folder title: Omega System Kit - Maitreya- Omega System Relay HUD for Maitreya v.07 (no transfer)- [LNL] Omega System Kit - Maitreya v1.7 (no transfer)- Omega System Kit - Maitreya (no modify) (no transfer)- Omega System Kit - Maitreya AF Folder title: {Bambi} - Catwa Bento Cami Skin Appliers + Shape (CATWA)- {Bambi} - Catwa Bento Cami Shape (CATWA) (no copy) (no modify)- {Bambi} - Catwa Bento Skin Appliers + Shape (Catya Bento) (no modify) (no transfer)I have NO clue what ANY of the above means or how to use it or why so many items are needed just to have a pale skin color, haha.If anyone is able/willing to teach me the ins & outs of SL clothing, as well as help me make a character with a long face, large/round hazel eyes, a slender body, and pale skin, PLEASE let me know. I will even send pictures of my computer screen for reference and compensate you for your time messaging back and forth with me, if need be. I feel like giving up, but I was so excited to play this game. ?
  2. Haiz, Everyone! Thank you for taking the time to view this post. I am looking for someone who'd be able to make custom hair based on an original character? I'm trying to create my main OC in Secondlife, but I can't find any hairstyles currently available on marketplace that matches his hair. If someone is willing to do this for me, Please tell me how much you'd like for making it and any rules you may have. I will PM the one I hire the link to his character's bio with all his artwork so you'll have references. Please include examples, if possible! ^w^
  3. I bought some full perm hair that has lolas with the package and wonder if anyone out there knows what the lolas for hair is?
  4. NikleeJ

    slink hands and body

    Why do my hands cut into my body versus laying on top of it?
  5. My AV had a standard system body for years, I finally switched to a mesh body which I love. I really liked and miss some of the standard clothing I had for the system body, is it possible to convert standard clothing to rigged mesh clothing?
  6. Hiya Zoe here Having looked at lots of reviews I ended up getting the "Orange Nova Human mesh - Nauha" avatar / body. I'm really happy with it and want to stick with it. It is my understanding that this is a 'mesh' avatar, which is the newer type, and that clothes should automatically fit to it (to an extent, although body parts might need to be adjusted to stop them showing through - am I correct here?) However I have found that with some clothing I have bought - when I click "wear" it replaces my WHOLE body with one that seems to be bundled with the clothing. Other items have just worked fine. Yesterday I tried on some shoes and it replaced the rest of my body and outfit. The shoes when unpacked were a single item, not a big list of sub-items. - What is going on here? - How can I tell which clothes will do this? - Can I avoid the problem? e.g. By doing something other than "wear", like "attach to..."? Maybe related: Some items such as dresses have maybe 3 sub-options one of which is usually "Maitreya". Are these different sizes or styles? Or are they intended for specific body designs? If so then I thought that the mesh system made this unnecessary. Confused about this. How can I tell if something is designed to work with my 'Nauha' body? Just trial and error? Thanks, sorry for sort of 2 questions in one but it's sort of the same problem (confused about clothes!) Zxx
  7. Hi, First time positing here but i have been checking aas many forum posts as i can regarding this glitch and cannot find an answer or anyone else who has experienced it. So every now and again i will log onto the Aditi Grid to practice build and ive come across a problem i have never seen before. I logged in the previous day with everything fine as usual but the following day i logged in and my ENTIRE inventory has disappeared! as well as that my avatar is invisible, i cannot wear any attachments (I have recieved items showing in my inventory through preferences so for some reason i can see those but not attach them) and my everything is empty, all my outfits are gone, objects, trash....you name it....all gone. So i tried trouble shooting the problem, relogging to another sim, creating a new hair, shape, skin and eyes which at first would not attach and only show a error message saying "the outfit folder contains no clothing body parts or attachments" anytime i tried to wear them. Tried clearing cache, done a complete wipe and re-install of the viewer, checked my network ping and connection speed, made sure all my drivers was upto date, installed the latest version of Firestorm (the viewer i use), installed the regular second life viewer and logged in there, recreated my bridge (which also gave me the attachment error message) and browsed forums for helpful info but found nothing like this. Eventually i gave up and left it a few days, logged back in but still the same issues except now i can create and wear the new skin, hair, eyes and shape but the avatar is still 100% invisible and my inventory is still no where to be seen. Trying to look for a fix for this, if there even is one. As i said ive never come across an issue of this magnitude, been having to build there on an alt until theres a fix. If anyone has had the same problem or has any advice id be more than grateful for some feedback. I am currently using Firestome version I have attached a screenshot below of what my inventory and outfit looks like since the bug.
  8. I've been inworld for years, became paralyzed and now I'm back. The problem is when I buy new clothes some don't fit at all while others fit the first time I wear them and then wen I try again fragments are missing. Has anyone had this problem. p.s. there is no resizing option for the clothes. Milla Alexandre
  9. I wear a mesh head + mesh body 100% of the time now. This question is to all other full mesh avatar users: If you were forced to give up your body or your head, what would you keep? - Me: I would keep the head. I can't give up the small, subtle facial animations.
  10. We know that realizing creative projects requires a unique combination of drive, ambition, skill, and creativity. Bored of the avatar you have? Do you need a new chapter of your virtual world? Do you feel sad buying useless products and spending a lot of money? Are you new and you don't know where to start? I am Katherine and I can give you the help you always were looking for. Service I Offer: Customize your avatar all mesh and bento great shape and cured in every detail. Direct you to great stores and Events, pointing you right where you are expecting spending less time, effort and money. Brand new customized avatar on your own desires, sizes, styles. Are you interested? For more Information contact "Dirtylittleangel69"
  11. I was in sl few years ago, it was fun I had friends then... I stopt. Now I am back and my friend list is empty and people are not the same. As soon as they see me they leave. I understood that my avatar was not ok for them. But they did not say me what was wrong and how to change it. That is why I am coming here. Yes I am a newbie with an old avatar. When I ask that question people don't answer. They say fix your avatar. So Now I hope you understand me. I was never good at shoping. And when I go to shoping, it take so long to show something. English is not my language. and SL language either. Now I am lonely and I am not able to make friends because of that. What is the best fix my avatar or create a new one ?
  12. Greetings! To start, I have been in SL before but mostly with a premade avatar and personal small edits to it but now I wish to return and this time with my fursona. The issue I encounter is that I am not familiar with what SL can fully offer so I can't imagine the scope I can work with. I am in need of either buying a body similar to the reference picture as well as the rest going with it. Some friends suggested to get existing body and pay someone to make textures for it. Some suggested I just find someone to commission to design his head. I would love to hear your suggestion on what body I can buy that fits him the closest. As well as what could be my issues with it (lack of fitting clothes, etc.) I thank you a lot for your time to read and help me search <3
  13. How can you make your kemono avatars REALLY small? like a small kid size shown in the pics below ? (these pics aren't mine btw ^^)
  14. Hey. Who faced the utilizator's avatar rikugou type b? What can you say about it? Pluses, minuses ... what complexity level? What is with a head? Can be replaced with m3?
  15. Hi guys Sometimes I log in with two accounts simultaneously: my brother's and mine. He allowed me to do it (his avi is awesome :b) so I can rp with two different characters with other people. I'd like to know if sim owners or admins can find out that those two avis belong to the same person (for the ip, any SL software etc) Thanks.
  16. So, as I said I'm brand new and I haven't the slightest idea what shops are good for what - or even how to tell if something is of good quality beyond how it looks. With that said I have a lot of questions - sorry, please bear with me! I already know that I should demo everything I can, but what if something I'm interested in doesn't offer a demo? Is there some way I can tell if it's good or should I just avoid shops that don't offer demos? What are some good mesh bodies and heads for a more petite (adult) girl? So far it seems that the deadly combo of tall, curvy, and sexy reigns supreme on SL (not that I'm complaining) but I can't seem to find anything along the lines of what I'm looking for. I would like to be short and slim with a smaller chest and a more "cute" than sexy sort of look. Kemono and anime avatars come close, I just prefer the more realistic look. Where can I find a lot of fantasy stuff? I browsed through the vanity thread for awhile and my favorite avatars were all fantasy, historical, or sci-fi themed. I don't know if I'm allowed to post pictures of them, but I will say they must have been hard to put together because I can't figure out where they got it all! I've seen wings, pointy ears, animal ears, horns, tails, mermaids, satyrs, all kinds of avatars yet I don't really come across those things in the marketplace. Is most of it custom made? If anyone can point me in the direction of some great shops for lolita, fantasy, historical, or steampunk clothing that'd be great too! I'm sure there are some well-known brands that I just don't know about yet. Edit: One more! When people talk about animations on mesh bodies and heads, are these separate from/do they interfere with AOs? Any tips you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Moin zusammen, bin seit gestern hier in SL. Nun würde ich gerne meinen Avatar anpassen. Wenn ich aber auf den Avatar-Button klicke, kommt nur ein leeres Fenster. Jemand eine Idee? Danke schon mal
  18. Some questions: 1. What's your favorite starting avatar? 2. I've been in Second Life for six years but only started using it vigorously this year. Any cool starting avatars that I may have missed? (I'm familiar with the current Classic, Vampires, and Fantasy avatars.) My fave starting avatar is the brunette with the white t-shirt and short jeans (Classic). Not surprisingly, I see her a lot in world.
  19. Yuna Ovis

    Kid Avatar

    Alright so I want to make a kid around 4 years old Still need a little help with shops for the body and head since I know there's bento And a skin to fit my ma! Contact williamnotehem resident
  20. Hello I'm kinda curious, is there ragdoll physic for mesh avatar in secondlife? if yes, already release?
  21. Ive seen this animation before on a female, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Its a walking - skipping animation, the hips slightly sway and if I remember correctly, the hands do move up and go behind the head at some point. Does anyone know of this animation or something similar? I can't seem to find any walking animations that I like other than this even though its technically skipping lol
  22. LiveReport

    Where is my stuff?

    What happened to all my old post when the new forum was created. Other avatars had all their stuff migrated to the new forum but my post are missing. Google search show they were once there... but all the link are broken is there any way to get my stuff back?
  23. Wow, I can't wait until I am home from work and can try them out. Today we’re excited to announce a set of 8 new starter avatars which are themed Renaissance, Mystic Heroes and Angels & Demons. In this release, for the first time ever, we’re offering Bento avatars! Yes you heard it right, all but the Mystic Heroes in this offering will be Bento-equipped. Some of the avatars are ride-alongs, which mean they include horses as a Bento attachment, while others boast animated wings!
  24. Where did the Elyn body mesh go ??? I can't find it anywhere
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